Shadow Shot Sunday #122

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #122

Some wall shadows this week...

Snapped at the Brown Dog Cafe in Woolloongabba while enjoying a coffee

Shadowy scenes found all around the Cultural Centre Precinct

Spotted on a stroll past the Pauls Milk Factory in South Brisbane

Happy Sunday!

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B i r g i t t a said…
Dreamy and surrealistic - like it :)
Generik said…
Woolloongabba gabba hey! I especially like that second shot with the sharp shadows of the branches. But even more I like the name of the place. I'm going to try to work that into a conversation or two today somehow. Woolloongabba! Woolloongabba!

Love it!
Sylvia K said…
Marvelous captures as always, Tracy! And I, too, love the sound of Woolloongabba! How terrific is that! Enjoy your weekend!

Annie Jeffries said…
Love the eerie feeling of the tree branch shadows crawling across the walls.
GalleryJuana said…
I love trees and you've captured their shadows in such a mysterious and calming way.

Your shadow shots really show how shadows are nature's way of painting the walls and sidewalks.

Hope you're having a good weekend!
Carin said…
Was wondering how to express my impression of your shadow shots this week, but then I noted the first comment and yep those are the words: DREAMY and SURREALISTIC!

Great shots!
fredamans said…
That second wall shadow struck a chord in me!
Ralph said…
The cafe seems to offer live entertainment it seems - I see a shadowy tree about to tap dance across the stage. Unless the shadow dancer here is merely an apparition...

Brisbane offers such style in subject and shadow, too!
Unknown said…
Yay!! SSS! Love your shots as usual...but I really like that tree shadow, looks like some monster shadow I saw recently here :) Happy Sunday T...muah2
Unknown said…
Yay!! SSS! Love your shots as usual...but I really like that tree shadow, looks like some monster shadow I saw recently here :) Happy Sunday T...muah2
Beverley Baird said…
Great shadows as usual! Love the detail in the second especially!
Anonymous said…
My favourite is the second one. Love the place name Woolloongabba - almost as good as Tighnabruaich!! Malcom is delighted that you put the spiral staircase in the collage, as he spotted it!
☺lani☺ said…
Great Shadows! Happy Weekend!
PJ said…
I really like the new app you're using, very Holga-ish.
Cherry said…
happy SSS! thanks for always taking time to comment on my posts. :)
Sarah said…
Beautiful shadows and I love the name of that cafe!
Anonymous said…
I really like the second one of the tree shadow!
EJ said…
Your second shot has a lot of characters to it. Thank you for including my photo last week!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your shadow shot this week. Have a great Sunday!
My first contribution from Ashton under Lyne in the UK this week! Looking forward to taking part again in weeks to come.
shadow tree
clawing at the wall
like a cat
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy! Love your shadows, but most of all I LOVE the names of places you frequent.
Woolloongabba: love this word!!!!
BLOGitse said…
LOL! "Woolloongabba" how funny is that?!!
One word in Finnish: konekirjoittajattaritta
= without typist (female typist).
How cool is that?! LOL! :)
Another: saippuakauppias = 'soap seller' (it's also palindrome)

Mukavaa sunnuntaita! = Have a nice Sunday! :)
wonderful wall shadows thanks!
Sam said…
Gosh! Your shots are so lovely Tracy! It looks like such a great part of the world you live in. Woolloongabba is a fine Aboriginal name - I live up the hill form Woolloomoolloo which is semi-similar!

Sydney is in full Spring mode. What about Brissy? I'm thinking it's a bit ahead of us southerners and maybe you're going into Summer even?

Have a super week sweetie and thank you as always for popping by my blog for a chat!
MyMaracas said…
I really love that last one. I would be tempted to climb those bricks, right up through the shadows, to see what lies above.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Wonderful shadows shots this week, I especially love the second photo of the branch shadow in hte wall. the wall.
EG CameraGirl said…
I think leaves and branches make such beautiful shadows. Nice ones!
How's the weather downunder? It looks like your having a wonderful spring.

I love this Sout Australian city called: Kybybolite, sounds too cute.

WHilst, in TAgalog language: Kakaba kaba= are U nervous?

Happy SS to you sweet Tracy.

Chubby Chieque said…
He he... I got the wrong bloggie, the oldie... sowee... is the perfect one.

robin. said…
so, so love the second photo of the tree...your spring will be under way soon...i am coming to live in your world. (wishful thinking)

have a great week tracy.
OOOO--AWESOME Shots!! I LOVE that second one. And the third one looks like something out of a Horror Movie!! Nice finds! Have a great weekend!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Super bold and brassy shadows - especially the second and third ones! They certainly control the photo! Looking great in that tone!

Thank you so much for including my last week's shadow shot in your latest collage!

Have a great weekend!
Love these wall shadows....the second is my favourite!

Jeanne :)
A Wild Thing said…
What a kaleidoscope of colors your lil' camera shoots..wonderful shadows and I love the name Wolloowaddawalla...what ever, me likey...ha, how very aboriginal! I suppose the name of my city is strange too, Muscatine, of Native American heritage.

You just have the best the new header too...hope ya had a great weekend girl!!!
admin said…
I LOVE your shadow shots! they take me to another place :) love the blog header too ;) sorry I have been missing for a few weeks.... renovations taking over my life!
Tracy girl how are ya'!
I did my shadow post and totally forgot to link up .. I am having too many DUH? moments lately ? LOL
I love that tree shadow photo ! Now that could be a VERY Halloweeny tree indeed ! .. it always makes me giggle when places are named such unusual names like Woolloongabba .. now that is a cracker for sure ! Joy
I almost forgot to say thank you so much for including my shadow from last week in today's collage !
Thank you girl ! : )
Happy SUNDAY Tracy! Don't you just LOVE this time of year, spring brings on such fab shadows...have a good week!
Arija said…
Love the dreamy quality of the first hot, it just draws one into the light space.
Isn't it amaing how shadows of vegetation an dress up a wall?

You are an absolute brick for having thought up and facilitated this meme.
Shirley said…
I really like the Brown Dog Cafe shadow shot. The tree shadow is great!
annette said…
Fantastic shadow shots Tracy, the second one in particular at the Brown Dog Cafe - what a great scene to look at while sipping coffee!! Happy Sunday. Annette :0)
Dianne said…
these are so fantastic!!
I really like the middle shot
that tree has taken over that wall :)
Square Peg Guy said…
Awesome tree and leaf shadows this week, Harriet! Wow! I really like the second one -- it's my all-time favorite!
Unknown said…
A series of wonderfully ethereal shadow shots.
Linnea said…
Thank you for all your efforts in making Shadow Shots such a fun meme!
Alexa said…
Wonderful! Have to go with the consensus and say that the second one really does it for me.
Anonymous said…
Ooooo you and I had a similar idea. Love the shots

Have a good one!!
Oooh, these are good ones, Tracy. I don't know if I like the sharp one or the soft ones. Intriguing, to say the least. Love the weird colors.
wanderlust said…
Such soft colors, and great shadows too! Happy weekend! said…
I love your amazing shadow shots for today Tracy!
& the collages are grand as always too!
Unknown said…
Love them all, but the second one is almost creepy looking.

Thanks for my pic on the collage for this week.
Anonymous said…
shadows are great, looks like people dancing behind the trees, some kind of ritual dance. Love it.
Thanks for the site.
Unknown said…
Woolloongabba should be in The Meaning of Liff !! A great name to conjour with, but I think it should mean talking very fast and at length on the virtues of woollen trousers (aka pants... aka pantaloons) in the extreme heat of the desert. ;)

Loving the shadows on the wall.. the second one is so ethereal.

Have fun x
Spadoman said…
I love the middle one the best! Brown Dog, sounds good. I recently drank coffee at the Black Cat and the Black Dog cafes, as well as the Manazeres Street Cafe which used to be called the Black Dog, in Secorro, New Mexico.
Great shadow shots all!

Linda said…
I love the second tree shadow. Hope you had a great weekend.
Victoria said…
The Brown Dog Cafe... what a great name! The Shadow shots are indeed lovely and dreamy! I think that last one is my favorite. (I suppose the horizontal and vertical lines remind me of a modern quilt.) Great work!
Eden said…
Love the photos and my favourite is the second one. Great shadow shots.

Have a great week.
Anonymous said…
I love your wall shadows. They look like artworks. Woolloongabba? They have THE best names in Queensland, I reckon!
Anonymous said…
Love the tree shadow! Always love the colors in you photos.
krissilugbill said…
great shadow as always! love them all, the wall shot is my fav!
Anonymous said…
I love your tree shadows..the middle one is brilliant! We shadow lovers are lucky...we see so much beauty other people miss...:)

E Makes Art said…
Love the 3rd collage. The rich colors..wonderful. And love all three of your shadow shots! The last one almost looks like it's under water! Fantastic.

Catherine said…
your shadow shots are really beautiful this week - the retro polaroid effect gives them such a lovely nostalgic feel....
I like tree shadows on walls! The second of yours is my fave:) Hope you've had a nice spring weekend Tracy...followed by an easy Monday.
Hey Tracy! Love that second shot of that tree....very cool colors & shadows indeed! What kind of name is Woolloongabba? That's a fun name...does it mean anything? It causes a giggle when you say it - that's for sure!
I love your first shot Tracy. I really like the subtle edit on it too. It's LOVELY!!
Anonymous said…
well, it suppose to be in 3D, can I download and watch? will it show normally?
Unknown said…
wow ... nice shoot shadow .....
Anika said…
Your shots are great!! So pretty...

I will remember to link up this weekend!
Anonymous said…
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