Shadow Shot Sunday #55

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Shadow Gallery

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1. prkl 2. JulieKing 3. Sunnymama 4. Jacqui 5. Lisa'sRetroStyle 6. Jen 7. Rita@Cashjocky 8. Ginger 9. DavidC

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #55

Above are some striped shadowy folk working hard manning the Greenfest 09 Headquarters. I celebrated World Environment Day by attending Greenfest on Friday. I'll post more about the event during the week. It was brilliant. The last day of the festival is today, so if any locals haven't yet been it's not too late to go.

Also if looking for something else fun to fill in your Sunday, just around the corner from Greenfest is...

A bunch of fellow BrisStyle members are participating. Click here for more details about these markets.

And in other BrisStyle news, my buddy Amanda (Twinkle Star Art) has been on a creative sabbatical for the last two months and has now resurfaced and is celebrating the reopening of her Etsy Shop with a giveaway!

Click here for a chance to win one of these adorable art prints from Amanda's new Matryoshka Collection.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Summer Kitchen Girls
2. Sweet Repose
3. Catherine Bardrick, Mexico
4. Bobbie
5. Shannon
6. Evette Mendisabal
7. Martha - Menagerie
8. Margaret Gosden
9. Martha
10. robin-one still frame
11. Generik
12. Sylvia K WA USA
13. prkl, Finland
14. Jane
15. Gallery Juana
16. Sarah Wallis
17. Carin
18. Chie
19. BABYLONEZOO (France)
20. Terri - teelgee
21. maryt/theteach
22. Sunnymama
23. ctmott
24. Molokai Girl
25. Jacqui
26. Gemma
27. Tom Hilton
28. justjody
29. Dianne
30. storyteller
31. Vicki ~ FL (USA)
32. karen aka kbear
33. Lisa's RetroStyle
34. Vicki
35. Jen
36. Martha Z
37. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
38. Tanja, Finland
39. Rita@Cashjocky USA
40. whizkid
41. Sara Chapman in Seattle
42. The Explorer, Philippines
43. EmBelISH
44. Teneale
45. Magical Mystical Teacher
46. MonikaRose
47. elizabeth schmid
48. Katie
49. Dorte
50. julie king
51. Maria Berg, Sweden
52. marcia TX USA
53. Kuusela Finland
54. hejoko
55. girlichef (USA)
56. Peggy
57. Linda M
58. Jenn, Canada.
59. Kenobiitti - Finland
60. Hildegarde,EU
61. Vicki~Beach Bum
62. Darcel
63. David C.
64. ginger
65. Carole@Lazy Camera
66. Jeri
67. DaviMack

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Hey your stripe-y shadows! Have a great Sunday!
A Wild Thing said…
They look like prisoners in their stripped uniforms...but what a wonderful cause...GREEN EARTH!

Have a fun Sunday Tracie!
Catherine said…
Thanks for another wonderful collage this week, much appreciated...and love the stripey uniforms and the patterns made...sounds like a great place to spend the day...Greetins from mexico..
Victoria said…
The two guys on the right crack me up... The one in the orange jumpsuit looks like a modern day prisoner and the one in the white shirt and black pants with all the shadow stripes looks like an old time prisoner! Sounds like another fun filled weekend in Brisbane... I do wish at times I lived closer!
bobbie said…
Great shadow shot, all stripey and everything!
Shannon said…
LOVE to see my shadow among so many others! FAB collages, as always! I do appreciate the time you spend! :)
I love the way shadows curve to the shape of the object they fall upon in your shot.

The world look all brand new to me since I've been looking for shadows. Thanks for sharing your idea and for all the work you do in putting the shadow gallery together. I'm having a blast.
Martha said…
Neat shot this week - I love the stripes! Nice colection of shots too.
I'm playing this week...

Have a great weekend! :-)
Margaret Gosden said…
Shadows, shadows everywhere. A lovely bright and happy day in this shot.
Generik said…
Yipes, stripes! Fun shot, especially the orange jumpsuit. Happy SSS!
Sarah said…
Love the contours of the stripey shadow people!
prkl, Finland said…
Nice sunshine makes great colors and, above all, great shadows. Here we have 18% midgray skies.. Anyways; happy SSS everyone!! :)
Unknown said…
Love those decorated legs and your Greenfest shadow shot! You go to the most interesting events...I must quit working so much and GET OUT more. :D Thanks for sharing the great collages!
GalleryJuana said…
Festivals are great for people watching. This is fun shot with the striped group.

Cool collages of last weeks shadow shots!
Carin said…
What a good idea to take a picture like that of striped shadowy folks. Didn't you feel awkward? I would feel that way and that's why I never take pictures of people on the street. LOL

BTW love the Matryoshka prints. They are beautitful and remind me of a set given to me by my dad and now sitting somewhere in a cupboard.

Enjoy your Sunday!and have a good week.
Chubby Chieque said…
A prisoner or a street worker? Hmm... Ah! great to know that they're a good worker for a cause. Hope you enjoy this fest...

Looking forward for more shots, then!

TY for coming to peek me during my FF. Sound cool, that your there too.

Have a wonderful & blissful Sunday, Tracey.

Terri said…
Great capture!
Gabbi said…
What a great project... such an interesting array of shadow shots!
maryt/theteach said…
Great shadows, Tracy! Mine is up!
I always liked stripes..Great pictures..Happy SSS..
sunnymama said…
Great stripey shadows! I wonder if those people liked their stripes :)
Those shadows really look like stripes! Way cool!
Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy

I haven't participated for a few weeks, as I've had my hands full, but I just wanted to let you know that I am in awe of the collages this week. Don't ever stop SSS!
Jacqui said…
Fantastic stripes - love it.
Rinkly Rimes said…
Now it's winter there are more long shadows so this clicking business is easier.
Sylvia K said…
I do love the stripes! What a great shadow shot! Have a great weekend -- well, what's left of it!
Sandrine said…
I am back to take a peep at the cool shadow shots today, it is kind of addictive now...;)Another interesting shot from your clever eye Tracy!
Rinkly Rimes said…
We get more shadows in winter because the sun's overhead. Not that my pic has anything to do with seasons.
Tom Hilton said…
Cool shot. Sounds like a great event.
Anonymous said…
I DO enjoy the shadows. ;-)

Looking forward to reading more about Greenfest.

Anonymous said…
I like your shadowy stripy people. They must have been very pleased to be offered an 'out of jail day pass' to man Greenfest's headquarters.

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. Be sure to pop in another comment in that post so you get your second chance in the random number draw :)

I'm afraid, no shadows from me today unless I manage to capture an indoor one.
just jody said…
great shot.....gotta admit i was looking for the orange flip flops and leg chains!
At first glance I thought it was a penal road work crew. Looks like I'm not the only one who thought that. Fun shot!
So do you celebrate both World Environment Day and Earth Day. Or is Earth Day just an American thing? If I knew...I've forgotten. I look forward to hearing more about your fun day:D
Dianne said…
I love the shadowy striped people!
storyteller said…
Kewl striped shadows ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Vicki ~ FL said…
Hey, everyone is wearing stripes!!
kbear said…
love the photos. uniquely wonderful!~kbear
MyMaracas said…
The struck me as prisoners too. Cool shot, and I'll bet the event was awesome. said…
Your shadows are lovely Tracy. I see one guy awash in shadow stripes! How cool is that?! The collages are wonderful too, as always. Thanks for this fun meme, I look forward to it every week.
: )
keiren said…
They're funny shadows! The stripes are great! I'm curious about Greenfest so look forward to hearing more about it from you.
whizkid said…
very cool and stripe-y!
You've got an eye to spot this during the festival :)

happy SSS!
Sara Chapman said…
Ha! I thought it was a striped shirt! Great shot, as usual.
The Explorer said…
Another set of awesome shadows...
Shadows, shadows everywhere. Lovely collection of collages!
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, sorry for the late number #6 sss is up..great and one of a kind shot there Hey Harriet..have a fab day :) cya Monikarose
Elizabeth said…
I love all your stripy shadowy people.
A particularly wonderful shot.
Happy Sunday
XUE said…
How cute it is that everyone else are in stripes but not the orange man! Happy week!
Wear Your Wild said…
Love the stripes! Have a great week~
Gemma Wiseman said…
Suddenly realised that I didn't leave a comment earlier today! I was in too much of a hurry to get out photographing before it rained!

Anyways! Meant to say that I loved your stripey shadows! For some reason, I instantly thought of the Village People (musical group) doing the stage show of West Side Story. (Quite mad)

Enjoy the holiday weekend!
Dorte said…
Nice collection of shadow shots and your photo is great
Have a nice weekstart :-)
julie king said…
just a quick note to say that i so appreciate that you do this and that i found your blog! looking for and photographing shadows brings me so much joy and now i get to share it with the world!

your shot this week is uniquely wonderful!!!
maryt/theteach said…
Tracy, I'm sooo sorry about calling you by another name! I fixed it on my post... :)
Maria Berg said…
I am in for the first time-
so I have some colored shadow to show you,

/Maria Berg, Sweden
you redesigned all their clothes "It's a curious case of the Stripes" :) Cool shot
Vicki ~ FL said…
Hey Harriet, wanted you to know that I did get your post about the trees .... BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.
Anonymous said…
I haven't had a good shadow shot in weeks! But, I'm enjoying everyone eles!
Linda said…
Another fantastic collection of shadow shots! :-)
myan said…
really cool!
i will have to get in on the fun soon! :)
Darcel said…
Cool shadows! They do look like prisoners.
oh, my shot made it in this week, thanks!

i like the stripes against that guy's whole body, cool.

i don't know if my shot this week qualifies as a shadow, but i think of it as one and it's up anyway, haha!

see you later, xoxo
Anonymous said…
I'm playing along for the first time. Thanks for hosting SSS!
Jeri ~ said…
Everyone's wearing stripes, I love it!!
Chrisy said…
Noice shadows! Wish we had pink flamengos here!
Chris Stone said…
What great pictures! I've been admiring the shadow shots I see on others blogs... and every once in a while post one on mine. unofficially because I'm so sporadic!
PJ said…
I'm not playing this week but thought I would stop by. You clever girl!
Personally, I wouldn't mind a bit if you published a book of our shadow shot collages. They're always so amazing, I don't know how you do it!
Unknown said…
Nice stripey shadows as usual..66's a lot and soon it will be 100. Like PJ said, you could publish a book on all those shadows...and retire soon :P bye for now, wont be around until next week..will be missing but not blog land...hugs/m
Unknown said…
what i meant was..will be missing YOU...tata for now.
Maria Berg said…
I am happy harriet that you liked my colored balloons shadows.
Tracy said…
These SSS are incredibly fun and inspiring! Happy Week! :o)
Thanks for the lovely shadows, and for keeping this running! I know I'm late, but I've just posted one up at . Happy shadow-shot ... er ... Monday.
picciolo said…
sounds like a great festival, I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures
: )
Sam said…
What a terrific idea! ...and such imaginative photos too! Some of them are so evoquative! Love, love, love visiting your blog!!
{S.T.U.F.F.} said…
In {luv} with the collages...
Didn't make Mr Linky...
But here is My Shadow Shot