Shadow Shot Sunday #153

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #153

This guy was spotted sunbathing on the deck of the Dragonfly Cafe. Oddly there were no dragonflies to be seen. Maybe they're all in the belly of the sunbather.

Happy Easter! I wish there were sunbathing bunnies at the cafe that I could've shared with you, but no such luck. Probably far too busy with their deliveries.

Happy Sunday!

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How cool is that? Just about as cool as your porch visitors! Have a wonderful weekend!
robin. said…
he looks like he is ready for more the black and white. he looks like he is proudly posing for you also. happy easter tracy!!
BLOGitse said…
He/she's a cute little monster!
Have a relaxing easter weekend!
We started to remove old wallpapers - no holiday here...but it's fun to do for ourselves! :)
whizkid said…
i think he was hunting for shadows. amazing shot. Happy Easter T!
Martha said…
Long time no see! I just happened to catch a shadow in my most recent shot, thought I'd pop in to say hello and link up. Hope all has been well in your world. Martha :-)
Ms. Becky said…
Look at this guy!!! it's a fave Tracy. the light is perfect. fantastic shadow shot. thanks for hosting SSS each week, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday.
Beverley Baird said…
What a great shot! So ugly he's cute!
Have a very Happy Easter!
DougVernX said…
Even though my post isn't my own photo it's an appropriate one for the day. Thanks everyone for all your support and Happy Easter.
Sylvia K said…
Oh, what a great shadow shot for the day, Tracy! And he is so ugly he's cute! I love it! Hope you have a very Happy Easter Weekend! Enjoy!

Now that you mention it....his belly does look a little heavy in the middle :) Happy Easter to you as well Tracy!
Karla & Karrie
Funny, I almost posted an iguana from our cruise as my shadow shot. Maybe next time. Thanks for running this feature. It's fun to play along. Happy Easter.
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous creature! Super subject for a shadow shot!!
Ralph said…
This guy seems to redefine the term 'pub crawl', even if it is true! A unique visitor, and endearing if not downright cute. Sort of, anyway :)
jane said…
I love your shot - he is gorgeous - what is he? - we do get some tiny lizards over here but nothing like your little fella !
Kay L. Davies said…
Is that an iguana? Wonderful photo!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
No bunnies for you! Something totally unexpected is a much more interesting Easter shadow shot. And black and white, also! Great, as always.
Anca Pandrea said…
Great shadow for the day, he seems so pleased with himself.
Thanks for featuring my shadow.
Have a great Easter!
Cassie said…
OMgosh! Was this guy just running wild on the deck?? He looks huge. What a swell ShadowShot! Happy Easter Tracy.
Gemma Wiseman said…
What a character! He looks quite stil as if he has been there for awhile! And not even a camera will disturb him! (I clicked on the link for the cafe! It sounds delightful by the sea!)

Hoping you have enjoyed an Easter break away from routine!

Happiness always!
Spadoman said…
How big is that thing!??! There is no doubt that every self-respecting dragonfly steered clear of that deck while he was visiting.
Great shadows. Very good find!

I wonder if he has a long tongue that shoots out - a
wonderful specimen, like a tiny dragon. And so
appropriate a shadow shot....
Chubskulit Rose said…
Lovely! Have a happy Easter!
Unknown said…
LOL not quite a bunny! Happy Easter. Charmaine
Hooked on Memes said…
Fabulous creature. Beautiful composition. Happy Easter!
Jessaca said…
That lizard is cute!! Yeah you know he ate the dragon flies hahah.
Have a good one!!!
Carola said…
Iguana, Lizard or how do you call it? Fantastic shot in black and white, the shadow sits in the right position.
Angie said…
I'm sure I would have seen one of these when I was in Queensland unfortunatly - once again - Google or Mister Linky or my computer won't let me see your photo!!! **** **** Off now to cruise the other shadows - fingers crossed.
Jazzbumpa said…
I got a sun-bathing bunny right in my back yard.

Unknown said…
That takes the meaning of "sunbathing" onto a whole new level.

Amazing critter.

Hope you are enjoying your Easter break.
Dimple said…
He is on handsome lizard! Great shot!
Deepthi Pola said…
well captured...
Eden said…
Love the photo. Great capture of the bearded dragon.

Happy Easter
Anonymous said…
Thank so much for dropping by my blog and your suggestion. I've added your button and a link. Your photography is wonderful! x
forgetmenot said…
Such a "cute little guy" (if he keeps his distance). Great shot--he came along at just the right time. Happy Easter. Mickie :)
thanks for hosting. lovely pictures. I have a little bit of indoor shadows, I hope my pictures qualify for shadow shot sunday.
Anonymous said…
Your shadow shot this week is excellent. The subject looks almost prehistoric.

Have a good week, Boonie
Anonymous said…
I feel like Sylvia K: He is so ugly he's cute!
Great SSS - and Happy Easter ;-)
Leovi said…
Beautiful and Terrific. Thank you very much for letting me share our work, greetings.
Unknown said…
Ibis - classic, love it!
Sreisaat said…
That's a handsome critter! We have a similar one hanging around our garden, too. From time to time it makes itself visible to us, as if wanting to communicate.
Happy Easter to you and yours, too.

Inside Cambodia
Wow! That is a very cool shot! Beautiful!
Sarah said…
He has a great body for shadows. He could be a sculpture!
Annabella said…
He`s very handsome indeed...stunning image.
Great shadow shot, but I think I would skip lunch if I had to sit close to this fellow.
A Wild Thing said…
A mini-dinosaur...funny how they've evolved from such massive creatures. My daughter had an iguana once, I'll never forget the fire department grabbing him off the roof of her was the neighborhood event of the summer..crazy pets!!!

Have a great week Tracy...we got blue skies overhead in Iowa...hope it lasts all day on my day off...yayyyy!!!
muchlove said…
That is a fantastic shot!

Happy easter :)
amberlee said…
i love this little guy, wonderful shot x
Hootin Anni said…
Gotta love this!!!!
Kelly said…
Great Shadow Shot!! He looks mighty pleased with himself...or maybe just to be having his photo taken.
Buy Design said…
If only you had kept the dead fly.. maybe just show the photo to this beast. I'm sure he would have liked it.
I'm afraid I wouldn't have been around long enough to take a photo. Hiding round the corner more like and sending a child back with the camera. Happy Easter x
Molly said…
He looks very laid back and well fed! Happy Easter Tracy
Anonymous said…
I absolute LOVE this shot, and the b+w! Happy holiday to you, and thanks for hosting :)
Kathe W. said…
exotic cool shadow!!!
Anonymous said…
He's great!
Happy Easter to you.
Hi Tracy ... what an awesome picture ... it seems as if he has had his Easter dinner ... hope you have a wonderful day!
Clytie said…
Yep, I can see why there might be a dragonfly deficit at the Dragonfly Cafe! Nice shot!
gengen said…
Ha you capture it good. Mine is a bit late...
Full-On-Forward said…
I'm sayin hello to your Lil' fren!! BEAUTIFUL SHOT & ANIMAL!!!

Have a Blessed Easter! And thank you for hosting such an awesome format!
Unknown said…
Just found your sight last night! Thought I'd play along. Thanks for the linky!
Was Mr. Iguana bright green? Or was he feeling a little shadowy when you snapped his picture?


Even in shadow, where there is no light,
One may take comfort and one may delight
That darkness has lost its power to thrall
Those who are living on this earthly ball.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Three Companions in Shadow
Rajlakshmi said…
woww thats an awesome capture :D amazing.
Rajlakshmi said…
woww thats an awesome capture :D amazing.
Christine said…
That is such a good shot, Tracy - shadows or not. ;)
Happy Easter to you. No shadow shot from me today, but wanted to visit SSS anyway.
Unknown said…
that looks like such a yummy place to eat - maybe that little guy has classy tastes when it comes to begging for food!
Anonymous said…
Sorry I was so late posting my shot for today...was up and took picture at 5:00 a.m. EST (not sure what that early awakening was all about) but didn't get the chance to post until now. I will get better, I will get better at posting early (or so I tell myself anyway) :D
Hugs to everyone,
Beth P
Anonymous said…
Aloha from Honolulu! Hove everyone had a great weekend.
Gerald (SK14) said…
well well that's a creature we certainly don't see around here
Wow...he's a creepy looking big boy! He's quite beefy looking...he better watch out or he might end up on the menu at the cafe ;)
Melissa B. said…
They probably should re-name the place Cafe Iguana, correctamundo? Happy Shadow Shot Sunday, although I know it's already "tomorrow" on your side of the globe.
Sweepy said…
Woof, Harriet!
I am glad that beast eats only dragonflies and not dogs. I better scram before he changes his mind!

Happy Shadow week!
Pieni Lintu said…
Great shot!!! :)
icedgurl said…
is thanking you for your visit! keep hugging my blog and explore my trails! happy trekking! :]
Unknown said…
Coolest shot ever! I think he knows he's going to be featured here, that's why he paused and put on his best looking, meaning smile ever!
Victoria said…
Fella's like this guy just roam around?? Wow! (He sort of reminds me of an old boyfriend I use to have!)

Great shot!
Unknown said…
Hello T :) my latest plant was a rosella and i have them fruiting now. I dont know how to make jams but I know the local here boil them to make a drink...yet to try it. I also saw such jams around, will try one soon. Have a blessed weekend...we have Monday off so its a long holiday, plus I took a day off to watch the Royal wedding..and busy at home with my 3 stooges..same ol' story hehe! I think I can never be off blog land...though I find it liberating not to post..but everyone is on my mind, sort of haunting me haha! Take care T...will be back to see SSS :) love ya!
Unknown said…
Wow, I've never seen a lizard like that outside of a reptile house! He is amazing... all the more so for shooting in B&W. Amazing capture.

And thank you for putting up my picture in your mosaic - honoured as always... I missed out last weekend - somehow Sunday ran away with the eggcitement of it all!! ;) Have a great Sunday!