Shadow Shot Sunday #141

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Heres' my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #141

These fishy specimens are on display at the Seaside Museum located on beautiful Bribie Island. A little bit creepy to me but some nice shadows were to be found.

My favourtie shadow from my visit to the museum was the one cast along the concrete just outside the entrance thanks to the clever and cool stencil sign.

I'll be away over the next couple of days with internet access limited only to my iphone, so unfortunatley I'll not be able to visit participants this week. So if anybody makes a boo boo when entering their link into Mr Linky, just enter another link with the words 'correct link' next to it because I wont be able to edit and fix any links this weekend. And if the Mr Linky site goes down (as has been happening a bit of late) leave your link in the comments section so others can find you. So I hope everyone has a super weekend and I'll see all next SSS!

Happy Sunday!

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Arija said…
Poor little sea creatures stuck in glass jars.
Small wonder they were mere shadows of themselves.

Wherever you are going, have a great time.
robin. said…
very interesting shadows this week tracy...the little sea horse jumped out at me.

have a great week or two of little internet access.
Cindy said…
I love the glass bottle shadows. Have a nice weekend!
Ebie said…
Me, too, I love the different shapes of the bottles!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Visiting a museum is always a delight! Have a great weekend Traci.
BLOGitse said…
Your turn to have internet problems - I had technical problem last weekend, couldn't even read my blogs.
We're watching Al Jazeera - revolution in Egypt, over 50.000 people in the heart of Cairo.
I don't understand why Mubarak is not listening, stand down!

Have a good week ahead!
Generik said…
She blinded me with science!

I'm a sucker for museums and science-related stuff. This isn't creepy, it's cool! Love it.
Beverley Baird said…
What a strange sight for a museum - does make great shadows though.
Have a wonderful week!
Anonymous said…
Weird and wonderful shadows! Thanks for including me in the collage!
Ms. Becky said…
oh this is just the sort of place I'd like to spend time. I love the vintage look of the specimen jars. great shadows Tracy! have a great week.
Karen said…
Oh, I was glad to read these are in a museum, I was thinking, strange thing for someone to collect ;)
They are interesting and there is some great play with light and shadows.
Alissa Nicolau said…
Tracy my dear, your shadow shots are lovely! I love the yellow shades and the chance at peeking into those old jars and the bizarre fishies they hold.

Congratulations on all the front page etsy love you've been receiving!
Molly said…
I like the Seaside Museum shadow sign on the concrete. Love the marine colour.
Hope you're off having a WONDERFUL weekend!

I love your creepy cool dead critter SSs! I really like the containers they are in.

I didn't even realize the sign was a SS til you said so and I had another look...very cool...and not at all creepy :)
Clara said…
I love the round shadows from the glass jars that have the spot of light in the center. Very cool.
Serendipity said…
Those jars are really rather spooky!
Dimple said…
Rather strange, except that they are in a museum, but wonderful shadows!
Thanks for including me in the Shadow Gallery!
Cassie said…
Oh I think they are cool shadows Tracy. I hope your journey away from your computer will include some fun time! happy SSS to you, aNd, thanks for hosting this meme. I sure enjoy it!!
Gemma Wiseman said…
The little sea creatures look as if they are examples of the variety to be found round Moreton Bay. I would find them creepy too, but they jars create interesting shadows!

Have fun away! I was thinking that I can't remember when you've been away except when you moved!
Sue said…
Lovely stars in some shadows Tracy. I'm glad they've kept the old jars with yellowing labels. Fascinating. Enjoy your break - hopefully not in the direction of the brewing cyclone?
Sarah said…
I love these. The jars of sad sea creatures look fascinating and I like the idea of a seaside museum a lot! Hope you have fun wherever you are.
kasia leach said…
just love museums..
so much cool stuff to look at..

love the museum sign shadow!!
Unknown said…
Exactly what I thought of at first, creepy!. Charmaine
Hi Tracy,

Very interesting ... I am glad that you showed us the bottles.

Have a great week, and thank you so much for having SSS. On my post today there are a lot of photos that my granddaughter and I took yesterday ... some shadows; more reflections. I just wanted you guys to see her work too.

Take care and God bless,

DougVernX said…
We seem to have a theme going, my shadow shot is from a museum too.
A Wild Thing said…
Oooo, me likey, boy would those bottled critters look grand in my specimen cupboard, strange, but good!
OK, so I'm a little sick in the head, but boy is it fun!!!

Have a great week Tracy, enjoy them grasshoppers...have you tried them in olive oil, you could be your own saving grace...I know YUCK...BUGS!!!

MyMaracas said…
Wow, what great finds. I love the bottled fish with their faded, handwritten labels. Creepy, but awesome. And the sign shadow is perfect.

Thanks again for fixing my link last week. Hope you enjoy your time away.
Anonymous said…
Museums with jars of things always fascinate me, great shadows!
GVK said…
Here is a case where I prefer the shadow over substance.
Gengen said…
Oh that is cool! Happy SSS!
You are right they are creepy, but very interesting.
Dianne said…
hope you have a wonderful time

I love the way light plays on glass
Jeri ~ said…
Very interesting shadows this week! Happy SSS!!
Angie said…
Love the look of old specimen jars & the shadow on the concrete is great. Have a wonderful week. said…
that stencil shadow really is amazing! & the collage shadows seem especially amazing this week as well.
Nice work everyone.
Have a great week shadow hunting friends!
& thank you Tracy for hosting this meme.
: )
Unknown said…
Love the stencil shadow! I agree with you on the creepiness of the other images, but still good shadows.
Have a fab week Tracy.
Joanna said…
The light in the photo is lovely,and the shadows, but I don't much care for the pickled creatures.
Legacy of Love said…
interesting they are!
Kelly said…
Just a wee bit creepy, yes...but fascinating! At least they aren't human parts!!

Thanks for including my humble dog crate shadow in your collage this week.

Enjoy your time away and see you next Sunday!
As strange as those fishy specimens seem, I find them fascinating and probably would've gotten in trouble there as I would've tried for some macro shots (the sea horse in particular).
I hope you have a great rip and am looking forward to see what you've captured!
Sandrine said…
Hope you will have a good time away!
I can not help but feel sorry for those little fishies!
I am enjoying looking at those snow shadows hmmmmm :)
Have fun x
Paz said…
yes, a bit creepy but nice shadows, indeed. have a good weekend.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I wish you a good journey and time away. Thanks for taking such good care of this meme in your absence. We all owe you a lot.
Take care.

All the best, Boonie
Anonymous said…
A little bit creepy to me too! I remember all such glasses from my school time back in the 1960's!!
But you are right, they bring lots of shadows ;-)
Hootin' Anni said…
I really like the eerie 'feeling' of all these. Don't ask why. LOL
Eden said…
These are nice shadows.
Thank you for including my photo in your collage.

Have a great week.
debra morris said…
Just found your blog, beautiful shots!
DawnTreader said…
With the camera I too am drawn to all kinds of odd things I normally would just pass by.

Have a great week.
Laura said…
fascinating shadows Tracy!
Alexa said…
I love pix of fish dead or alive, and these are so cool. It all looks very 19th century. Hope you have a lovely offline weekend!
toby said…
What a gorgeous gallery you have this week! It's really bright and inviting. And I agree - your fishy shadows are a wee bit creepy, but intriguing. Have a great week!!
Kathe W. said…
tiny bit creepy, but also look like littel gems. Great shadow shot!
fredamans said…
Thank you for adding Ewok to the showcase Harriet! Lovely photos in each.
LOVE your museum shots, very cool!
Anonymous said…
Yes, a bit creepy indeed.
Great shadows though. :)
Angela said…
Great photography - - things I wouldn't even consider as subjects until seen here. Love all the pretty winter shots. Thanks for the link opportunity.
Becky Chalet said…
Would never think of it as shadow hadn't you mentioned of the stencil sign. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Linky won't link me so here it is: Thank you.
Heather said…
I ADORE these shots Tracy!! The museum sign is especially cool!!

I hope you'll be gone having a fun adventure! Be safe and we'll see you next week!! <3
Unknown said…
Must have been intersting, that visit to the museum?
Very lovely shadow shots this week. Hope u will like ours:)
Darcel said…
Been a while since I've played along. Love the shadow pictures. Very creative.
E Makes Art said…
ewww...kinda creeped out by the jars. I sound like such a girl! LOL!! Love the shadow from the sign...very clever! See you next week!

FiveSibesMom said…
Very interesting shadow shots! It's cool to see just where we can capture shadows! We've posted some on Mother Nature's Winter art...hope you enjoy them!
Maude Lynn said…
Cool shots!
Karen said…
Hey, Harriet! Yippee! This is the first time I've participated in SSS. Wrote a post about wanting to be a part of your weekly party for over a year, but didn't yet have a blog. Looking forward to viewing the other participants' work. blessings on your day!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
Nice shadow T! On the first glance...I thought, oh no...not T's false teeth on SSS hahaha :) Ya, a bit creepy but still fun anyway....we are so busy with the Chinese New Year festival here,enjoy the break ..tata for now.
Christine said…
Great shadow shots, Tracy! Especially the sign. Wasn't able to join this week (bummer), hopefully next (yay!). Have a good week, wherever you are.
Hi Tracy, I just learned about the cyclone and want you to know that I am praying for you guys to be safe and sheltered from the storm. God bless you, my friend.