Sunday afternoon in the garden

The harvest from my coffee tree. Eight little coffee cherries. Hmmm... I don't think my tree will ever produce enough fruit to sustain my coffee addiction

Strawberry plants are flowering. A sign that spring isn't too far away now!

These are tiny Ice Cream Bean trees growing from some seeds I'd planted from my much larger and established three year old tree. I didn't think they'd sprout, but there you go. I surprised myself! I think I'll give these away as I don't really need more than one Ice Cream Bean tree in my yard. They grow to be very large!

My tomato plants self seed and pop up everywhere like weeds (not quite as out-of-control as my weeds though!) This one is growing in a rosemary bush

And it's profusely flowering

Lucy diligently supervising all activity in the garden

And some generous gifts from Lucy and the other two girls today