sweet sunday

Artworks by Jack Oudyn

More amazing artworks by Jack Oudyn

I headed to Cleveland to visit the Redland Art Gallery today for the opening of the Mind Mapping exhibition. "Jack Oudyn records his memories and experiences of the world in visual diaries and artist books. Mind Mapping presents a selection of Oudyn's intimate drawings and collages spanning 20 years. The drawings explore themes of travel, work, health, news events and memories." ~ [excerpt from the Redland Art Gallery exhibition program]. I wholeheartedly recommend checking out this exhibition if you're not too far away from the Cleveland area as it's well worth a visit. It's on until the 18th of June, but if you can't make it along you can always pop on over to Jack Oudyn's Etsy shop where he has a range of his delightful art-flavoured little books available!

Next up was a stroll around the Cleveland Village Markets

Then a visit to The Old School House Gallery. It was quaint.

Lunchtime! Cleveland Point was the destination!

And Fish and Chips the choice of the day!

Oooh hello dessert!

Enjoyed a double scoop vanilla bean and coffee gelati combo. Super yummy!