Shadow Shot Sunday #58

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #58

A couple of water fountain shadows. I caught them joyfully dancing. To the tune of what I'm not sure.

I received this cool award from talented Sydney artist Sam of Matou en Peluche (Plush Tomcat) blog. Thanks Sam! Here's a small sample of Sam's gorgeous retro-art deco inspired charcoal & pastel drawings.

Pop over to Sam's Etsy Shop to view many more of her beautiful prints. And great news! Sam is currently having a 3 for 2 winter solstice sale. I'm not a fan of winter but this news has suddenly made it sweeter!

I also received the 'Love Ya' award from BrisStyle buddies Amanda (Twinkle Star Art) and Ali (Charlie & Grace). Thanks heaps guys! As I've already received this award I shouldn't accept it again but I wanted to say thanks anyway. And it gives me a perfect excuse to show off some of the lovely items Amanda and Ali have available in their shops! Oh and BrisStyle team members are having their very own market next week! You'll find details at the end of this post. If your finger hasn't dropped off already from all of the scrolling...

A selection of Amanda's adorable childhood inspired illustrations. Many more prints are available here.

You can find more cool creations by Ali here (for big folk) and here (for little folk) so cute!

The upcoming BrisStyle market is shaping up to be THE BEST MARKET EVER! If you live in, or anywhere near Brisbane you'll not want to miss it. With approximately 50 talented local artists and crafters selling their wares there promises to be something to appeal to all tastes. Even yummy cupcakes! And great coffee! And live music! For further info and a full list of participating stallholders check in on the BrisStyle blog.

Handmade heaven in Hamilton!

My sincere apologies for the length of this post. I do generally try to keep the focus of Shadow Shot Sunday posts on the shadows and save other things for posting during the week but it doesn't always happen that way. As computer time will be very limited for me this week I don't think I will be back blogging again until next SSS, so I've basically crammed two posts in one here today. Have a super week ahead everybody. xox

Happy Sunday!

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9. prkl, Finland
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66. Christy

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bobbie said…
Congratulations on your awards - well deserved!

I love your fountain splash of a shadow.
GalleryJuana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
GalleryJuana said…
yes, well deserved awards! Cool fountain shadow too. I thought I was looking at an abstract painting as well.

Wonderful selections from the artists that gave you the awards.

Enjoy your week and the BrisStyle market.

(made a typo in the previous post so I trashed it)
Cool ss...I wouldn't have know what it was if you hadn't described it!

Congrats on your award!
Shannon said…
LOVE the fountain shots... definitely took on a new form... serpent-like! Thanks for this again... it's SO much FUN for me! :)
Anonymous said…
Love your unique and arty shadow shot this week! I enjoyed your long post and the combination of the shadow photo collages with the artist collages was a visual feast! Congrats on your award. That is the coolest award I've seen around blogland!!!
jabblog said…
Oops! At first I thought someone had spilt some paint (it's my age, dear . . . )What a fascinating shot!
Loved the rest of your post too - art-deco is gorgeous!
Nikki Dee said…
Great shadow shot!

This is my first time playing!

Hope you stop by
Sylvia K said…
Congratulations on the award!

Love your shadow shot, as always! Made me start thinking of songs for dancing water! Have a great weekend
Monica said…
Gorgeous shadows.Congratulations on your award.
LaAlicia said…
Congrats! Fabulous shadows, as usual! :)
Tom Hilton said…
The fountain shot is great!
Margaret Gosden said…
Dancing is cool enough for me, in memory of the inventive dancer we all just lost!
just jody said…
great capture! the colors are marvelous!
Rinkly Rimes said…
Whenever I see your gallery I feel a coffee-table book is in the making!
Jacqui said…
Great shot - love that dancing water.
Congratulations on your awards..Well deserved. You have bought a lot of fun to this Shadow business..Look how it has grown?
Now for your shadow shot. I tell you, you get the neatest kind of shadows. Who would have thought to use a drinking fountain. So clever and so neat looking.
Happy SSS..
Sarah said…
They are such funny little shadows aren't they? They really do look like people dancing. Congratulations on your award. Lovely art too.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Most unusual shadow shots of the fountain! Abstract and fascinating!

And congrats on well deserved awards! You are a wonderful ambassador for crafty Etsy people!
sunnymama said…
Congratulations on your awards! I love the dancing water fountain shadows. Hope you have a great week :)
Sandrine said…
Thanks for some more great shadows become an award collector Congratulation Matou en peluche art is beautiful!;)))
Martha said…
Congrats on your awards! Love your shadow shot this week :-)

I have some busy times ahead too. I may not be participating for awhile.

Hope things will settle down for you and for me soon!
A Wild Thing said…
Cool catch, I thought it was a modern art painting at cool is that, you have a quick eye(and trigger finger)!

Congrats on the award!!!
keiren said…
That's my fav shadow shot of yours yet! I probably say that every week ;) A lovely display of shadow collages and the artwork featured is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it! Congrats on your awards Harriet!
robin. said…
i do so love the water...listening and LOOKING. great shot. love the colors in the background.
happy sss.
Sara Chapman said…
Yes, a great read, indeed. And the water shadow is a good one, as always. Perhaps could enter in Ruby Tuesday and Watery Wednesday also, same shot! Have a wonderful week, dear Tracy.
Heather S-G said…
My shadow shot for this week is in! :)
annette said…
Hey T!! Its been a while, as usual a visual feast over here:0)Congrats on all your awards, well deserved, so wish i could be at those markets, i am coming down your way in October to work for Fiskars at the Craft and Quilt fair, (i think its called), so looking forward to seeing more of Brissy. Going to check out the links you left in your post, all look like amazing stuff. Happy Sunday to you, hope all is well. A ;0)
Carletta said…
Lovely awards and well deserved!
I haven't linked here in awhile - I took a shot today I felt worthy of posting. It's good to be back.
You have a super week too!
Carletta said…
I forgot to say how much I liked YOUR shadow shot. I like the flow of water especially. The shadows look a little like abstract sea monkeys. :)
Great shadow shot Harriet! I've just posted mine. Even on time this week! All very enjoyable collages. My partner would go wild for those art deco girls by Matou En Peluche because she loves all things art deco. She also loves sales!!! So I'll let her know about that shop when she arrives home from work. Have fun at the market! I would go if it was anywhere near me!
Unknown said…
Very nice fountain shot! Thanks for including me in the gallery. My shot for this week is another basement B&W.
MonikaRose said…
Hello, I have posted my #9 SSS, yay, I am happy I am sticking to this, because I just love taking pics. I have accepted your love ya friend award and posted it up today. Great shadow shot you have there, very intriguing.. have a fab weekend..cya MonikaRose
yyam said…
Your shadow shot's so cool and interesting. Thanks for including me in the gallery! It was my first time participating last week...:)
Happy Sunday! said…
I would definitely have to agree, you are a most excellent read.Congrats on your well deserved award!
Beautiful shadow shot as well, so abstract & unique.
As always I love your weekly collages too.
Have a great week this week & thank you again for inspiring all of us shadow shooters Tracy!
"Singing in the rain?" is that the name of the song? That's one that we are singing...or - how about something from that great lip syncing duo Milli Vanilli like "Blame it on the Rain?"
Whatever the song that pops in the head - we love your raindrop shadows!
Congrats on the award - we love, love, love Sam's work - can't wait to check the rest of it out!
Have a lovely week!
Anonymous said…
Mine's HERE
Thanks for visiting my shadow shot. Good guess Harriet! A row of little duckies is correct! Ducks wearing funny hats to be more precise :)
Ali said…
lovely dancing shot this week - happy!
Congrats on your 'great read' award (love the pic!!) - Hey Harriet certainly is a great read. And Sam's images are really lovely, aren't they?! I bought some of her deco ladies for my Mum last Christmas (it was really hard not keeping them for myself!!)
Happy Sunday, enjoy your week and see you on Sat :)
Hey! Great shot of the water-fountain's shadow! It's hard to tell that it's a shadow, at first - it looks like marble or something. Neat!

I've posted one here. :) Thanks for keeping this going!
Tracy said…
Another spectacular SSS...I just love seeing what everyone captures. Congrats on your great awards---well done, and well deserved! :o) That markets sounds/looks terrific...I know you had fun. Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))
Maria Berg said…
I would like to go but to far away, MB
Maria Berg said…
Thank you for letting me know why I have not have my photo at your site - It is Ok!

It made me start thinking and the reason is maybe that I am using a webb hotel/hostel for my photo,,
And then get my photos from there to my blog.
I tried to drag one of my photo from the blog to the desktop of my computer and It did work, but I am using a Imac not PC if that have anything to do with it...
And of course I understand it has to be easy for you to do otherwise it take to much time.

Hope that one day we will find a way.
I like to look for good shadows when I am out with my camera.
That hope you will have a nice week.
Sarah said…
Thanks for coming to my party. It was lovely to see you!
Elizabeth said…
Loved your almost abstract painting-like shadow shot of the water cooler
and there was something wonderful about this weeks first collage --all the images of nature.

You are great to do this for us all.
Kristy Worden said…
This is my first shadow shot after being taught to 'see' the shadows by looking at Julie King's photos.
Wear Your Wild said…
Cool water shadow!
Congrats on your award.
Anonymous said…
My shadow shot is posted.
April said…
Fantastic water shadow!
I always enjoy the 'review of last week's shadows' in your collages each week. Well done! I love fountains too and your shots are nifty! Congratulations on your well deserved awards ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
julie king said…
fun water fountain shot!!! and this post is just chock full of goodness!! thanks for all the links!
Anonymous said…
So much wonderful talent here from you and your friends.

Love the dancing shadows.

Congrats on your latest award. Very cool, indeed.

Sarah Knight said…
fantastic as always!
Chubby Chieque said…
Am late again but the weather is the reason why I always get late.

Drop by at my place again.

Victoria said…
Congratulations for all of your well deserved awards!

Very cool and clever water shot! Looks so abstract I couldn't tell at first what it was... which I liked!
Sherrie said…
Beautiful art work! Thanks for sharing! Your waterfall shadow is awesome! Mine is posted at my place, Sherrie's Stuff. Have a great day!!

Chris said…
Cool shot of the water's shadow!
srp said…
I am always behind... spend one day visiting everyone I can and then get behind with a post for the next day. So now... I am off to visit my favorite garden... hope to have more shadows later... though it is cloudy right now.
Sam said…
Thank you so much Tracy for the inclusion of my work! Love your shadows for this week too - inspiring stuff!
Linda said…
Wonderful shadow shot! I had to look twice at it -- it IS very abstract! Wonderful!

And the shadow collages are magnificent as usual.
Have a wonderful week.
Unknown said…
Hi T, I was thinking about the water shadow just a few days ago while watering the plants, yours great as usual. Congrats on all the awards - all well deserved and thanks for showing us all the talented people there, I would pop over to that market if I stayed nearer. As usual, the collages are allows me to see and check out the shadows without having to blog hop to so many. As usual, we have way too many things to do and just too time. I am blogged-out as of now, when posting feels like a's an indication of a break..or I should just do easier and shorter ones. I don't know why but posting always makes me feel as if I am doing a long picture essay somehow. tata, take care...hugs/M
Anonymous said…
And what a great post it is!
I really like your cool watery shadows! Congrats on your well deserved awards. Thanks so much for the Twinkly promo ;) Hope to see you on Saturday at the BrisStyle markets.
Kenobiitti said…
Either I was late, again, or Mr.Linky is malfunctioning.

Anyway, my shadow can be found here
Gabbi said…
Amazing assemblage of photography! And many congratulations on the award :) I love Awards and I love love love Sam and her work.

Wishing you a wonderful new week.♥
XUE said…
Congratulations of the awards, Tracy! And warm greetings from Hamburg, Germany! (Apparently there's also a Hamburg in USA). And thank you for increasing my chances over at the other Tracy's :) . I probably won't win (that's why I never joined any giveaways before) but still, I'll keep my fingers crossed & toes & eyes crossed too!
Chrisy said…
wonderful whimsical shadows...
Mary-Laure said…
I adore your pic of the fountain water's shadow on the wall. It's spectacular.
I especially love your collages this week. They all seem to go so beautifully together!!! Nice job!

The first time I looked at the shadow shot...I didn't see a shadow. I just kept looking at looked like a flat wall with textures and color on it...but no shadow. Then I read "fountain" and the water and its shadow finally jumped out at me. Neat!

Congrats on your well deserved awards:D

Hope you're busy doing something fun this week that is leaving no time for blogging;)
Chrisy said…
hey's me just poppin by again...there's a giveaway for a couple of my anatomical plates that you, or somebody you know, might like...head over to
...i'm just afraid that nobody will enter and I'll look like an untalented twirp!!!
Congrats on the awards - well deserved.

Love the SSS, hope to participate one day, if I can just get my act together!

Peace, Judi
Anonymous said…
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