BIFF, BrisStylin' & Beanies!

It’s BIFF time! The annual Brisbane International Film Festival starts tomorrow and I’m so excited! The festival always has such a diverse and eclectic range of films on offer, and this year is looking just as good as previous years. 10 glorious days of World Cinema, Aussie Cinema, Retrospectives, a spotlight on British films, Docos, Experimental films, short films, seminars, workshops and so much more! One of the highlights that I’m most looking forward to is the Heath Ledger event. Heath Ledger has been announced as the 2008 Chauvel Award recipient in honour of his contribution to Australian cinema. Hosting this event will be David Stratton from At The Movies, with friends and colleagues of Heath Ledger in attendance. The tickets for this event went up for sale last week, so if you’re interested in going along, check the website pronto. They were selling fast but there may still be some availabe. Do you have a favourite Heath Ledger film? My favourite is this one.

There's another fun thing happening in Brisbane, and it's coming to an end just as BIFF begins. It's a cool giveaway that Amanda, a very talented children's illustrator and designer, is having over at her Twinkle Star Art blog. You have the chance to win this adorable Space Rocket art print!

To enter, head on over here, submit an idea for a quote to go with the illustration and vote for your preferred space boy. Be quick! The competition ends on 31st July. That's tomorrow! So make like a speedy supercharged rocket and zip on over there NOW! Amanda is part of BrisStyle, a talented & supportive group of artists and crafters who live in Brisbane, Australia, and sell their creations on Etsy. I’m also a proud member of BrisStyle. They let me join their cool gang. And I didn’t even have to bribe them with jelly beans or anything. Phew! Coz I don’t like sharing my jelly beans. Check in on the BrisStyle blog for updates, featured artists, news & further info. I’ll also be blogging next week about something big brewing in the BrisStyle camp that will be happening during the second week of August. So stay tuned for details!

That’s it. Enough waffling from me. It’s so cold that my fingers are frozen and I can no longer feel them hitting the keyboard. I’m even wearing three beanies right now. Yes, three! Which very much gives the impression of something resembling a large pumpkin being attached to my neck, rather than the average sized noggin that I do in fact have. I think my head is of average size. I’ve not been told otherwise. It may be that people are simply too polite to say. Either way I'm too cold to care. I hate winter. Grumble grumble grumble...

See you in the shadows on Sunday!


Gemma Wiseman said…
Your comments are a dazzling glow in the winter chills of Oz! Most enetertaining as I sit here rugged up not too far from a raging log fire!
kim* said…
I need to check out that movie.
Sounds like you have quite a few good things happening it will be very enjoyable..
On winter..Not my favorite time of year..That is when I bake and eat..Dislike being cold too..Very uncomfortable time of year.
I just added Candy to my Netflix queue.
Haven't heard of that film before.

Hope you have fun at the film festival! Bundle up...keep warm.
Amalou said…
Candy, I've got to see it! I forgot about that movie. I think it's the only movie of Heaths that I haven't seen except for latest Batman (which I don't want to see). I'm too devastated that he's not around anymore. Thanks for adding my art comp to your post too. Be careful not to wear too many beanies to bed. You know what they say... too many beanies to bed, you'll wake up a permanent pumpkin head. ;-)'ll have so much fun at the film festival!! Wish I was there to tag along. Have an extra helping of fun for me;)

Do I need to send you one very warm beanie and maybe some fingerless gloves? I hate to think of you suffering;(
Anonymous said…
work sent me on an unplanned trip to the UK for 2 months! last time i checked in here you were only starting your shadow shot photos & now you're up to #10 i see! that's great! bris film festival sounds good. i liked the film candy but thought heath ledger was better in brokeback mountain. it's a bit nippy here in melbourne right now also. i'm off to catch up on all your posts i missed while i was away. enjoy the festival & try to keep warm pumpkinhead (*?*)
Victoria said…
The film festival sounds like so much fun! How I wish I could go, (If I could I'd bring you some jelly beans!)

Haven't yet seen the movie Candy, but will definitely check it out.

Now I must go check out that wonderful giveaway!
Thanks for sharing!
SandraRee said…
I LOVE Heath Ledger and was devastated when he died. I haven't seen all his films but the ones I have seen, loved every single one of them. I don't really have a favorite, being that I just love him, period. But I really enjoyed "A Knight's Tale" and could watch that over and over again. And also loved "Brokeback Mountain" which I had to watch by myself, my husband wouldn't have any part of it. Haven't seen "Candy" yet, but I think I'll rent it this weekend. Little tidbit about Heath, his parents named him and his older sister after the characters in "Wuthering Heights", another all time favorite movie of mine! Heath deserves any award they're thinking about bestowing on him, he was one of the greats as far as I'm concerned! Well now... hope you didn't mind all the gushing, Harriet...:)

It’s really hard for me to envision you in three beanies when we're experiencing tripe digit heat here! Wanna trade? ;)
picciolo said…
have fun at the festival, hope you warm up soon!
: )
Anonymous said…
I'm sending some NYC heatwave weather your way. I look forward to Autumn. I haven't seen all of Heath's movies but one that I like and stop to watch every time it's on t.v. is... Ugh! I forget the name. It's the one about him being a knight -- a fake knight.

amy said…
I have never heard of "Candy". Thanks for the suggestion, I am always looking for new GOOD movies to check out.
Unknown said…
Hey Harriet :P
aiyah..(that's a local sigh..everyone says it) hahaha..firstly, what's a beanie (sorry for the stupid Q). That film festival sound super good, maybe I'll visit next year as airasia is flying there. Not really a fan of Heath, but I think I have to see him soon as I promised to take my son to watch the latest Batman movie. It's crazy, 2 weeks ago, I had to see Hellboy, this week Batman and next week, High school musical..nevermind, it'll keep me young (i hope) as in keeping up with the youngsters.....Seriously, I may just go to Brisbane next year, then we can meet and even take pictures together (yikes!!!) hahahaaa... See you @ SSS. will post early from office as my home internet line is slower than a tortoise!! but I've got 2 rabbits with serious ear infection and one healing from broken leg..never ends, and lots of housework to catch up on! so much fun right ?
Hey Harriet said…
Donat & Sandra - Brokeback Mountain is my second fave Heath Ledger film. I want your job Donat! No probs re all the Heath gushin' Sandra. Gush away! :)
Ali said…
Hey Tracey! I think my fave would be "Two Hands", although "Candy" is great and I also like "Ten Things I Hate About You" - cos it's sweet!
I have felt like we've been in Melbourne this week - it's so cold!! (While I haven't resorted to 3!!! beanies, I did get out my cosy red scarf!)
Happy BIFF-ing! (me and the kidlets may have to settle for 'BIFF in the 'burbs')
Anonymous said…
busy week for you, sounds like fun!! What a picture you paint of your beanied head, lol!! Even we got down to 7 degrees up here in good old Cairns this week!! Thanks for all those wonderful links, What a talented bunch you BrisStyle girls are, there is some amazing stuff on there, a verrry nice handbag i have my eye on, might have to whisper in hubbies ear for my upcoming bday!! hope today is warmer for you, bring on summer!! see you on SSS....(you were right about Ginas soup recipe, absolutely bewdiful!!) that girl can cook!! have a great Friday night. Annette :0)
please sir said…
Ohh that sounds exciting! I haven't seen that movie - will have to check it out - thanks!
Gina said…
I haven't seen Candy (saw Margaret & David's review though) and have been meaning to get it out..
My faves are A Knights Tale (have watched it many times) and Two Hands.

Love your triple beanie effect.. you may set off a new trend! I often sit here in my tramp gloves and scarf and wear a beanie to bed as our downstairs rooms are unheated and freeeezing. See you at SSS..I am prepared this week! Gxx
Hey Harriet said…

Hey M! That would be awesome if you made it over to Brisbane next year! You can stay at my place & I'll take some time off work. We'll have heaps of fun! Woohoo!