Shadow Shot Sunday #132

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #132

Shiny pink polar bears and surfer clowns (and their shadows!) are currently on display at the Qld Art Gallery thanks to prolific local artist Scott Redford. I've had the pleasure of seeing many Scott Redford exhibitions over the years and I'm a huge fan of his work. This current exhibition continues until 13th March 2011

Happy Sunday!

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Polar bears pink and polar bears blue,
Polar bears here and there,
Polar bears everywhere,
Polar bears for me, luv, and for you!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Arija said…
Cute little polar bears and I really like the shadows of the clown.

Have a great Sunday!
MOO said…
I love exhibits like this. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!
Dina said…
Looks like a fun exhibition,shadows and all.
Anonymous said…
I always enjoy life-sized sculptures. The bears look really cool with the glossy finish.
robin. said…
am i the only one wondering if the clown is real...and if he is...he is gonna have such a cramp in his hip. great shots tracy. happy sss.
A Wild Thing said…
I'm with Robin, the surfer dude looks so the pink polars, I'm OK with that one...what a fun exhibition. You just find the coolest art work!
Have a wonderful week Tracy, I'm sure your spring is progressing beautifully...and I'm not even going to talk about mine...brrrr...!

Kitty said…
surfer clowns. i love that there is really no end to how to look new at all those old things under the sun. ox
Oh, I love those bears! I see you've been doing 'stealth' photography with your cell phone! Did you have to be sneaky or did you just 'go for it'?
Interesting surfer clown too...
B i r g i t t a said…
I like the cute little polar bears :) Unique in colours ;)
cracking up....our kids think they look like gummy bears... I think they'd get a big belly ache from those! Enjoy your weekend Tracy!
Karla & Karrie
Sylvia K said…
Love the colorful polar bears, they did remind me, too, of gummy bears! And the surfer clown is way cool!!! Hope your weekend is going well, Tracy! Enjoy! And thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Kay L. Davies said…
I like that - everyone thinking the polar bears look like gummy bears. I thought so, too. And I really did think the surfer clown was real. Duh.
Excellent artist who did these, and an excellent artist who photographed them, too, Tracy.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love that last shot!
Sarah said…
Love the polar bears but the surfer is a bit scary!
fredamans said…
I love the red polar bears!!!! Thank you for putting me in the showcase!
Lovely shadows everyone!
Anonymous said…
Love the polar bears - not so sure about the surfer!
Ralph said…
The winsome bruins look nice in red, not necessarily terrible in white. Perhaps a little friendlier in ruby, as they are looking for the patrons to pay more attention to them...Nice!
Diane AZ said…
What an interesting way to display shiny pink polar bears. The surfer clown looks quite realistic, nice shadows!
Generik said…
How does he keep the greasepaint on while he's hanging ten?
BLOGitse said…
Imagine - we have snow and 10 minus celsius and you have summer - it's so strange! :)
Great you're able to visit my blog again.
Have a good rest of the weekend!
Molly said…
I love the bright colours of the Polar Bears
Victoria said…
Wow! You seem to be continuely surrounded by the coolest, (and in this case most unique) sculptural work around! (That surfer clown looks like he's going jump right off of his platform and start performing!)

... I'm expecting some odd dreams tonight!
Hey Tracy girl !
That suffer dude had me almost thinking this was a live art piece !
Too funny .. but it is safe to say I just KNOW the polar bears are not real .. unless you have had a drink of what is called Newfoundland Screech or Moose Milk .. THEN you can't tell what you are really seeing! hehehe .. great shots girl !
Joy : )
All great photographic compositions of this artist's
Shirley said…
I have to agree, the polar bears are cute! I also like the last photo for its unique personality! Have a great day!
Anca Pandrea said…
Clowns are kind of scary for me, even as surfers :D, but the polar bears are so cute.
Gemma Wiseman said…
The colourful polar bears look as if they are life size and scattered round the walkways in the gallery! Amazing to be huge and cute! And the surfer guy looks quite high up! He looks as if he rests on a pyramidal sand dune!

Great photos!
Anonymous said…
Wow. Amazing shot's!
I'm back playing Shadow Shot on my new blog. :D
Unknown said…
love the polar bears. Charmaine
Ooooh loving the pink polar bears :) Might have to head into the city in the xmas holidays with my little Miss to check out the exhibition :)
Have a great Sunday!
Sam said…
How fab! I wish the director of our gallery was a bit more adventurous! I have heard it said he doesn't like modern art! Can you believe it?

Hope you are having a super Sunday - I love this time of year - everything is gearing up for Christmas and everyone's in party mode - it's fun! Sydney's pretty grey this weekend how 'bout up north?

millie said…
Hi everyone! This is my first Shadow Shot Sunday entry and I'm so excited. My sister, Alissa, introduced me to this group and ever since I've been a regular lurker. I think it's time I joined the fun. Thanks for letting me be a part of the group.
Eden said…
Beautiful exhibits.Love the polar bears.
Chubby Chieque said…
Luv the last shot of yours Tracy. It looks so real.

So much shadows everywhere but not much where I am §;-)

Guess, I move downunder...

Happy Sunday to you T...

Cassie said…
What a lovely, colorful exhibit. Your photos really bring it alive to the viewer. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!
Dimple said…
This is upbeat, whimsical art, I like it a lot! I also thought the surfer clown was real at first!

Thanks for posting my work in your gallery!
Patti said…
Cool art gallery. I would love to see an exhibition of his work.

I almost posted last week but was disappointed with myself that I didn't get to it. This is such a fun meme.

Hope you are having a good weekend, Tracy!
Unknown said…
Fantastic shots, I love them all. It looks to be a great exhibition.

And great shadows too.
Melissa B. said…
Oh, I love these! These are all quite Superior Snaps...
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Oh real fun shadow photos Tracy, i love them.
rebecca said…
thanks for hosting this chance to focus on shadows...
always alluring.
Square Peg Guy said…
It looks like the polar bears are standing in very shallow water! Amazing reflections there as well as shadows.

I've scheduled my picture to post soon. said…
You always have the most interesting photos Tracy! I too would love to see this exhibit & can see why you have been following this very creative artists career.
Great shots (as usual), nice to take time out of busy Chrsitmas preparations to appreicate what is around us - thanks for the reminder! Have a good week xx
Alexa said…
What a fun exhibit! And most of the surfers I knew back in the day were clowns too. :~}
Kelly said…
I LOVE those polar bears!! They're so sleek and shiny I wish I could touch one to see what they feel like.

Thanks for including my photo in your post this week! I'm honored.
Anonymous said…
I love the gallery shots.

Have a nice day, Boonie
Lighthousegal said…
Great shots. Mr. Redford's art is truly amazing. I love the surfer clown. He looks life like. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this meme that so many get so much joy from!!!
indicaspecies said…
Shiny pink polar bears. Yes, they are lovely shots.
I just put up my post of shadows on downtown Pittsburgh. Have a beautiful day.:)
kasia leach said…
luuuurve the polar bears.. how did you sneak such a cool photo.. i always get chased by security when i try and take pics at an exhibition..

great pics!!
Unknown said…
Hey Harriet,
We are pawticipating after a very long time and we really enjoyed catching up with all the lovely,lovely shots that have been submitted.
We love your red polar bears! And the new button too. we are going to use it.
Please do check out our entry.we are hoping u will like it.
wags, Ginger & Buddy
Kelli said…
those bears are so cool. Thanks for including my shot from last week.Hope you like this weeks entry too :)
johanna said…
sorry, my first link went to an older post, the second one is right...
FiveSibesMom said…
Happy Sunday! Very cool shadow shots! I've just added mine for the day too!
maryt/theteach said…
I love those little red bears, tracy! I can tell why you like the work of this artist! :)
Paz said…
I love the red bears AND the shadows. ;-)

Paz (loves the clown, too.)
Manya Keseloff said…
My first post today! Yay!
Catherine said…
more cool sculptures - love them - and thanks for putting in the link - much appreciated!! Greetings from Mexico
wanderlust said…
Wow, those reflections in the second photo, amazing! Hope you had a great weekend!
Unknown said…
Cool SSS, when I was there, I was very impressed with lots of artwork, loved them as we hardly have anything here. Am back..and we did drive at MEL..and you would've guessed, didnt got mowed down by any tram haha!! The trip was a blast! The kids loved the museums and aquariums..but we were so tired for the past few days. Everything did went as planned, except for a few times we sat the wrong trams and the gps took us in circles....other than that, everything was super cool and fab :))
toby said…
Those are totally cool statues (and shadows thereof). Thanks for sharing them with us :)
Christine said…
A very nice mix of sculpture and shadow, Tracy. I missed SSS again this week, drat! Next Sunday, then. Have a good week!
The little red polar bears are cute. I like all their shiny, shadowy, reflectiveness. Surf clown dude is a little odd looking to me for some reason.

I love your birds on a wire in the WW post above too!
Unknown said…
Me - likey - your whole new sets, fav, are LOVE and of course, that Kookaburra :)
ukrainian girls said…
Very original. I like.