Shadow Shot Sunday #158

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Shadow Gallery
A selection of some of the submissions from last Sunday

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #158

A few shadows I snapped while walking around the Cultural Precinct in Southbank this week. Taken between GoMA and the Qld Art Gallery.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
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2. Sweet Repose
3. Magical Mystical Teacher
4. Rajesh, India
5. Sylvia K
6. Shadowy Prayers
7. robin-one still frame
8. Whizkid, india
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18. Anne
19. Ralph
20. Chubskulit
21. Rose
22. Bev, Canada
23. Cassie~farrr North Idaho
24. Maboe
25. Kay, Alberta, Canada
26. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA
27. Dina -Jerusalem
28. EG Wow, Canada
29. DawnTreader, Sweden
30. Crafty Green Poet - Roslin Glen
31. Crafty Green Poet (Over 40 Shades blog)
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35. Gemma @ Greyscale
36. Gardening Team
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41. toby
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98. Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA, 2nd entry
99. Carlota-It's All About Me

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky has now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Honey said…
ayayay!!! I have been MIA for so long.... I miss SSS! :)
Catherine said…
beautiful moody colours and patterns in your shots - wonderful!
Quilt Works said…
Great shot!
Sylvia K said…
Rich colors, wonderful patterns and a feel of fall in the air. Gorgeous as always, Tracy! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Oh, me! Oh, my! These are absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!!
DougVernX said…
I love the tinting you do on your photos. How do you do that?
Dimple said…
Really like the first shot for its intensity.

Thanks for putting my photo in the gallery!
Anonymous said…
I love the first photo - gorgeous colours!
Ms. Becky said…
you find the most wonderful shadows Tracy. I'm partial to the first one - that intense glow. thanks for hosting SSS each week, and I hope you have a really really good one.
whizkid said…
gorgeous! loved the first photo. Seems the third photo has a sister shot on my page ;)

have a great week!
Beverley Baird said…
Love the first shadow - very interesting! Sounds like you had a great time!
Cassie said…
Good morning Tracy! I especially like your fuzzy ShadowShot in the top photo. The firelike colors blurring on the wall and floor make it really special. Happy SSS and Memorial Day to you.

ps-Thank you for hosting this meme. I look forward to it each week.
Kay L. Davies said…
Fabulous shadow shots in wonderful colour, Tracy!
How nice to see one of my shadows appear in your collage. Thank you so much!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
I'll go against the majority here and say I like the last two best. I can't figure out so well what's going on in the top one. The last two are perfect studies in form, color and the accidental art that well-seen shadows can make (in the hands of you, Tracy!)

I have tree shadows that I think you will like this week:
Dina said…
Wow, three very different shadows. Nice!

Today I learned about a fascinating phenomenon that happens only two days a year in the Tropics. "Shadows all but disappear for three to five minutes as the sun burns directly overhead."
Photos and more info about Lahaina Noon at my friend's blog:
I love the bright colours in your first shot! Wonderful shadows in all your photos!
Rajlakshmi said…
beautiful photos :D
Hey Tracy girl how are ya'!
I got so tied up with garden issues I missed last weekend's meme darn it all but I posted two pictures this time to make up for it ;-)
I love that first shot with the merging colours .. gorgeous !
Is it really feeling like Autumn there yet ? .. I always have a hard time wrapping my head around how opposite we are .. hey .. I have a hard time wrapping my head around most things anyway ! haha
Joy : )
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the soft blue aura of the last two shadows! Like a gentle fantasy! The first one is like a symbol of Queensland's colours!
Ralph said…
The shadows fall upon the concrete walkway and add a unique style to the ordinary sidewalk - allow the entire scene to look much better! The colors that surround the flowerpot are bold, which makes their shadows seem to be on fire. Lovely urban art!
billsoPHOTO said…
Great photos in today's post! I've posted a shadow shot from Thursday's Lahaina noon, when shadows fall directly under objects and people here in Hawaii.
Unknown said…
Wonderful shadows this week, and I missed last week, I liked that one too! Have a great week, thanks for hosting Tracey.
leanne can blog said…
I love shadow shot sunday. You've got me noticing shadows everywhere!
I like your shadow shots this week.
toby said…
Cool shots all! Are the colors in your first one naturally so psychedelic, or did you tint them in some sneaky fashion?
Have a fantastic week!!
Chuck said…
Shadows and light are so fasinating so I was drawn to this site. I have posted my first entry.

All these are soooo cool!
Laura said…
so many lively shadows! I love your colorful choices Tracy.
Emma said…
Oh how I've missed SSS Tracy! I always love the shadows you capture but the first shot this week is just wonderful. The colours are amazing!

Thanks for hosting :)
amberlee said…
lovely colours, very nice
Angie said…
Two great photos showing off Queenslands back streets. Have a good W/E.
A Wild Thing said…
WOW, just look at those colors, they always turn out in the interesting hues, reminds me of summer and it will soon be upon us, 90 degrees by Monday...and humidity to match, but tonight it's sweatshirt weather!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Tracy!
Stef said…
I love the colors Harriet! You continue to inspire me and a lot of us for sure.
I like the last two - just shadows!
Anonymous said…
Great shadows! Love all the color in the first image.
Have a great week. :)
Unknown said…
Such crisp clear shadow shots, love the first one.
Full-On-Forward said…
A Tinted Shadow--OMGosh--a whole new world of possibilities!! THANK YOU!

Just Beautiful!!!!!!!

Anonymous said…
I love the cool tones of these shots! I have missed SSS, I am looking forward to having a look at all the peeps images.

Thanks for Hosting :-)
Gemma Wiseman said…
Wondered why no one was visiting! The first link is wrong! The correct link is No 59! Sorry!
Why Miss Tracy....that first shadow is on FIRE!!! Hot baby, HOT! Love it :)
OK, I have just discovered your site this afternoon and had accidentally taken a shadow photo earlier this afternoon. I have linked my relevant post to here but (dumb question time) not sure what you mean by "leave a comment" as part of the linking process.

Fellow Aussie, NSW
Today I posted some old memories with nice shadows in the water.
E Makes Art said…
You always make the collages of everyone's photos look so great. And of course gorgeous shadow shots! I love the colors! I love how the last one looks like it's underwater! You're so good at that! Enjoy your week!

E Makes Art said…
Oh, and are you ever NOT by a gallery? LOL! Don't worry... I'm just jealous!!

Anonymous said…
It's very special colors you bring this week, Tracy, gets me in a little sad mood!
Limarea said…
Your shadows are beautiful, and so are the pics in this weeks gallery :)
Leovi said…
Beautiful photos, wonderful composition of light and shadows ..
Spadoman said…
I love that first shot! What an eerie surrealistic light. Fantastic. The others are good too. I love the trees walking along the wall.

Eden said…
I love all your shadows shots, Tracy.Beautiful lighting.

Have a great week!
Annabella said…
Beautiful shots and love the colours in the first one.
so lovely shoots....
and I like your new header!
Kelly said…
Wow! The colors in that first shot are amazing!
anemonen said…
Lovely shots and shadows. I can´t choise.
Linnea said…
These do give off quite a dreamlike mood! Wonderfully captured.
Molly said…
Gorgeous coloured shadows!
Olive Tree said…
Sun is hiding at me place today and I can't get any shadow, so I pulled out some not too old photos with shadow. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.
carlota said…
great fotos!
Cassie said…
Hey Tracy, Why don't so many people who post for SSS leave comments? This weekend I left comments on 45 SSS blogs and recvd. a mere 15 comments back from them. There are, of course,some of my old favorite faithful SSS people that always comment...But what is wrong with the rest of them?? I try always to at least repay comments. Oh well, just wanted to vent to you. Thanks for hosting us.
Those alleyways look like some nice cool spots to hangout...or hide out ;)
Unknown said…
Yay! beautiful shots everywhere...and yes, I am still alive haha! I am missing YOU and everyone else :) and what do you know, its Friday weekend's is so near!
Antonella said…
Thank you so much for including my SSS this week! Much appreciated!!
Hugs, antonella :-)