Shadow Shot Sunday #152

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #152

Some strolling shadows. Taken on Friday when the weather was oh-so-fine!

These people were walking along the path that leads to the Redcliffe Jetty...

A perfect Autumn day! I wish it continued into the weekend! Rain rain rain!

Happy Sunday!

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What oh so fine images of strollers!! Did you not feel like a 'spy' taking them? These are fantastic!
Dina said…
You must have had a nice high perch to look down on the shadow-makers.

Did Queensland really have an earthquake today??
GalleryJuana said…
My favorite is the photo with the couple walking hand in hand with the wide brim hats. Their shadows look cool without their neck or head. I love the blue and green hues in all the photos. Looks like a beautiful area to take a walk.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend even with the rain.
amberlee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
amberlee said…
lovely shadows, makes me want to go for a stroll in the sun!
Sylvia K said…
Terrific, fun SHARP shadow shots for the day, Tracy! What a lovely place! Hope the rain doesn't hang around for too long, but then it is fall there, isn't it? Enjoy your weekend!

Beverley Baird said…
What a beautiful spot! No wonder all those people are walking there! Great shadows for the week!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Tracy!
whizkid said…
beautiful set of pictures. Lovely colour, and shadows. Loved them all.

have a happy week.
Anonymous said…
A super set of shadow shots! Thanks for including me in the collage. We've just seen the tv advert for Homebase, which you mentioned some weeks ago ....... we can actually see our local branch from the house, way over on the other side if the valley - not quite as good a view as the scene in the advert!!
Anca Pandrea said…
Nice observation spot you have there :)
Ms. Becky said…
O, this is a most marvelous series of shadow shots. superb. I love love love these Tracy. the perspective is just wonderful. I hope you have a fun weekend, and thanks for hosting SSS each week. it's my favorite photo meme evah.
BLOGitse said…
That water looks amazing. Inviting people like a magnet, and their shadows following them... :)
I didn't know we have a Aussie bar in Helsinki - now I do!
Happy Sunday!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Such a lovely weather out there. It's wet and cold out here. Happy weekend!
Dianne said…
the people shadows are so wonderful from above
and I love the slight hue you add

the cones in the post below are so pretty
Shydub said…
Those are awesome shot. Looks like you've been busy taking their shadow behind them. You did great job though.

Thanks for featuring my entry from last week, mine is up mnow
DougVernX said…
It seems interesting that you are speaking of autumn in your post and we here are still waiting for the first warm day of spring. You photo shows people in shorts and tshirts. I have put my winter clothes away and refuse to bring them back out! Thanks so much for featuring my photo from last week.
Ralph said…
The strollers are strolling along purposefully - a day of sun and no rain and alongside the bay. A day to cherish, and all of the subjects leave shadows in motion. Enjoy every day, and when this nice - outside!
Hi Tracy,

I love those kids shadows, that was a really treat. The water photo is beautiful.

Thank you for posting one of my Alamo photos ... it's kind of a spooking looking one, isn't it?

Thanks for hostessing, and have a wonderful week!

Kathy M.
Rajlakshmi said…
the last one is a delight to watch :D
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love all those shapes of the strolling shadows! Lots of interesting variety created by looking down on the walkers!

Rain? We have just had days of it! But yesterday was beautiful and today is supposed to be beautiful after heavy morning fog! We'll see!

Enjoy your weekend!
Stef said…
I love it! Superb! I joined again and it is here. Thanks and have a good Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Great to capture the shadows in step with the walkers.
Hey Tracy girl : )
Love all the "shadow people" tagging along with the "physical people" ?
They lay in wait .. wanting to tag along for a walk ? haha
Autumn ?? OMG !! it always strikes me so funny with the opposite seasons .. I want to celebrate Halloween for you! hehehe
Joy ;-)
The shadows of the strollers are sticking quite close to the strollers' heels. Afraid to get lost? Maybe...
Victoria said…
The shadows almost have a personality of there own, especially the ones in the top pic. Very fun! That last pic is beautiful, and dreamy. Seeing it made me want to hop on a plane right now... that is until I read you also have rain! We have had so much of it lately, and right now it's coming down in buckets. If this keeps up I fear we will all grow gills and fins!
forgetmenot said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
forgetmenot said…
Great shadow shots--people's shadows are always great to take. Lovely view of the water too. Happy SSS. Mickie :)
Unknown said…
Great shots of strollers. you must have been up on a balcony? Charmaine
Pieni Lintu said…
First time in this meme.. :)
Full-On-Forward said…

5 STARS--5 STARS!!!!

A Wild Thing said…
Hey girl, were you high on a bridge??? Fun shots anyway...glad to hear you had good weather, the snow didn't last long, none of it stuck to the ground, but at 35 degrees I covered my rose bushes from the cold icy rains...hope they make it! It's just weird driving to work in a blizzard in April...

Hope you have a great week friend!!!
Love shadows that are so expressive!
admin said…
LOVE your paparazzi shots Tracey! hehe!! Great view from above & stunning colours & contrast XO
Anonymous said…
I love this series of shots - what a great idea! Happy SSS :)
Laura said…
Love your shadows looking down Tracy...excellent perspective!!
Sam said…
Very cool photos of strollers! I like the perspective - it's like we're (well you actually) were up in a hot air balloon! Very nice! I also love that there's no more snow in the mix at the moment - I think that's one of the secret joys of shadow shot - the changing of the seasons. Must get back into it!!!!

Hope you're well and dry - it's a little less rainy here today fortunately!

XOXO's Sam.
Those people shadows almost look like flowers. Beautiful series. As always, I'm in love with your colors.
toby said…
That is an awesome shadow series! And your view in the last shot is so peaceful and beautiful - I hope I get to visit your neck of the woods one day :)
Have a great week!
Great shadows this week Tracy, looks like you experienced perfect weather last week as well before the yukky stuff arrived just in time for the weekend! Have a great week ahead x
Anonymous said…
A very old and very small shadow for this week. Its there, really, you might have to look around like a puzzle. haha!

Have a great week!
Angie said…
Wonderful shots (can only see first two). Yesterday was 35c (went swimming) today we had rain & it's 20c right now!! Not funny weather - earthquake in north Queensland, tornado in south Carolina and as to other parts of the world...... Enjoy the rest of the day.
Unknown said…
Nice series of shots. Like you, we are making the most of the fine weather, have had rain over the past few days.
Cassie said…
Most excellent ShadowShots Tracy! Almost made me dizzy looking down on them. Happy SSS!
Unknown said…
What a great idea to take photos in this way. Love the one with the guys with hats. I like the filter/ageing technique you've used to great effect. Makes them look even more spy like!! x
made by gen said…
Wow you have pretty shadow shots. Mine is up too...
cathysrunning said…
Those are fantastic shots! Love the shadows of people - and the colors are amazing! Love your SSS!
Unknown said…
i love the photos...

my first time here....
E Makes Art said…
Love that last shot. Beautiful!

Linnea said…
I love your people shadows...great perspective!
Sreisaat said…
Great shots! My favourite has to be the walking people shots :D

Have a great Sunday.

Inside Cambodia
Arija said…
You certainly picked your place and time for great shadow shots!!!
so lovely shadow shots....
It´s makes me longing for the summer, but It´s on it´s way....
The spring is here!
Anonymous said…
Great photos - the shadows tell totally that the sun had full power ;-)
Here on Lolland the sun have been smiling the last days, and should keep on the next 7 days :-D
Have a great week!
Unknown said…
Tracey, I might have to take up drinking lots of coffee. Also got my Botanical photos, so prompt. On the look out for frames now. Thank you so much Charmaine
jane said…
I love all the action in those shadow shots - what a glorious day I can almost feel the sun on my back x
Hootin Anni said…
Oh my gosh...I love the angle of these photos!!
Anonymous said…
Harriet, thanks for stopping by Wrenaissance. I completely didn't focus on you're being in Brisbane when I posted the photo, and I'm glad to hear not everyone in the city hates the ibises!
Kelly said…
I really like these strolling shadows!! So unique and BOLD!!
Alexa said…
It's almost like they were multiplying and dividing. You sure made the most of the sun while it lasted! Thanks for featuring my Notre Dame church chairs. :~}
Great shots. The sun looks so bright there!
Eden said…
Beautiful shadow shots.The strolling shadows are my favourite.

Have a great week.
Buy Design said…
Long ago... when I was young and foolish.. I lived in a second floor flat in Edinburgh and we used to get great fun from watching people pass by on the street below. Our favourite pastime, especially in the evening when passersby had just left the pub on the corner, was to drop pennies out the window and watch while they checked pockets and scrambled around wondering what they had dropped. Very childish, I know, but really funny. So good to see that you used your position to a much better effect. I love your people shadows.
Fiona x
Vintage Gal said…
Happy Sunday ~ just left my shadow shots. Now I'll browse and see all the great shadow shots ;-)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful shadows! And a gorgeous place to stroll.
Thanks for hosting -- off to explore others' contributions --
FiveSibesMom said…
Lovely shadows! Coincidentally, I did a walking shadow shot today too! 'Tis the season for them! Happy Sunday!
MsRay said…
I just posted my first entry. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday everyone!
Jessaca said…
I am having so much fun finding shadows. Thanks for having this photo challenge Harriet.
Neat set of unsuspecting people and thier shadows.
Have a good one!!
Unknown said…
wonderful, strong photos! not to mention the shadows! And your bontanicals are exquisite in their quietness!
Unknown said…
love these - and after two weeks of almost non-stop clouds & rain, these are making me that much more ready for summer!
Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment ... I'm happy that you liked your present!

Kathy M.
Kay L. Davies said…
Fabulous shots, Tracy! I love the Redcliffe Jetty one. We live in a little town called Redcliff in Alberta, and the original name was Red Cliffe.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Molly said…
I love the shadows of people on walkabout. Isn't it a shame when the gorgeous weather only stays for a day or two. Have a beautiful week!
Carola said…
Great shots. The first one I like is my favorite.
Kathe W. said…
whew- squeaking in at the last minute!
Beautiful shot of the jetty! I like the stroller shots too...I'm wondering where you were standing to take them. You've got a real birdseye view!
I'm a bit late to SSS but I made it! I love your images this week. I've never been to Australia but Redcliffe Jetty looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
picciolo said…
We have sun here but I'm inside and can't enjoy it!
: )
Anonymous said…
Your photos are excellent. Great montages too.

Have a good week, Boonie
Rhianne said…
I love the strolling photos, what a great idea!!
robin. said…
just getting back from a holiday in the beauty that is florida. sun, warm, sand, friends, spirits, food. and laughter, lots of laughter...only to return home yesterday to snow and the kids having a snow day today...argh!! michigan.

lovely shadow shots!! crisp and light.
Unknown said…
Hey T! I dont come here for a week or two and feels like a month or two.As usual, the pictures SSS are awesome! Your pictures do get better and better everytime. Our weather's crazy here, monsoon is well over but we have too much rain everyday. its either super hot or rain, sometimes we have both at the same time and it makes people sick. Hope you week..or weekend soon is good :) Hugs...M
Helen Ginger said…
Love all the shots. They're fabulous. That last one could be in a book or on a card. (They all could, but that last one was my favorite.)