Shadow Shot Sunday #115

It's that time of the week once again for a spot of shadow sharing!

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #115

Crabs! Small blue crabby shadows scrambling across the shore. And these little guys move super fast. I think I made quite a spectacle of myself trying to snap a decent enough shot of their shadows. Don't you just love the colour combination of the orange legs and those blue shells? These are some chic crustaceans!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Elizabeth said…
Your crazy little crabbies look like moving blueberries......!!!
Loved the collages as ever.
Greetings from not quite so hot New York........
Sam said…
OK! Now that has to be the best photo!! They are, as you say, very dapper looking crabs! The violet blue of their shell is just superb! Do you happen to know what they're called? I'm very curious now!

I also read your great post about Potts Point - We have a Potts Point too about a minute up the hill from where I live - your Potts Point looks so pretty.

Have a lovely, lovely Sunday Tracy and here's to smooth sailing through the week to come! XOXO's
☺lani☺ said…
All beautiful! I missed last week's shadow. Happy weekend!
robin. said…
i agree...thought they looked like blueberries at first...ahhh the eye...plays tricks on you!!! great shot, great little crabby shadows. thanks tracy!!!

have a great week!!!!
fredamans said…
Wonderful showcase shadows! And I love your crabs!! :-)
BLOGitse said…
Those are blueberries! something wrong with your camera or your sight is bad! LOL!

It's afternoon in Casa. We have dinner guests tonight so I'll do rest of the SSS hopping tomorrow.
Tracy, sleep well and late
have a great Sunday!
Generik said…
Wow! Really like the crabs this week. How big are they? I'm guessing they're pretty small (as in too small to make a meal), but I'm not sure of the scale. Regardless, they're very cool. They sure don't look like the crabs we have here in SF!
Dina said…
I have never seen a blue crab or a crab's shadow! This is one super photo!
Wish we had a picture of you down there taking the picture. :)
Eden said…
Wow, what a delightful sight! Lots of soldier crabs. Love their shadows and colour combination. Great shot.
Sylvia K said…
This is fantastic! I love the crabs but I've never seen blue ones, let alone racing ones! What a fun shadow shot for the day, Tracy! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!

Woody said…
They are pretty cool looking crabs with excellent shadows!
Those are some freaky-lookin' crabs... but then again... aren't all crabs kind of freaky looking? Guess that makes these super-freaky-lookin'! We admit we would create quite the spectical photographing these critters,too;0)
Karla & Karrie
Oh!!! How cool is that?!? Pretty cool, I think! I don't know if you really made a spectacle of yourself photographing these guys. At least it would not seem to be unusual for someone to be photographing these crabs in motion! I love it!
GalleryJuana said…
Those are interesting crabs. It never even occurred to me that crabs could be in different colors.

Have you ever had "kani Miso" ... the crab guts which seems to include a bit of the brain as well? I never have, but when we were living in Japan, it was a delicacy and my husband tried it.
Sarah said…
They might scare me a bit if they were running towards me! They make a cute photo though!
Inday said…
What a cutie crabby shadows!
Rhonda said…
Your photos always amaze me! Those little crab look like Maine blueberries marching off to sea. Thanks for sharing, and hosting this fun site!
Beverley Baird said…
It took me a moment to realize they weren't blueberries! I've never seen blue crabs! Great shot!
B i r g i t t a said…
They are so cute these little crabs :)
Do they bite?
urban muser said…
wow, those are such cool little crabbies! i love it. i'll be back tomorrow with my shadow shot for this week.
Cassie said…
Honest, I thought they were blueberries with legs from some horror film!! I'm thinking they'd be scary if I came upon them by myself. Very cool Shadow Shots! Happy SSS!!
Anonymous said…
hehehe Beautiful yet creepy :-)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Everyone thought they looked like bluberries! Now I feel like a real nong! I thought they looked like some plastic toy you get as a freebie in a cereal packet or at McDonald's! I can't believe the colour! I didn't know we had these critters in Australia! Fantastic shot Tracy!
Gunsside said…
Never seen something like this, Lovely shadow ;)
Ralph said…
Unless we look carefully at the scampering shadows, they do look like blueberries. The legs can only be seen by shadow alone, so we learn and watch these guys go back to the sea as fast as their little legs wil propel them....
Anca Pandrea said…
The blue crabs are super cute, with their thin legs and even thiner shadow legs. One would wonder how they get from one place to another :)
Have a great Sunday!
Unknown said…
That looks cool! I love it, great photo!
Hi Tracy, hey thanks for including me in last weeks collage - how exciting! How cute are those little crabs, they all look so busy, someone commented they look like blueberries on legs, LOL I LOVE that!
toby said…
That is an amazing shot - shadows on the run! How cool.
Unknown said…
How amazing blue crabs with orange legs. I love how mother nature colour cordinates.

Very chic indeed!!
Dani said…
Oh, I do love their blue color. Amazing shot.

Thank you.

Love that shot!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous, what a treat for the SSS. Have nice weekend Tracy!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous, what a treat for the SSS. Have nice weekend Tracy!
Square Peg Guy said…
Oh how comical those little crabs are! They look like some alien blueberries that grew legs and escaped from a science lab!

My shadow shot for this week is scheduled to post in less than an hour.
Unknown said…
I've never seen such brightly "dressed" crabs before and what super shadows!!
A Wild Thing said…
Love this shot...what a beautiful blue color and I would've given anything to see this intrepid photographer crab-walkin' the beaches for the perfect shot...we are a strange lot aye...but we've all become partners in this wonderful shadow hunt...thanks girlfriend!!!
Angie said…
Amazing shot!!!! Just love those crabs.
That's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
wanderlust said…
Beautiful color blue, they look so festive! Hope you had a great weekend!
Limarea said…
Love your little crabs! Have a nice sunday :)
I love soldier crabs, I have such fond memories of chasing as a kid on beach holidays. Now shadows for me this weekend, hopefully I will resume a normal blogging schedule soon.
Spadoman said…
Very cool shot. How big are they in this photo? And how big do they get? Are these what are called "blue crabs"?
A lot of questions you've sparked today.

Fabulous capture considering they are on the fast track! Have never seen baby blue crabs, only the ones that blend with the sand colour. And the legs of these
creatures are gorgeous!
B : ) said…
OMG What a Shot!!!
That is an amazing shadow shot photo for this week.
Tracy said…
WOW...those crabs! Love what Elizabeth said at the top--that they look like blueberries walking, for they do! Amazing creatures. The only time I've seen a crab is on a plate, sadly... not "in the wild"... LOL! Terrific week of photos... many have a summertime feel. :o) Happy Weekend, Tracy! Oh, if you get a chance, stop in--I'm having a fun gift giveaway to "celebrate" my shop closing. ((HUGS))
Alexa said…
Thanks for including me in last week's collage (always a bit of a thrill). It was totally worth making a spectacle of yourself to get a shot of these scurrying crabs (we have crabs with blue claws, of course, but yours are just wonderful)!
I love those blue crabs and I have never seen that kind before. :)
Anonymous said…
oh my! love the crabs. what a wonderful sight. glad to see shadow shot sunday still going strong! yay!

paz xoxo
Joanna said…
These guys are just adorable! Although I agree with some who say it could be a little unsettling to have so many of them scooting toward you. What a creative idea for a shadow shot.
Beth Niquette said…
That crab shot is just incredible! AAaaaahhh--you were there in just the right moment in time!

Wonderful--this just fills my eyes! Thank you for sharing! lol I liked hearing the story behind the picture.
Serendipity said…
They are really cute!
I'm sorry, the colors are cute but they are not. Ewww! But good for you for getting down there and sharing.
What an original topic! Fabulous! Jacqueline
Salty Miss Jill said…
They are wearing one of my favorite color combinations.
Great photo!
Steph said…
Awesome picture!! I don't know if I would close to those...things like that make me nervous LOL
Sallie Leo said…
Tracy, your "crabby" shadow shot is adorable! Thanks for including my kitty in today's group. Have a great week!
Christine said…
I'm enthralled! I want to see them up close and personal! But I guess I'll have to settle for your beautiful and clever photo. Well done, Tracy!
Self Sagacity said…
Ymmm! I love crab, can't get enough of them. These past few years they have been so expensive! What happened to the days when I can get them for 1.99 a pound? The colors and adventure must have been so thrilling for you, eh? Smiles.
JunieRose2005 said…
Love the little crabs!

LOL- Someone said they looked like blueberries and that's what I thought, too! The blue is what you notice first!

an9e1a said…
Really cool shadow shot!!! The color combo is fabulous and I can just imagine their busy movement as I take it in! :)
Sorry I'm so tardy:(

Those are so cute and creepy at the same time! What a fun shadow shot!!

I love the bike in the post above...very unusual looking to me. It looks like it has a seat with a back on it...I've never seen one like that.
Unknown said…
oooooooooooo....I love those small crabbies! We have them here BUT not blue..I think they are red. Am back from Jakarta, and I will do a special post for me soon (dont know many things to blog about..too many photos to organise!). It's related to shadows and something I had wanted to post about for the longest I am so happy I have all the pictures! Still very busy week for me..I am off to Penang soon..and I believe you have been to Penang before, I remembered your monkey experience..see, i do have good memories, though recent stuff I tend to forget! Hey, love the cute's like a bike from Lisa's place, a colour she likes I think :) Ciao for now!
Unknown said…
ops, sorry..I meant 'will do a special post for YOU...'
picciolo said…
wow those crabs are amazing! I love your shot of them and their wonderful colours
: )
Amalou said…
Wow! Those crabs are awesome! Your weekends look super fun Miss Harriet. One day you're snooping out your neighbour's overgrown garden for rusted out vintage bicycles, the next day your terrorising funny blue critters at the beach. (Have you ever been escorted down to the police station to explain yourself?) — Sorry I haven't stopped by for a while. I haven't been round blogland much lately. Your blog looks great! Twinkles XX
Jim said…
That's an amazing shot.
Anonymous said…
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