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Cindy said…
I am so sorry to hear about the flooding. I pray for alll of you!
robin. said…
how can we not love that you share from your heart what you are feeling. use all the words you need tracy. tragedy is happening all over the world but that doesn't make your corner any less important than the others. prayers go up and out for the queensland people.

love and hugs.
Arija said…
Tracy I have been so worried that you too had sodden carpets and very wet feet. Full marks for your lady Premier who obviously cares for her fellows and also Julia for pledging the troops. In times of trouble, everyone needs to pitch in.

Do you have any links to spinners and weavers? I would happily donate my loom and spinning wheel to anyone who had lost theirs. I remember well what a safety-blanket they were to me after the fire.

I love your feather shot. Any idea who the primary owner was?

Higs and Blessings and thumbs up for Q'lnd!
Tom Hilton said…
So sorry about the flooding. My area is no stranger to disasters of various kinds, and I know from the experience that you're absolutely right.

Beautiful shot, by the way.
Ralph said…
The pictures are grim, the once-in-a lifetime floods for many look grim. Yet despite the terrible floods, you showcase the resilience to get through this - and thrive. Your post is not too wordy, in fact, the determination of your feelings mean you will get through this.

The sooner the better! Take care, Tracy!
Zyzzyz said…
Glad to know you are safe and thanks for the resilient message
fredamans said…
Awesome showcase shots!
Sylvia K said…
My dearest Tracy, I am glad to know that you are safe and thank you for sharing your feelings with us. You can never use too many words in sharing your feelings, fears, hopes and courage with us. Please know that I send much love and good thoughts! I do so admire your courage and determination! Thank you!

It is the vastness of the area affected that seems to overwhelm some us watching from afar. Your resilience is heart-warming.
For me, it is good to hear more details first hand about the events in Qld. As human beings living in such a techno/industrial world, the 'disconnect' can be all too easy. The way in which we really can connect has human beings globally is one of the most powerful things about cyberspace as far as I'm concerned.
So, bring on the words, I say! It helps us to connect...
Oh-(here I go being 'wordy')...I forgot to say how fabulous your feather image is!!!!! Wow!
We've been thinking of you as images come in the papers and on the tv....know that we are keeping you and your country in our prayers Tracy!
Love your feather's quite lovely. We also love all of your pictures on etsy lately...we just need more wall space :) hee hee hee!!
Beverley Baird said…
It has made all the news coverage that much more heartbreaking when you know people whose lives have been touched by this tragedy. My prayers have been with you and your country!
Your writing was very eloquent - thanks for sharing it!
Hi Tracy,

I am so glad that you are okay. Thank you so much for sharing this with us; I loved your wordy post.

The flooding that your country and others are having is horrible. You did such a fine job of describing the spirit and the heart of your fellow citizens.

Take care and God bless,

Ms. Becky said…
It has been difficult to watch the footage coming from Queensland. But your are so right - mother nature may be in control of the weather, but only we are in control of our spirit. Your post has been most uplifting, and I do keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, sending positive healing energy your way. I hope the sun continues to shine for many days to come. Let the renewal begin. Take care Tracy.
How beautifully've brought a tear to my eye. Your post is truly like the sunshine after the rain :) We do pick up the pieces and go on don't we.

Love the photo!
Serendipity said…
First off, I really like the feather - very pretty. Secondly, the words are welcome, it's good to hear how you are doing. I've been watching the tv footage of Queensland, and whilst it looks devastating on screen, hearing how you are coping makes it much more personal. Sending loads of positive (and warm, dry!) vibes in your direction xxx
☺lani☺ said…
The best I can offer is prayer, I'll conclude you and those affected with the flood.
BLOGitse said…
Great words!
Beautiful picture!
I'm glad your days are brighter again.
Strength to you and all the people in Queensland.
We are one big family, peace!
Anca Pandrea said…
Love your black and white photo for the day, lovely shot!
Hope everything is ok, as ok as it can be, around there. Take care!
Ms. Becky said…
well isn't that just the raspberries. I neglected to say how much I like your shadow shot. the feather takes a stand and a bow. I'm clapping.
Kay L. Davies said…
I pray every day for the people of Queensland. It was such a beautiful place when I visited in 1982.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Dina said…
I love how you explain the Queensland spirit here. A feather in your cap.
Good on y'all.
EG CameraGirl said…
Glad to hear you are not beaten by the flooding. Your positive attitude will do a log way towards helping in the cleanup.
Legacy of Love said…
So touched by your post. Love the feather picture. I pray often for your country.

God Bless,

I have your Sunday Shadow button on my sidebar and have linked back here in my post.

Great blog party by the way
Jan Halvard said…
Nice to be able to participate at your blogmeme!

God bless you...

Jan Halvard

Welcome to visit: ¡Buenos dias Bolivia!
Gemma Wiseman said…
O what a wonderful post! The words that touched me most were: "We ache, you ache. You ache, we ache." Brilliant! The scenes on TV of people just stepping out and volunteering in droves...Incredible! And Twitter has been the most brilliant connection! Wow did Brisbane City Council put that to good use when they wanted things done...and still do! Now I'm raving! But it has been extraordinary! And a last word on Anna Bligh! What a premier! What a woman!

And thank you so much for including my photo in your lovely collages! It's good that you put my web buddy Sweet Repose and I side by side!

Have a great weekend!
abby jenkins said…
What an absolute tragedy, but as you say you can rebuild. Devastating events have a way of pulling people together, creating communities where there once were none. Making you appreciate the little things, putting emphasis on things you can't buy: family, love and good health.

I wish you and all your countrymen a swift and painless recovery.

Your feather photo is delightful, poisonous brown snake riddled sludge...YUCK!

Cassie said…
Thank you for the updates and good words. Have kept Australia in our prayers. The feather shot is very cool. Turkey?
MyMaracas said…
I am so sorry for the anguish and ruin the floods have caused. It's good to hear you staying positive and certain of a better tomorrow.

And the feather shot is gorgeous. Love the way it's separated.
Tracy girl it is so true that no matter how civilized and socialized we think we are , when something so profound and out of our control happens to bring us to our knees .. that connection to the rest of the world means everything !
I am so hoping the tide has turned literally and the better is being built up again .. the feather shadow is spot on .. so singularly delicate, but yet amazing when joined with others to put a bird in flight?!
Joy : )
Sarah said…
What a touching and heartfelt post Tracy-it was good to read. It has been a hard time for you all but I am sure you will recover admirably.
Kari Desi said…
I'm so glad you gave us all a bit of an update. What a beautiful post and attitude. I visited Brisbane in 1996 and it is beautiful. A good reminder you gave that it is the people that make a place so.
Victoria said…
Tracy, your words are beautiful and true... what an uplifting post.

It's amazing how light can shine through the smallest of cracks, in an otherwise dark place, and it's people like you that see it, seize it, and share it with the rest of us. Thank you for that.

So truly thankful to know that you are still safe, and still finding amazing beauty through your eyes and camera lens. xo
Unknown said…
Oh Tracey, beautifully written. Thinking of you all up there, be strong.
We live 15mins out of Brisbane, so were part of the very lucky ones to not be flooded. So glad to hear you are ok! It's been a crazy week for sure!!
Onto lighter topics....I LOVE your shadow shot this week...MAGIC!
Indounik said…
Great foto and beautiful words. The people of Brazil have suffered even greater tragedy in the terrible floods there. Here's a post I left on a lovely blog written by two Brazilian sisters who I've befriended through Twitter:

Australia and Brazil are united in grief at this time for all the lost souls, claimed by terrible floods in each of our countries.

The toll is so much higher in your country. The pain must be immense.

But out of these dark days there are rays of light - the bravery of the rescuers; the courage of the rescued. The hand reached out; the hand taken.

The high point of the human condition at the darkest hour. And out of that, there is always hope.

14 de janeiro de 2011 12:42
Emma said…
Gorgeous photo Tracy, and beautiful words. Glad to hear that you are ok up there.
Rinkly Rimes said…
You put it all so well! I have tried to show my perpective on my blog too. The immensity of Australia has boggled my mind during this crisis! While an area the size of Germany and France combined has been flooded (and an even greater area now Victoria and Tasmanania and part of my own state of NSW have been included) it's still possible for me to sit in Newcastle and not be touched! By the way, do you remember drought????
DougVernX said…
Try to stay dry! Thanks for the feature!
Shirley said…
Very well written! Your outlook is sensational and contagious!

May your state have the continued support required to rebuild and may all feel of the worldly love and concern. We're right there with you in our thoughts and prayers. All the best, my dear.
Unknown said…
I love your shadow shot, the feather is so clear, and soft looking.

You are right, you will all rebuild everything and your beautiful city will be beautiful again.

My sister is still unable to get back to her home, but her shop is safe and sound, the main thing is that they are all ok.
Patti said…
I agree with the others, Tracy. You can use as many words as you need to express your feelings about the devastation.
You wrote about your feelings so beautifully.

I'm so glad you're fine. The photos I've seen of the flooding are just horrifiying.

I like your soft feather shadow shot. Lovely.

Take care,

Angie said…
Thinking of you all.Take care.Wish I could do more.
Sue said…
Well said! Never too long at a time like this. It's lovely to hear your update.

I wept when my uni student daughter explained how it's been for her. She's technically unaffected, but has been cleaning sludge and washing away gunge for others, then made a bed on the sofa in her small unit for a couple whose own flat is sodden. Hearing first hand about the volunteers cooking and 'force feeding' other volunteers, the Northern Territory SES appearing out of nowhere to rip up foul carpet and all the million and one things that need to be done, and that are being done so selflessly brings a massive lump to my throat.

I had one photo chosen for today, but it seemed too frivolous at a time like we're experiencing, so chose another.

Love your feather, and thankyou so much for including my shot from last week. (Now to find those tissues again)
Halie said…
Yes, it is not what is and was built that makes the people. It's the people's heart that makes the city.
annalyn said…
You and your family are in my prayer and of course the rest of the queensland community.

I have yet to ask my sister, I am not sure if she stays in Queensland but I am sure that she and her family lived at Brisbane for a while with some friends.

This is so sad.
Eden said…
Glad to know you are Ok, Tracy.
Our thoughts and prayers to all the people in Queensland, Victoria, NSW and Brazil affected by the floods. Great post and very touching.
What a fantastic shadow shot! Love it.

A Wild Thing said…
Again my heart goes out to your homeland, nothing more devastating than flooding, so unpredictable, it seems like the rains are relentless. We survived the devastating flood in the heartland in 1993, had two feet of water in my yard all summer and constantly feared the levy breaking, but we survived, though heavy down pours still freak me out!

My thoughts are with you and all affected by this tragedy...and BTW, your feather is wonderful!!!

Made By Gen said…
They all look pretty shots in here. My first entry for this meme. You can visit mine too. Thanks.
Hi Tracy,

I was travelling last week and not near my computer but you can be sure I was thinking of you and your poor Queensland. What a lovely post you have written! Please add my thoughts, prayers and good energies to the rebuilding and healing so many must go through.
Kelly said…
The people of Queensland have been in the thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks. I'll continue to pray for recovery!
DawnTreader said…
A very moving post and yet encouraging.
A striking feather shot! The flooding is a terrible event to be hold - my thoughts are with you all.
Paz said…
yes, i love that feather shot! i'm keeping you and everyone affected by the flood in my thoughts and prayers.

paz xox
Alexa said…
Your shot is beautiful—and your words as well. Every Queenslander I know is a blog pal, and you're all in my thoughts and prayers. So glad to hear that the sun is shining there right now (and creating lots of lovely shadows, I hope)!
toby said…
I couldn't find a shadow this week, but I wanted to come by and say hi anyway. Your photo is spectacular! I'm so so sorry to hear about all the damage and destruction - but I'm sure that as you say, you'll bounce back, stronger than ever! Community is the most important thing!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Back again! I was wondering why so many of my usual vistors had not been around to my blog! Checked here and could not find my Mr Linky connection! So I have put it in again!

Sorry if there ends up being a double-up!
Anonymous said…
You did not write one word to much - great post!
In Denmark we followed your situations close on TV and Radio, and are ready to help the best we can!!
Hootin' Anni said…
Yes, yes....I've watched and listened and seen all the news media in USA and cable networks show us of your country's flooding. It IS heartbreaking...but you Aussies, I think, have plenty of stamina and determination to get through this and conquer it all!!!

Bless you.

Excellent photo of the PHeather.
kasia leach said…
glad you are safe!
love the feather shot!!
sorry but i stuffed up my linky too.. i linked to last week instead of this week..
How kind of you to think of the postal workers! :-)

Wishing the Brisbane area drier weather SOON!
Laura said…
Sending prayers for strength and healing to you Tracy and all those who are suffering right now in the aftermath of the flooding. Your shadow image is beautiful...a feather seems so delicate in appearance but when part of a "coat" has the strength to lift great birds up into the sky...the same is true for people working together, you are right your people will rebuild and lift your community out of the muck the river left behind.
Hooked on Memes said…
Beautiful post written from the heart. Glad to hear you are safe, Tracy. Your positive attitude and strong spirit will get you and the people of Queensland through this hardship.
Anonymous said…
We are with you in spirit. Please do take care.

Best wishes, Boonie
urban muser said…
A lovely post. Glad to hear you are hanging in there. The footage on the news is incredible. You are all in my thoughts.
Molly said…
Tracy, your shadow shot feather pic is beautiful as are your words. And in some deep unexplainable way, they go so well together. Even though the news headlines have stopped showing us the devastation you are all going through, I can still see those awful pictures in my mind's eye. From all around the globe, our hearts, thoughts and prayers are all with you.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful words Tracy. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Heather said…
Your feather shot is beautiful. It makes my eyes so happy.
Queensland will be in my thoughts. Stay safe! <3
Jen said…
You are the only one I know in that neck of the wood, so when I heard about the flooding my thoughts went to you.
Prayers to you and all your neighbors in Queensland.
Unknown said…
<3 feathers, they make me jealous - i want to fly too. thank you for the update, and your strong words. queensland is in my thoughts.
Dimple said…
I have been watching the news and the satellite images, and thinking of all of you. It is so true that the people are what count, all else is secondary. I am glad your spirit is unbroken! said…
Such a beautiful inspiring post & so moving. & I am very happy to know a person who thinks like you do.
Well said Tracy, extremely well said.
: )
Martha Z said…
The resilience on you and you fellow Qlanders comes through here. My heart goes out to you for the difficult tasks that lie ahead.
L.J. Lowe said…
this is my first SSS :)

thanks for the inspiration :)
E Makes Art said…
This is such a beautiful and powerful post! I had no idea that it was so bad down there, but your words are so inspiring and true. I hope you can spread some of your light to those who need it around you. I will pray for you all.

Sandrine said…
Such a great truth filled post.
Relieved that you are also ok,I am entering the SSS with some delay today...Love the feather shot.
Have a great week x
FiveSibesMom said…
So sorry about the flooding. It is so heartbreaking. We are all in this together...our thoughts are with you and all the others who have been touched by it. We are glad you are OK!
Love your SSS pics! I enjoy viewing and participating in SSS!
Sam said…
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for an update! So, so glad to hear you are OK and your family is OK too. It really is apocalyptic - I've never seen anything quite like it. Thoughts and good wishes your way brave sweetie - XOXO's
You are a true "wordsmith" Trace, well said (and from your heart)...the devastations that you described has touched us all and although I live in Sydney (where we cannot begin to understand the devastation) please know we are thinking of you and our prayers and hugs are being sent your way...the donations just don't seem enought...know we are thinking of keep that spirit strong..go Queensland go!
Unknown said…
Hi T, such a touching post. It's very sad to see people lose their homes in a flash and often I see such misery on TV, I can only hope it does not happens to us personally. You are right, you guys will rise and do well, if not better. I am just glad the worst is over (hopefully...) and that you are unharmed. I do feel so sorry to seeing people losing their loved possessions and loved ones just like that and pray they will be strong always to rebuild everything. Love and hugs//M
Anonymous said…
Hello there,

Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?