Shadow Shot Sunday #124

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #124

Wreck resting in the shadows. It appears to have been resting for quite some time! My shot this week was inspired by a segment I viewed on a TV program called Art Nation which aired last Sunday. The segment was about an exhibition called 100 Ways to Ruin a Car and was a collaboration between Sydney based photographer Alex Cyreszko and Brisbane based photographer Francesca Rosa. Here's a video of the segment if interested...

Did you watch? Cool huh? I also tracked down this newspaper story about the exhibition and the artists involved which I found interesting. You may too!

The car in my photo is an abandoned car in some bushland which I discovered a while back but didn't see it as anything but trash at the time. It wasn't until after learning about that photo exhibition that the trash suddenly became treasure. So I made my way back to the scene and was happy to find the car still there.

Happy Sunday!

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Ralph said…
I like the Ute that is balancing on a tree stump - astounding that a landing like that couldn't be calculated yet this driver, not a rocket scientist, landed it so well...I like that orange Holden where the front is bent up but the back isn't. Cool video, the car in the brush you captured is artistic, rust looking so good here...
Dina said…
Your photo makes the car look artistic and mysterious. Still, I'd rather not see these wrecks strewn about, especially in nature, even after seeing this video.
Tom Hilton said…
Cool shot--I love derelict old cars like that.
Arija said…
What a lot of bolloks! Car wrecks strewn across the landscape making the landscape less alien to us???
Most people I know seek solace in nature to get away from the rubbish of 'civilisation' not to have the peace of the bush marred my wreckage.
Next they'll be having exhibitions of skeletal remains of people's pets because they once were loved.

At best those photos can be described as passing social commentary, certainly lot art.

If you want to see really meaningful photos of cars in a long dead car graveyard, John and Lena's photos from Norway are truly outstanding.

Don't get me wrong, the car teetering on the tree stump is certainly a great photographic subject.

Your car looks a bit like it had an encounter with the womping willow of Harry Potter fame. Nice shot.
Sarah said…
Love your car shot. Like the way the trees are growing where the engine use to be. Thanks for the shadow shot once again.
Old car, old car, battered and forlorn,
Who will move aside for you
And your broken horn?

Old car, old car, rusting in the shade,
Windscreen broken into bits,
Paint’s begun to fade.

Old car, old car, you will never run
To the grocer’s anymore—
Running days are done.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

SSS: Candy Bag
Generik said…
Some of my favorite photographic themes are urban decay and the incongruity of finding familiar objects in unexpected places (like couches on a sidewalk or in a field). Your shadow shot this week really hits me where I live. Very nice!
Sylvia K said…
Terrific capture and you do find some of the coolest shadow stuff!! Fun video, too! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Tracy, thanks as always for the fun!

EG CameraGirl said…
Interesting video and newspaper article. I've often thought a collection of shots of "retired" cars in a junkyard would be interesting but hadn't thought of taking photos of wrecks where they happened. That tree on the stump is very curious!
Anonymous said…
Super shadow shot. We often pass an abandoned car in Selkirk, and every time I say I must take a photo - now I DEFINITELY must!!
MyMaracas said…
Thanks for a great read and video!

I love the way you've photographed this. The lighting and color make the old derelict seem to glow from within.
BLOGitse said…
LOL! "Corolla"... :)
These cars look like they've got another 'life'...
Greetings from Helsinki, Finland!
Anca Pandrea said…
I missed you all, guys! I am back, me, my camera and the shadow hunter in me.
Love your shot and your mosaics, as always!
Diane AZ said…
Cool video! Looks like your wreck image would have fit right in at the exhibit. Beautiful how nature seems to be reclaiming her space.
jabblog said…
Art is where you find it and there are as many different interpretations as there are nations in the world. Great shot :-) Nature is triumphing again!
Chubskulit Rose said…
I enjoyed the video, love how you captured the old car too.
Chubby Chieque said…
It's so awesome with the car you had there! I thought this was just a sort of art. U rock, girl?

Coo video too... kiddos are watching here now.

Happy SS to you dear T! Enjoy your Sunday, while I will tackle to reach that today tomorrow §;-)

8 hrs difference, U know!

x0x0 always.,
Tracy girl it is hard to know what is the most interesting here .. all the comments made on this abandoned car wreck and attached artistic point of view .. the video .. it all had my attention. Funny, so many times I have passed up sights thinking they weren't interesting only to be taught by comments and view points on places like this, that you really should take a second look at what is around you !
Joy : )
PS .. your car is lonely isn't it ?LOL
Sarah said…
Poor old cars-but great video!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Always enjoy your stories behind your photos! It's like enjoying an adventure through your eyes!

Great photo! Highlights all the twisted elements of the car and turns them into an artwork!

Enjoy your weekend!
Anonymous said…
Cool shot, the old car suits the hipstamatic treatment!
Unknown said…
Neat shot. Looks like an old snapshop that's faded.

My Shadow Shot Post
Anonymous said…
Loving the beat up car shot! It looks awesome.
Sam said…
You've made than wreck look attractive which is no mean feet Tracy!! :0)

I'm not a big fan of car wrecks I have to say - although your shot is very good. They make me feel uneasy and anxious and I think they are ugly.

How's the weather up there? I think we've got your rain! It's absolutely pouring down here! Do you have Monday off too? It's so heavenly to think we have an extra day of R'n'R!

Hope you're well and thank you again for shadow shot - it's such a great idea!
Ashley Sisk said…
I'm loving all the wonderful shadows. I need to think more about shadows and less about avoiding them. I'm happy to be linking up this weekend.
Love your shots this week, very interesting story too - thanks for sharing x
Patti said…
Like my hubby I also was struck (pardon the pun) by the car atop a tree stump.

Love the concept of finding wrecked cars in their final resting places.

Cool video, Tracy! Thanks for sharing, and for hosting this fun meme.

Enjoy your week.
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy! "Your" wreck could have been in the exhibit too!! For some (distorted) reason I've always liked rusty things...the way they tell a story. Now I know I am not alone. Great ShadowShot!
Happy SSS.
Tracy -- your television is better than our television. (For that matter, your shadows are better than my shadows.) Thanks for sharing and hosting. SR
Eden said…
Fantastic capture of the old car. I enjoyed the video too. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great Sunday!
Anonymous said…
I like it, but then again, mine is an abandoned shadow shot too!
Shirley said…
Interesting choice of subject matter.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Thanks for the video, I would never have thought that old cars would have so much interest paid to them but then I started to wonder who was the very first owner, what stories could they tell?
I have my shadow photos up now.
Anonymous said…
Whew!!!!!1111 I made it in, in time.
Love the shot of the car. I am obsessed with looking for shadows.
Well it may be cool and artistic, but I'm sure glad I don't have to look at wrecked cars too often. I think because we DO identify with them!

Have late afternoon shadows for you today:
Halie said…
And nature claims the car.

Great shadow shot.

I have my link up, though it's a tad bit late.

Happy Sunday
Unknown said…
Great shot. And the video is interesting.. love the car on the tree stump.
JayLeigh said…
What an interesting shot of the car! It has an otherworldly feel to it. :-)
Cherry said…
happy SSS to all!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm in. Hey, this is fun.

All the best, Boonie
A Wild Thing said…
Cool shot, would be wonderful to live near a big city to see all of the art and exhibitions...the biggest exposition I get to see is when the cows come over the hill...sigh!

Have a great week friend, enjoy your Spring...we are in the silence of pre-winter, all of our birds have headed south and greenery has stopped don't wanna experience what's next...brrrr...!

Arija said…
You are so right Tracy, roosters certainly are birds of very little brain.
Laura said…
sometimes it is the most broken things that are the most beautiful...I love your photo today!
Anonymous said…
The camera lense can make everything look beautiful. If only we could see everything through a lense! Well, some of us do. Haha
Square Peg Guy said…
Coincidentally, my shadow shot for this week also is a car -- my "new" car. However, I was thinking about doing a joke and putting up a photo of a junk car first. And there is a junk car in our neighborhood, but I have to walk through someone's backyard to get to it.

Anyway, that's a compelling shot. Amazing that there are still shiny surfaces that reflect eh light.
What a find! Yes, it certainly seems abandoned for sometime! And the light which filters in make for perfect shadows!! Glad it was still there when you went back again!
Visiting today reminds me how much I've missed by not making time to participate lately. Thanks so much for all you do.
Hugs and blessings,
Unknown said…
I hope no one sustained serious injuries. Nice photo capture.
I love your car shot Tracy! I think your shot should have been in the exhibit!!

I totally get their fascination with junked cars. I'm fascinated with nearly any manmade thing in a state of decay. I think it really drives home for me how meaningless our things are. No matter how much time and effort went into creating matter how spectacular...if it's just left alone, in time, mother nature will swallow it back up. I think that's interesting to contemplate.

I do believe your car will be setting there until it is a little pile of rust on the bush floor.
Photography said…
What a geat collection this week love the old car - how cool!
Photography said…
i meant great :-)
Anonymous said…
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fredamans said…
I awarded you;
kriz cpec said…
I like how you present your shots. :)
Amalou said…
Great shot! I love the sunlight glow.

I must say that I have been guilty of car wreck photography. My dad used to collect old Toyota Crowns with the intention of doing them up. I took many b&w photos of them with grass growing through their engines. He never did finish building that new chook shed either. Who says raising three kids stops you from getting on with your own stuff?
E Makes Art said…
I missed this week, but took picts so I'm ready for the next one! Just wanted to say hi and see your photo. i love the car, it is definitely a treasure! Great photo!

picciolo said…
I love the lighting in your image, I think that poor wreck is there to stay!
: )