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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #123

I've had no luck catching shadows this week due to the sun being very scarce, so thankfully I had this one saved from the week before. The bridge casting that shadow across the Brisbane River is the Merivale rail bridge. I had taken the photo while crossing the Go Between pedestrian bridge. Just beyond the Merivale are two more bridges called the William Jolly and Kurilpa, and small parts of those bridges can just be seen in the photo. And a little way around the corner more bridges can be found. The Victoria, Goodwill, Captain Cook and Story bridges all stretch across the river. Quite a lot of bridges within a short distance. Brisbane has gone crazy for bridges! There was a period recently where celebratory bridge opening events were happening almost every weekend. Main activities of such events include a walk across the new bridge followed by a sausage sizzle. For my overseas friends who may not be familiar with the sausage sizzle, it's basically a sausage cooked on a BBQ and served on a slice of bread. With sauce. If you're lucky you'll have a choice of sauces. Generally limited to tomato or bbq. If it's a fancy sausage sizzle, onions may also be part of the deal. For a higher price. Yup, here in Brisbane we know how to celebrate in style!

Happy Sunday!

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Blue sky, green river--a study in contrasts!
robin. said…
hi tracy...i'm with mmt, love the contrasts between the sky and the river!! very interesting about all the bridges.

have a great week!!
Dani said…
Hi Tracy, Im glad im back with SSS. Joining the fun.

Great shadow shot. The colors are wonderful.

Happy SSS! :)
Sylvia K said…
I do know what you mean by a lack of sun!! Had the same problem here this week! Terrific shot as always though! Hope you have a great weekend, Tracy!

Chubby Chieque said…
Yes! I agree with Sylvia. DownUnder, poor sunshine?

I guess, God must be crazy now, huh? §;-)

Perfect combo, T! Luv ko ´to...

x0x0 & enjoy the rest of the week-end.
Tom Hilton said…
Cool bridge, and a perfect shadow shot.
BLOGitse said…
Next time you have bridge opening let me know. I want sausage sizzle! :)
Have a relaxing Sunday and a good week ahead!
Lots of bridges=lots of shadows... well, at least when the sun shines! Hope this week is full of sunshine (and shadows!)
Karla & Karrie
Unknown said…
I love this shot T, totally awesome :)
Unknown said…
I love this shot T, totally awesome :)
Anonymous said…
Fabulous shadow shot. If I'm ever invited to a sausage sizzle, I'll remember to bring my own sauce (I like brown sauce, I've never had ketchup, as I don't like tomatoes!!
Anonymous said…
Love your bridge shadow! And I was absolutely drooling over the onion-topped sausage sizzle...yum!!
Victoria said…
The colors in this photo, along with the lines and shapes... BEA-U-TI-FUL!!! You have a great eye, lady!
Never enough shadows!
judi/Gmj said…
beautiful! now I want a sausage sizzle, no sauce please.
Tracy girl the bridge is awesome !
I have bridge-phobia .. I wonder what that is called ? I hate to go on one and if ever I have had to do it (not drive thank god!) I close my eyes .. which is a good thing that I am NOT driving, right ?? LOL
You have me hungry for a sausage now and I hope they have the better choice of sauces for you girl !
ENJOY (onions too please !) hehehe
Joy : )
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you haven't had much sun to make shadows. I like your shadow, that's a neat bridge.
lynda Howells said…
Low this beautiful bridge and it's shadowx lynda
Beverley Baird said…
What a gorgeous shot - of water and sky! The bridge makes such a stark shadow!
have a wonderful weekend!
Limarea said…
Great gallery as usual. And your bridge photo is wonderful! :)
Carin said…
Thanks for adding my photo to one of your gallery's this week! Love the colours in your shadow shot. Fabulous bridge too!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Ralph said…
The bridge creates a nice shadow. The modern span looks just right as it sits near the modern buildings of the city center. Very nice and beautiful in a modernist way. A nice view of your lovely city!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the angle of the shot showing the bridge ending near green embankmant and skyscrapers behind! Very lovely!

I relate about your comment on sun! I am using many archived shots! We are still in the raining zone! It is close on 2 months now! I keep thinking how well stored up we are for summer this year!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your gorgeous shadow shot this week.
Cassie said…
Great bridge ShadowShot! Brisbane looks like a gorgeous place. I too like bridges and sounds like I would also rEaLlY like a sausage sizzle. Hadn't had meat for about 40 years and the first one I had was a hot dog! Yup, now I eat anykind of dog or sausage, my fave being elk. They call them smokies up here in N.Idaho! Good weekend to you!
Sam said…
I love that bridge - I've always admired Brisbane's pretty river and that bridge and all the other bridges - it's very attractive and sensible! Sydney is very lacking in bridges and routes to the city. Really, we've only got the coat hanger and the tunnel. The traffic jams are appalling as you can imagine!

We got a tiny bit of that grim weather down here but it's been mostly very, very springy. The sort of Springy when even being indoors looking outside makes you happy! I guess that's a good thing when you have to go to work! :0(

Hope you're having a great weekend - and a good week ahead - it's nearly Chrisy! I can't believe it! XOXO's P.S. I love a good sausage sizzle!!
No other country, not that I have seen that many, seems to have Australia's architectural style in bridges.
As well as being useful, the curves give interest to the landscape. We could use more bridges (that go somewhere!), but the focus here is on maintaining the
old ones! The shadow gives a nice perspective.
Maki said…
I would like to join Shadow shot Sunday.
My blog address is this.

Thank you.
muchlove said…
Oh your photo makes me miss Brisbane even more. I had to cancel my plans to go this weekend (my friend, on the other hand, called me from there and it made me so jealous!) :( So now I'm more determined than ever to go and revisit Brissy as soon as I can, hopefully before the end of the year!

P.S. I'll have my Shadow Shot Sunday posted later today! :)
Rinkly Rimes said…
Ah! The Sausage Sizzle! It's made Australia what it is today!!!!
Laura said…
the colors are fantastic!!!
Photography said…
Nice bridge! I like the effects you put on the photo :-) Hope you like our shots this week we had lots of fun!
Halie said…
Thanks for creating a wonderful meme. It's my first time to join SSS.

I love your photo. It really looks wonderful.

LOVE your shot. The colours and the edit are beautiful. It's so soft looking, which for an industrial looking giant makes all the difference.

Onions make a "sausage sizzle" sausage for me ... and it just isn't the same without the chutney style sauce ... Heinz or Watties just doesn't cut it for me! ;O) Hmmm, the thought of a sausage sizzle is making me homesick.
Unknown said…
Love your shot, the colours are gorgeous.

Nothing quite like a good sausage sizzle, with onions and lashings of sauce. Watties for me please!! said…
Your bridge photo is so beautiful Tracy, the colors are exquisite.
& I love the names of your bridges - especially William Jolly!
Have a great week dear Tracy & thank you once again for hosting this interesting, fun meme.
: )
My mouth is watering. I want it with onions, too!

So how do you get this great sort of polaroid effect? Wonderful colors.
E Makes Art said…
Great photo! I love the colors, and the cool dreamy look it seems to have. And thanks for including my photo in your collage!

Patti said…
Sausage sizzles, spans, and shadows! Super Sunday story!

You have a lot of bridges there in Brisbane. wow!

Love the blue and green hues in your photo.

Have a great week!
A Wild Thing said…
The shots from this camera soooo remind me of the shots from my old Brownie camera when I was a kid, something about them seem so ol' timey.

Ok, now you have me hungry for sausages on the grill, I miss the deer sausages my husband and I used to process at home, yummm with horseradish sauce!

It's been cold and rainy here in Iowa too, but we know what lies ahead...and it ain't will soon be there, have a great week Tracy, stay warm!
Square Peg Guy said…
Thanks for featuring my Shadow Shot! I hope the sun returns to you soon!
Unknown said…
Hi Tracy, always good to keep a few spare shadow shots around. You can never predict the weather. Great photo. Lovely colours. Have a great Sunday.
Yummy!! Sausage sizzles in my tummy!
Loving your phone ap thing though. Yowsas!
And, each week as I pursue the collage that you put together I can't help but think what a stellar group of shadow shooters we are! Someone should publish us! : )
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Great shadow shot - I was in Brisbane for a few weeks many years ago and I remember that there were so many bridges!
Kelli said…
cool! I love straight lines and bridges are awesome for them
Spadoman said…
Nice shadow shot for sure. That is a lot of bridges. I'm sure all the bridges across the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers, which are both very close proximity to my home, have names, but locals tend to call most bridges by the roadway that carries it. The Robert Street Bridge or the Wabasha Street Bridge. There are a couple that use their names like the Mendota Bridge and the Lafayette Bridge.
So, what kind of sausages do you sizzle? Bratwurst, Italian, Polish? Or are you talking about what we call hot dogs over here in the USA? Curious about this. Love learning about the differences and similarities.
Nice stuff here today. I'll go post a SSS.

Photography said…
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my pics!
admin said…
stunning!!! what a beautiful image :)
Sonia said…
great inspiration them - thanks for inspiring me!!!
great shots by everyone! this is my first post here :)
Eden said…
Such a great capture! Love the colours.

Have a great week.
Dianne said…
I like how you can see the RR tracks in the shadow
the colors are wonderful as is your framing
Alexa said…
Such nice clear shadows on the green water. I'd go to every bridge opening if they were giving out sausage sizzles (love that name)!
Gunsside said…
Great bridge shadow
- this week i show you a river too ;))
Janet said…
Just posted my first photo for Shadow Shot Sunday. Thanks for the new challenge!

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo
Great Shot, and love the post processing!!! Fun!!
What a gorgeous shot! The white parts of the bridge almost look drawn on the photo...they are so perfect and crisp...and the other colors are great too!

Hope the sun makes an appearance this week:)
Anonymous said…
I really like the colours in your photo! :)
Clytie said…
I love the shape of the bridge ... Happy Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Love the colors in your photo. Walk across a bridge and have a sausage...sounds good to me. :)
Shirley said…
I enjoyed the bridge photos. I think I may have posted an outdated link for SSS. Here's the right one:
DougVernX said…
I'm in, a bit late, but I made it.
Unknown said…
Love the shot and could really go for a sausage sizzle. I like my onions sauteed.
trav4adventures said…
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
Arija said…
Tracy, what gorgeous blues and greens of sky, water and shadows.
I know the feeling of the hiding sun, ours tantalizingly played hide and seek yesterday giving me a glimpse of a fab. shadow one second and erasing it the next . . no hole of catching it in the act.
DougVernX said…
That's an awesome bridge shot. I love bridges. I would be shooting photos all day in Brisbane I think. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my crazy blog! :)
Anonymous said…
Haha!! Sausage sizzle. My husband and I were talking about it on Sunday, when we picked one up from Bunnings. It's one of Australia's only real traditions. Do you have them every weekend out the front of every Bunnings store?
I can always tell instantly a photo of Brisbane - there are always those bridges!
Sorry no shadow shot from me - was away for the long weekend. Thanks for publishing the delightful photo of my little sister this week. I can't wait to show her. I think she may have been on the cover of the West Australian this weekend, so she really is 'nearly famous'. (-:
Unknown said…
Hello T, sorry..I am so late time for anything, busy wt work..I know, same old lame excuse :( Hey..I am so busy checking and booking online everything OZ..its now about 1.5 months to my trip. the kids are excited and I hope I wont go bonkers travelling 9 days with them..I know I did went bonkers planning the trip with DH :(( You should visit here, every dollar you bring you get 3 x more..whereby I get 3 x less haha! Ok. I love that wordless wednesday picture, esp when no words needed and no commenting needed too :) Love your SSS and hey, tq..for putting up my little SSS. tata for now :)