Shadow Shot Sunday #144

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #144

A row of little poles doing their daily early morning shadow stretches across a bayside path. They may even alter the stretches to more advanced yoga positions later in the day but I've already boarded my bus for work before I ever witness that. Or perhaps they bust out some fancy dance moves. That would be a different form of pole dancing I guess! Ok, ok, now I am just being silly...

Happy Sunday!

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Ralph said…
Each pole stretches in shadow under the Oz sun. They almost have a wavy texture that really gives the look of a pole in motion. Stretching prior to a workout is always a good thing...
Tracy girl you have made me laugh this morning thank you !!
Now my imagination will be thinking of tiny pole dancers attempting yoga while doing their dance routine ? LOL
Thank you for adding my shadow shot to this weeks collage !
Can you believe how early I am getting here this week ? ;-)
Ms. Becky said…
Tracy your yoga-stretching shadows are fantastic! a great shot. and the gallery collages are really extraordinary this week - I love looking at them all and they so compliment each other. thanks for hosting SS and have a beautiful week!
Haha...I love you even more when you're silly :) I really like the tone of the colors in your shot. Happy Sunday!
Ah, yes!!! Sun salutations for sure!
Dina said…
Ha, I love your mind-stretching imagination here!
you got a laughing snort from that one - yes you are silly...and that is one reason we keep coming back!
Anca Pandrea said…
I love poles shadows, they are so neat and tidy. Great shot! Have a nice weekend.
millie said…
ahhh, heaven, i'd love to see this every morning before work!
robin. said…
i'm with mille...that would be a great way to start the work day. pole dancing...tracy you crack me up!!
Sylvia K said…
I love it when you get silly and I would love to start my day with some pole dancing! Terrific shot as always! Have a great weekend! And thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Chubskulit Rose said…
I like those posts! Have a nice weekend!
Anonymous said…
So - are the poles dancing round humans ..... only seems fair!! Super shadow shot to go with your humour!
Dianne said…
the light and hue in this shot is so beautiful
and of course the shadows

I like the idea of the poles dancing :)
sunnymama said…
Fabulous poles and their shadows! Lol at them doing yoga and pole-dancing. :)
Tania Palermo said…
I love this picture. The shadows are great, but really draws me in is the colors and light and the mood they create. Really wonderful job on this!...and inspiring.
Generik said…
Great simplicity here, and I love the tones.
Beverley Baird said…
Great imagination! Love your shot!
Marvin said…
You can just never tell what those poles might be doing when you're not around to watch. Nice shadow shot!
toby said…
What a dramatic shot! Yes, it's definitely possible that they're all much more active after you leave - I'm pretty convinced that my entire household has a blast when we leave, ala Toy Story :)
Have a great week!
EG CameraGirl said…
I like those stripes created by the poles. ;)
Cassie said…
Good ShadowShot and funny words! You got me chuckling this morning. Have a happy SSS Tracy!!
The detail and color of the water, so calm, and the simplicity of the image really does it for me. Plus, silly is so good! Have a great weekend, Tracy.
Dimple said…
Love your bit of silliness; I bet one would have to hide in order to witness the poles dancing!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Adore your pole dancing comments with the photo! It's so good to be silly! And the photo isdefinitely capturing a stretchy shadow!

Thank you heaps for including my photo in your collages! You do such a good job of gathering all our shadows together!

Be back later when the Link appears! No sign of it so far! In the meantime here it is

Welcome Shadows

Have a great weekend!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Nice shot, it would be great to be able to sit and watch them do their yoga stretches..haha!

Pole dancing funny.
Love the shadow shot photo for this week.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Don't worry! The link is appearing again! I'm all linked up!
Hootin' Anni said…
Your sweet, sweet sense of humor is just welcomed with open arms!!! Love it...I've heard of pole dancing before, but a whole 'nother meaning. And just men really like watching the kind I'm thinking dollars? [insert snort]
Sue said…
hehehe, that's brilliant, reminds me of the philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest. I don't think I'll look at that type of post the same ever again. Well I hope I wont anyhow ;)

The collages are beautiful, Thanks for including my cicada.
Arija said…
Great shadows Tracy and I like your pole dancing reference. Aren't early morning shadows great?
A Wild Thing said…
Pole dancing huh...little early in the AM for that, right...but what a gorgeous day you have to ride on a bus...if it wasn't going to work, it would be even better!

Have a great week ahead Tracy, we'll wait till next week for the pole dancing...can't wait for that one!!!
GVK said…
If these poles have eyes, they would have a clear vision. For 'Surya Namaskara' (Sun worship), it is reckoned, is good for the eyes.
Kay L. Davies said…
Love your exercising, dancing poles, Tracy.
Must have missed your post earlier, glad I found it now!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
forgetmenot said…
Oh, I love the poles--such a great "just for fun" picture.
Hi there Tracy, no shadows sadly for me this week but wanted to stop by and thank you for including our bunny Latte in your collage xx Have a good week, Lee x said…
You have a wonderful imagination Tracy! Lol.
Hope your day is great! & thanks for hosting.
: )
Lighthousegal said…
Wonderful Shadows!! I think the shadows that aren't exactly like the object are my favorite.
Thanks so much for hosting this meme. I truly love it!!
DougVernX said…
Very cool fense posts. I'm posting this week too.
DougVernX said…
Thanks for featuring me this week! :)
E Makes Art said…
Ha!! You're so funny! I love your sense of humor!!

What a great shot!! I really like this one a lot!! Such great long, strong shadows and great colors and composition.

Have a good week,
Anonymous said…
I love your shadow shot this week. At first glance I thought that it was a number of sundials on display……

All the best, Boonie
Anonymous said…
I like you just being silly :-D
Sam said…
Oh! That last collage! The way you've put the green cicada in the middle of that snowy prettiness! ...the two others are cool especially the bunny and the pussy cats! Gosh! I have a few shadowy shots now so I can get back into the joy of SS Sunday again with any luck next weekend!

Love your shot - I adore mornings and the morning sun is so lovely in this shot. Ha ha! You are funny - pole dancing indeed!!

Hope you're well - I heard you had 86% humidity up there - wow wow!! That sound like it could be even more humid than Sydney!! Stay dry and cool up there! XOXO
Francisca said…
Super posts in your post... I like the composition and the hue... and your funny description... Silly is good.
Great shot and great imagination!
Eden said…
Love the poles shadows. Great capture!
Spadoman said…
Love your silliness. That's a great shot. Nature gives us symmetry. I often see something later in the morning and tell myself to pass by this scene earlier next time, or later.
Good shot.

Chubby Chieque said…
Hey Tracy!
Long time no see (AGAIN!), yes... am on & off here. Just too sickie with this winter allergies.

Anyhow, I picked some shots so I could join you today.

Hope you're in the best of everything.

Laura said…
Lovely shadows Tracy, the green tinge to everything is really delightful.

Thank you for posting my tree lined street image too:)
Nice to think that they will relax and enjoy themselves later! But, for now, they are in regimental order, a stern photo opportunity, just waiting for the order to say 'cheese, please'!
Kelly said…
They do such a fine job with their stretches!! Long and lean!

Of course I'm left with the vision of pole dancing now.... ahahha!
Hi Tracy,

Those are neat shadows, and I like all the soft colors in this photo too.

Have a wonderful week, and thank you so much for hostessing SSS!

God bless,

Alexa said…
Love your shadows—and your imagination!
Kathe W. said…
great pole shadows- Happy Sunday!
And for a very Happy Sunday go here:
madebygen said…
So cool and pretty. Happy SSS!
JunieRose2005 said…
Love those long, lean shadows!

These shadow poles have added some good smiles and laughter to a lot of folks today! :)

FiveSibesMom said…
Hello and Happy Sunday! We have posted our SSS pic and hope you enjoy it. Love the pic of the pole stretches...would really enjoy seeing them bust some moves too!
Anonymous said…
A charming little photo, Tracy, but an even sweeter commentary! Silly is always good...:)

Love your pole shadows, very cool!
Unknown said…
with sam i love the last collage with its center of color! also love the poles and their shadows edging the beautiful blue! and poles or not, just dance!
4 Lettre Words said…
Love that capture...and the way you think! :)
Molly said…
Tracy I love your shadow shot - and those stunning colours - beautiful!
Maude Lynn said…
I like the light in that shot!
Kristin said…
Tomorrow I hope the sun comes out because I'm going to be looking for shadows everywhere. I just found this site and i'm finding it very interesting.
Christine said…
Very nice shadows in this shot Tracy, and beautiful colors, and delightful whimsey! Have a wonderful week.
Laurie said…
I think shadows are so pretty. Thanks for hosting this challenge.
Catherine said…
lovely collages - love that last one especially and I really enjoyed your bayside shadow shot this week complete with commentary!! Thanks!
Legacy of Love said…
Very interesting "slant on shadows". Love the shot.
Hi Tracy, thank you for the nice things that you said about my shadow shots. I want to thank you, too, for visiting and commenting on everybody who sumbits, and then featuring some of us each week. I know that this takes a lot of your time, but it is so nice of you to really put out the effort like you do. Not every host/hostess does.

I hope that this week brings you many, many blessings!

Heather said…
I adore all your pictures. Your srsly one of my favorite photographers.

I'm sad to have missed this Sunday. Internet issues and I just didn't have a picture I really liked this week. poo. *crosses fingers* Next week though!

Thanks for using West kitty in the gallery. He's been padding around demanding fresh fish now that he's famous. >.<
Hey Harriet said…
@Oregon Gifts -

Thanks Kathy! I must confess that I don't visit everyone who participates but I visit as many as I'm able to. Which will vary from week to week. I sure wish I had the time to visit everyone. Thanks for being so appreciative. I love my shadow shootin' buddies!

Cheers Tracy xo
Unknown said…
Hey silly T...always so fun to see your SSS :) Sorry, I've really been a huge slacker in blog land. Whatever mini breaks I take will stretch for the longest time and I dont feel like coming back to blog land..until I have a few friends asking if I am still alive hehe :) Hope you are having a fab week..btw, the kids still request for another trip to OZ..I said, we'll probably have to sell one of them so the rest of us ca go hahaha :) tata for now..hugs/M
Hi again Tracy girl .. it was a bad patch on Saturday when Google shut me out because of some kind of unauthorized activity,some one else was trying to use my site ? god only knows what went on other than me losing what is left of my mind but all is back on track for now .. thanks for sticking with me girl : )
Joy .. hope all the gremlins went the hell home now ! hahaha
Mira Crisp said…
Hi! I’d like to let you know that I have created a photo challenge index and I’ve included your challenge to the list as well. Just thought you’d like to know. : ) If you have more photo challenges to add, you can do it at Good luck with future challenges! Mira from
Victoria said…
You are so funny!