For the Love of Lego

Daniel Brown is a Lego enthusiast, TV Blogger and a huge fan of the film, Brokeback Mountain. Daniel paid tribute to his favourite film by cleverly recreating scenes from the movie using Lego bricks. He called the collection Brokebrick Mountain and they are very funny, especially with the inclusion of Daniel's humorous little captions for each scene. I believe they were created a couple of years ago but I only recently stumbled upon them, so thought I'd share them with anyone else who may not have seen them & who may be interested. I loved them! I chuckled! Yay Daniel!

To view the rest of Daniel Brown's cute and cheeky Brokebrick Mountain collection, click here. Yee-ha! Lego celebrated its 50th anniversary on January 28th of this year. Gosh. Happy belated birthday Lego!


Anonymous said…
I love legos! Except, of course, at 5am when I'm walking barefoot and one embeds itself into my sole!
That was hilarious!
That is too cute!
OMB said…
Wow, that's some great work.
Anonymous said…
this is really amazing fun with lego! I had to click and see more of his work. I like your blog, Harriet, and although I haven't been to Brisbane, I do know how to say it! (A rare find in americans- hee hee).
etsy's coffee seamstress!
sound&fury said…
awesome! It's kind of similar to the Brick Testament, which is bible stories enacted by lego blocks. I was more of a duplo kid than a lego kid, meaning that no matter what the other kids made with their lego, I could make it ten times bigger with my duplo. =D
yellowfish said…
man, that is hilarious, it must have taken him forever!