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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #120

My shadow shots this week were taken with my new iphone + Hipstamatic app. I've been having so much fun discovering the joys of iphoneography this week! As it's all still new to me, if anybody can recommend other interesting photo related apps for the iphone that would be awesome! I'm addicted already!

The plan for this week was to snap some seriously stylish shadows from the Valentino Retrospective that I attended on Friday but sadly that wasn't to be. GoMA had a 'no photography' rule for this exhibition and were very strict about enforcing it. Damn it! So the photos above were taken on the walk back to the bus stop after visiting GoMA. That funny little lady was one of many funny little ladies scattered around Southbank promoting the various events happening at the Brisbane Writers Festival. Just in case you were wondering. And if you were wondering what the Valentino Retrospective was like, it was truly amazing!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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That quirky lady writer is baring her innermost self. I guess that's what writers do!
Ralph said…
The table is wonderful - the change from the three-dimensional subject to the 2-D shadow is stunning. A change in the shape and composition to shadow is amazing!
Arija said…
Such an adorable little ol' lady chasing her own shadow. Cute pelvis too.

A pity you didn't have a buttonhole spy camera for the retrospective.
Love that hippo with the skeleton dress....reminds us of the new Halloween aprons we have :) Have a super week...playing with your phone's apps!!
BLOGitse said…
tadaa - it's Saturday here in Casa and you're sleeping like a baby :)
iPhone - don't have (hubby has) I wan to keep my mobile as a telephone :)
You have great culture happenings over there...Maybe I should move to Australia? :)

See you tomorrow! :)
Beverley Baird said…
What great shadows for the week! Love the little old lady!
have a wonderful weekend!
fredamans said…
Wonderful collages and shadows cast by all. Back later to link up my post.
Cassie said…
I like your outside ShadowShots anyway! Skeleton hippo-lady is funny. Good to know you enjoyed the Valentino Retrospective. I'll google it after I leave here.:<)
I usually don't get why they don't allow photography at such events, except where a flash would affect the pieces on display. We are now on the east coast of the USA driving from Boston to Northern Pennsylvania today. So far no ShadowShots here due to overcast skies (Hurricane Earl just blew through). When you come to my blog, look at the video (Mad Hatter) on my sidebar. My daughter made it with her iphone. A cute application. Happy SSS Tracy!
GalleryJuana said…
These photos look great and to think they were taken with an iphone. I'll have to tell my sister about this app, she's got an iphone.

I really like the one of the lady with the skeleton bones.

I missed last weeks sss, so it was nice to catch up with some of the shots through your photo collages.

have a good sunday and glad to see that awful cold-bug has let you go.
That must have been such a disappointment Tracy and you should be given a logical suitable reason why the hell NOT ? haha .. been there "not done that" too. I love the HALLOWEENY skeleton gal .. now that was a perfect touch even if you are a Halloween nut .. like me .. oops .. did I mention Halloween too much ?
Love seeing all those shots in the colleges .. hum .. spelling might be a bit off .. I'm a bit off today. Great SSS gathering yet again !
Joy : )
Sylvia K said…
Such great shadow shots as always, Tracy! Love the little old lady! How fun! The colors on the wood is lovely! Hope you have a great weekend!

Chubby Chieque said…
What a lovely collage & of course your darling's shots! Looks your enjoying your honey Iphone...

Love the first shot you have. Cutie!

Have an enjoyable Sunday & hope you have a great day spending Father's Day downunder...

GoMA there is something like MoMA here, I wonder...
I had no idea the iPhone is so appl. friendly - I will be asking around to answer your question. In the meantime, your shots have an interesting hue - very
well worth getting excited about the capabilities of
a phone that evidently is good for music but
also, alas, shortens the life of our hearing abilities.
Sarah said…
Great shots-especially like the first one although she is quite scary!
Tom Hilton said…
Great stuff--I especially love that first one. What an odd, funny thing to encounter on the street.
Limarea said…
Love your shadows, the lady is fantastic :) And the color of your pics is great. Thanks for including me in your gallery! :D
Anonymous said…
I love your little lady! Many apologies - I forgot to do September's naked man - I must remember him next week!!
Dianne said…
I really love the statue :)
she's wonderful
Shirley said…
Here's the link to my Shadow Shot Sunday:
EG CameraGirl said…
Oh too bad you couldn't take photos of the Valentino Retrospective! But the cute little old lady and cane are a delightful bit of whimsy.
judi/Gmj said…
nice work, all of it.
oooh cool iphone photos! I bet you love always having it with you for happy snapping!
Unknown said…
Hey Tracy cute photo's, those iphones are pretty good aren't they. Still yet to get one! Thank's for featuring last weeks photo. It's been wet and miserable here in Melbourne so had to go to the archives for this week.
Have a great Sunday.
Jo ;-)
Great shots...I keep forgetting my iphone can take photos...have to remember that one!

Jeanne :)
Hey Tracy, great shots I can see whay everyone raves about that photo application - great fun shadows! Enjoy your weekend xx
Sam said…
The Valentino was amazing? *sigh*! I'd love to see it - good on Brsbane for securing that exhibition! I love the shots you did get though - the strange little lady is a beauty. I couldn't help you with anymore apps because I am possibly the only person left on the planet who still does not own a mobile! Believe it or not! :0)

As for those collages - the first one is awesome - all those reds of the northern Autumn - spectacular stuff!

Have a lovely Sunday Tracy and all the best for the week ahead - thank you also for sharing those shots of your islands - I've been really enjoying those!! XO's
Spadoman said…
Love the little lady! Back on Shadow Shot after a few weeks persuing other interests. I missed SSS. Good to be back.

A Wild Thing said…
Girl, you just get the most fun stuff...and too bad about the ones that got away. Antique shops are getting like that too, not wanting you to take pictures...if I know someone is looking for a specific piece, I send them a picture...duh!!!
However, I do understand in the world of art etc...bummer!

Have a good one now that your Spring has arrived...our days are getting shorter and chillier...argh!!!

Unknown said…
Great photos! Thanks for choosing my photo for the gallery!

Mine is here:
Pagan Sphinx: Shadow Shot Sunday
MyMaracas said…
Love that moody coloring in the photos, and that funny little lady is a super subject.
My Twisted Road said…
Wow... fun shots again. I love SSS. Thanks for hosting the site!
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Love your shadow shots, I have added mine to SSS. I do appreciate you hosting this blog, it's such good fun.
Rinkly Rimes said…
A lovely gallery as usual. I particylarly love the baby dscovering his own shadow!
Unknown said…
I love your funny little cut out lady. Thankfully we don't really look like that! :-)

Don't you hate when you can't use your camera?
Square Peg Guy said…
Thanks for featuring my shadow shot from last week. I'm glad you're better!

You could have some fun with that funny lady picture if you're adept at image editing. You could replace her shadow with the shadow of a real skeleton. And that makes me wonder if it would break the rules. :) Have a great week! (Oh, my shot for this week will post in about 30 minutes -- it's still Saturday here.)
I love that second photo!! It looks like an ad campaign or something! Something very symmetrical, and wonderful that pulls at my heart! The first one is just down right funny! Have a wonderful weekend! said…
I love the quality in your photographs you've found using this wonderful app Tracy! but then again, you do have the touch & the eye for great shots.
Really lovely!
Alexa said…
Your shots are wonderful—bizarre but wonderful. Hope you have lots of fun with your new "toy"!
toby said…
Sorry you didn't get the shadows that you were hoping for, but these are great! I especially like that cool table...
Hope you enjoyed the exhibition anyway!
muchlove said…
that funny little lady is the cutest! She should come to Melbourne so I can take a photo of her too ^_^
Those cell phone cameras are too much fun! I haven't gone 'hunting' for camera aps in my phone (I have a My Touch which is an Android). I just love the fact that I always have a camera and a video camera handy when I need one!
Great shots!
Unknown said…
Great shots, that's amazing that you took it with your phone.
Linnea said…
Wonderful shots. Love that app. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for hosting.
wanderlust said…
The hipstamatic app, huh? Going to have to look into it, they came out great! Haven't played with the camera on my iphone too much, you've inspired me though! Cheers to you!
Buy Design said…
Good morning from a very hazy, cloudy Scotland. No shadows out there yet but hopefully I will be back later.
Eden said…
Beautiful shots from your iphone and my favourite is the last one.
Victoria said…
That lady is a hoot, and that table is very cool... I like it lots, and want to bring it home to live with me! (Of course your awesome photography is what makes it uber-cool!) xo
Anonymous said…
I love the little old lady person, thing. How sweet. Reminds me of my mum! Haha.
Iphoneography?? Sorry, can't help with that. I'm an old fashioned girl. I can barely type a text message!
I think you did a good job, though.
Anonymous said…
Love the glasses on her. Funny! She and her shadow look great.
great camera shots. I can't believe these can from a phone need to check mine out.
Gabbi said…
Beautiful shadow shots Tracey! I love FaithHope's shadowy baby and your iphone captures especially... wonderful app and looks like it's great fun to use! ♥
Kay L. Davies said…
Another vote for the cute little old lady and her shadow. What a wonderful idea.
Anonymous said…
Great shadows, and wonderful pictures! How cool that the iphone takes such great shots...makes me think I need one...:)
Buy Design said…
Hey The sun came out after all. Glad to be able to another tour of Scotland's shadows. I really love this challenge. Thanks for the opportunity to join in.
VICKIE said…
Love the lady in the street- we had catfish on parade in the streets here once. Glad you are enjoying playing with your phone.
E Makes Art said…
Ooh! Thanks for including my photo in one of your fabulous exciting! And I love your photos, they are both wonderful. The lady cracks me up, and the table shot is beautiful! Looks like I need an iphone. How fun.
Gloria said…
Those are some really cute the little lady, never know who you might meet on the street! I could use an exciting table like that one too. Smile today. :)
an9e1a said…
I love that shot of the table!! The shadow is so crisp and perfect, and the photo just has a really artistic feel to it.
Meri said…
What a fun theme -- I think I'll play along.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Gorgeous shadows! Have a safe labor day!
krissilugbill said…
your shadow shots are so fun! congrats on your iphone apps! how fun! I have some fun applications on my andriod too, they can be so addicting!! enjoy :)
OMG...I bet that Valentino exhibit was amazing! I would have loved to have seen it!!

Your iphone photos are great...I really like them. They have their own unique quality. Xray lady is cute. I wonder what event she's promoting? I'm so glad you're enjoying your new friend:)

Hope you had a nice weekend!
EJ said…
Love your first shot!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Suddenly realised that I totally forgot to leave a comment! Very bad!
Love the crazy figurine and shadow! Eyecatching fun! And a most unusual table!

Hope all your flu has winged its way out into the universe somewhere! Have a great week!
picciolo said…
Your pictures are great this week, I would never have guesed you took them on your iphone! The lady made me smile
: )
Anonymous said…
Wow! This was trully an amazing, educating post! Thank you soo much for posting! :)