Shadow Shot Sunday #154

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #154

Here we have some shadows cast from a charming old telegraph messenger bike. And no, it's not from my shed (oh how I wish it was!) but part of the display at the Send: from telegraph to text exhibition on at the Museum of Brisbane.

Happy Sunday!

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It's hard to imagine having to ride a bike to deliver a message in the age of mobile phones and texting!
Catherine said…
bicycyle shadows are some of my favourites and this classic example is areal gem - beautiful collages too as usual - thanks and greetings from Mexico..
Sylvia K said…
Love the red bike and the shadows! This will be my only comment until I'm moved and my computer up again. But wanted to thank you for the weekly fun! Your collages are marvelous as always!

Anonymous said…
We haven't had mobile phones for that long - but now we can't imagine life without them ...... and we certainly can't imagine a boy on a bike bringing us news in a telegram!
Beverley Baird said…
And here I thought it was yours and yopu were heading out for a spin!
Very interesting exhibit!
Hop you are having a wonderful weekend Tracy!
robin. said…
great old bike tracy...wonderful shadow!! we've come a long way baby!!
BLOGitse said…
Lovely bike!
I just took my kick bike and normal bike to maintenance - tomorrow it will be a biking tour for us! :)
Happy May Day weekend!
What a SWEET bike! I would be doing the same-wishing I had it in my shed! Loved the rosellas from the previous post. Hope that jam comes out onolicious! (ono is delicious or tasting good, etc. in Hawaiian)
Dina said…
That front rack makes an unusual shadow.
MyMaracas said…
A great bike, and the front rack is so unusual. I love the way you've composed the shot.
Ralph said…
We can be so jaded about modern communications. Yet in a different time, a speedy delivery was as warranted as today. The messengers provided a valuable service. Even today in places like New York City, bicycle messengers still deliver time sensitive documents that may or must not be sent electronically.

This bike is cool! A wonderful link to the past...
whizkid said…
What's with handle?!
Anonymous said…
Love the old bike, I remember putting the handlebars on backwards.
Hey, Tracy! How are you? I love that bike. I would like to have one like it too. Have a great week and take care,

Kathy M.
VaishVijay said…
I too have a penchant for shadows & I have a couple of pots in my blog. But, only today I came across your SSS meme.

I've few Qs for you n tried to contact you via email, but it prompts me to Outlook, which I don't like to use. So, how to communicate?
Generik said…
Looks like the bike I got on my 7th birthday. Wish I still had that one!

looks like a nice bike, it casts some great shadows too!
DougVernX said…
Oh I had a red bike like that once. brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing. Hope you all like me entry this week.
Ms. Becky said…
if it were blue it would look just like the one from my shed. nice shadow shot Tracy. have a great weekend!
Cassie said…
Hi Tracy. Love the ShadowShot! A reminder of days gone by. You are a real museum buff aren't you? Thanks for letting us visit them with you. Happy SSS!
jane said…

Love the bike - if only it could talk - now there would be a tale - those rosellas are a beautiful colour - good luck with the jam x
Carola said…
This bike has wonderful shadows. The bikes from our mailman still look a bit like that.
Thanks for selecting my shot for the gallery.
GalleryJuana said…
my eyes are drooling over that bike and it's front carrier. I remember how our post carrier used to deliver the mail on foot.

I look forward to seeing your progress on the rosella jam. The little buds sure look pretty.

And thank you for featuring my yellow chilies earlier.

Have a good Sunday!
Rinkly Rimes said…
Bicycles, by their very nature, cast interesting shadows. Mine, this week, is a scooter. Not so romantic.
Tracy girl that is one beautiful mode of transportation !! I remember my bike that had only one speed .. ME!!
We used to put close pegs in the spokes to make noise like .. ok .. remember I was a kid .. to sound like a motorcycle .. yes .. we did DO THAT! .. haha
Joy : )
toby said…
I need a bike like that! Wow.

I'm always amazed and a teeny bit jealous of how many shadows you're able to find :)

Have a great week!
Unknown said…
Those were the days!
A Wild Thing said…
Girl, you just have the best museum displays in your area and we thank you so much for sharing them, my very first bike was bright red, even though second hand, my Grandaddy painted for was special!!!

Have a great week, it's finally getting warmer here...yayyyy!!!
Unknown said…
What a neat old bike, love the shadows. And yes we sure have come a long way.
Anca Pandrea said…
Cool bike, I would be so happy to have one in my shed, too...
Gemma Wiseman said…
A lovely old bike with a history! To think a bike has moved up into a work of historical art! And love the play of shadows round it!

Once again, thank you so much for including my last week's photo in a collage! I so love how you do this for us!

Enjoy your weekend!
Maude Lynn said…
Nice shot!
Sarah said…
My Mum and Dad call those bikes 'sit up and beg' bikes-have you heard that expression? It looks like a fine and comfortable bike to me.
I love your shadow shot sunday (saturday here in the states) fun!
Looks like a nice sturdy bike! I have noticed of late
that bikes are changing in the way they look, more
decoratively painted, or festooned with flowers!
It is no longer the manufacturer's name that counts....
Spadoman said…
I love the old bicycle! I remember having an older, what we call, a balloon tire bike. Had a rack with a milk crate mounted on the front. What a trophy, and a great shot of it casting a shadow. Good capture!

Sarah said…
Hi again,
my first link is to last week's-by mistake, but I don't know haow to remove a link from Mr Linky! Sorry about that! The second one should be to this week's.
Laura said…
Wonderful shadows Tracy...such a nostalgic feel about this image.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Your telegraph messenger bike reminds me of late grandfather hehehe. Have a great weekend.. Thanks for including my shot last week in the gallery.
Unknown said…
Hi Tracey, sorry for my absence the past two weeks. Daughters B'day the first week, then moved my sister last week. But back today. I see you have had some wonderful shadow play thou! Have a great week. Jo
Kathe W. said…
just as I reaied for my shadow shot the sun disappeared- it's only a faint shadow of itself- BUT the post must be done.
Great bicycle shot Harriet! Makes me want to jump on my bike and take a ride!
Unknown said…
That sounds, and looks, like a very interesting exhibition.... and a beautiful old bike - dread to think what the control would have been like with a heavy bag sitting over the front wheel!! ;)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for hosting and I am honored to join you this week. I love the bicycle shot!
amberlee said…
what a sweet bike, love the red!
Sreisaat said…
A red bike with a rich history! My husband and I are cyclists and we have one of our old bike in the living room to remind us of our happy cycling adventures.

Inside Cambodia
I love old bikes. That's a very nice one. I especially like the platform on the I like places to put things too :) Oh, and lovely shadows as well!
Angie said…
I repeat what everyone else has said - just LOVE that pic!! Thanks, Tracy for this great MEME. Have a good week.
Gengen said…
This is cute shadow shot... mine is up too.
E Makes Art said…
Love the bike!! You guys seem to have the coolest exhibits at your museums. I think I'll have to visit...and she starts dreaming now....

Hi Tracy, hope you had a lovely Easter break, nice shadow this week, wouldn't it be wonderful to find one of those old treasures under the house??? Have a great week, Lee x
Rimkogeren said…
Beautiful and interesting image.
Imagination runs. What happy and sad messages brought the bike out?
Pieni Lintu said…
Sorry sorry sorry. I had wrong url (80) so you can remove it!!! ;)
kat said…
I want to ride the bike. I like the collage. It's beautiful. Happy SSS.
Hootin Anni said…
Great photo...but, but----

I must ask you what this "Rosella Jam" tastes like? I've not heard of it. Now I'm wondering if there is some place that may export this jam to America. I have it 'pictured' in my mind that it's a bit tart and 'berry flavored'?!!! Is it?
Annabella said…
I love the shadow cast from the basket carrier. A beautiful bike and a lovely shadow shot. So excited to see last week`s shot in the shadow gallery - thanks so much!
Leovi said…
Lieas beautiful composition, shapes, lights and shadows.
Square Peg Guy said…
Before I read your description, I thought that the bike looked suspiciously like a display piece. Nice shot!
Unknown said…
Classic shot of a classic bike! and more beautiful collages -- thank you!
Anonymous said…
What a delightful bicycle. Great shadow shot too.
Have a good week.

All the best, Boonie
Kelly said…
What a wonderful bicycle! No my first bike.

Bet that was a fun exhibition.
Great geometric patterns Tracy -- and fun to imagine the rider busily pedaling as he delivers his messages (hard work then!)... I imagine the whole thing was was a very interesting exhibit.
Anonymous said…
Nice shadows! I too love this bike.
Thanks for having my shot in the shadow gallery. :)
teresa said…
Love that bike. i can see why you'd like to find it in your shed. me too.
Anonymous said…
I missed a great bicycle shadow shot last weekend - so I'm jealous of your wonderful photo ;-) said…
such a cool bike (& photograph)! & I love the color!
Have a great week Tracy.
: )
Such a cool bike. The retro photo treatment works so well here. Hop on!
Molly said…
The red and green colours of the bike are brilliant. Love it!
shydub said…
It's the time of the year to get that bike out and put it on the bike rack and head the bike trail hehe. have fun

I miss last week Shadow shot. Anyway, im playing this week.
VaishVijay said…
I've been playing around the shadows recently and just came across your SSS and happy to have found you! Thank you for giving this kind of opportunity:)
Victoria said…
now that's my kinda bike.
Chrisy said…
Fabulous line up of talent...the toes in the water in particularly appealing...maybe as it's getting cooler here...yes that bike is a thing of beauty...
Yurtdisi egitim said…
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