Shadow Shot Sunday #146

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #146

[taken with iphone Hipstamatic using Ina's 1969 film with the John S Lens]

[taken with iphone Hipstamatic using Ina's 1969 film with the Chunky Lens]

The above piece by artist Michelle Knowles was part of the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival Exhibition that recently took place at the Metro Arts Gallery. I couldn't decide which of the two photos to post so I've included both.

Also here's a short video of the artist talking about her My Skull My Pulpit (for those who swallow their deity) piece if you're interested in knowing more...

Happy Sunday!

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millie said…
I am very much infatuated with the hipstamatic app! I've had so much fun playing with it, what would we do without such fun toys??
Patti said…
Interesting thoughts on our relationship to objects ~

unusual artwork ~ thanks for sharing the video

Happy SSS Tracy!
Catherine said…
fascinating shadow shots - that exhibition of fancy decorated skulss would go down a storm here in mexico - land of Day of the Dead....
Love those MG skulls! I can see why you couldn't choose between them as they are both fantastic!
Ms. Becky said…
the skull shadows are fascinating. and I enjoyed watching the video to get the artist perspective. thanks for sharing Tracy, and happy Shadow Shot Sunday. thanks for hosting each week, and have a great one!
GalleryJuana said…
We've got a festival going on right now. I'm having so much fun meeting and seeing artists and musicians from around the country.

Interesting video ... I always enjoy hearing what artists have to say about their own work. I'll be seeing an artist talk this week.

The hipstamatic app looks like a lot of fun. Cool shots of her pieces.

I hope everything is going well for you.
Sylvia K said…
Terrific, Tracy! Love the decorated skulls! Your captures are superb as always! Such a great video -- always enjoy hearing what artists of all kinds have to say about their work. Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Enjoy!

Hi Tracy! I don't know anything about this; I'm going to watch the video in a minute to find out more. I really like both of your photos, but I think that the first one is my favorite. Thanks so much for using my snow shadow pic in your collage today. Have a great week,

God bless,
robin. said…
thanks for sharing the video...what fun apps to play with. great shots tracy!!
Thanks, Tracy, for including my Tequila Maiden in this week's gallery! As for your photos, I prefer the first. I think the darker colors bring out the mystery of the skull better than the bright pink. (Of course, that's only my opinion and someone else--possibly you!--is bound to disagree with me!)
Anonymous said…
I like both photo effects - although I'm not so sure about the skulls!
Ralph said…
The skull seems forlorn as it sits on the wall. Yet the color plumage adds a bit of life to the departed, the shadow even adding another element of life to the skull...

I like the triangle viewing area, the artist allowing us the perfect sightlines to view the exhibit. Great art available to us all...
Alissa Nicolau said…
My favorite is the top photo! Love the blues and black with the hot pink. You really impress me Tracy with all that you go and see and do during the week. I need a friend like you nearby to kick me into seeing more. To bust me out of my hermit life!
EG CameraGirl said…
Now that's a different way to use skulls! :)
Dianne said…
I really like the 2nd of your shots
the colors are wonderful
Tracy girl this is totally in my Halloween books for today and that isn't easy to add to in March ? LOL
I watched a documentry on box jellyfish and an especially deadly tiny one that "floats" near Australian beaches .. it was AMAZING and SCARY how such a tiny thing can kill within minutes !!!
Be careful when you are at the beach girl!!!
Cassie said…
Her fancy skull reminds me of Día de los Muertos art. The bright colored feathers ~ all it needs is a cigarette sticking out of its mouth! My DIL did a cow skull with a Hohokam type village on it in black & white over 25 years ago---now where did I put that skull??hmmmm. Happy SSS Tracy!!
Christine said…
I LOVE both your photos, Tracy. Would really like to visit that gallery too. Working on my post right now. Couldn't wait before commenting. Happy SSS!
Like the photos and the artist video. She needs to learn to speak more confidently, though! No more "I supposes" needed in her words about her art. Great shadows, on physical and metaphysical levels.
BLOGitse said…
I like both shots!
Sunny early morning greetings from Sydney, back in Casa on Monday...I don't want to leave but I know we'll be back, that helps :)
Happy Sunday!
Rinkly Rimes said…
A fascinating look at the cleverness of modern photography.
Gemma Wiseman said…
An interesting piece of unique artwork! And love the lingering/lurking shadow in both photos! Very beautiful and intriguing!
4 Lettre Words said…
That's amazing, especially taken with a phone!
Very cool shadows Tracy, like your new toy too! I have been slack in the shadow dept for a while, finally got my act together today - Happy SSS to you and yours xxx
E Makes Art said…
I love both of the photos! You are the reason I want an iphone BAD!! bday is coming up...I'll start dropping MORE hints....

DougVernX said…
Fascinating artwork. I like the photo editing on that piece. I have submitted my shadow shot a bit early.
MyMaracas said…
Arresting art, and I love the way you've photographed it. I'll have to explore that ap.
Arija said…
Sorry I could not post last Sunday. It is great to see how your meme has grow.

I like both versions of the gruesome goats head with chicken feathers. I expect to see some Haitian Zombie worship to go with it and of course bowls of chicken blood.

Enjoy your weekend.
Shell said…
Oh my! I love your images of my work...they're beautiful...the colours are just glorious. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece and saw fit to photograph it! And thanks for sharing it with the world! Bless, Shell.
Antonella said…
Wow!!! I love these shots... Thank you so much for picking my lizard to show spotlight... I haven't picked my shot yet, but I will be posting something (I think I'm hooked) hugs, antonella :-)
made by gen said…
It looks interesting.. mine is up too...
A Wild Thing said…
WOW...I can't decide either, both colors are wonderful, with bits of intriguing just find the best artsy it!

Spring is just around the corner, though 38 degrees isn't very warm, we know what's coming...FINALLY!!!

Have a great week Tracy, as you enter Autumn, a beautiful season!

Chubskulit Rose said…
Very interesting subject for an art..
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your shadow shots, and I love this ShShSu thing. Thanks for organising it.

All the best, Boonie
its been awhile but I am back i enjoy your site and what you do w/ the shots
love this challenge, I just need to get better at taking photos. Thanks for the inspriration
Eden said…
I love your shadow shots. Thank you for sharing the video too.

Have a great Sunday.
Unknown said…
Both images are wonderful. I love your artsy photos.
Sue said…
Love your photos this week Tracy, and as ever your collages are fabulous. Have a good week.
DawnTreader said…
Interesting although not something I'd like on my own wall ;) The second shot seems to be closer to the colour scheme in the video? I'm not sure which I prefer. The blueish one gives more of a contrast between skull and decorations but the pink sort of makes the whole thing even more absurd.
Marvin said…
Great shadows. I also vote for the top photo.
Anonymous said…
Your 2 photos shows what colors can do to make ones feelings quite change - I like both and they tell each a "story". Great SSS ;-)
Hootin Anni said…
Both photos are super. These are interesting subjects of artwork. I do enjoy going to art festivals.

My "Moon"rock Shadow
Unknown said…
Oh Tracy, yes very interesting artwork you have snapped there. Nice shadow. Thank you for featuring last weeks shot. Have a great week. Jo
Anonymous said…
Different, but I like how you see things
Carola said…
A fantastic sie. I like the gallery shots. Amazing.
Hooked on Memes said…
Both are fabulous. Feathers and skulls are an interesting combo.
Kelly said…
Add me to the list that likes the first shot best.

This is interesting. I need to look into some of the photography apps for my iPhone. I do have the free "cartoon" app and it's pretty entertaining.
Chubby Chieque said…
Amazing that we all now so keen and alert in all objects that give us what we're all looking for.

You always got those Perfect shots, ever...

Happy Sunday/Monday T! Hope everybodys' in the best of everything.

Kathe W. said…
nice shadowy image- I will post later today once we are home and I can access my laptop-I decisde to make it a lap top free weekend! cheers!
Anonymous said…
Interesting shadow shots! I am leaning toward the second shot. :)
Thank you for fixing my link, Tracy. Luckily, MMT alerted me to my error, and I added a link that worked about an hour later. Happy SS!
Heather said…
That's such a cool app! It makes me wish I had an iphone! I would never even guess they weren't taken with an actual camera. Love the art too! It makes me think of riding on a carousel. I think that would be pretty awesome, a carousel full of fancy skeleton animals. It would be quite pretty!
Legacy of Love said…
fascinating photo! Love the colors used.
Remembering O'Keeffe and her skull with a flower -
picciolo said…
wow I love the colour contrasts!
: )
Unknown said…
aw, yay, thanks for including my shot from last week in the gallery! :D

i love both of your shots - the first one would look really awesome with a bright neon pink mat & a heavy black frame.
FiveSibesMom said…
The skull photos are VERY cool - I especially enjoyed the one shot with the John S Lens.

This week for SSS, I'm featuring a photo of one of Sibes soaking up some sun that was captured by my shutterbug daughter. Hope you can stop by!

Happy Sunday!
April said…
Wonderful shadow shot images!
jane said…
I love your shots the colours are beautiful and the shadows create a great effect x
Lynette Killam said…
These shadow shots are great, you, I can't decide which I love more. Perhaps checking out the video will help me decide...thanks for this great post...:)

Molly said…
colours are stunning
Lui said…
Great shots good artwork! said…
sorry I'm so late with my shadow shot this Sunday!
I love what you did with your iphone too.
Thanks for hosting Tracy.
: )
kasia leach said…
gotta love the hipstamatic!!
very cool shots!!
Neat shots. The first is my fave. Interesting to listen to the artist talk about her work. Did you stand in the triangle when you took your photo? Did you converse with the skull while standing in the triangle? Did you ask if it was ok to photograph it? Did it answer? ;)
Kathe W. said…
just got back from our weekend outta town and HAD to post another shadow shot from this morning! So you got two for the price of one from me this week! Cheers !!!
Jan Halvard said…
Muy buenas fotos!

The shadow of today is from the Carneval in Oruro, Bolivia. Watch Carneval in the streets of Oruro, Bolivia!

Jan Halvard,
norwegian in La Paz, Bolivia
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!
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wheatgerm said…
This is very interesting
Victoria said…
I like the top one especially, and the art work makes me think of Georgia O'Keefe at Mardi Gras!
Square Peg Guy said…
Thank you so much for including my SS from two weeks ago! (It's of the grey and white cat basking on his back.)

I like the soft focus effect from these shots. It really places all the emphasis on the subject.