Shadow Shot Sunday #133

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #133

Earlier in the week I took a bunch of shadows on the sand shots and couldn't decide which I liked best. So I've posted four of my faves. Summer commenced here mid-week and it's been a dreary wet miserable season so far! Hooray for the last days of spring being sunny so I could catch some shadows for this week!

Ok, sorry to my friends overseas for complaining about a little bit of rain when many of you have snow to contend with right now! Ugh! Keep warm my friends!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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robin. said…
the lines of the trees are absolutely lovely...i can see why you had a hard time deciding on which to use. and yes...i would trade you your rain for this snow.
Dina said…
Beautiful wild shapes on the sand.

Send up some of your rain. Israel has had none for 8 months and right now we are battling a giant forest fire in the hot dry winds.
Arija said…
Great colour treatment that really accentuates your shadows.

Our summer started with 30mm rain but I'm not complaining as I got out of watering the garden.
Those are all really cool shots Tracy! The patterns on the sand are a neat aspect of the shots too.
I really like all your shots in the post below too!

Happy weekend :)
Anonymous said…
Tree shadows on sand are very unusual, I've seen very few. These are beautiful!
BLOGitse said…
Your shadow shots are cool!
Greetings from almost Lapland :) with snow...
I have terrible flu, mainly staying in bed, I want this to be over asap. atchii!
Have a great Sunday!
Victoria said…
Very cool..Super gorgeous! Love visiting here for all this shadow magic!!
Happy SSS!
Anca Pandrea said…
Thanks so much for including my shadow shot! Great collages and great shot for the day!
Sylvia K said…
Love the tree shadows on the sand! Different and so beautiful and, of course, I love your collage! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Tracy! Enjoy!

B i r g i t t a said…
Spooky shadows :)
Happy SSS!
Maude Lynn said…
Gorgeous shots!
Tom Hilton said…
They're all great--I'd be hard pressed to decide myself.
Anonymous said…
Super shadow shots - although I had to look twice, as at first I thought they were blood vessels. The last time I measured the snow in the garden we had 18 inches! It is thawing a little today, but as freezing temperatures are forecast, that just brings more problems with ice!!
fredamans said…
Love your branch shadows!
I love the arrangement of your favs! The others border on a very surreal feeling and are very pleasing for their
Patti said…
Beautiful tree branch shadows, Tracy! It's so artistic the way you grouped them.

No snow here in Connecticut..actually it's a sunny Saturday. But rather cold!

Thanks for using 'my' photo in your collage. Ralph never misses a week of posting a shadow. He is loyal. I was disorganized again and didn't play..I keep trying.

Glad to be back.

Ms. Becky said…
I love your shadow shots. they are so dreamy. I haven't participated in Shadow Shot Sunday for a couple of years so I'm dipping my toes in the water again. There is a whole lot of loveliness here.
Ralph said…
These vines seem prolific, and have an artistic shadow about them. It is almost as if the sidewalk is sprouting cracks in the concrete. Shadows can be imaginative!
Chubby Chieque said…
G´day Mate!
How's everything dowununder? SUnny, hot summer day? Now, don't tell me your complaining, it's hot, eh?

The collage you have is great. Looks like a wallpaper I saw in one of the store here in Stockholm.

Great players too. Hope you had a nice Saturday and Sunday (today) your time.

Cyah, Tracy & TC always,
Dianne said…
I love bare tree limbs and to see them captured so beautifully is wonderful!!
Generik said…
Really like this week's set. Looks like a map of the central nervous system!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Fantastic shots Tracy! Have a nice weekend.
Tracy girl .. I can understand your disappointment with the weather since you have been waiting so long for a decent summer .. so get it off your chest girl ! We are used to being walloped by snow so it isn't anything to be annoyed?with? LOL
I love tree shadows .. and these are beautiful : ) I wouldn't be able to choose either so you did the right thing and joined them : )
THis is so pretty - loved the four of them together! The "waves" in the sand almost looks like writing. Love it!! Happy Weekend :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Great twisty shadow patterns! They look like a puzzle!

I too have wondered where is warm weather, but the last two days definitely spell summer! It's been brilliant to feel sun for more thasn 15 minutes!
admin said…
Love these!!! perfect set :)
Molly said…
Will swap your sand for our snow :0)
Love the shadows of the branches and the beautiful colours!
Laura said…
I love the way you've collaged your shadow photos together! Such interesting lines, awesome!
A Wild Thing said…
Ahhhh, summer, I think I can recall...the shadows look like electrical charges from some sci-fi Frankenstein movie...very cool!

So glad your summer is starting off good, as is my winter, I pray for snowfalls like this one every day...NO SNOW!!!

Hope you had a sunny Sunday girl!!!
NatureFootstep said…
your shadows looks liek a piece of art. :)
Marilyn & Jeff said…
I love your sand shadow photos. My shadow photos this week are down on the beach too.
Cassie said…
Oh sure, rub it in that you have a little rain! Sheesh!! Nice ShadowShots Tracy. AND, thank you for hosting this meme. I sure do enjoy it. Just wish I could visit a few more folks to see all the posts for SSS.
Coming to you from Snowy,cold,Idaho
Sandrine said…
I joined in today with some rain drops shadows :)I like those tree silhouettes, I could not have been able to pic one too :)
Hope the rain goes now!
Hooked on Memes said…
It looks like batik! Beautiful colours and lines.
Emma said…
Love your shadow shots, very eerie. Hope the rain clears soon :)
MOO said…
Really awesome...and artistic, too!

Power in the Shadows
EG CameraGirl said…
Your shadows make a fantastic mosaic!
Paz said…
I like all four photos. Happy Summer! Happy Shadow Shot Sunday!
Unknown said…
Love these shots, and your choice of colour is just great.
Unknown said…
I love your shadow shots. They seem quite eerie, all four a great.
Square Peg Guy said…
The snow hasn't made it to our area yet! Don't worry -- you'll have sunny weather soon.

I like your tree shadows! Thanks for featuring my SS from last week!
Halie said…
Lovely shadows on the sand! It's so interesting.
Serendipity said…
Those are beautiful shadows!
Kelli said…
these are great shots, i love them all
Anonymous said…
Snow? What does that look like?
Particularly enjoyed your shadow shots today.

All the best, Boonie
Unknown said…
I can't decide which shadow shot is the best either. I would have to post all four.
indicaspecies said…
Until I read they are shadows on the sand, I couldn't figure out what it was. It's lovely. Thanks for this wonderful meme, and I am pleased to have just put up my post.

Shadow tree, O shadow tree,
Will you come and dance with me?

Will you sing a song or two
When I’m down and feeling blue?

Will you take me by the hand,
Take me to some magic land?

Will you croon a lullaby
As I toss and turn and sigh?

Will you help me count some sheep
When I lay me down to sleep?

Shadow Tree, O Shadow Tree,
Will you be a friend to me?

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadowy Maw
Alexa said…
Glad you couldn't decide—your beautiful shadows make a great mosaic. (Thanks for including me in this week's excellent array!)
Kelly said…
Your sand shots almost look like marble! Beautiful!!
I couldn't believe these are shadows in the sand - it does indeed look like marble.

My photo is shadows in the snow.
SeaThreePeeO said…
Such beautiful shadow shots. I only hope mine can compare
Sarah said…
I like these tree shadows-they look good as a four! Hope your summer brightens up soon! The snow has left for now.
toby said…
those are really gorgeous - I love the contrasting textures!
Here in Israel, we're desperate for a drip or two of rain... :(
picciolo said…
All four together look great, I love the shapes and tones
: )
Anonymous said…
Pretty! We have had lots of rain here too. Love the sunny days. :)
Sara Chapman said…
For a minute I thought they were shots of a map. What are the shadows on, I wonder? Would look lovely framed, just as is.
Beverley Baird said…
The trees make such wonderful shadows! Glad the weather is finally cooperating! We may have snow tonight!
Take care.
Buy Design said…
They look fabulous. I had to look twice to see that they were actually tree shadows.
Nothing like having a wee moan about the weather. Snowy shadows from me this time.
E Makes Art said…
wow! Gorgeous photos! No wonder you couldn't choose! But they look wonderful all together like makes a gorgeous piece of art!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Unknown said…
Hello T, these sets of SSS from the players are amazing, so is yours...looked a bit scary though but still amazing :) It's the monsoon season here but still hot as usual if its not raining. it does make my garden blooming well but also the looking like a mini pond at times. I am glad we escaped summer there...I'd like it in spring, just nice..not liking the cold in the mountains, but spring is fine :) Happy week ahead. hugs...M
wanderlust said…
I love these! They make me think of Halloween, which is my number one favorite holiday of all, hands down. Great shots! Hope you had a great weekend!
Catherine said…
I love your shadow shots this week - like beautiful traceries of ancient maplines - gorgeous!!
Unknown said…
Wonderful shadow shots Tracey, I love them all too!
Sorry I didn't get around to joining in on sunday. I was holding my first market stall with my photos. Will be back next week. Jo
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