We are fresh into the first week of Autumn here in sunny Brisvegas, but if you're a local you still have a couple of weeks to catch the SLQ's feature Summer exhibition called Paradise.

The exhibition explores the many notions of paradise through art, historical objects, kitsch and memorabilia and particularly how paradise has been represented in the history of Queensland - State Library of Qld

My favourite piece from the exhibit is titled "Hawaiian Sausages" by artist Colin Suggett. It's a cute & cheesy playful sensor-triggered installation, so upon approaching the artwork, the hotplate lights up & the sausages start dancing to the sounds of Hawaiian music. A Polynesian Pop party in a pan!

Mmmm...can't you just smell the silicone gravy? Kitsch-o-rama! I couldn't stop myself from continually triggering that sensor device either. I'm far too easily amused me thinks...

Paradise exhibition at the SLQ Gallery until 24 March 2008


Anonymous said…
That's your favourite piece? Perculiar taste you have indeed Harriet!

So you're entertained by swingin' snags ;D
Hey Harriet said…
Donat - I wouldn't exactly describe those Hawaiian sausages as swingin' snags. They looked more like wobbly swayin' snags drunk on too many pina coladas!

Still highly amusing to me nonetheless ;D

I guess you had to be there...
Noooooooooo....I can't believe it!
jewelstreet said…
lol. Now I'm going to be dreaming of sausages dancing the hula.
Love the fact that you had to keep reactivating the dancing sausages...not that this sounds ANYTHING like you. Impish Aussie behavior. Simply can't picture you doing anything like that! I appreciate the fact that you now have embedded hula music in my head for the day. I will return the favor by mentioning, "TRAGEDY" by the Bee Gees.....enjoy!
omg... the dancing sausages are hilarious!!!
Prairie Gothic said…
That's crazy, who ever heard of such. I have a friend Holly at Sweetheartville, who likes a lot of the same things you do. I like them too!
Anonymous said…
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