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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #130

These kangaroos hang out in King George Square. They're a hit with the tourists! Joining these kangaroos in King George Square this Friday evening will be a bunch of my fellow BrisStyle team members. Sure to be a big hit with the Friday night city shopping crowd! Be sure to visit to experience the BrisStyle magic...

Can't make it along this Friday for some awesome Christmas gift shopping? Well, BrisStyle have a couple more markets organised for between now and Christmas, so check out the BrisStyle blog for dates, locations and all sorts of fun stuff!

Happy Sunday!

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jabblog said…
I guess that's the only way most people will ever manage to get up close and personal with a large marsupial!
Hope the market went well :-)
Sam said…
Love the kangas! Will you take some piccies of the markets - that would be awesome!

We've been getting lots of storms and rain and heat and humidity down here. And you? Are you getting a bit of rain too?

Hope you're having a fab weekend sweetie! XOXO's

P.S. Love the Kookaburra too in the previous post - that is a wicked close up you got there!
Ralph said…
We don't have any marsupial ('roos, wallabies, platypus, etc.) in the US, so these pictures are great. The massive tails and huge back legs offer us a great looking animal...
Sylvia K said…
Oh, I love kangas!! Wish I could see them somewhere other than the zoos! Great shadow shot for the day! Hope your weekend is going well and thanks as always for the weekly fun!!

robin. said…
very cool photo tracy...i really like the piece behind the kangas also.

have a great week!
Isn't the opossum a marsupial ?
They have them in the States .. I don't know about Canada .. I think some may have crashed the border guards and came to have a Tim's coffee and doughnut ;-)
Tracy girl .. I was going to comment on that bird picture too .. it was amazing !! .. These roos are also special as well .. they look real!
If I was walking with my head down and bumped in to them .. well a scream might happen .. then a bright red face ? haha
Dani said…
very cool shadows. One looks like a cowboy with a hat. :)

Good to be back here.

Happy SSS.
☺lani☺ said…
Awesome shadow collection! Happy Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Love your kangaroos and also the Kookaburra. Miss them. Used to feed them in my garden daily in QLD.
We'll HOP right on over! HEE HEE HEE! Wishing you a fantastic weekend Tracy!
Karla & Karrie

A brass kangaroo
Knows better than you
Just how to attract the right crowd;

For brass kangaroos
Know just how to choose
A posture humble, not proud.

O brass kangaroo,
Just what would I do
If you should choose to abscond?

Ah, brass kangaroo,
I know what I’d do:
I’d hurl you into the pond!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

SSS: Blue Windows
Tom Hilton said…
Love those kangaroos. Fun shot!
Molly said…
I was just looking through all the pictures and thinking how brilliant each one is and then, wow, couldn't believe my eyes, as I travelled down the page, there it was. Mine! Thank you so much!
Patti said…
These kangaroos look friendly, but I wouldn't want to come across one in the wild.

I was disorganized last week and didn't play, but I'm back today and happy to be part of this fun meme.

I hope the market goes well Friday.

Love Magical Mystery Teacher's poem. So talented is he.
Catherine said…
love those kangaroos - what cute sculptures - of course we all think you keep them as pets down under!!
BLOGitse said…
dabbadaiduuduu! :)
Great shot. I thought first they were real...happy Sunday!
Jen said…
Kangaroos are the first thing I think of when I think of Australia. Cute shot!
Molly said…
Love the kangaroo pic. PS have added another entry to SSS.
GalleryJuana said…
Tourists love that about Australia, don't we!

The twilight market sounds like so much fun. I guess the xmas season has begun in your country as well.

Thank you for including my shadow shot from last week.

Wow, impressive shot for your wordless wednesday. Took the breath right out of me:)

have a good week.
allhorsestuff said…
Those are pretty cool!
Alissa Nicolau said…
I want to be a tourist and hang out next to the kangaroos with you! I really like the BrisStyle poster you have up. Cool design and super idea to name it a "twilight market". It sounds extra inviting. Hope your turn out is sell out worthy!

Oh, and that bird shot for your wordless wednesday - is amazing! Love it!
Anonymous said…
Super photo - it brought back happy memories of feeding orphaned kangaroos in Margaret River some years ago!!
Kay L. Davies said…
Things I loved about Australia: real live kangaroos!
Things I hated about Australia: dead kangaroos on the roadsides.
Roadkill happens everywhere, but I found it particularly heartbreaking during my trip to Australia with my youngest brother in 1982. Dead kangaroos don't litter every highway in Oz, but we saw enough to make us very sad. Still, I'm glad I saw real ones and not just these statues in King George Square, although their shadows are certainly super.
This week's Shadow Gallery is great, too, Tracy. Thanks for all your hard work!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Maggie said…
Love the shot of the kangaroo's, I imagine they are very popular and appear in many a tourist's photo album.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Beautiful shadow Tracy, have a great weekend..
Sue McPeak said…
How wonderful to see the Kangaroo's saved for all time in the sculptures. They cast such interesting shadows and I'm sure are a big hit with the tourist. I know they would be with me. Would love to visit Australia. I've heard that parts of it are much like Texas.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Gorgeous shadowy kangaross! They really seem like characters!

Hope your market is a winner and that the weather is kind!
Gemma Wiseman said…
OOOOps! And thank you so much for including my Melbourne Arts Centre shadow from last week! Your collages are always a delight!
Eden said…
Cute. Love this kangaroo shadows.
Have a great Sunday.
toby said…
Lovely statues!
Thanks for including me in your gallery! And funny fact - my middle name is Alissa, so it lines up well with the photo next door. If my last name were SweetRepose it would be all that much cooler :)
Have fun at the market!
Chubby Chieque said…
TY a bunch for posting my shot, Tracy! It still fun chasing them although, it's winter soon. Luckily, we are fortunate to have lil sun.

Happy week-end dear, T and hope you have a great sunny day, Downunder.

x0x0 as always,
MOO said…
Roo in Winnie the Pooh was always my favorite. Love this shot!

In the Shadow of Greatness
Melissa B. said…
Australia's such a fun place...lot your capture!
Arija said…
Tracy, I almost put up a kangaroo post today from my garden but since I had just posted one for Mature Motes, did not feel like repeating the theme.

Very shadowy shot you have there.
Beverley Baird said…
What great shadows! Love those 'roos!
Sarah said…
I am not surprised they are a hit with the tourists! I like your picture of them-and it looks like you are having lovely weather too. I am jealous! Sort of-summer seems so far gone!
Kelli said…
ooh roo! great shadow shot
Tourists do like approachable animal sculptures, don't they? Seattle has a lifesize bronze pig at Pike Place Market, also always a hit.
Sarah said…
Great sculptures! I hope you'll take photos of the market to share with all of us. Sounds wonderful!
Thanks for hosting! ~ Sarah
Mary said…
Excellent shadows! I'd be one of those tourists fascinated with them :-)
As find shadows in the coolest of places :)
Thanks for sharing my coffee mug shadow from last week in your photo collage :)
Have a great week!
Victoria said…
Very fun! (I thought they were real at first!) said…
I love your Kangaroos and their shadows! & of course your lovely collages too.
I hope this holiday season is a good one for you too Tracy .
: )
Paz said…
Love the kangaroo shadow shot!

Happy SSS!

Self Sagacity said…
A lot of shadows to fancy.
Anonymous said…
Love your shadow shot.
Love this Sh-Sh-Su event too.
Sorry, but I'm going to have to pass on the shopping trip - my bus pass isn't valid south of Phuket (which is pronounced Poo-ket.... just in case there's any confusion).

Have a nice day, Boonie
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Oh I love your shadow photo today. I hope you have had a good weekend.
indicaspecies said…
Lovely shadow shot! Here's hoping you have a lovely time too.

I just published a shot of the shadows in the Himalayan mountains. Wishing you a nice week.:)
Unknown said…
I love the shadows you chose to display and your photo also. Kangaroos and other marsupials are fascinating.
~mel said…
LOVE the shadow shots! I just posted my first time.
wanderlust said…
Very cool! I'm sure the tourists take lots of pictures of them too! Cheers!
A Wild Thing said…
I've just been over at your other blog having a walkabout with ya on your beautiful island, how wonderful it must be to ferry back home after a days work, ahhh serenity, I'm afraid I'd never want to leave such a paradise!

Quite chilly here now, think winter will soon be rearing it's ugly head, but the days have been getting into the 50's, this is an unusually warm Autumn for us, so I'm enjoying it to the last!

Have a great week Tracy!

Kelly said…
I like your kangaroos!
Unknown said…
I love that 'twilight' market, first time I hear such market. We have night market but never twilight.I would love to go there! I wonder if I get to take a 'roo' picture soon :P hugs..............M
Dianne said…
oh how I'd love to visit
Australia is at the top of my travel list!!
urban muser said…
love the kangaroos!
FiveSibesMom said…
Nice kangaroo pic! My shadow shot is of one of our five Siberian Huskies. Have a great Sunday!
Linnea said…
Very fun! Thanks...
rebecca said…
hey harriet!
this is my first time to join your shadow shot sunday...
so happy to be among such warmth and beauty!
Anonymous said…
Very cute!
Betty and Bess said…
Oh drat, I can't find Mr Linky. But here is a link to my shadow.

I guess it's Monday for you now, have a lovely week!
Kitty said…
Hi Tracy. Isn't it interesting what is commonplace vs exotic for all the variety of us? Otters, Pelicans, Elephant Seals, Blue Whales...I've got 'em. Kangaroos?? I'd have been one of the gaga tourists taking 1,000 shots of those guys. Thanks and have a good week!
They make great shadows! On reflection, a shadow of ourselves in the very distant past, I wonder...
My first time in Shadow Shot Sunday...
So many lovely shots to see!!
E Makes Art said…
Cool kangaroo shot! The one on left has paws that look like human hands in this photo...yikes!!

E Makes Art said…
Oh, forgot to tell you that I LOVE the photo in the post below! Amazing!! How did you get so darn close? I love it!

Cute kangas...I can see why they're a popular site:) I wish I was there to go to the market. I know I'd find lots of goodies to take home.
Christine said…
I would love to see those kangaroos! Nice photo, Tracy. I'm glad to be joining another SSS!
Happy week to you.
fredamans said…
Beautiful showcase shadows! Love the kangaroos!
Square Peg Guy said…
Hi Harriet:

I'd heard that kangaroos sometimes encroach into public areas, so at first I thought they were real!

Have a great week!
XUE said…
Maybe this is silly but I'm a little scared of Kangaroos & these are huge !
Sweepy said…
Hey Harriet!
Both times I have SOOC and both times I failed to link. Bohoohoo!

Are dogs allowed to pawticipate? Please say woofy yes?
picciolo said…
I hope you have a good time at the fair, I love the poster that has been designed for it
: )