Saturday, it's a Saturday

A beautiful start to the day. Sunshine and sea breezes!

A lovely morning walk on the way to the Lemon Farm Organic Market.

Some goodies bought at the market. The nectarines are super delicious!

Here's a sweet video made by Paul Bishop about The Lemon Farm...

And later in the day another market...

A little afternoon art-craft-knick-knacky style market held at the local primary school. Oh and sweet treats! Which of course I had to indulge in. Less healthy than the food purchases I made earlier in the day but hey it's all about balance right? And of course, most importantly, supporting the local community!

Between visiting markets I planted a couple of guava trees in the front yard (two varieties, yellow cherry and strawberry...yum!) and worked on some wood photo block orders to be posted off on Monday. Both a relaxing and productive day!