Shadow Shot Sunday #131

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #131

I discovered these shadows while walking down the alleyway that runs beside Downes Shoes (Brisbane's fave Dr. Marten shop!) in Fortitude Valley. The shop is about 120 years old I believe, and rumour has it that there's a resident ghost living upstairs. The ghost at least has a pretty view from those little windows.

Happy Sunday!

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I LOVE that first photo! That looks like one for your shop...maybe it's already there.

I think lights strung outdoors is so romantic:)

Happy Sunday Tracy!
Spadoman said…
I love these lights. When wedecorate for an occasion and use lights, I want to leave them up forever, and why not? And these might cast shadows when lit as well as create them during the day. Looks like a great place. An alleyway, I like that.

Zyzzyz said…
Shadows of delight.
Dina said…
Ghosts and shadows--spooky!
Tom Hilton said…
Very cool. Love those strings of lights, and they do make great shadows.

Shameless plug for our blog: Pixels at an Exhibition just celebrated our 2nd anniversary.
Those are absolutely wonderful! It looks like an alley in Italy or something. I can imagine how magical it must look at night when lit up.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Creepy hehehe, and I bet the ghost would love to see those shadows too. Would you freak out if you take a picture and then you see the shadow of the ghost?
Sylvia K said…
What a terrific shadow shot for the week, Tracy! Love the string of lights! Magical! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!

robin. said…
love, love, love the brick. the second is my favorite. great shadow capture here tracy!!! lucky ghost!!
jabblog said…
Love the lights and their shadows - not a shady alley, that's good. Light makes ghosts shy ;-)
Those lights are so cute strung through that alley - we're sure that at night it would cast fantastic shadows....perfect for haunting, of course :)
Anonymous said…
Love the shadows on the old brickwork
Kitty said…
great shapes! and i love a good ghost story. do tell more!
Lovely shadows! And such a wonderful place name - Fortitude Valley. Doesn't sound like a ghostly place at all.
Beverley Baird said…
What great shadows! Love the lines in the second one!
Anonymous said…
I immediately thought of Harry Potter .... might he shop there after he has been in Diagon Alley?
Sarah said…
Fun shadows. Thanks for sharing the gallery and for hosting each week. ~ Sarah
Catherine said…
the collages are especially lovely this week - and love your shot - what a beautiful and atmospheric building - the brickwork really makes the shot....
Victoria said…
Fabulous..these are gorgeous!
MyMaracas said…
The effect you've used is perfect. That first one seems mysterious and otherworldly - just the thing for a haunting. And I love the shadow pattern cast in the second. Nice, nice!
Martha Z said…
Interesting the way the shadow falls on the wall.
Tracy girl you pick NOW ? to talk of a ghost ? Where was this during my Halloween obsession, girl ?? LOL
Hey .. you are right .. this ghost has a great view .. those are sharp shadows !
Thank you so much for including me in the collages (I never know if that is spelled correctly?)I appreciate it!
Joy : )
GalleryJuana said…
Beautiful shot of the sky with the textured buildings on the side. And the shadows in the second shot look like an abstract design on canvas.

The collection of shadows from last week are amazing. I enjoyed catching up that way on everyone's posts.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Alissa Nicolau said…
Hello Tracy,

I love the blue color in your first shot. So, so pretty! I imagine I'd like to walk down that alley often. So cool of you to look up. I find a lot of people in my life who don't look up. What a missed opportunity in this life journey of ours.

The triangle shaped wires and lights in the second shadow shot is wonderful. A very interesting view.

Hope your weekend was full of happiness!

Kay L. Davies said…
Beautiful photos.
Can a ghost be said to be "living" upstairs? LOL
Thanks for another Shadow Shot Sunday, Tracy. Just about to post mine. Was fun to see our dog Lindy made it into one of the mosaics. That's my favorite, where she lay down to rest in front of another dog's yard, ignoring him completely.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Molly said…
Love the pictures of the lights, Tracy. Mosaics are great too!
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy,
greetings from Finland - again!
More country side snow pics coming later...Have a relaxing Sunday! Cheers!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Those shadows seem to hang with with mystery on the old walls! Alleyways have such a creepy fascination for me! Great shots!
Unknown said…
Great shadows thought you were going to say the photo was taken in Europe. Charmaine
Unknown said…
Great shadows thought you were going to say the photo was taken in Europe. Charmaine
Tracy girl .. I changed my blogspot name to canadiangardenjoy officially so the second link up with Mr. Linky is what the true blog address is .. sorry about messing things up .. I just had to make problems for myself and get into trouble ! hehehe
Joy from Canada Land : )
toby said…
Really cool shot - I like it a lot!
Sam said…
How lovely! Are those round things light globes by any chance? If so, I bet that street looks a treat at night! I love that there's a possible ghost in the shop too - so cool! Although, having said that I think it would scare me a bit going in! :0)

How did your fair go by the way? I hope the weather was good for you guys! ...and that you were rushed off your feet with appreciative admirers! It's all happening, isn't it? It's nearly Christmas! It can't come soon enough for me because I've got two weeks off - absolutely can't wait!!

Have a lovely week sweetie and thank you for putting in my two guys into your collages - so pretty! XOXO's
FairfieldHouse said…
I am new to your blog but I will certainly be returning. You have a great eye. Love the strung lights -- you'd never see them here in the states. I linked up my shadow shot!

Arija said…
Delightful especially with the ghost/ I wonder, could you catch his shadow on a moon lit night? You never know what you might find in an alley.

lovely weathered brickwork and looong shadow under the window.
Linda said…
What neat shadows ... too bad you didn't capture the ghost shadow too!!
A Wild Thing said…
A ghost huh, the friend that rewired my shop told me that when he was working in my basement, he felt something grab his leg, he thought it was me or his I have something else to dwell on in my lil' pink shack...heehee!!!

Love your shadow, looks like a stick person climbing the wall...have a great week Tracy!!!
Ralph said…
The alley is a classic as it sits nestled between the old brick buildings. The ghost will have a spectacular look at the goings on in our modern time...
Dimple said…
Those lights make great shadows on the wall! I like the shadows from the windows, too, and the feel of the colors, as if you scanned some old prints!
muchlove said…
very nice shadows, Tracy. The ghost must be enjoying the view so much if he/she's stayed there for 120 years!
Kits Chow said…
Lovely contrast, the straight lines vs the irregularly-shaped and weathered bricks.
Diane AZ said…
What an interesting place to stroll and look for shadows. You found some great ones!
MOO said…
Lovely view!

Unknown said…
Nice shadow shot, love the lights strung between the buildings.
Angie said…
Can almost hear that ghost say
"Christmas must be on the way, lighting up my life again"!
Cassie said…
Ooooo a ghost who enjoys a view! Very neat ShadowSHots. I like the way those lights are strung across the alley.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Great shadow shots Tracy; and thank you for including my shadow photo from last week in your collage above.
Kelli said…
fabulous shots tracey
Kelly said…
What a magnificent old building! I love the brick (and the strung lights).
E Makes Art said…
The collages are wonderful! And your two shots are gorgeous!! Love the great angles you used! Bravo!

Lighthousegal said…
Great shot as always. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this meme. I always enjoy my visits here!!
Anonymous said…

Gen. said…
awesome stuff. I'm now playing along...very amatuer!
Gen. xx
gorgeous shadows and great shots...
urban muser said…
great shots!
Chubby Chieque said…
Hi T!

How's Dowunder? I hope you're enjoying your soon summer and me drools of the weather.

Absolutely perfect & great shots.

Cheers mate! TC & GB to you and your family.

Chubby Chieque said…
Hi T!

How's Dowunder? I hope you're enjoying your soon summer and me drools of the weather.

Absolutely perfect & great shots.

Cheers mate! TC & GB to you and your family.

Unknown said…
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy,I'm having a heck of a time trying to post a comment on Sam at matouenpeluche's blog. Am I alone on this??
Christine said…
I like your light-shadows on that wonderful old wall, but mostly I like the ghost story, which I hope you will expound on one day. I love ghosts!
And it seems that I missed linking here again. I see that I was in Mr. Linky last week but my post didn't show up and I was hoping it would this week so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can you help?
Victoria said…
These are both fabulous, Tracy! The first one looks so festive, and the 2nd one a bit ominous. (Makes me believe in that ghost!) Great shots! said…
Very pretty view! I hope the ghost appreciates it. : )
Lovely photos too Tracy, as always!
& the collages are amazing this week - all such beautiful shadows, very inspirational.
Thanks for hosting friend.
: )
So happy the shadows a little sunshine can make. With you and your special camera and viewpoint (seeming very aqueous lately) and trusty blog, actual art happens.

I have some reflection-shadows that almost seem like aliens landed:
Anonymous said…
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