Shadow Shot Sunday #128

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #128

I visited the South Brisbane Cemetary (aka Dutton Park Cemetary) early in the week to take some shadow shots with a halloween theme in mind. You know, with halloween falling right on Shadow Shot Sunday this year and all. Ok, ok, I realise these photos are not the least bit scary. Not really. But hey I bet this cemetary is super creepy at night! Especially when the regular Ghost Tours are operating within the place. Maybe one day I'll summon up the courage to join one of those Ghost Tours. Probably not though. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat...

Happy Spooky Sunday!

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robin. said…
i'd stick with the day time tour as well. the photos are beautiful tracy! love the purple of the trees. have a happy sss and halloween!!
robin. said…
ps. i enjoyed your retro piece with your photos. you transformed it into a piece of you. thought it was lovely!!!
That's what I was thinking-that these are super creepy at night-especially on a moonlit night where the moon light is casting shadows from the trees.
Even in broad daylight they look a tad creepy.
Tom Hilton said…
What a lovely cemetery; love these shots.
Sylvia K said…
It is a beautiful cemetery, Tracy, and your photos are marvelous as always. And thanks as always for the weekend fun! Enjoy!

Beverley Baird said…
Such lovely soft shadows. Maybe not scary but fit hallowe'en!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your shadows this week and it's color effect! Thanks for including my entry to the gallery.
jabblog said…
The colours in these photos are superb. What a beautiful place to visit :-) I think I might draw the line at a Ghost Tour though ;-)
Anonymous said…
Creepy! Great for Halloween though, love the shots and the mystery in the shadows. Perfect Place. Barbiboo.
Square Peg Guy said…
Neat tree! I think it looks a bit creepy. Of course, taking pictures at night is tricky, especially without moonlight and with an iPhone! So we'll have to use our imaginations.

My shot will show up in a bit under 13 hours.
BLOGitse said…
eeeek! Halloween is not for me! That's why I posted something totally different... :)
Have a relaxing rest of the weekend!
Ralph said…
The creepy branches of the tree creep around the headstones. A Halloween trick? Take the tour and see!
GalleryJuana said…
Pretty greens and blues in your cemetery photos. Looks like a beautiful and serene cemetery to meander through even at night. well ... maybe at night:)

I like how you're displaying your aceos and photography (post below). wonderful idea!

Hope the weekend as been good for you and that you have a lovely week.
Frightfully beautiful!! Think we'll stick to the day tour as well;0)
Happy Halloween!
Karla & Karrie
fredamans said…
Thank you for adding my shot to the collage this week. It was a fun one for me.

Everyone has beautiful shadows cast, and each week is a new experience. Well done to the members.

Beautiful things can be found in the oddest of places. Your cemetery shots are wonderful, especially the first with that budding tree. It took my breath away.

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe and happy always.
Jen said…
Happy Halloween!
Laura said…
love all the green...we are on the same post is cemetery based too. Go figure.
Anonymous said…
I think I would rather be there during the day!! Lovely shadow shots!
Maggie said…
Great shadows, very atmospheric even in the daytime.
Cassie said…
Sheesh, I never even thought about halloween. Great ShadowShots Tracy. Have a good Sunday and week to come!
Patti said…
Pretty shadow shots! I am a bit of a scaredy cat too, but I've been on a cemetery tour using only dim candle-lit lanterns. It was a bit scary, but I would do it again.


I love the third photo. Looks like a creepy mist is about to descend on the headstones.
Sam said…
These are gorgeous Tracy - totally un scary but very lovely! I am quite partial to cemetaries! That's a jacaranda tree, isn't it? Yours are already blooming! Love the collages too as always - thank you for including my clivia!

Hope you're having a fine weekend sweetie! :0)
Anonymous said…
I'm fond of the third one with the polka-dot light. Very appropriate theme for this time of year!
maryt/theteach said…
I love photographing cemeteries too, Tracy! Love the green tinge you gave to your shots! :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love how this cemetery sings the blues! The blue/green tone enhances the mystery of other worlds! Delightful!

And enjoyed your collages! They look wonderful as always!

Have a great weekend! May it be a little less wet than ours!
Diane AZ said…
Oh they are surreal! The shadows add to the eerie mood and I adore the blue and green color scheme. Very creative!
Arija said…
Jeez Tracy, even in daylight those shadows make it look creepy, diffusing edges and like looking through
a ghostly mist.
Unknown said…
Yep I am a scaredy cat as well. Thanks for hosting shadow shot sunday. Charmaine
A Wild Thing said…
These shots look as if they were taken under water, like burials at sea, but any cemetery shot is great by me...but then again, I like creepy baby heads too...go figure!

Have a great week friend!

admin said…
I love your images & think they are quite peaceful & soft & calm! Ghost tours wold make me shake in my boots!! happy halloween :)
Sarah said…
Hi Tracy,
I have managed to find some shadows this week so am back! I love your photos of the cemetary-they are at least a little spooky and atmospheric and very pretty.
admin said…
p.s - I LOVE your photo display piece it looks fantastic!!! I am working on displaying some of my images I never get to see them printed just on the screen :)
Perfect "Hallowed Eve" shots - well done Tracy...hope your Halloween is spooky!
Create With Joy said…
Your shots are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

Dimple said…
These are neat photos with an old and faded feel. I am not a halloween person, but I like your post!
Unknown said…
I'd go with the day time tour, I looks like it will be pretty scary at night.

Great shadow shots.
Eden said…
Wonderful shadow shots. I haven't visited a cemetery here,I am a scaredy-cat. My daughter wants to experience a Ghost Tour but nobody likes to go with her.

Have a great Sunday
Kay L. Davies said…
What a thrill to find our Toledo church photo in your collage today!
Your beautiful greeny-black shadows are gorgeous!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Mimi said…
I love the colours in these shots cos they're not at all spooky!
The ghost tours would be interesting, though not to me - I don't do spooky!
MOO said…
The colors and composition are amazing in this shot!

Shadow Dancing in DC
Rinkly Rimes said…
Your jacaranda is in full bloom already! Here in Newcastle the trees haven't blossomed yet! Thanks for including my little grandson in your gallery! He's four today!
Dianne said…
I really love the 2nd from the bottom
those bits of light are like footsteps
Halie said…
I would love to go on the ghost tour!

Nice shadows! said…
You are so right Tracy, this cemetery doesn't look the least bit scary - it is quite beautiful, especially the way you have captured it. Lovely!
Thank you for hosting this fun meme Tracy.
& have a great week!
: ) said…
& Happy Halloween!
It is very eerie!
Kelli said…
awesome spooky shadows. I would do a night time tour LOL
Anonymous said…
More great fun shadow shots from everyone, and your own photos are terrific - but I expect that you already know that don't you....
Thanks for organising this fun festival for us.

Have a great week, Boonie
Linda said…
perfect shadow photos for Halloween
Sue McPeak said…
I just found this Sunday Meme and thought I'd give it a try...I'm always looking for places to improve my photo skills and show off the State of Texas.

You've certainly captured the Spooky Shadow feeling of Halloween in your Cemetary photos. Nice shots and Ghoul Colors!
Beth Niquette said…
I have not posted on Shadow Shot Sunday for some time--I had forgotten how much I enjoy the pieces featured here.

Thank you so much for sharing your own fabulous shadow shots, and the inspiring work of others! I will be back on board more regularly now!

I've missed this!
DougVernX said…
Happy Halloween everyone. Please check out my shadow shot!
Shirley said…
Such beautiful shadows here! What a lovely cemetery.
urban muser said…
great shots. i still think they are a little creepy--good for halloween.
Alexa said…
Great shots! I don't find cemeteries creepy at all—just very peaceful.
Well, great atmosphere, and the third from the top is almost scary. In black and white, perhaps? But don't lose that wonderful blue-green underwater look, even for Halloween.
Beautiful shots! I love exploring old cemeteries, but I usually don't remember to take my camera along.
E Makes Art said…
These are such beautiful photos! I feel like I'm underwater when I look at them...that could be creepy!?

A perfect place for shadows...with all those gorgeous big trees & stones!
They may not be scary, but they are really neat. I really like the 3rd one. The second one is cool for all the blue on the ground. It makes a neat effect...I know the blue is petals that have fallen...but they also seem like they are attached to the shadow limbs...if that makes any sense. Really cool.
Happy Halloween friend:)
Unknown said…
These are lovely ss sets T. Seriuosly, I wont be joining any Ghost tours anywhere and our cemeteries here are spooky...perfect for any ghost movies :P Happy Halloween T.