Hello. A note to all the lovely people who have sent messages to me regarding the Queensland floods. Thank you so much for the concern and positive wishes. It means so very much to me. What is happening right now is devastating and I can’t find the words to describe how I feel but I wanted you to know that I’m safe. My loved ones are safe. I'm lucky. The area I live in is not one of the expected areas yet to experience major flooding over the coming days. Yet the expected areas are MANY and it’s frightening to think about what has yet to happen. And to think about what has already happened. And is currently happening. So please keep in your thoughts and prayers all of the people who have been, and are yet to be affected by the floods. It’s likely services (power, internet etc..) will be lost over the coming days. I really have no idea what will happen but latest updates state that power will be cut to the CBD (central business district) in Brisbane early tomorrow morning. So it’s probable that even those of us not directly affected by flood waters will be indirectly affected in other ways such as power loss. Again, I don’t know for sure. I’m only guessing and going by what others are saying. The thing is with these situations nobody really knows what to expect. So if I vanish from cyber space for a while that will be why. Again, thanks for your lovely thoughts and wishes and if you can save them all up for those who really need them right now that would be awesome. Because there are so many who are needing them right now. Love Tracy xo

If you are able to assist financially, you may donate HERE to the flood appeal.

PS - The above photo I had planned to use as a Wordless Wednesday post this week. Obviously this doesn’t count as a ‘wordless’ post but I included the photo anyway because I had nothing else appropriate to accompany this post.