Shadow Shot Sunday #149

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Shadow Gallery

Apologies for there being no Shadow Gallery this week! I became ill last weekend and ended up spending almost two whole days in bed sleeping the sickness away. So unfortunately I didn't visit any of you lovely shadow shooters last week to save any photos for the gallery. I must say that all the sleeping certainly worked a treat. I felt fully recovered by the time I had to return to work. Grrr!

Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #149

These were taken earlier in the week during a visit to Mooloolaba beach on the Sunshine Coast. The first two are the shadow shots and the last I've posted just for fun because I like it and I so rarely post photos on my blog with people in them so thought I'd go all out this Sunday! It's currently autumn in Australia, but people flock to the beaches here in Queensland all year round. Even in winter!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


How I would love to be there! It is Spring here, but no beaches anywhere near (unless you ant to count the ones that were here millions of years ago).
Lovely, lovely shadow shot as and I am glad to hear that you are fully recovered.
whizkid said…
"Sunshine Coast"! :) what a lovely name. Loved your beach photos. Happy that you are well. Take care, and have a great week.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are feeling better! I like the shadows of the railings
Sylvia K said…
Marvelous shots as always!! Love that gorgeous beach! I'd love to be there! So glad you're feeling better! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks as always for the weekend fun!

robin. said…
feeling better in time to go back to work...yeah!! isn't that the way it goes. glad you are back to your chiper self!! love the beach photos. here's to a better week ahead!!
Beverley Baird said…
So glad you are feeling better. What a way to spend a holiday tho!
Great shots of the ocean! The blues are gorgeous!
Great shadows as well!
have a wonderful weekend!
MyMaracas said…
I'm glad you are well again! It's true, there's nothing like sleep to speed up a recovery.

I love the Loo With a View - made me smile. And that effect you use is extraordinary. Wish I knew how to do that.
BLOGitse said…
You too! Glad you feel better already!
I finally went to the hospital this morning - got 2 antibiotics...Now I wait to get my daily life back...

Your shots are deep, interesting, positive, sunny...oh I miss Australia!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Lovely beach photos! If I feel I need some out time, the beach is where I head first...sometimes just for walking the shoreline! Always feels good!

The "sickie season" is rolling in fast! We have teachers at school being stung by headaches and flu already! Do hope you are feeling better now ready for our next seasons of chills!
Catherine said…
the shots of the beach are great with that retro effect - really atmospheric - Greetings from Mexico
Molly said…
So glad that you're on the mend again Tracy. Love the picture of the beach.
Deb said…
That beach shot is gorgeous, I love the layers of blue - fabulous!
EJ said…
Summer where are you, still cold over here. Have a nice weekend.
Ms. Becky said…
hey, glad you've recovered. I love your Loo w/ a View! the light is so blue-dreamy. oh my. lovely shadows Tracy. thanks for hosting SSS, and have a really fab week!
Loo with a view - we LOVE IT!! wht a riot! Love all of the beach's getting us anxious for a beachy vacation - soon enough! Have a great day Tracy!
Karla & Karrie
Chubskulit Rose said…
Glad to know you're okay now Tracy, I am still recovering too.
Anonymous said…
We had a holiday on the Sunshine Coast some years ago - seeing your photos, I want to come back!! Hope you're feeling much better!
Anca Pandrea said…
Glad you're better now. Nice shots!
Elizabeth said…
Super photos!
Do hope you are feeling much better?
We had a miserable winter in NY --far too much snow.
Still below freezing.
Anyway love and greetings from us all.
Ralph said…
Whose health does not improve just before the next day of work? That is not an exclusive club. A day at the beach on a warm day offers us a nice feeling, the sickness to leave, chased away by the sun. Hope you are feeling great now!
So sorry you were sick and had to spend the whole weekend recovering. But now you are well! I see that you certainly do live on the other side of the world from Seattle with all that sunshine. Ours comes in pieces the weatherpeople call "sunbreaks."
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy! Hope you're feeling better now. I was goopy this week myself. I do really love the beach shots. Everything looks so clean and fresh and there are shadows in them too! Happy SSS.
DougVernX said…
There's great contrast between my shadow shots and your shadow shots this week, Harriet. :)
Christine said…
I love your Loo with a View shot, Tracy! Good sense of humor, you've got there. I'm glad you're feeling better. We shadow shooters don't like it when our queen is not well. ;)
fredamans said…
Hope you're feeling better!
Rajlakshmi said…
those are beautiful captures... the ocean looks so blue... awesome.
Dina said…
Glad you are back on your feet (and behind your camera) again.
Tracy girl I'm so sorry to hear you were feeling unwell .. sleep can do wonders for almost everything? I did some of that these past few days and it helped a lot. I hope you are fully recovered and full of the dickens now ? LOL .. I love the "Loo with a view" that is perfect and seeing the beach shots .. well .. we are still in the minus degree weather but I'm looking forward to a high of 3 !!!!! Tuesday ;-) yipppeee!!
Joy .. yes ... I am off my rocker!
Cynthia M said…
Just look at all those beautiful, vibrant colours! Love your capture of those interesting shapes of Loo with a View :)
Unknown said…
Hope you are feeling better Tracy, the dreaded colds have hit my place also! So lovely to see sunshine and the beach in your pics. Great shadows. Have a good week.
Glad you are feeling better. Those are the brightest blues in your photo. Love the mysterious looking shadows.
A Wild Thing said…
And what a wonderful view you lucky girl, even from the loo...I'm still trying to figure out why us Northerners stay where we are...and why I moved back from Florida...must be sick in the head...I think it's the cold, gives ya brain damage, but there sure are a bunch of us sickos. But when it's summer in the Nor'lands, it doesn't get much prettier(convince me of that...K)

Glad you're feeling better, so you can go take more beach shots...LUVUM!!!

Spadoman said…
Love the shadow shots, but love the beach even more. So, you can get to the beach even in Winter? That's a far cry from the Winter I'm used to. Hope your Autumn and Winter are good for you and happy that you're over being ill.

admin said…
gorgeous piccies!! love the look of them all :)
Unknown said…
Love your Shadow Shots this week. Ahh, Mooloolaba beach, great in Autumn or Winter. That's why all us NZ'ers flock to the Sunshine Coast in the Winter time.

Glad to her you are feeling better. Have a great week.
Sorry to hear you were not feeling well, typical huh that you should recover in time for work!! Great shots this week, it has been raining in Sydney for a few days now (not that I am complaining we NEED the rain) but must admit the sunny beach shots look pretty good!
jane said…
Hi - so sorry you have been ill - love your pics especially the loo with a view - I think I have posted twice again! sorry entry no 51 is my contribution this week x
muchlove said…
sorry to hear you were ill last weekend, but good that you're all recovered now :) (your workplace must've been happy too, hehe).

Chubby Chieque said…
Am drooling while thinking of sunny beach & sandy §:-(

Bring me there now, Tracy! I really need the sun but GH will bring me to the swedish alps whole week next week. HELP...he he...

Hope you're feeling better now. I guess too many illness spreading the world.

Take care and Chillax always.

toby said…
My daughter also has a knack for getting sick over vacations, but never during school. It's a very unfortunate habit! I'm glad that you're feeling better, though - sleep is definitely the best medicine!!

And the loo with a view is fantastic! I'm tempted to adopt that one and hang a sign in our bathroom, view or no view :)
GVK said…
What a view. that must be quite a loo.Glad to know you are back at work.
Loo with a view? That's pretty funny. Does each individual stall have a view...or just the facilities in general? The beach scenes look so nice...wish I was there, still chilly here :(

Glad to know you're feeling better!
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Isn't is always the way, you feel real ill on your days off but back on deck when work starts!
Your shadow shots are fantastic, looks like a beach i would like to visit.
Angie said…
Glad you're feeling better (pity you had to go to work!). I went 'rock pooling' at Mooloolaba a few years ago - also had some great food there. Super shadows you have!
Jeri ~ said…
Great shadows - so different than my shadows this week. Yours look so inviting...mine are so cold!! Glad you are feeling better!! said…
You certainly have an eye for shadows Tracy! & your beaches look very similar to ours here on Long Island. said…
Oops hit the wrong button, me again.
sorry to hear you were so sick on your days off... that certainly stinks. But I am glad you are all better Tracy!
E Makes Art said…
I'm so glad you're feeling better. I really love that last photo! I can't wait til it's warm enough to go to the beach over here.

This is my first Shadow Shot showing. You have a huge following here. Glad to be part of it.
Love the colour of the sea and sky.
amberlee said…
love the last pic
the sky and water are such pretty blues
Eden said…
Fantastic shadows.

Glad to know you are feeling better now, Tracy.

Have a great week.
Glad that you are feeling better!

Wow, I want to feel the sand between my toes too!
Vintage Gal said…
Sunshine coast ~ what a lovely name ~ I would like to be there now ;-)
Serendipity said…
I love that first shot! Hope you're feeling better!
urban muser said…
great shots! glad you are feeling better!
anna maria said…
Love that last shot and I am glad it was a short-lived illness!
Glad you're feeling better! We just returned from a week at the beach, I miss it already! Thanks for hosting :-)
Anonymous said…
So glad you're feeling better! Love your beach shadows... and the colors of the water - wow.
Kathe W. said…
great shadow shots! Loo with a view ...hahah! and wouldn't we all like to be on this beach! Spring is barely here where we live!
Hootin' Anni said…
Oh, my opinion: Anything 'beachy' is downright 'peachy'. L♥ve your photo share.

Your comments are always welcomed as is your company!! Have a great Sunday! And thanks for hosting.

My Sunday Blog Post Link
Unknown said…
We still have remnants of winter so your pics are delightful.

Sorry you were sick and hope you are feeling much better now. God bless!
Unknown said…
We still have remnants of winter so your pics are delightful.

Sorry you were sick and hope you are feeling much better now. God bless!
Kelly said…
After a nice burst of spring, things are a tiny bit cooler here I appreciate your warm beach photos!!

So sorry you were sick last week!! I missed you! I had major Blogger problems this morning, so I'm just glad to be here today! My last week's photo was nicer, so go back and have a look if you get a chance.
Stef said…
It's my first time to have joined SSS. You have awesome photos! =) Glad you are now OKAY.
Unknown said…
So sorry you were ill, but glad that sleep did the trick to bring about a cure. I am always astounded at the intensity of color in your photos. Oh, to be on the Sunshine Coast!
Anonymous said…
First one made me laugh.
Great shadow shot!
I would love to be at the beach right now. :)
Mousy Brown said…
I joined in for the first time - hope I did everything ok!? Glad you are feeling better :D
Rhianne said…
oh no for being sick :( I hope you're feeling much much better.

Those photos really make me want to go to the beach :)

I had a couple more b&w shadow shots from Liverpool for shadow shot sunday, I hope you like them x
Square Peg Guy said…
Glad you're feeling better!

A Loo with a View -- is that what they call the Ocean down under? LOL
Anonymous said…
Beach, did I hear someone say beach? Oh dear, you did say beach and what a lovely beach it is...I am green pea envious - it is winter, still, here in snowy New Hamsphire USA - no sightings of green anywhere!
Great shots and glad I found this challenge - I love shadow play.
Beth P
Carrie said…
I love this idea. I have a friend CanadianGardenJoy who regularly takes part and now another friend has started....oh it's getting me thinking :)
Patti said…
Hi Tracy,
Glad you are feeling better!

Always nice to have a loo with a view!

I didn't comment yesterday because Ralph linked my post for me..I was out having fun with a friend I met through blogging.

Hope you have a great week.
Legacy of Love said…
Beautiful shadow shots! Have a good week and thanks for hosting this ever so fun party!
Maude Lynn said…
Nice shots!

Glad you're feeling better!
Hi Tracy ... I'm glad that you are feeling better now. Your beach photos are really neat. Wish I was there now! Have a wonderful week.

Kathy M.
picciolo said…
That beach looks amazing, you would never guess it is autumn! (Glad you are feeling better too)
: )