Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #54

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. GalleryJuana 2. HappilyRetiredGal 3. Hildegarde 4. AuthenticallyUnique 5. CJ@ProArtz 6. Generik 7. JustLikeMartha 8. HighDesertDiva 9. SweetRepose

The Shooters:
1. Dorte 2. Fotodiod 3. Christy 4. ElizabethSchmid 5. Chie 6. ctmott 7. MolokaiGirl 8. JoannaP 9. kbear

The Shooters:
1. Alexa 2. Kelley 3. Linda 4. PJ 5. Hejoko 6. Vicki 7. Kenobiitti 8. EmBelISH 9. ChickenSue

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #54

The Cleveland Point Lighthouse. I posted a TtV (through the viewfinder) photo of this very same lighthouse last month that had been taken on a lovely warm sunny day. The mood of this photo I find seems to suit our upcoming dreary cold season. Yup, winter in Australia officially commences tomorrow. Bye bye autumn.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. robin-one still frame
3. High Desert Diva
4. Sylvia K
5. PJ - Pensacola
6. Jen - Canada
7. Bobbie
8. Martha - Menagerie
9. Shannon
10. maryt/theteach
11. Gallery Juana
12. Generik
13. Chie
14. BABYLONEZOO (France)
15. Molokai Girl
16. Whizkid
17. Margaret Gosden
18. Tom Hilton
19. Rinkly Rimes Australia
20. Carin
21. ctmott
22. girlichef (USA)
23. The Summer Kitchen Girls
24. Just Like Martha
25. Gemma
26. Dianne
27. wickedchilddesigns
28. wildeve
29. storyteller - my other blog
30. Sunnymama
31. justjody
32. Sweet Repose
33. MonikaRose
34. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico
35. Terri - teelgee
36. Paz's New York Minute
37. Martha Z
38. Tanja, Finland
39. Evette Mendisabal
40. marcia TX USA
41. Rita@Cashjocky
42. ginger
43. Joanna P
44. EmBelISH
45. Jacqui
46. CJ@ProArtz
47. prkl, Finland
48. Sherrie
49. julie king
50. Diahn Ott
51. Julia
52. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
53. David C.
54. Sara Chapman in Seattle
55. Alexa, Canada
56. hejoko
57. Kenobiitti - Finland
58. Brandi B.
59. ScrappyGram
60. Lizzy Frizzfrock
61. Magical Mystical Teacher
62. Authentically Unique
63. Lisa's RetroStyle
64. elizabeth schmid
65. Sarah Wallis

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

7 things I love

I've been lucky enough to receive a few blog awards recently. The Honest Scrap award from Zen Dot Studio. The Lemonade Stand award from Zen Dot Studio (geez two, woo-hoo, thanks Zen!) and also from Jane of Scrappy Gram. And the Kreativ Blogger award from Nicole of Bits of Toffee. Thanks ever so much guys! Blog awards are strange things. It's so flattering to know that people like my blog enough to give me awards, but they also make me uncomfortable because I have great difficulty choosing blogs to pass them along to. It's so hard! There are so many blogs that I love for different reasons and to narrow it down to a mere 5, 7, 10 (or whatever number the particular award specifies) I find impossible. So may I please please please be excused from following through on that part? I'm also not good at compiling those lists associated with the awards (I really am a hopeless case of an award recipient!) but I will at least follow through on one of them. I've chosen the '7 things you love' list because I really enjoyed the way Nicole compiled her lovely list using photos. I thought that would be a fun way to go, so I hope you don't mind me stealing your great idea Nicole. Again, thanks so much for the awards. And I do sincerely apologise for not playing by the rules. xo

Seven loves in no particular order. I have many other loves but some are much trickier to photograph...

Fudge is a weakness of mine. One of many. This I purchased from the City Farmers Markets

Coffee I love in absurd amounts. I've posted this photo previously but I liked it so I'm posting it again

My sweet dog Sophie. What is not so sweet is her regular refusal to budge from the bed...

Music! Especially in the form of pretty designed mix-CDs made for me by kind friends

I rarely take pics of flowers but I adore our native Aussie Rosella flowers. And I adore Rosella jam too!

Oh how I love blue skies! Photo taken last Friday. Blue skies have been a rarity here since

Simplifying. It's enabled me to focus more clearly on things that are most important to me

"Our lives are frittered away by detail; simplify, simplify"Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #53

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

1. Kuusela 2. TheExplorer 3. SarahWallis 4. Bobbie 5. BrandiB 6. kden 7. TwinkleStarArt 8. Carin 9. Raven(Raven'sNest)

1. SaraChapman 2. ChickenSue 3. SylviaK 4. Charlie&Grace 5. Marcia 6. Dianne 7. LongIslandDailyPhoto 8. WickedChildDesigns 9. Whizkid

1. Tapirgal 2. ScrappyGram 3. TomHilton 4. Ria 5. Martha 6. CatherineBardrick 7. Jeri 8. Wildeve 9. Terri

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #53

My shadows were found surrounding a sculpture at the Gallery of Modern Art this week. The artwork is called Human human - lotus, cloisonne figure 1 by Ah Xian. This piece is part of The China Project exhibition being presented by GoMA until the 28th June 2009. This exhibition is really really good!

And the randomly drawn winner of the SSS giveaway is...

Number 42 shadow shootin' Whizkid!

Congrats Whizkid! Email me (my email link can be found in the sidebar) your postal address. Part of the prize pack includes your choice of four photos from my shop, so pop in there, and then include the titles of the four prints you would like in your email. As soon as I've received the details from you I'll pack up the bundle of goodies and send them your way! A big mushy thanks to everyone for making the first year of Shadow Shot Sunday so much fun. I'm looking forward to celebrating the second year anniversary already!

A few very lovely bloggers have kindly passed awards onto me recently and rather than making this post any longer than it already is, I'm going to follow through on acknowledging and thanking those sweet folk in my Wednesday post. I'm sorry to those who did give awards to me for taking a while to respond. I'm really not good at this kind of thing. And being so disorganised doesn't help matters. But please know the fact that you like my blog enough to give me an award does make me very happy and I do really appreciate it. xox

I'm off to the Cameraholics Photographica Fair today

I've compiled a wish list. I'm so excited. I'm so nerdy...

Please note: The Mr Linky site has been experiencing difficulties this past week. So if you have problems adding your link, just let me know via a comment and I'll add your name/url to Mr Linky as soon as I can.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. High Desert Diva
3. Sweet Repose
4. Cecile
5. PJ - Pensacola
6. robin-one still frame
7. Gallery Juana
8. Generik
10. Bobbie
11. Sylvia K
12. Martha - Menagerie
13. whizkid
14. Chie
15. BABYLONEZOO (France)
16. Carin
17. Kenobiitti - Finland
18. Vicki
19. Jen - Canada
20. Terri - teelgee
21. wildeve
22. Tom Hilton
23. justjody
24. Brandi B.
25. Gemma
26. Molokai Girl
27. Rinkly Rimes Australia
28. kbear
29. Sunnymama
30. Bree (meandmy2guys)
31. The Summer Kitchen Girls
32. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico
33. Lisa's RetroStyle
34. MonikaRose
35. Joanna P
36. Sara Chapman in Seattle
37. alexa
38. Twinkle Star Art
39. CJ@ProArtz
40. Just Like Martha
41. wickedchilddesigns
42. fotodiod
43. Kuusela Finland
44. Charlie and Grace
45. Katie
46. EmBelISH
47. Sherrie
48. elizabeth schmid
49. ctmott
50. Christy
51. Ria
52. ScrappyGram
53. Hildegarde (Flanders,EU)
54. Ginger
55. Sarah Wallis
56. Kelley
57. marcia TX USA
58. dorte
59. hejoko
60. Linda
61. chickensue
62. VickiSp
63. Authentically Unique
64. Happily Retired Gal - USA

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Recently I went along to the Ipswich Show and it was my first time attending this annual event. It was much like Brisbane’s annual Show (aka The Ekka) but on a much smaller scale. It had the usual amusement rides, sideshow alley, livestock displays, exhibits pavilion of arts and crafts and many food stalls. Before heading along to the show I read that there’d be a variety of ‘gastronomic delights’ so I was quite excited about this. I discovered a stall selling dagwood dogs. And then another one selling dagwood dogs. And another…and another…but I never did stumble upon those ‘gastronomic delights’ in my travels. Never mind. Junk food is exactly what I always expect to find at these events and the dagwood dog I had didn’t disappoint. Wish I could say the same about the woman who sold it to me. I also purchased a waffle cone from her but as soon as I took one step away the big blob of cream on top of my cone plopped off onto my shoe. I looked up very sadly at the dagwood-dog-waffle-cone-woman expecting her to offer to top up my cone again but all she said was “I told you to be careful.” Grrrr. Why on earth dagwood-dog-waffle-cone-woman didn’t squirt the cream inside the waffle cone rather than constructing a dairy replica of Mt. Everest on top I just do not know. Apart from that incident it was a fun day. Here are some TtV photos I took while wandering around.

I loved this carnival camel with his colourful mohawk. He was very friendly. I've always been concerned about the treatment of animals in these sorts of environments. The camel did appear to be healthy and happy. And the man who cared for him spoke of his furry friend with such fondness that I was left with the impression that the camel was well looked after. This last photo is my submission to Color Carnival, which is a great new photo meme that commences each weekend and runs all week long. What a fun idea! Join in!

(I believe dagwood dogs are known as corn dogs in America. Just in case anybody was confused by that)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SSS #52 - First Birthday Bash!

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. ElizabethSchmid 2. BelafontePA,PhotoADay 3. ChickenSue 4. PJ-Pensacola 5. SweetRepose 6. Gingerbread 7. Generik 8. Kenobiitti 9. Bree

The Shooters:
1. JulieKing 2. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 3. Hejoko 4. maryt/theteach 5. Tameka 6. Karen 7. EmBelISH 8. Chie 9. ctmott

The Shooters:
1. Dorte 2. Raven 3. MolokaiGirl 4. ParallelBotany 5. Diahn 6. Whizkid 7. Chris(c/his son) 8. GalleryJuana 9. PaganSphinx

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #52

Shadows spotted on the roof of a circus tent at the Ipswich Show last week. And would you believe that just as I clicked the camera a plane had completed a skywriting session leaving that very appropriate message in perfect monotype corsiva font. It was indeed my lucky day! I also took my Argus 75 camera along to the show to shoot some TtV photos, so once I've narrowed down the 100+ pics I snapped I'll post some here.

Now for the surprise I mentioned last week. To celebrate one whole year of shooting shadows I've decided to have a little giveaway for SSS participants. It's just my way of saying thanks to you guys for playing along and making SSS so much fun each week. I so wish I could give everybody something but that's really not possible, so I have one prize pack to give away to one lucky shadow shooter. Here's what's up for grabs...

(1) Eco friendly hand-pulled screen printed camera journal made with FSC certified Mohawk paper by Disconsolator (2) TTV volumes 1 & 2, mini zines of 'TtV' photos shot in NYC, including a bunch of stickers by Kate Black (3) Original Yashica-D ACEO sized pencil, ink and acrylic artwork on Japanese Washi postcard, signed and dated, by Gallery Juana (who's also a regular shadow shooter!) (4) Polaroid book zine, a 14 page compilation of photos taken with a Polaroid Sun 600 camera during 2006-08 by vhswins (5) umm...the giveaway logo thingy obviously not included in the prize pack (6) Limited edition signed & numbered Vintage Camera Retro Pop Art Print by Monster Gallery (7) Cute & colourful collection of retro style camera pinbacks/badges by Barrel Of Monkeys (8) Mini art canvas peace magnet, ink on vintage kodacolor II 620 film backing paper by me. (9) A choice of any four TtV photo prints from my shop.

This is a collection of little photo/camera related things that I've purchased from Etsy for this occasion. Each item I purchased I did so because it appealed to me, so please click on the seller name links to check out all of their wonderful shops! To be in the draw to win the prize pack all you have to do is be a participant in SSS this Sunday (as every week, the Mr Linky will remain open until Sunday has come to an end in America). Yes, it's that easy! Once you've posted your shadow shot and you've added your link to Mr Linky you are automatically entered into the giveaway. I'll randomly draw one name from the Mr Linky list and announce the winner on the SSS #53 post next Sunday. A happy 1st SSS anniversary to us all! Good luck! xo

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sweet Repose
2. bentley's photoblog
3. The Summer Kitchen Girls
4. Shannon
5. Sylvia K
6. Chie
7. Tom Hilton
8. Martha
9. robin-one still frame
10. Margaret Gosden
11. Kuusela Finland
12. PJ - Pensacola
13. Gallery Juana
14. BABYLONEZOO (France)
15. Molokai Girl
16. Carin
17. Rinkly Rimes Australia
18. justjody
19. Sunnymama
20. Bobbie
21. marcia TX USA
22. kden
23. Gemma
24. The Pagan Sphinx
25. MonikaRose
26. wickedchilddesigns
27. Dianne
28. ScrappyGram
29. Ginger
30. Jeri
31. lisa/parallelbotany
32. Just Like Martha
33. Generik
34. Ria
35. Raven at Raven's Nest
36. Brandi B
37. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
38. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico
39. Gina [Gingerbread]
40. ChickenSue
41. Terri - teelgee
42. whizkid
43. Diahn
44. Charlie & Grace
45. EmBelISH
46. Sherrie
47. Katie
48. ctmott
49. Dorte
50. Long Island Daily Photo
51. Christy
52. elizabeth schmid
53. wildeve
54. Linda M
55. Paz's New York Minute
56. tapirgal, Astoria, Oregon
57. Sarah Wallis
58. hejoko
59. storyteller's other blog
60. maryt/theteach
61. David C.
62. The Explorer, Philippines
63. Twinkle Star Art
64. Lisa's RetroStyle

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Updated 18th May - As Sunday has officially ended worldwide, entry into the SSS giveaway has now closed. Thanks very much and good luck to all the wonderfully creative shadow shooters who entered!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

signs of the times

The Brisbane Powerhouse building was formally used to run the now defunct Brisbane tram system from 1928 until being decommissioned in 1971. Following this, the building lay derelict for almost thirty years, appearing to be abandoned during this time. It wasn’t however. Homeless people and street kids found refuge in the many empty rooms, photographers and filmmakers used the site to create artistic works and the army even used the site for a period of time for target practice and other army exercises. During the 1990s the Brisbane City Council identified the building as being culturally significant, so the concept of the Brisbane Powerhouse as an arts centre was born and the BCC took it on as its millennium project. The design philosophy aimed to preserve the history of the building, both as an industrial site, and from the 1970s as a place where people found refuge, staged parties and left their marks. Existing fixtures were maintained and much of the graffiti remains preserved on the beautiful old raw textured walls. The heritage-listed Brisbane Powerhouse opened as an arts venue in the year 2000 and continues to present some of the most innovative theatre, live music, visual arts, festivals, film, and comedy in this country.

If arriving via the Brisbane River on a City Cat you'd likely enter the building from this side

If arriving in your own car or via a stroll through New Farm Park you'd likely enter this side

Here's a sample of a graffiti-preserved wall. I love the gorgeous wall textures throughout the building. If you wander around outside you'll find a bunch of cool signs erected in the carpark and surrounding areas.

See you again on Sunday. For the Shadow Shot Sunday birthday celebration! Enjoy the rest of the week.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #51

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. MargaretGosden 2. RinklyRimes 3. Robin 4. Gemma 5. Storyteller 6. Cecile 7. Jen 8. JustJody 9. Sherrie

The Shooters:
1. Amazed&Confused 2. DaviMack 3. Becky 4. Lisa'sRetroStyle 5. MarthaZ 6. Rita 7. NatureRambler 8. SummerKitchenGirls 9. Raven

The Shooters:
1. Sunnymama 2. Rebecca 3. Katie 4. BrandiB 5. MonikaRose 6. Cam 7. TwoBarkingDogs 8. Martha 9. LindaM

Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #51

Shadows on the Brisbane Powerhouse arts centre

Outside the Brisbane Powerhouse, a large public art sculpture creates some shadows. As does speedy scooter boy who crashed my shadow shootin' party. He suddenly appeared from nowhere and I really like the addition of his little shadow in the shot. I didn't think at the time to take a photo of the complete sculpture but while drafting the post I thought it may be of interest to some, so I did an image search and found one photo. I thought there'd be more. Below image sourced from Brecknock Consulting Projects.

The sculpture is by artist Richard Tipping and I believe it to be a representation of the level of water in this particular location during the 1974 Brisbane floods. I could be wrong about this, so please feel free to correct me if I am and I'll amend the post. I'll be posting about the Brisbane Powerhouse this Wednesday, so if you are interested in seeing a little more of this unique heritage-listed arts venue, do pop back then!

My friend Gina from Gingerbread gave me this adorable award recently. Thanks so much Gina! I'd like to pass it along to all SSS participants because all of your blogs are 'deer' to me! Mmmm...cupcakes! Enjoy!

Elizabeth (About New York) is one of the organisers behind this cool event. Here's my attempt at haiku.

Fragile so it seems
sew its seams she unravels
in heavy cycles

To read much better compositions head on over to Elizabeth's blog for a list of global participants. Join in!

A fellow BrisStyler needs support!

Fellow BrisStyle Team member Eliza, is needing to raise some money for an important cause. Eliza is having a sale in her Etsy Shop to raise the required funds, so pop on over for the details and to snap yourself up a fabulous bargain. Further info can be found on Eliza's blog, and she's also currently having a cool giveaway!

Oh and Shadow Shot Sunday turns one year old next Sunday. Woohoo! To celebrate the occasion I have a special little surprise in store for next week. I hate keeping secrets but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Ok, I think that is all for now. Phew! Gosh I bet you thought this post was never going to come to an end!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. La Vie Est Belle
2. Lisa's RetroStyle
3. Gemma
4. Jen
5. Gallery Juana
6. Bobbie
7. Sylvia K
8. Sweet Repose
9. alexa
10. Martha - Menagerie
11. ChickenSue
12. tameka
13. PJ-Pensacola
14. robin-one still frame
15. Generik
16. ctmott
17. Carin
18. Margaret Gosden
19. Chie
20. Sunnymama
21. Martha Z
22. maryt/theteach
23. Tom Hilton
24. Raven
25. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico City
26. The Summer Kitchen Girls
27. Bree (meandmy2guys)
28. MonikaRose
29. Rinkly Rimes Australia
30. Vicki (Maraca)
31. Molokai Girl
32. Paz's New York Minute
33. lisa/parallelbotany
34. whizkid
35. Diahn
36. BABYLONEZOO (France)
37. Dorte
38. Rita/Cashjocky
39. CJ @ Pro Artz
40. Kitty Boo Boo
41. Gina [gingerbread]
42. Sarah Wallis
43. Katie
44. Sherrie
45. wickedchilddesigns
46. wildeve
47. Christy
48. EmBelISH
49. Linda M
50. Elizabeth Schmid
51. Brandi B.
52. hejoko
53. storyteller's other blog
54. Chris
55. Kenobiitti
56. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
57. Bellefonte PA, Photo A Day
58. julie king
59. Karen ~Georgia Angel
60. The Pagan Sphinx, Massachusetts
61. justjody

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buddha Birth Day Festival

The Buddha Birth Day Festival is a celebration of the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha, who was born over 2,500 years ago in India as Prince Siddartha. This annual Brisbane event is held each year in the Southbank Parklands and the organisers claim it to be the largest event of this type in the world. Judging by the crowds I wouldn’t disagree with the claim. The aim of the festival is to promote peace and harmony in our society and multi-faith interaction amongst people from diverse backgrounds. This fun (and free!) 3 day event included multicultural performances, displays, various activities, and a large international food fair.

The festival also included lots of lanterns. When I uploaded my photos I discovered the majority of them were of the lanterns. I'm not quite sure what that was about. It seems I have an obsession with lanterns!