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Heres' my Shadow Shot Sunday #138

Again, not many shadows were out and about this week. So here are some reflections. Not quite shadows but the best I could do. This is how my deck has looked for the majority of the week. I seriously need a roof on my deck. A great big deck umbrella is usually there but I've had to pack it away due to the storms and strong winds of late. I didn't want my lovely big umbrella blowing away...

Happy Sunday!

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Dina said…
When winter comes we realize how much we need the sun for our shadows. Even dry Israel is getting a little rain now.
Nice you used reflections instead.
Arija said…
They may be more reflections than actual shadows but they produce the same effect. I particularly admire the watery quality of the last one.

I do hope your feet are still dry, at least indoors.

Hugs and blessings . . . Arija
robin. said…
our sun is peeking out a bit more...but then it's back to snow flurries. i captured some sun about the house this week. too cold to venture out this morning...i'm afraid my camera would freeze.

sending you sunny thoughts for the coming week tracy.
Gemma Wiseman said…
This looks so much like reflections on my verandah on many wet days! At last we have had some summer sun over the last few days, but right now we are back to cool winds, rain and storm!

Enjoy your weekend! And you are on holidays still?
Soggy, soggy, soggy! I imagine that is how you and everyone else there feels. Just think how pretty and green it will make everything, though. And, less chance of fires!
I love those wet deck shadows. I can feel the sogginess of it all!
Anonymous said…
As a lover of reflection shots, of course I love these!! We've been horrified by the floods in Rockhampton, but the locals that we saw being interviewed were amazingly laid back about it!!
Serendipity said…
I can't believe all the rain - at the moment if seems to be raining all over the globe! (I love reflections though!)
BLOGitse said…
Oh boy you get rain...
As Paula says, less chance of fires.
Have a relaxing weekend inside!
By the way, I like your wooden blocks with pictures, great gift idea!
Anonymous said…
Lovely shadows. I think at this point, I think you are probably wishing for some sharp, crisp shadows from direct sunlight!
Tom Hilton said…
Nice! Kind of impressionistic.
Catherine said…
oh but they are lovely images especially the first -we won't get rain until May - Greetings from Mexico........
Love your last one Tracy! We are giggling imagining you holding onto your umbrella as the wind wisks you away....
There could be a kids book about this you know...maybe we've got something :)
Happy New Year to you...enjoy your week ahead!
Karla & Karrie
Victoria said…
Love that 2nd photo... the pop of bright green against the gray. Really pretty!

Hope the sun comes out soon and you can enjoy your deck, (ours is covered in snow at the moment)!
Ms. Becky said…
these are lovely images Tracy. They set a beautiful mood. I love the splash of green in the second. Happy SSS! And thanks so much for hosting.
Ralph said…
These are lovely reflections, even if the gray surface seems to reflect the gray sky. Hopefully, your usual dry summer will reappear soon!
Anca Pandrea said…
Your wet shadowy reflections are lovely. They look very peaceful.
lovely collage and I really like your shadowly reflections / reflective shadows,
DawnTreader said…
I hope you have not got flooded...? Up here in the northern hemisphere, it has been coming down in the form of snow instead!
Kay L. Davies said…
If there weren't water to reflect in, these would have been lovely shadows, Tracy. Extra points for ingenuity in the rain.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Chubskulit Rose said…
I love your last shadow shot!
Martha Z said…
I sometimes think that reflections are more detailed shadows.
I hope you see the sun again soon.
Sylvia K said…
Wet or dry, your shadow shots are always terrific!! I do hope you get some sun soon! Holding good thoughts!

Sam said…
We have rain here today too. I hear that Queensland has more rain. Poor things up there in the floods. I read that one man said that a lot of people were having trouble with snakes going into the house via the front steps to escape the floods. Apparently, they have had to ship in a lot of anti-venom just in case. These are brown snakes too. AS if the floods weren't enough these poor people have to cope with that aswell.

Hope you are still OK there in Brisbane...

Lovely collages this week by the way too - the too cats are the stars of course! :0)

Have a super week sweetie - stay dry! XOXO's
Sam said…
P.S. Love your woods blocks for photos in your previous post! Great idea!
EG CameraGirl said…
The reflections/shadows are quite nice...but I think a roof would nake it possible for you to sit outside in rainy weather. :)
Tracy girl you sound a bit down with all that wet stormy weather .. i hope it doesn't stay like that .. you need sunshine therapy and a real summer to enjoy before it packs up !
Speaking of flying umbrellas ... a few years ago that is exactly what happened to us .. it went straight up out of it's stand and flew down a few houses where we could capture it .. it was pretty funny watching the whole umbrella drama unfold .. you are wise to lock yours up girl!
Fingers crossed for better weather!
Joy : )
Legacy of Love said…
Lots of that weathery stuff foe=r everyone lately and I have heard in your part of the world that weathery stuff is real wet. Will pray for the sun to show it's face to you soon.

Your shots are really interesting, love the last one.

God Bless
Photography said…
We could do with some rain here. Nice shots I like them a lot. Stop by if you can I think you will like my one this week
DougVernX said…
Reflections in a rainy surface make for a great shadow shot. I have a few of those too. I'll have to dig them out. Nice shots Harriet. We are still in a snow mode here as you can see by my shot.
fredamans said…
Thank you for adding Ewok to the showcase! She is fast becoming a star! Congrats to the other showcase shots.
I love your rainy porch shots! Very creative!
Rinkly Rimes said…

No Mr Linky at the moment so I leave my URL
Sue said…
You guys are really having a rough time.

Your deck with dramatic reflections looks dangerously slippery to my skid prone self. Keep safe, keep dry!
Molly said…
Reflections or shadows - they're still lovely!
Hi Trace, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family - you guys have really been copping the yucky weather up there haven't you! Lets hope now that the dams are overflowing that the rain can stop and those poor people in flood affected areas can begin the mop up - bring on some sun and more shadows I say!!
toby said…
Your photos are making me dizzy :) Very cool, though!
Not much sun here for shadows lately.Nice job on yours though. I love the reflections too.
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy, I don't blame you for putting your umbrella away! Those things are $$$!! Isn't it supposed to be summer in Australia now? I hope you're not in one of the areas getting flooded. The news footage makes it look just aweful. Stay safe.
Unknown said…
Lovely reflections and shadows, sorry to see that the weather your way has been so bad.
Patti said…
I do hope you see some sunshine soon!

The reflections are pretty ~ quite artsy ;-)

Have a great week and I hope your shadow search is a success.
Christine said…
I've been hearing about all the rain and flooding down under and hope that you are safe and dry. Am finally getting back to blogging. Shadow shot coming up!
Enjoy your sunday, Tracy!
annalyn said…
I saw a news about the flood in Australia, I hope you are all safe and live far from that place.

I love that reflection at your deck, nevertheless, I thought the reflection was a painting at first.
Wonderful photos and your shadow is just marvelous!
Anonymous said…
Lovely reflections and everything looks shiny-watching your weather on the news and hope you get a break and some sunshine soon.

Angie said…
Love that last shot! Can't believe the weather you are having (my son lives at Palmwoods). Keep safe.
Beverley Baird said…
What lovely shadow/reflections! You have rain - we have snow!
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!
I love the simple compositions here! The rain enhances the shadows and it was worth the effort! said…
Very nice shadows Tracy! I love the reflections idea.
& I love your wood block photos too, another fabulous idea!
Have a great week Tracy & thank you for hosting this too.
: )
Unknown said…
Love your shadows. We do have fewer now than in the summer, so we tend to appreciate them more.
Alexa said…
Thanks for featuring my shadows 2 weeks in a row, Tracy. :~} I love your reflections, but am thinking strong thoughts about sunshine in Queensland!
Kelly said…
How nice to see Suzy smack dab in the middle of your collage!! Thanks!

I like your reflections. If you'll remember from my SSS several weeks ago, I just think of a reflection as what happens to a shadow when it meets water.
: )
Annie Jeffries said…
When it rains, is it a shadow or a reflection? I like to think it is both.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Gorgeous photos but I am very sorry for all the bad weather you are having. I am saddened by the flooding in Queensland.
Sorry about the rain, but it did create a nice effect on those photos. I like the shadows!

Btw, it's raining here, too. Not too hard, though, and I think we need it.
Sarah said…
Snap! I have a reflection too as similar weather to you! Except you should have sunshine and loveliness I suppose whereas at least I expect it at this time of year! I have been watching the flooding in Queensland this week-it is so bad. I was impressed by one man they interviewed who said that it was just part of living in 'Rocky' and seemed most laid back about the whole thing! Hope the weather improves for you soon.
E Makes Art said…
Hi!! I missed you! Sorry I wasn't around the past 2 know how it goes around the holidays. I'm so glad to be back to SSS this week though. Sorry you're getting a lot of rain. We've been getting a lot too, here in a usually sunny So. California. Finally got a bit of sun this week though! Hope it clears up for you soon.

Anonymous said…
Love your shots - my favorite is the third one, because in addition to your cool shadoflections, you can see tiny ripples caused by the raindrops :)
Anonymous said…
It looks wringing wet at your place. Here on Lolland it's quite grey, so I found an older photo from a day where I had fun with peanuts, thumbtacks, papers and light :)
MonikaRose said…
G'day, great raining shadows, I like them, cool. Enjoy ur week :) No more sheepee photos for now, but soon more aerial shots, I just cannot get enough. Hope to go gliding soon...cya
Hootin Anni said…
I love these photos...the rains [or is it sprinkler system?] making the shadows reflect in a neat way, makes for great pictures.

Mine this week is a heron casting its shadow near the marina.

Here's the direct link

Have a great Sunday.
Eden said…
These are beautiful and my favourite is the last one. I hope you get sunshine again soon.

Have a great week!
Laura said…
wonderful shadows Tracy...I especially love the last photo, lots of mystery in that one.
A Wild Thing said…
Oh Tracy, what crazy weather patterns we've all far ours has been true to the Farmers' Almanac, extreme cold and very little snow...fine by me, nothing worse for a small biz than snow, fortunately I don't work on Sundays, but I do work related stuff, like shop for antiques or paint and repair and strategize it all, but that's the fun part!!!

Hopefully your summer will reappear soon...though our winter marches ever so nearer to spring and unfortunately your winter, but what a beautiful study in gray, your shadow shot!

Have a wonderful week in your new home near the sea...lucky duck!!!
on the deck
puddles of smudged light
after rain
In the first couple it's not obvious to me that it is a deck. It looks more like a wall with worn or scraped paint. Neat shots.

I really hope all that rain is just about done. You all have suffered through enough of it already!

Thank you for allowing me to participate in Shadow Sunday. I actually linked to a whole long post of photos that I put on my blog yesterday ... there are shadows involved in many of them, but I wanted to see what you other photographers think. They were taken in a put-together-ghost town, if I can sum it up that way. I hope that is okay that I didn't just choose one photo.

Your reflection photos are great, and I love your photo blocks. Wonderful idea!

Maude Lynn said…
Nice shots!
Kathe W. said…
I had to go back into time to find a shadow shot as today is quite overcast and grey...hopefully there will be more light next Sunday! Great photos everyone-very fun!
Carin said…
Very wet shadow reflections indeed! Have a nice week!
Heather said…
I hope the storms and rain end soon for you! It gets so depressing to see that constantly! =(
Maybe reflections pics need a whole new day to themselves. I love it!! lol
Have a great week Tracy! Hang in there!!
TMTW said…
These are all so beautiful!
Unknown said…
ah, those look like they could be right outside of my back door, for the months of november through march! they're still great shots, and i love how the first and third are mostly monochrome.
Hi I'm a new follower! I love the shadows. I am looking at the sun that just popped out of the fog! It is glorious! It's not always sunny in California that is for sure!
Hooked on Memes said…
Your third picture has a beautiful graphic quality.
Anonymous said…
Not many shadows were out? We have the opposite problem - no escape from the scorching sun.
Enjoyed your post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie
Maria Berg said…
It is a wounderful idea with the wooden blocks and photos. MB
picciolo said…
It certainly looks wet where you are - I hope the storms aren't too bad
: )
Sam said…
Just heard Brisbane river has burst it's banks and are hoping you are OK and all your loved ones are OK too...XOXO's
whizkid said…
Hey Tracy,

Hope you are doing fine..been hearing the news about the flood in Brishbane.

Take care,
Arija said…
Tracy the news I have been watching from Q'lnd are devastating with inland tsunamis ripping down creeks that look like Niagara falls and carrying all in their path, cars large boats, container and houses as though they were match sticks. It brings it home the more since I know most of the places and have enjoyed the hospitality they offered. This flood is a national disaster on many levels and my heart goes out to all the people affected and still the rain continues . . .

My prayers are with you all. May God at least keep the people safe, property can be re-acumulated, life cannot be restored.

Please stay safe and as dry as possible, we none of us know how far the waters may rise so please go to higher ground if there is any threat at all.

Hugs and Blessings . . . Arija
Sarah said…
My thoughts are with you all and I am glad you and your family are ok. Take care. x
Melissa B. said…
Love these! Vis-a-vis the floods, sending positive vibes your way. Try to stay dry!
Unknown said…
Take care T. I hope the flood subside soon and everything is back to normal. Love/M
Sam said…
Sending prayers and thoughts your way sweetie. Just stay safe, you and your loved ones, and remember that we are all of us thinking of you up there. Our sister school has been totally flooded over as it's a street from the river. Fingers crossed it subsides - please let it do so. Lots of love and kisses, Sam. XOXOX's