Shadow Shot Sunday #9

Shadow Shot Sunday! Two Shadow Gallery collages this week featuring one photo from each of the participants from last Sunday. I love all these photos, they were so fun to create collages with! Please let me know if you ever notice a mistake with any of The Shooters links. If there's a spelling error or a broken link or something just leave a comment saying so or bounce me an email and I'll correct it pronto. I do try to check them before publishing but I'm sure I'll stuff up occasionally. Maybe even more than occasionally. I have to say that creating the links isn't as much fun as creating the collages! If you'd like to participate, shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or near enough to Sunday), add your link to Mr Linky and visit other participants. Have fun!

Shadow Gallery - The Light That Will Cease To Fail

The Shooters
1. GreyscaleTerritory 2. AboutNewYork 3. AnnetteHanigan 4. Epinoza'sLove 5. LaVieEstBelle 6. PP-Designs 7. ThisGirlLovesToTalk 8. MorningHasBroken 9. BubbleBabble

Shadow Gallery - The Seeming & the Meaning

The Shooters
1. Fog&Thistle 2. ZanesMilkMachine 3. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 4. Lisa'sRetroStyle 5. RosebudCollection 6. Gingerbread 7. HighDesertDiva 8. SweetRepose 9. Charlie&Grace

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #9

I received an award from Bec from The Small Stuff blog during the week. It's always nice receiving awards, especially when they're from people who have blogs that you think so highly of and regularly visit. Yes, Bec has one such blog. It's one of my favourites! I love Bec's kick-arse writing style, crazy sense of humour and super fun photos! I can't recommend or gush about Bec's blog enough, so just go visit if you've not had the pleasure of doing so already. You'll love and enjoy it as much as I do. Guaranteed! Thanks so much Bec for the award, but more importantly thanks for having such an entertaining & superb blog that truly rocks!

I'm passing this award along to all Shadow Shot Sunday players. Past and present participants. Again. I'm sorry if this seems lazy but what can I say? I love you guys! So there! Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Rosebud Collection
2. Bubble Babble
3. Neutral Dwelling
4. Bobbie
5. Gemma
6. Annette
7. M.Kate
8. Charlie and Grace
9. Lisa's RetroStyle
10. Sweet Repose
11. Fog and Thistle
12. ppdesigns
13. Gina
14. High Desert Diva
15. Paz's New York Minute
16. Elizabeth

Learn more about Shadow Shot Sunday here.

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Victoria said…
Congrats on the award!

Love your shadow shot, looks like a couple of scary space aliens!

And the shadow shot of Camels in the first collage...
Camels! How cool is that!
SandraRee said…
Nice work on the collages once again, Harriet, they're dressing up my side bar nicely! :)

Cool looking shadow shot!! The plant looks familiar, but I can't recall the name of it right this second. I do know it looks like it would hurt if you bumped in to it!

Congratulations on your award from Bec, you most certainly deserve it!
picciolo said…
well done on your award, hey it's still saturday here, tomorrow I will attempt my shadow shot!
: )
Love your shot and you deserve the award...not only for all the beautiful collages, but for the fun you have given us..Much love to you..
I just happened to find your blog from bubble babble's blog. I just happened to have taken a shadow shot- so I linked. You have beautiful pics!
The collages look great!! Your shot this week is very "sharp" ;) I like it!!

Congrats on your well deserved award!!

And how kind of you to pass it along to all of us...I graciously if I can just figure out what I've done with my camera I can get my shadow shot posted!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Such well defined shadows! There is a sense of the tropical!

And your collages are fascinating! Great combinations and interesting titles too!

Last but not least, congrats on your award! It must feel so good to get recognition for all the terrific work you put into this blog! Just fantastic!

And thanks for the compliment to us! We do love coming here!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy, another great shadow shot, i think we have those growing in our garden too, they make good shadow! Congratulations on your award, well deserved. As always love seeing the collages;0). I have missed visiting blogs this week so will be catching up today, but by the looks of those collages there were great SSS again, and 2 collages this time!! It gets better and better!! Enjoy your Sunday too, (is your new stuff up in your Etsy shop yet?)Annette :0)
Unknown said…
Commented was it went missing:(

Firstly, congrats for the well deserved award..and many more to come :D Cool gallery, love how you combine the different photos!

Secondly, I've got a similar plant like yours. We have to put it high up because the leaves are very strong and sturdy, plus the tips are super sharp it cuts prvent the rabbits from doing a hara-kiri..haha..

It certainly is getting fun and more challenging every week. Happy bunnday :P
Ali said…
Great Shadow Shot this week! love it. And the 2 collages - everyone's shots look so great compiled together every week - thanks!
Congrats on your award too - Bec's blog is a bloody beauty! (sorry about the lame ocker alliteration!)
happy sunday!
Hey Harriet said…

Re new shop stuff...aiming for Wed. I have this arvo set aside for a major painting-my-butt-off session :D
Anonymous said…
he he, good luck. looking forward to it!!
Amalou said…
I always look forward to viewing Hey Harriet's sunday shadow showcase. I hope to participate one day when I finally save up for my digital camera. If I took a shadow shot today on my prehistoric 'film' slr I probably wouldn't have it developed until next month! Congrats on your award from Bec too! Amanda :-)
Anonymous said…
Many amazing examples of shadowshots but the camel one? Seriously takes the prize.

Congrats on your award, well deserved of course!
ppdesigns said…
cool collage. they all look great individually but as a collage look really cool!
Gina said…
Hi Tracy (xe).. very late with mine..but it's finally up.
I really like your sharp shadow this week (I believe it's an agave plant?)..and super collages once again!!
Congrats on your thoroughly deserved award!
I hope your painting session went well..looking forward to seeing your work :D Catch you soon! Gx
Elizabeth said…
Super Shadow Shot as usual!
I will try to join in but maybe a bit later since I'm dog-sitting at my son's house and can't it will be MONDAY with you before it posts.
You collages are a delight!!
All best wishes.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your latest award, which is well deserved. Just came from hospital after surgery. Glad I'm able to participate (Harriet, you see how motivating your photo event is?). I look forward to seeing your collage, since I'm unable to sit long at the computer and visit all the other sites this time. I hope to be able to visit everyone's site very soon!

Bec said…
I love your shot this week - such crisp lines. Beautiful! And thank-you for saying such lovely things about my blog - I think my cheeks have gone a bit red!
please sir said…
Very lovely - all these shadow shots are great to look at!
Sarah McBride said…
abother brilliant collection for shadow shot sunday!!

congrats on the award-you deserve it.
bunbun said…
I love it!!!!!! I love seeing all of your beautiful shadow photos, they are so elegant!

Although I have a hard time capturing decent shadows on my camera, I do notice beautiful shadows more often because of you!!! Thank you for that!
AlasMyDear said…
your shadow shot collections are really taking off!

i love that one with the child on the side of the wall. so sweet :)
Hot Fudge said…
These shadow shots are works of art - what a brilliant concept.


Ann said…
All those shadow shots are stunning. Love the kid and the camel shot.