bird watching

Early this morning while making coffee I looked out the kitchen window and spotted this egret wandering around the front yard. I grabbed a camera and continued watching him from the window while snapping a few pics.

Beady-eyed egret doing a very thorough check of the strawberry patch. Was he looking for strawberries to eat? Do egrets even eat strawberries? I wasn't too concerned anyhow as the plants aren't bearing fruit yet.

Arrrrgh! Now he's trampling through the strawberry patch. Stomp, stomp...

And he continues on with his journey stomping further through the garden

All that stomping calls for a rest to stretch the neck. Or he's doing tai-chi.

He proceeded to wander around for a while & then suddenly speared the ground with his beak. Protruding from that beak is a big fat juicy garden worm. MY big fat juicy garden worm. Grrrr! I've often noticed holes in my yard and wondered who created them. Mystery now solved. An egret sticking his beak where he shouldn't be sticking his beak. The culprit caught on camera stealing my garden worms! Oh well, such is life. He certainly appeared to have enjoyed his wriggley breakfast. Me? I had to make another coffee because my first one went cold...