Shadow Shot Sunday #136

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Heres' my Shadow Shot Sunday #136

The shadowy bushland surrounding my house. This photo was taken earlier in the week during a brief and rare sunny period. It's been rain, rain & more rain here in most parts of Queensland for the longest time. We've had one very soggy summer so far! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (or are HAVING a lovely Christmas if you happen to be on the other side of the world and are visiting on your Christmas day). We here in Australia beat you to it! Christmas day is a thing of the past and we've moved onto Boxing Day already. I had plans to head into the city for the Boxing Day shop sales but with this icky weather I think I'll be staying home and painting some walls. And indulging in Rum Balls between brush strokes. My stash of Rum Balls are quite potent so I hope I don't fall off my ladder!

Happy Sunday!

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Sarah said…
Happy Christmas tracy! Sorry to hear it is wet-but all the better to stay at home and play with your pressies! Your SSS this week looks like the rainforest! Very lush. Once again I am going to have to miss it-but do pop in if you have time to see some hugely over the top local lights! Just finished Christmas dinner here and about to watch the Queen! x
Quilt Works said…
Merry Christmas to everyone on my favorite meme ;-)
You're so be careful on that ladder.

Hope you had a swell Christmas!

Your shot is very green and lush and warm looking. I would like to be sitting in that little clearing basking in the sun.
Oh, I dunno....soggy is good! At least things can grow!
Yummy-I LOVE rum balls. I don't make them since I will be the only one to eat them in my household. I love just about any home made cookie!
Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! We haven't opened presents yet...teenager is still asleep.

Kay L. Davies said…
I agree with Paula - rain makes things grow. Your photo is beautiful, Tracy.
It's Christmas morning here, but nothing much is happening, so I can get busy on my SSS post.
All the best to you for the coming year!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love your shadow shot this week, very refreshing.. Merry Christmas!
Tracy girl ! Post Merry Christmas and pre-Happy New Year !! .. what are the chances of me getting your recipe for those rum balls ?? I adore rum balls and I need a good STRONG recipe for them : )
Your shadow shot is just what the others have said .. so lush and green and BEAUTIFUL ! .. In fact magical I would say .. looking out at the Great White North here ? haha
You have reminded me I have painting to do as well .. but I think I will put it off yet again until I have rum balls to fortify me with ??? LOL
Take care ! Joy : )
robin. said…
by i post...i'm hoping you are not stiil on the ladder. (and hoping you haven't fallen off in a rum ball incident either) love the green forest...dislike my white frozen scenery.

hope your Christmas was wonderful.
Molly said…
Wonderful shots and lots of green .... dream!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Lovely green world around your home Tracy! Stunning photo!

Our endless days of rain eased up for Christmas day! It was grey but warmish! So good to see a little sun, even if it is only a dribble!

And thank you so much for including my shadow shot in your collage! My critter looks as if he/she is watching over your post introduction!

Have a great rum ball day! I adore them too!
toby said…
Wow - lucky you to be surrounded by such beauty! Enjoy it - and enjoy the rest of this holiday season!
Sam said…
Happy Christmas sweetie for yesterday! Yes, we've got rain and thunderstorms here today too! You're not affected by that cyclone I hope! Although, we are probably both getting an edge of it...

I tend to stay away from the crazy Boxing Day sales myself - I think you are very wise to stay at home and eat rum balls and paint! It sounds infinitely more fun to me!

Love your bush/ jungle here - you live in a very pretty and exotic part of the world! XOXO's
Unknown said…
Merry Christmas Tracey, and enjoy your rum balls. Lovely bushland, the rain has made everything so lush and green, but really when is it going to stop and let it be summer! ;-) thanks for posting last weeks shadow. Jo
GalleryJuana said…
Love all the green the rain has nurtured in the bushland! How beautiful to be surrounded by all that nature. Enjoy your rum balls and hope you don't fall off the ladder:)

I think I'm going to try and brave the boxing day sales here with my Mother. I want to take her shopping.
fredamans said…
Merry Christmas!
MOO said…
Downright ethereal. Happy Boxing Day!
MonikaRose said…
G'day Tracey, Happy Christmas and New Year...wishing you and yours a fabulous future ahead.... Thanks for including my shadow shot from last ur shot this week, the greenery always gets me so beautiful...check out my shadows, there are some dots to check out...go see what they are ;) enjoy ur day and week ahead...ciao my friend :)
millie said…
Happy Holidays!! I'm so jealous of your green!! We're buried in snow at my house and I'd love a bit-o-green right now!!
Angie said…
Very lush bush you have around you. Here in the west it's been hot & dry. Rum balls sound like the way to go on Boxing Day.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
The shadows in your bush look so cooling. Rum balls - I too have a stash in my fridge so I must go and indulge!
Oh yum, rum balls. I haven't had those in forever. Easy on the ladder after a few of those. Actually, your photo looks a little rum-inspired.

I know you're going to like my shadow shot this week a whole lot; I just know it.
annalyn said…
hi there Harriet, I love the green and the bush and I love this shadow photo of yours :)

my second week on SSS and i really enjoy taking photos with shadows which only started when I joined last week :)

Have a Merry Christmas, btw.
Kelly said…
So bright and green, despite the shadows! Must be all that rain.
Wish we could get just a tad of it.
DougVernX said…
I love this shadow shot.
Alexa said…
It's Boxing Day here now too. Christmas came and went with no snow—hope you'll be seeing more sunny weather soon (meanwhile, you can always console yourself with rum balls)!
Anonymous said…
Cool photo.
Happy holiday to you.

All the best, Boonie said…
gorgeous lush shadow shot Tracy! sorry to hear about all the rain.
I hope you had a merry Christmas otherwise.
Thanks for hosting this fun meme. said…
sorry to post two links! I honestly do not know how I did that!
BLOGitse said…
Happy holidays!
Finally back in Casablanca but my SSS is full of snow - in Helsinki with xmas stuff, this time on my main blog. Here in Casa it's raining right now...not much but raining.
Next Sunday life will be back to 'normal' routine.
Guess what we've been doing - eating and sleeping!
It was perfect time to come back and relax after a very busy month...
Unknown said…
What a lush shadow T.Hohohohohanhaha! You are so funny...Idont know what's rum I am guessing its some cookie laced with rum :) Sounds good to me on a rainy day. It's raining non stop here, I went to Ikea and the crowd was crazy, I thought they were going to give away the whole dept store free :P Merry Xmas :)
Dina said…
Happy Boxing Day and enjoy those rum balls.
I long to see such green as is in your photo. The land has been brown for so long. Where is the rain? (I know, it's all down under.)
A Wild Thing said…
I couldn't remember if we were doing the shadow thingy this week, so I sorta did it anyway and by the time I got home it was in full swing...we're always so rushed for time during the holidays, but if I had that wonderful view of the bush out my back door, I would use any excuse possible to stay home and enjoy...even if I ran out of rum balls...too funny girl!!!

See ya next year...boy we've made so many wonderful friends on this fun meme...wouldn't it be fabulous if we all could meet somewhere middle ground...well, we can dream of it anyway!!!

Cheers friend in 2011!!!
Eden said…
Lovely picture. I love green.
Happy Boxing Day! I didn't go to the shop sales either because I wasn't feeling well.
We all love rum balls but didn't get the chance to make last Christmas.
Thank you for including my duck photo in the collage.

Becky Chalet said…
Ah,I miss the smell of rain on the ground and green grass. Lovely shot.
Unknown said…
hooray for wall painting! i secretly love it, and wouldn't mind changing the walls every year if i could get away with it. happy boxing day - now onward to new years!
Catherine said…
lovely bushland around your place - what a great place to live - lovely collages as usual and hope you have had a wonderful xmas - unfortunately my trip was cut short by an encounter with a sting ray - so am home early!! what dedication that the first thing I have done on getting back is to post for SSS - Happy new Year too!!
Ms. Becky said…
Your photo is so rich and lush - a stark contrast to my own reality of snow cover here in the Midwest! It looks like a rain forest. I love the color. Happy SSS Tracy!
Unknown said…
Our Christmas Day turned into a White Christmas (something we haven't had in North Carolina USA since 1969). Love the vivid green of your photo!
Heather said…
Your photo is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to have a print of it on my inspiration wall. The shadows are wonderful and I ADORE green!
Cassie said…
Merry (belated) Christmas Tracy! Your ShadowShot is so lush and lovely! We're getting rained on daily while visiting our daughter & sil here in Seattle. Got some fun ShadowShots for future postings! x
4 Lettre Words said…
So excited to see my little snowman in a collage. Thank you!

This weekend was a bit "off" for me, but I'll be back to play along, for sure.
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Melissa B. said…
The shadows add texture to the mystery of this snap. Love it!
Square Peg Guy said…
Thank you so much for featuring the picture of our two cats!