Pulpy Goodness

After fuelling on a few strong coffees I was prepared to brave the eager first-day crowds at the Lifeline Bookfest yesterday morning. The organisers claim it's the world's largest pre-loved book sale. I don't know how accurate that statement is, but I've yet to find a larger second-hand book sale anywhere. I've also yet to travel the world in search of one. Bookfest runs twice yearly (January & June) & has been operating for 18 years now. The range of categories & the quantity of books is overwhelmingly huge. Everything from rare & collectable first editions through to well-thumbed bargains are on offer. I was unusually organised this year, having carefully compiled a 'want-list' beforehand. I found oodles of gems that I wanted. None of which remotely correlated with those scrawled on my list, but it didn't matter in the slightest. I was super pleased with what I found anyways. One great find was an almost pristine copy of "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol" for mere $3. Yay! It was difficult to pass on the cheapo penguin classics section, so I stocked up on some penguin titles. My happiest penguin purchase was a battered old copy of Dosteovsky's "Crime & Punishment" (I may never even read the thing, however it does look all clever-like & impressive in my bookcase!). I managed to walk away (in a slightly stooped fashion) with a big & bulging backpack stuffed with pulpy goodness. The other wonderful thing about Lifeline Bookfest is that all funds raised from the event goes directly towards supporting the work of Lifeline. A worthy cause.

Bookfest - 12th to 19th January, Brisbane Convention Centre


sound&fury said…
I was at bookfest yesterday morning as well! I too have some very good literary finds (The Picture of Dorian Gray, almost new for just $1.50! 1984 for $2! Slaughterhouse 5 for $1!) as well as some less literary but very much enjoyable vintage Wizard of Id and Peanuts books. Don't forget the last day sales next Saturday - fill a bag in the unpriced section for $5!
Hey Harriet said…
What!?! Peanuts books? I didn't see any of those. Grrr! You must have grabbed them all. Hey thanks for the tip about next Saturday. I wasn't aware of that. So you've now redeemed yourself for the peanuts greediness ;D
LazyTcrochet said…
Beautiful sculpture!
Great blog.
Anonymous said…

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