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Heres' my Shadow Shot Sunday #140

While pottering around in my garden the other day I snapped this pic of my chillies. I like the shadows decorating the pot behind. That pot contains some thriving oregano. Both chillies and oregano made their way into a pasta dish I cooked last night. It was rather tasty! I love how the addition of a few fresh herbs can totally transform a simple meal into something much more special.

Another herb I love is Basil, but unfortunately so do grasshoppers. As I know many shadow shooters are skilled gardeners I was hoping for some advice because nothing I’ve tried so far has worked. So if anybody knows of any environmentally friendly ways of dealing with grasshoppers please feel free to share your tips. I’d certainly appreciate any advice any of you may have!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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☺lani☺ said…
Pretty nice! Happy Weekend!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Oh my, nothing can beat the fresh herb you add to your menu!
Anonymous said…
It's nice to see great summer colors from those of us in winter. I hope you're making out OK in the flooding.
Dina said…
Strong colors on those chillies of yours. Pretty!
Sorry, I have no experience with grasshoppers.
Tracy girl thank you for including my shot in your collages (I always wonder about that spelling?)haha
I love seeing your pepper shot .. I am so ready to garden it is going to drive me crazy for a while yet .. minus 27 for tomorrow and we do have a fair bit of snow as it is, so I think my garden babies are safe.
Grow your basil in pots and keep them up and away from those grasshoppers!
They are tenacious and a bio-friendly way of deterring them .. well I can't think of a way !
So until there is a product or method .. grow that wonderful basil (have you ever tried Magic Michael basil? the scent is AMAZING !!) in pots way up,and away from those nasty pests !
Joy : )
Catherine said…
I like the colours and textures in your pot shot and the collages are superb this week - used to have a herb garden in London but no advice about basil - I kept mine inside on the window sill in a pot as it was always eaten outside. Greetings from Mexico......
Ms. Becky said…
Tracy your shadow shot is so beautiful and festive. It's refreshing to see such color in the midst of my winter. happy SSS!
robin. said… the collage arrangements this week. your photo this week is delightfully colorful. color is prefered to my winter monochromatic scene...anyway enough whining.

have a great week ahead!!
The grasshoppers here come in late August, so by then we've had the basil growing great guns. I wish I did have a cool trick for grasshoppers (I don't use pesticides either). Oh, wait! Try diatenaceous earth-a fine white powder used for swimming pool filtration systems. It is from the earth, and not toxic. It does kill the insects that chomp on plants that have it because it clogs up their digestive system. It doesn't bother us since it is too fine a particle. You just dust it on your plants. I used to use that all the time when I lived in San Diego.
Victoria said…
Beautiful shadow shot, Tracy! Such vibrant colors. (With winter in full bloom here, I almost had forgotten the beauty of color that awaits me in a few months).

Not sure what to do about the grasshoppers... they seem to leave my basil alone. (But those damn stink bugs ate most of my scarlet runner beans last summer.)

Hope things are bit by bit getting better over there for everyone. xo
Ralph said…
We don't have grasshoppers in our neighborhood, so our summer potted basil is safe. That chili is gorgeous! I only wish it were warm up here now, not stupidly cold and snowy. By May, though, the pots will be full of seedlings and herbs! Beautiful garden!
A Wild Thing said…
CHICKENS...they're the only thing I've found so far that will safely get rid of them...I know, I know, we all can't have chickens. I have very sandy prairie soil, so grasshoppers thrive for me too, but this summer I buy chickens...I'll show the pesky critters!!!

Have a great Sunday Tracy!!!

Sylvia K said…
Such beautiful colors! Love the peppers! And what delightful shadows they make on the pot! Terrific as always, Tracy! Thanks as always for the weekly fun! Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

Dianne said…
chilies and oregano
both delicious and pretty
Anonymous said…
Your photo makes me long for summer! I don't know anything about grasshoppers ..... I grow my basil on the kitchen windowsill, so that I can have some all year round.
Generik said…
That chili pepper looks delicious! Wish I could give you some advice on your basil (one of my favorite herbs), but, living in a second floor apartment, I don't have a whole lot of gardening experience.

Good luck, though!
EG CameraGirl said…
AH, the chilis of summer!
Cassie said…
What a lovely red chili. Bet it made that pasta dish pop! The way the shadows play on the pot is quite nice.

I googled grasshoppers and looks like S. from Sweet Repose had the best suggestion: chickens! Sure found out a lot of interesting grasshopper facts that I never knew before.hehe. Happy SSS Tracy.
Beverley Baird said…
Wow, your chilies are sure growing! Here the snow is piling up! lol
Great shadows for the day!
Take care!
Love your chilies! Makes us long for summertime:( Especially with the very ch-ch-chilly day we are having in Ohio! We'll just keep this pic in front of us today and feel the heat radiate from it;)
Karla & Karrie
Rinkly Rimes said…
I haven't got a 'hot tooth' so I don't eat chilies, but they make a really attractive picture.
Cindy said…
Love the chilis! Sorry, I don't know what works fro grasshoppers. I like Sharon's idea, I really like chickens!
DawnTreader said…
Nice reminder of summer. I don't have a garden but have sometimes grown herbs on the balcony. No grasshopper problem here, so can't help you with that one... ;)

Tired of snow at the moment so used a picture from my archives this week.
Molly said…
I love the vibrant green and red. I have found that any surplus chillies freeze well just as they are. Just put them in a plastic bag and they should keep 12 months.
Alissa Nicolau said…
Hi Tracy,

Wish I had some gardening advice for you, but I don't. My mother is planning a trip to visit me this coming May so she can help me revamp my dead flower garden. I've greatly neglected it! I do love to eat yummy basil so I hope some wonderful advice is passed on to you!! Did you take that shot with the Hipstamatic app? It reminds me of the app, which I love! Have a great upcoming week!!!
jabblog said…
I love the contrast between the red and the green - very striking! I hope you find the solution to your grasshoppers.:-)
I hope also that things are returning to normal in Queensland, though I guess it will take a long while.
so beautiful colours... I like!
Hey, Tracy, how are you?

Your chili is gorgeous. Thank you so much for featuring me on your collage today. I hope that things are getting back to normal now.

Have a wonderful week,

Marvin said…
Great shot of your peppers. Love seeing summer colors when snow is what I see outside my window. All my peppers will be coming out of canning jars for a while yet.

We used to have a dog that prowled the garden eating as many grasshoppers as she could catch.
Kay L. Davies said…
I'm not one to give gardening tips, but have you considered growing your Basil indoors?
Just a thought.
Love the photos, beautiful red chilies.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
annalyn said…
It is one of my dreams, to plant my own herbs and spices to use in the kitchen, but I don't know if I can do that. I want to have my own kitchen first :)
GalleryJuana said…
Those are beautiful chilies. I'll have to try my hand at an herb garden this year.

Hints of spring coming have already started here and your photo reminds me of the delicious garden we'll be planting soon!

Enjoy your week and glad you've gotten a respite from the rains.
Karen said…
I love chilies, such vibrant colours! I'm not much of a gardener, but maybe put a net over the basil. My first SSS, a very interesting photo meme.
Christine said…
Seeing your great chile shot made me long for summer! Beautiful colors! I was going to tell you about diatomaceous earth but Paula Scott beat me to it. I used to sprinkle it on my green bean plants to keep the beetles from eating the leaves. It works really well. Get an agricultural grade in a large bag. It's cheap, environmentally safe, and will definitely deter those pesky grasshoppers. Have a great week, Tracy!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Beautiful vibrant red chilli colour you have there! And love the play of shadows!

As for your grasshopper problem, my Dad used to put herbs on a bench above ground level near the chicken coop. Our chickens had a large wire meshed yard area. He also had some herbs on the laundry window ledge because it faced east. (Our kitchen window faced south, so the sun was useless there!)

And I'm still having probs with the Linky! My link's not showing up! I'll keep trying! If more than one link finally shows, apologies in advance!
Christine said…
Gemma's right. Mr. Linky says that there are 51 links but only 27 of them are showing on the post.
fredamans said…
LOVE your peppers!!!
I see a couple of my friends made it in the showcase! Congrats everyone! Happy Shadow-shooting!
kasia leach said…
love chillies!
will ask the master gardener {hubby} but from memory.. if you soak some chilly seeds in boiling water for a while then put that water {when cold} in a spray bottle and spray the plants it repels almost everything..
good luck!!
Serendipity said…
Love the bright colours in that shot :-)
MyMaracas said…
How nice that you have fresh herbs and chilis. I look forward to that in the summer.

We have grass hoppers galore, but they didn't bother my basil. I had it in a pot on the deck. Hoppers are pretty big, so you might try potting up the plant and dropping a pretty antique birdcage over it?
muchlove said…
those chillies look great. My parents grow chillies in their garden and mum's always picking them for cooking.

happy weekend!
Dimple said…
I like the colors and shadows in this shot, and I like fresh herbs, but I have no experience with battling grasshoppers. Perhaps you can use them as fish bait...
admin said…
great chilli! sorry I have no gardening advice hope someone can help you! happy sunday to you XO
Sarah said…
Love the wrinkly chilli! I had never thought of grasshoppers as pests-in my garden sligs and snails are the main pests! I hope someone has some good advice for you! I don't think I have ever said before, but I do like your mosaics of shadow shots. Hope your weekend is going well!
Sarah said…
slugs-I don't know what sligs are!
Hi Trace, love the vibrant colour of the chilli plant, good luck with the basil, I have given up gorwing it even without the grasshoppers I don't seem to have any luck!. Have a happy week ahead!
Anonymous said…
Great colours in the middle of the winter(here in Sweden), it makes you happy! :)
Chubby Chieque said…
Hi dear T,
Sorry not to hear from me lately. So much things came across my way.

Anyhow, am back on track again and hope this will last.

I really missed SSS and all you guys who play with you.

Hope you're all OK after all the disaster Downunder. It was terribly sorry to hear but Mother Nature's wish.

God Bless & have a blessed Sunday.

/chie 4evah
Unknown said…
Home grown is the best! Just last night the salad I made was straight from the garden. It was delicious. I can't help you with grasshoppers, but if you have a earwig problem, dig a little hole and put a bowl of oil in the hole. Strain it every few days. Have a great week Tracey, oh and thank you for featuring my photo. Jo
Emma said…
Tracey I love your shadow shot this week. There's something mystical about it, the little girl in me thinks it would be a fun place for the fairies to play :)

Thank you so much for including my shot into the collages this week!

For the grasshoppers you could try a garlic and chilli spray. Chop up a handful of each. Put in a spray bottle and add hot water and leave it for a few hours. Once it's completely cooled, spray it on your plants. Though it might be best to check to see if the concoction causes any leaf burn to the basil first.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
That's one hot looking chili pepper! In case you have the inkling I recommend you do not stick it up your nose. I tried that once when I was a little girl and it seemed to burn for days.

Damn those grasshoppers...I would be sooo mad at them! I LOVE basil pesto!! I hope you find a solution that works for you (sorry I haven't a clue what to do).

Hope you've had a good weekend!
Unknown said…
The red chili really contrasts with the blues of the shadows!
Arlene said…
Am in am in!

Flooded hall.

Great weekend everyone!
Sally in WA said…
It made for a pretty picture!
DougVernX said…
Love that red in your shot this week Harriet. Nicely done.
BLOGitse said…
Hot, hot, hot!
It's 3:30 am in Casa - just came back from Helsinki! Again?! Yes!
We're going to move back to Finland at the end of March...........
Before early to tell :)
Have a great Sunday!
Sue said…
No help with grasshoppers, sorry, but I'm grateful for Jo's suggestion for earwigs. Lovely to see a strong vibrant picture after the devastation up there. Great collages.
Anonymous said…
I like you shadow shot this week. Chillies are hot, even when it’s chilly…. Am I right?

Moth balls crushed to a powder and then scattered sparingly on the earth seems to discourage most creatures – insects, rodents, and mammals (not so sure about reptiles) – and is effective for a long while, even after rainstorms, but not indefinitely of course. It’s the only thing that I’ve found that successfully discourages cats (if that’s what you want – we don't; we like ‘em cos rats and snakes don’t).
Hope the above is helpful.

All the best, Boonie
MonikaRose said…
Great shot this week, love the burst of color red, fantastic...enjoy your day/night :) cya
Healthy looking plants, great Fauve-like colours! Can you put a net tent over the basil, I wonder.
Gengen said…
I will like the hot looking chillies. Mine is up also.
Kelly said…
Your peppers are gorgeous! An exceptionally nice collection of shadows in your collage this week, too.
Legacy of Love said…
really nice shot.Great perspective, not to mention that hot little pepper!
Have a great Sunday,
Paz said…
It's really cool that you're growing chillies, oregano and basil(?) in your garden. Sorry, I have no idea what to do about the grasshoppers.
Anonymous said…
Snow in a couple of month and weeeks with frost has spoiled our chilies :(
Your photo brings warm just as chili does in food :-D

Have a great sunday
Rimkogeren & anjoe
Unknown said…
i used to curse a storm at grasshoppers, but it never did any good. such wretched little buggers, jumping and spitting on everything and eating all of our plants. bah! now i'm learning to deal with snails & slugs, and squirrels digging up my crocus bulbs. they didn't stand a chance this year (sigh)

beautiful shot, tracy - maybe a shot of the pasta next time, too?
Aussie Boy said…
Thank you for hosting.
X Angela
Eden said…
I like your chillies. I had one like that before in my garden but it died when we had a heavy frost last winter.
Great shadow shot.
Have a great week.
E Makes Art said…
Love those chillies! What a fun, colorful shot! Don't have any grasshopper advice...sorry. I don't blame them though, basil is yummy!

Oh, and I love your collages this week!

kasia leach said…
Had a quick chat to my hubby re the grasshoppers..
His suggestion is to build a little shelter with 20% shadecloth..
Hootin' Anni said…
This is so cool!!! But, I'm being honest here when I say I'm jealous...jealous because I'm sitting here in nearly freezing temps weather-wise and you're basking in warmth!

Great, colorful photo.
How wonderful to have fresh herbs to add to your cooking. I'm off to visit some Shadow Shot participants.
I'm too far north to grow basil outside, so it's a greenhouse plant and no grasshoppers in sight.
Spadoman said…
Sorry, no adviceonn the growing habits of basil. But your chiles look divine! I'll be headed to the chile growijng capital of the USA next week, (Warmer climate and all that). Can't wait to be dining on Southwestrn cuisine. They use a lot of chiles.
Beautiful red color. They look so tasty. Might they go good in a stir fry as well?
Good to be back doing SSS. I have missed posting for a few weeks. Love this meme.

Your photo makes me long for summer and gardening time again. Nice collage this week.
Laura said…
Love the brilliant red of the pepper...I hope you enjoyed your pasta...I agree, fresh herbs make all the difference!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Fresh food/herbs from the garden is the best!
Have a good week. :)
Kathe W. said…
aie chijuajua (spelling hahah)
great chili shot! and we had the most beautiful sunny day yesterday!
picciolo said…
we have a house overrun with chillis from the allotment, but it isn't warm enough here to have much success with basil, nothing to do with grasshoppers though! Hope you find some tips
: )
Hooked on Memes said…
Beautiful, dappled views. I don't have grasshoppers but don't have much luck with basil either. Oregano and thyme do very well without any help from me. Have a good week!
toby said…
Wow, that pepper looks delish! I'm also a huge basil fan, but my best luck with it has been at the grocery :(
Sorry I'm here so late - here's hoping late is still better than never! Have a great week!
Heather said…
Gah! I'm so jealous!!! You have cute little peppers AND you have fresh herbs growing. *sighs* I can never grow things. Seriously. Plants shriek in fear when I tend them. LOL
I LOVE basil too! I have a little dying pot of it inside my house. It would probably be better off with the grasshoppers! hehe
Happy Sunday!!
Hi Tracy, love your brilliantly colored photo. I bet it was tasty! As for grasshoppers, how about regularly feeding the birds in your yard to attract many of them, who then chomp on many, many insects? It does seem to help. Plus, they are so pretty, and sometimes even a photo subject!
Inger-M said…
Beautiful shadows, and so vibrant red chili!
FiveSibesMom said…
Great chillies shot! Makes me think of warmth (we are in a cold snap - negative zero for the third night in a row! Brrrr!) As usual, we love participating in your Shadow Shot Sunday and enjoy looking at everyone's great shots!
JunieRose2005 said…
cool shadows of a pretty pepper!!

If shadows could talk,
Just what would they say?
If you listen close,
You’ll hear them, you may.
Shadows do chatter
And gossip and talk
In the store windows,
Along the sidewalk,
Over the mountains,
On prairie and plain,
Begging for sunshine
And not days of rain;
Emboldened by light,
The stark shadows say:
“We’re out for a lark,
Please join us at play!”

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadow Sweeper
Sam said…
Gorgeous Tracy! So, so lovely that you have a garden and herbs that look so fit and healthy!! I'm having a small SSS beak as I appear to have run out of good shadowy shots! I also don't know too much about grasshopper's I'm afraid!

Hope you are well and braving the enormousness of what you guys are still doing/ surviving up there. XOXO's
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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Nature's Beauty said…
all are pretty images,,want to join soon!