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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #150

Sleeping. Zzzzz...

Awake. Stretching legs. Preparing to rise.

And a little meditation session to kick-start the morning.

I've stooped to a new low using a dead fly as a photo prop! I found this dead fly in the kitchen the other day. While scooping it up with a piece of paper to toss it in the bin I discovered some cool shadows thanks to the sun streaming in from the window. So I had a play around with it. As one does with a dead fly...

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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Kathe W. said…
a dead fly??? who would have thought? Clever you to see the potential in such a small insect!
robin. said…
oh my gosh are a hoot. take the shadow shots as you can right??!! keep up the good work!!

have a great week ahead!!
OK-that dead fly is one of my all time favorites!!! I love the antennae on it-so curly!
Rest assured that many of us would have done the same as you! And, I certainly don't think of it as a low, but a creative high!
The yoga position is to die for.
BLOGitse said…
What a beautiful shadow your dead fly has! :)
I'm cruising in Sydney - this time all pics are b&w...Have a great Sunday Tracy!
Patti said…
Tee hee. This is so funny, Tracy! I agree with Paula. The fly is one of my all-time faves as well!

Thanks for the Saturday morning smile. Well it's Saturday morning here in Connecticut anyway.

Have a good one!
Patti said…
I have a suggestion.. get one of those vertical three-window frames and put these pictures in it.

That would be worthy of displaying in a gallery. Really!
Anonymous said…
I love it. It is definitely a sign of addiction when you start taking photos of dead fly shadows!!
Dina said…
This whole thing is hilarious!
Especially the Zazen meditation.
Those antennae give really graceful shadows.
Gerald (SK14) said…
I've never known anyone have so much fun with a dead fly - apart from fishermen perhaps.
Sylvia K said…
This is the perfect way to start a day!! It's so obvious just how much fun you had and I love it and I love your sense of humor! Hilarious! Enjoy your weekend -- looks like you both are!!

Ralph said…
A dead fly is thy perfect fly - no buzzing and other buzzy pest things. So the shape and shadow shows the one and only time a fly has beauty. Artistic pest he is!
Ms. Becky said…
oh my. look at those antennae. I can see why you'd play around with this for awhile. what fun. it casts an intriguing shadow. I'm happy that you can be entertained by such Tracy, because then you entertain us!!! have a great week.
Ha! Never let anything go to waste; that is my theory too. I love the antennas.

Thanks for hostessing, Tracy. Have a great week.
That is certainly a different kind of subject for your photos. Great shadow shots.
☺lani☺ said…
What a nice series... cute!
Tracy girl !
OMG ! That was just too cute .. You are quite the quiet genius with one hell of a sense of humour ;-) I love the way its antenna are curled so perfectly .. and the poses are "dead" on ! LOL
I am in total admiration of your creativity girl .. next I will start looking at dead insects too .. a new wave a insect shadow shooting has been inspired by you girl !
Unknown said…
Tracy, too cool! a new high or depth for found objects as art!!!!
fredamans said…
Very cool shadows indeed with that fly!
Thanks for adding Ewok to the showcase!
Unknown said…
oh my gosh!!! this is the funniest thing we've seen! Last year Karrie's husband sent us an email on what to do with a fly - or a group of flies - it was pretty funny...if we can find that we will pass it on - obviously YOU would appreciate it as well - That's why we luv ya - same, strange humor - haa!! Have a lovely week Tracy!!
Karla & Karrie
MyMaracas said…
You are my hero.

I love that last shot, with the spiral antennae. And I love that you can see possibilities in anything.
Unknown said…
Well that is the ultimate in a photo prop. I just can't stop giggling.

The shadows are great, I love the antennae.
Gemma Wiseman said…
O how incredible! And the antennae seem such an odd colour! I've never seen this! A great variety of shadows from different angles! Enjoy your weekend!
Carola said…
Such a great idea, very unique shadows. The last photo is the best. Awesome.
Spadoman said…
Dead??!! I thought it was one that you had trained! Great captures on this one. Creative too!

Great macro shot! I thought you were going to say it was some amazing exhibition you had been too, but no, you have been playing in your kitchen with dead flies - too funny!
Cassie said…
Bwahahahaha! I snorted I chuckled so loud!! Actually, that dead fly left some pretty cool shadows. His(or her) antenae look really neat in shadow. You forgot to pose him(or her) in the lotus position!! Happy SSS to you, and thank you for hosting us.
A Wild Thing said…
I guess there comes a time when ya gotta say you don't get enough excitement in your life...I believe all of us shadow shooters feel like odd ducks once in a while, as we take pictures of a wall or the ground or we're down on our hands and knees shooting God knows what, like a dead fly...but that's OK, cause we're famous, we're SHADOW SHOOTERS, ain't ya heard of us...!

Have a great day gal, I love the antennae...cute, odd, but cute!
Unknown said…
:-) and they are wonderful! Put a big smile on my face. Have a good week Tracy.
Anonymous said…
Those are some funkalishous antennae. The curly shadow is pretty awesome.
Anonymous said…
Too funny - who would've ever thought of this subject making such great shadows! I especially love the meditation session. (Off to look for flies of my own...)
You have weird looking fly's where you live, it looks like one of our wasps. Cool shadows though. Thanks for featuring my last weeks photo and thanks for hosting such a fun shoot.
Pam Kessler said…
Very cool fly! Can't say I ever thought of playing around with a dead one. Today is my first party with you. Thanks for hosting and I'm looking forward to checking out the other photos!
Dimple said…
Very funny! You had me going there for a little while! But the curly antennae (antennas?) gave it away!
Karen said…
Really good shadow shots. The last one especially. You didn't actually TOUCH it did you ;)
Sarah said…
He is such an ornate little fly. I like his curly antennae. Shame he is dead-though he might not have been so obliging alive!
Chubby Chieque said…
I can see that your participants are enjoying their shots when the sun is more friendly for every week come.

Ha ha.. dead? cutie anyways?

ENjoy the day & hope everybodys' in the best of everything.

Marilyn & Jeff said…
Fabulous shadow shots - I love them!!
Beverley Baird said…
You are a true shadow chaser! You find shadows in unique (ok- gross!) places! lol
Love it though! Hope you have been having a wonderful weekend!
forgetmenot said…
Well, I never would have thought "playing around with a dead fly" would produce such interesting results. Very creative!!!! Mickie
Angie said…
3 great shadows here - love them all!!!
Okay, the curly antennae are cute, but really. Ewwww! said…
Tracy, your shadows for this week are just too funny! I wouldn't be surprised if we saw this work hanging up in a gallery one day. You have quite an imagination!
FiveSibesMom said…
Everything in life can be a prop! Great pics - you brought life to the dead fly - at least on "film!" Another week of fab Shadow Shots! We love participating! Happy Sunday!
E Makes Art said…
YOU ARE A NUTBALL!!! And I mean that in the best way!! I love your bizarre sense of humor!! And I am totally grossed out, yet weirdly draw to these photos! You made a dead fly a thing of beauty...kinda. LOL!! Stinkin meditating fly!! Soooooo funny!

Thanks for the laugh! I made my husband look at this too and he's busting up!

xoEsther : )
Legacy of Love said…
I love the curly-q's and other interesting shaped shadows with your fly friend.

Have a great Sunday!
Gypsi said…
Enjoyed your shadows very much!

I'm entering a photo for the first time. :)
Alexa said…
One word: brilliant!
A fitting memorial! A new take on the fly on the wall...
toby said…
Dead?! But I thought you said he was sleeping...
I'm actually amazed that the antennae are so perfectly curled - it looks almost cartoonish! I have to say that I've never had a fly stay still long enough for me to see that detail. Pretty cool!

And thanks so much for including me in your gallery - I'm completely honored! Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Fun, fun, Tracy :)
How many dead flies can be seen on the internet? This fellow got a happy end ;-)
Hootin' Anni said…
That Last Photo is super...but to tell you the truth, I'm thinking one that "plays around with a dear fly" needs to see a psychiatrist. [just kidding]
Photography said…
HAHA how interesting love the sitting up pose!
I love your shadoe photo to day!!!
The last one is so super!!!
Nancy C said…
Very creative! :)
Eden said…
Fantastic shadows and my favourite is the last one.Very creative.
Molly said…
Cool shadows of a 'bye bye' fly! Like the last shot too!
DougVernX said…
Bugs can make amazing shadows no matter how tiny the subject. Great shots. All the featured shots were amazing this week as well.
Rosie Gan said…
I was thrilled to see my Balinese picture included in your mosaic.
Your post is crazy funny. And I agree with Hootin Anni...Just kidding, just kidding.
Rimkogeren said…
Poor fly. It is dead. But you have immortalized it.
Technically perfect photos, beautiful and exciting.
Kelly said…
I never imagined myself saying this, but your dead fly is quite lovely. ahahaha! Seriously, you were quite creative and captured some great shadows!!
Kelly said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Misty Chaos said…
Who knew a dead fly could make such a great photo.. Haha!

Awesome photos ♥
cathysrunning said…
That fly is amazing! I'm stunned by the shadow of his antennae! Nice work!

It's my first time posting! I love your idea!
Anonymous said…
You are clever!
The third shadow is so funny. I do hope I won't be picturing this in my head all day long. :)
Chubskulit Rose said…
Your last shadow shot is gorgeous Tracy.
Buy Design said…
I thought I could get my dog to roll over and play dead, then stay completely still and wait for the sun to pass over in just the right place... would have been a good shot if only she would have played along.
You have inspired me to go looking for shadows again now that spring seems to have arrived.
Fiona x
Eww...creepy cool! That is a very exotic looking fly. Our flies are much more mudane. I like his curly feelers...and your creative wit! Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)
Anonymous said…
I love this! I found you through House of Hawthornes blog. I am too busy to play this week but I'll be back. Great just looking at all the talent. Wow, what fun.
Unknown said…
i personally love this - especially his curly-cue antennae! :D
Francisca said…
The dead fly is off to its next life, and you still got some fun shadow shots out of it. The last one is terrific!
Square Peg Guy said…
Well done photos!
Full-On-Forward said…
PHENOMENAL as always!!!!!

Full-On-Forward said…
Sorry--last shot on my Sundays post is Old Shadow shot--but pertinent to this Jackwagon's comments!!!

Victoria said…
Tracy, I never thought I'd type these words but I LOVE the dead fly! (Then again, the best type of fly is a dead one). Incredibly creative subject matter and brilliantly documented. (The antennas are wild looking. I don't think they look like that on US flies. Apparently everything is cooler down under.) Weirdly wonderful and fabulously quirky and off-beat. Bravo!
Unknown said…
Hahahaha! You are super funny Tracy! Oh yes...that's what I do whenever I see a dead fly, play it see, see if it's meditating or sleeping, maybe try to feed it some food scraps too haha! You know, when I saw the fly, I wondered if it's a dead one or a plastic toy. I do take my hats off to you for being creative my dear;) Missing you a lot. I have been busy (nothing new), but also very happy not blogging...for now. tata for
Peter Bryenton said…
Good idea, thanks. I missed this deadline but Light and Shade are a big part of photography for me.
E Makes Art said…
Just had to look at these again. Sooo funny!!!

Anonymous said…
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