Shadow Shot Sunday #121

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #121

These gigantic lego men (made of milk crates I believe) crawling all over the QPAC building are the most adorable sight! They're here as part of the Brisbane Festival which runs until 25th September. I would be very happy if the lego men decided to take up permanent residency at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre!

Happy Sunday!

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Way cool!!!!! These are FABULOUS!!! I loved the one for Wordless Weds. too. How did you do those aged Polaroid effects?
robin. said…
tracy love your iphone app...very cool. the lego men are delightful!! i am sure they are bringing smiles to many faces!!

have a great week!!!!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your shadow shots Traci, have a nice weekend. Thanks for featuring my entry last week.
Love your shadow shots; love the lego men, but most of all love the hipstamatic look. I am not big on mobile phones, so an iphone would be wasted on me, but that hipstamatic function is just soooo appealing. Thanks for making the most of it, I am enjoying it vicariously through you!
Love your shadow shots; love the lego men, but most of all love the hipstamatic look. I am not big on mobile phones, so an iphone would be wasted on me, but that hipstamatic function is just soooo appealing. Thanks for making the most of it, I am enjoying it vicariously through you!
Love those Lego men Tracy! They WOULD be fabulous as a permanant fixture - how fun!!
Tom Hilton said…
I love those! Very cool.
Anonymous said…
The Lego people are really cool!
Cassie said…
Wowie, my grandson would go nuts if he saw giant legos!! Great (& fun!) Shadow Shots Tracy.
Maggie said…
The lego men are fab! What a great idea,I bet they make people look more than twice.
Thanks once again for hosting SSS.
Maggie in Normandy.
Photography said…
Wow love the lego men :-)
Kay L. Davies said…
The Lego Men are a hoot, Harriet.
I'm going to look for a Shadow Shot right now.
Alberta, Canada
BLOGitse said…
I agree - more this kind of art for us to see...our world would look much nicer if there was more art work around us.
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
I love these Lego men - I think they should be given a permanent home!!
fredamans said…
I love how the Lego men are climbing up! Thank you for including my photo in the showcase!

Will link up this week's later on.
Ralph said…
The building is an artistic angular shape. So why not the quite angular Lego stuntpersons climb to the top - the look so much like they belong here. Artistry abounds!
Cherry said…
happy SSS! i love the leaves shadow image last week!
Catherine said…
wonderfully cool retro shots - how do you achieve the polaroid effect??
Beverley Baird said…
What afun find for this week! Great shadows - especially love the skies!
Generik said…
Giant Lego men? That's too funny! I think we need some of those here in San Francisco. Very nice!
Patti said…
Thanks for featuring the photo of Ralph on the beach!!

I love the acrobatic Lego men. They are cute, and so talented.

They would be cool as a permanent exhibit.

Have a great week, Tracy!
EJ said…
Your photos are beautiful!
Dimple said…
Those lego men are super! What a good idea!
Serendipity said…
Cool shots! (Hipstamatics??)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Those lego guys crawling all over the building are such an amazing sight! Interesting colour tones in these photos!

Have a great weekend!
Unknown said…
my first time playing here, thank you very much for hosting.
Chubby Chieque said…
Looks in Legoland. Awesome, that it came a long way to Australia.

Love the cuties climbing.

Have a fab SS, Tracy!

Sam said…
Ah! Thank you so much for inclduing my bamboo! I love that top collage with the autumnal northern hemisphere reds and oranges (and my bamboo!). The bottom one is also a doozy - he pinks and blues are gorgeous!

How cute are those little lego dudes! You guys seem to be a bit more adveturous art wise than down here. Melbourne's more arty too - I think Sydney rests on it's laurels a bit that way. I think we (well not me personally) think the Opera House is the only effort we need to make! There was a big thing in the paper last week abot how we squandered the fantastic opportunities that came with being a host to the Olympics (it's the 10 year anniversary). It's quite possible that did happen.

Anyway, hope you have fully recovered from the 'flu - did you say in a comment that you'd see glow worms in Aus? Where was that? I'd love to see them!

Happy Sunday and week ahead sweetie! XO's
Marilyn & Jeff said…
I love your lego photos, I love the effect they have, an almost older look.
Once again thanks for hosting SSS, I have added my name to Mr Linky.
Sarah said…
They are great!
Alan said…
Hi, I added my link to Mr. Linky. Glad to join the Shadow Shot Sunday, thank you!
Love them all, particularly the first one that seems to be about to be enveloped by the clouds!
Hey Tracy, Happy SSS! How cool are those lego men - great find! Thanks for including me in the weeks collage, have a good week ahead xx
MOO said…
What electric, eclectic images! Love the combo of the static building and the bright/dancing clouds/sky. Bravo!
EG CameraGirl said…
I really like the Lego people! They add colour and whimsy and mad me smile.:)
muchlove said…
haha, those lego people are so cool!!! Love it!
How fun would it look if buildings all over the city everywhere had these lego people?
Unknown said…
Great photo's Tracy, have a great Sunday.
A Wild Thing said…
Leave it to you Tracy to find giant Lego guys up on a cool is that, I would've loved to seen the ballet Aida, did you go or were you too mesmerized by the climbers...good eye girl, you keep us all comin' back for more!!!

Have a great week ahead...enjoy my Spring...ha!

Gabbi said…
Tracey, I love your Lego men shots! Also, AngieWa's shadowy flowers. Very gorgeous... such a fan of your gallery! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. ♥
Square Peg Guy said…
Lego people! Wow!

I wonder if they will perform in the ballet!

My SS have been scheduled to appear at 12:05 EDT.
Unknown said…
Wow! They look fantastic climbing the building.That building is amazing.
Anonymous said…
These are too cool..I would love to see Lego men all over our Vancouver buildings! And it's just brilliant how you've caught them against that dramatic sky..great shots...:)
toby said…
Oh, I love those lego guys! Maybe they'll think of vacationing in Jerusalem next...?
Alexa said…
The Lego men are brilliant! They remind me of the blow-up King Kong they put up on the Empire State Building for a few days back in the early '80s.
Shirley said…
Some very nice photos in todays Shadow Shot Sunday. I like the lego men atop the building!
Unknown said…
I have always loved legos and these are super cool. Your captures are really nice. If they don't stay at least you will have those!

Thanks for featuring my shadows. Take care & God bless!
E Makes Art said…
Love the giant lego people, how fun. And I love your photos in the 2 previous posts, wow! That iphone app, (and the photographer of course) rock!
Eden said…
Wow, what an amazing sight! My little boy loves Lego and he is fascinated with your pictures. Great captures.
Oh, I completely missed the Lego men! I was focussing on the sign: "Ballet Nacional de Cuba." Sadly, that troupe will never come to the U.S. until the decades-old embargo is lifted. How fortunate that your sane nation has never enacted a similar embargo!
Dina said…
Gotta love 'em!
Thanks for your photos; they bring a big smile.
Tracy girl .. I totally forgot to link yesterday .. talk about DUH ? LOL .. loved your pictures of the Lego climber that is amazing ! I would be gawking at them all day and have a neck ache to prove it ! : )
Joy .. probably still in DUH ? mode
muchlove said…
lol, your comments made me giggle! You are one funny lady ;) ... and yes, my feet are constantly kicking about. You're not imagining things ;)
Anonymous said…
That would be very cool to see!
Victoria said…
HA! I love it!!!

I've always had a thing for little lego men, and to see them bigger then life... and performing death defying stunts... My heart is all a flutter!

Great shots Tracy, (and that sky is stunning!) said…
I love this whimsical idea, I hope they stay too!
& I love how you've photographed them. Nice job Tracy.
& thank you again for hosting this meme.
picciolo said…
Those lego men are great! And I love your wordless wednesday shot
: )
maryt/theteach said…
Tracy, I received the pix you sent me. Thank you so much! I am a little late posting for Shadow Shot Sunday but I made it!
Kylie said…
Love the lego Men - might have to make a trip into town:)
JunieRose2005 said…
WOW! VERY cool!!
an9e1a said…
Oh yay, such fun!!! :D I want some giant lego men crawling around my city!!!
Tracy said…
WOW--those Lego men are AMAZING...almost spooky...LOL! Great shots, Tracy... And as always, another excellent SSS. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
Hi ya T....I love those LEGO MEN!!! So cute, and so cool too. Hey, tks for the peek around your house - a post I look forward too for a long time. Love that frame but I wish I was eating those strawberries actually :O) Chat soon again...muah2
Silly little lego men...crawling all over that building. Don't they know what would happen if they fell off?

Wow, am I late this week! I love the photos in your next two posts. Especially the view master one...of course;) Looks like you're still in love with your iphone:)
Unknown said…
T...your Iphone is doing a fab job :) Cant say the same for mine...its a boring blackberry :(
Amalou said…
Cool lego men! I'm sure my kids would love them climbing all over our house. Maybe they could get that soccer ball off our roof. I love your tropicalia photo, you've made Brisbane look like a place worth visiting. Actually, it looks suspiciously like it was taken from our backyard. Have you been jumping the back fence again? Oh and I managed to completely lose my head, by starting up a new blog, Amalou Studio. Have a great week Tracy!
Very clever Tracy! I missed this Shadow Shot Sunday and just noticed that you kindly included my image in your photo collage. Many thanks!!

Jeanne @ In One Place :)