Shadow Shot Sunday #151

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #151

Shadows surrounding bright yellow CityCycles parked along Albert Street. I like how the bright yellow extends to the couple of council workers in the corner.

Happy Sunday!

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City cycles? Can you just pick up a bike in one place and leave it in another? Is that how it works? Mysterious shadows in this one!
robin. said…
oh my gosh!! how cool is this concept!! it's awesome!! great photo too!! thanks for hosting tracy!! happy Sunday!!
BLOGitse said…
You city cycles look so much better than our green ones...I'll show you ours when I see one.
Finally today it's been spring sunny, aaah, so beautiful!!!
Have a great Sunday Tracy!!!
Maggie said…
Hi Tracy,
City cycles are a great idea, I've seen them in Paris & London and they seem to work well.
Thanks for hosting.
I love those new botanical prints you have in the previous post! I will post them on my Facebook page so more people can see it. Really soft and calming effect you achieved with those. They fall into a category of 'healing art'. Good for doctor's offices and hospitals.
Sylvia K said…
This is so cool! I, too, think city cycles would be a great idea! Haven't seen anything like that here in the states, but we're frequently slow to get the idea that there are other ways to travel than in a gas guzzling car! Have a great weekend, Tracy!

Ms. Becky said…
oh my dear, this image has such atmosphere. very nice Tracy. strong shadows and wonderful color. thanks for hosting SSS, and I hope your weekend is big fun!
What a great idea! I don't know if it would work in NYC - the Mayor should add it to bike lane provided for
cyclists. Your shot is a great composition in form and color!
Kathe W. said…
cool city cycles!
Spadoman said…
Saint Paul, MN USA has the Yellow Bike Project. Global thinking, cool idea!
I love this shot. What a great bold shadow of the pole and the 1940's fenders on those bikes.
Very cool!

Photography said…
Love it and the colours of the edit you did.
Anonymous said…
I love the way the yellow really pops out of the shot!!
whizkid said…
city cycles are cool, and i loved their bright yellow colour :) Lovely shot.

Happy SSS.
Chubskulit Rose said…
I always like the green shade to your shadows Tracy!
GalleryJuana said…
what fun to have in your city and a brilliant idea!

Your botanical prints are beautiful. They are different, as you say, from your usual style. The sycamore seeds are my favorites. Gorgeous series. I look forward to seeing more.

Hope you're doing well in your part of the world.
Dina said…
What a great picture of city life.

I'm quite sure that such a good idea will never come to Jerusalem.
Hey, Tracy, you photo is so cool! It looks like a great writing prompt too. Thanks so much for hostessing SSS. I did snow pics again, but I just took them this week. Silly weather.
Have a great week,

Kathy M.
maryt/theteach said…
Love the yellow and the green, Tracy!
Chubby Chieque said…
Great collage as evah...

Speaking of Citycycles, Stockholm have blue one and it's so popular for the tourists. Easy to reach your destination rather than taking a taxi.

Enjoy your Sunday, Tracy!

Nice evening shadows. Thanks for including my photo from last week in your mosaic.
Rinkly Rimes said…
Viewing the winning works of art is always a pleasure,
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Once again you have a fabulous shadow shot to offer us.
Molly said…
Love the yellow and green. City cycles - a great idea!
Dimple said…
I like the idea of city cycles. I live in the country, but once I get to town, I would use a bike sometimes if there were the option. It would save a lot of stop and go driving...
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love that yellow! Like dollops of painted sunshine in the shadows! A great photo!

Enjoy your weekend! Our school holidays have begun with rain... which is expected all week! Sighhhhh!
Carola said…
Great photo. I do like the yellow too. I Germany we have Citycyles, but, as far as I know, not in yellow.
Thanks for putting my shot into your shadow gallery. the colors & shadows - you always capture awesome shots Tracy! that idea of a city cycle - wow - wish we could have thought of that one! Our town is too small for something like this - but a great idea for sure :)
admin said…
LOVE your shot for this week!! amazing :) have a good week XO
Cindy said…
Great composition! Very nice color in this night shot!
gengen said…
This is very interesting and that city cycles really look cool. Mine is up...
billsoPHOTO said…
Nice! I wish we had public bicycles here in Honolulu. We barely have bike paths as it is.
DougVernX said…
The yellow in your shadow shot is striking, thanks for sharing.
Ralph said…
The urban cycles are so cool - the enclosed yellow fenders have a great style. In fact, the yellow stands out far more than the council members yellow. A look of these cycles are lost on us in the suburban realm - but one of the wonderful urban and city things!
Beverley Baird said…
Great composition! Great shadows for the week!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for including me in this week's gallery :) Your shot this week is really interesting - not only the long shadows, but the atmospheric quality and the bold spots of color. Nice!
forgetmenot said…
Such a "fun" shot--very clever. Mickie :)
Shydub said…
It's magical how shadow create beutiful shape doesnt it?

Anyway, Im joining shadwo sunday for the first time.

Husband's Shadow
Unknown said…
Very Australian with the yellow and green theme. Was that intentional? LOL

Great shadows. Have a great week.
Alexa said…
Very cool photo! I loved seeing people on velibs all over Paris—really wish we had something like this in NYC.
E Makes Art said…
Very cool! I love how the yellow continues through the photo! And I LOVE your botanicals below. Absolutely beautiful!

And just so you know...this week I couldn't decide on which photo to post for SSS and I remembered your comment from last week about nothing wrong with posting multiple photos. So I did! Thanks :) I keep trying to cut back to just one, but why fight it when I can't decide, right?

muchlove said…
I love the bright yellow tone of those City Cycles.
Unknown said…
Loving your botanical photos. Charmaine
Angie said…
Once again blogger is not letting ME see your SSS!!! (..... rude words!!!)
Can see those wonderful botanicals - fantastic.
anna maria said…
Love that yellow! I posted mine for today, but am suddenly unclear about which link to add to Mr. Linky. General blog address or link for current post?
Anyway, hope it's ok today's here and general one under Mr. Linky.
Hootin' Anni said…
Love the composition of this photo!!!
Sreisaat said…
What a fantastic photo. Love your play on the colours, too.
This is my first time in SSS, hope you can visit me sometime :)

Inside Cambodia
Big and Little said…
Much better look than our blue Melbourne ones.
urban muser said…
great shot! there is some buzz about this coming to nyc. a request for proposals went out last year. i hope it happens someday.
I'm so thrilled to have discovered your Shadow Shot Sunday! What a cool pic you posted for this week. I love it!
Elizabeth said…
Love that Hipstermatic
but a suoer shot in its own right.
kat said…
In Sweden, there are also parking place for bicycles, but here in the Philippines no. Cool pic.

This is my first entry and hopefully won't be the last. lol
Kelly said…
I love how the yellow really pops in your shadow shots today!! So bright and cheerful!!
Eden said…
Fantastic shadow shot. Love the bright yellow colours.

Have a great week.
love those shadows and the bright yellow really makes this a composed shot!
Wow, neat concept. We all need to conserve gas. Great shadows contrasting with the bright yellow.
Anonymous said…
I love this photo. It brings alot of thought, and has great color.
More cities should have this.
Jessaca said…
Saw that a couple of bloggers I was following were doing this photo challenge and thought I would come and check it out. Looks like fun. Will be linking up soon.
Have a good one!!
Unknown said…
Ditto to all the ways in which we are praising your wonderful composition of city cycles and colors! Marvelous!
And thank you for collage my blue heron!
RNSANE said…
What a great concept...and photo, as well!
RNSANE said…
What a great concept...and photo, as well!
Your color work just gets cooler and cooler. It must be great to have such a recognizeable style that your "minimalist" botanicals below are a whole different look, also lovely and dreamlike.
Great shot! Such a cool effect with all that eye popping yellow!! Hope your Monday is off to a good start :)
Annabella said…
This is such a fun idea - I have loved looking at your mosaics and have today entered for the first time. Love the shot of the city cycles! Hope you have had a great weekend.
Mousy Brown said…
Very late today but did get it in while it was just about sunday! :D
Unknown said…
Love the bright yellow against the grey tones. Wonderful shadows as always Tracy, Enjoy the week. Jo
A Wild Thing said…
Boy am I late today...been out working in the garden since the crack of dawn, but I had to rush over...rather crawl over and visit ya...BOY AM I POOPED!!! But boy am I lovin' this 80 degree weather! Got the beans and peas planted, so now for a beer and a break...see ya next week girl!!! said…
a perfect balance of yellow color in your very cool shadow shot! Nice job Tracy.
Sorry I'm so late today with my post.
I hope you have a great week.
: )
I was happy to come across your site this morning! Thanks for offering Shadow Shot Sunday. I love your bike shot. The colors are really cool.
colleen said…
I have a shadow shot series if it's not too late. I like shadows. They are fairytale magical.
colleen said…
PS Love that dayglow yellow at night.
Tracy girl I had meant to stop by yesterday .. things got out of hand and now here I am on a Monday ?
Thank you for including me in the collage : ) you are too sweet !
I also wanted to say how much I admire your botanicals ! They are gorgeous ! .. being a gardener makes me appreciate plant shots even more and your "affects" make them even more beautiful .. wonderful art work Tracy girl : )
picciolo said…
Hi Tracy I love the composition with the yellows! And your new botanicals are very pretty too. I saw the Homebase ad the other day, you didn't get to see much of your beautiful part of the world.
: )
Misty Chaos said…
That's an awesome photo ♥
I love the yellow!

P.S - Thanks for including my photo from last week :]
Catherine said…
love your shot this week - wonderful daubs of yellow....greetings from Seattle!
Pblacksaw said…
oh I hate when I miss the linky.. Have a great day..
I'll show you ours when I see one.
Finally today it's been spring sunny, aaah, so beautiful!!!