Shadow Shot Sunday #59

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #59

Including a pic of the source of the shadow wasn't necessary as it's obvious what it is, but the bright blue sky makes me happy! I saw this windmill on a visit to the Caboolture Historical Village earlier this week.

This Pioneer Slab House (which also has shadows!) is one of the 70 buildings showcased on the 2 acre Caboolture Historical Village grounds. There were many exhibits and displays to view and the ones most fascinating to me were the old tin toys and the typewriter and camera displays. They were fun! The aim of the village is to preserve the stories of our pioneers from settlement until now. The complex is only 45 minutes north of Brisbane, yet once there, it really does create a sense of being in another world entirely!

Here are a few more photos from the village I took on my visit. I selected the ones with shadows to post...

I mentioned the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market last week and predicted it was going to be the best market ever. My predictions are so rarely accurate, except in this case I can happily report that I was bang on the mark! The market took place yesterday and it was a fantastic event. Congrats to the hard-working organisers and to the creative pool of multi-talented BrisStyle stallholders for making it THE BEST MARKET EVER! And thanks for not making me look like a doofus for claiming it would be! I must confess to falling into the doofus category for forgetting to take my camera along! Just a typical scatterbrained Saturday morning for me. I'll soon take some pics of the stash of goodies I purchased to share here during the week.

Y'all have a happy ol' Sunday!

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bobbie said…
Such great shadows! I love the old gas station.
A Wild Thing said…
Thought you were in Iowa for a minute...I would love to have an old working windmill at the ranch, but wells are very expensive, as industry has sucked all the water out of our original wells...and why is it they built on the river again, for free water, yet they steal pristine waters from our aquifer to put polluted back in the rivers...argh...

Have a great weekend Tracy...
GalleryJuana said…
The historical village looks like a fun place to visit. That blue sky is gorgeous! Glad you shared that pic along with the shadow ones.

The photo collages look great. So many wonderful takes on shadows.
robin. said…
love, love, love the buildings. the windmill on the ground is a great shadow, i also like the shadows on the slats themselves on the actual photo.
happy sss tracy!!!!
Anonymous said…
The blue sky makes me happy, too. Excellent shadow shots, as usual.

Unknown said…
ooolala! great shadows, Tracy--the quaint village reminds me of Iowa! happy weekend and keep shooting and sharing. :D
Margaret Gosden said…
I have enjoyed being a modern pioneer but to have been a pioneer there in those days must have been very hard to bear. But if it wasn't for them, the survivors, we would not be appreciating the relics and structures like that beautiful windmill today. An interesting photo shadow series and story this week.
Sylvia K said…
What a wonderful collection of shadow shots! I love them! Do like that old gas station -- brought back a lot of memories! Have a great day, Harriet, and thanks for the fun meme! I haven't had this much fun in ages!
What a great spot you found! Yes, the gas station is certainly full of nostalgia. Those gas pumps are too much. Reminded me of this place:
Carin said…
Great shadows! Like you a blue sky makes me happy. Also think it makes a picture so much better.

Enjoy your Sunday!
XUE said…
Hey Tracy! That Pioneer Slab House would make such a cute home or studio!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Some years ago now I visited Brissy and, on the weekend, went to the Caboolture markets on the beach. That was a brilliant experience! So many characters there! I saw a guy dressed as an Indian with a trailing headress! A little Jack Russell was chasing the trailing headdress! It looked hilarious! So wish that pioneer village was open then! It would have been wonderful to see! At least you have your fantastic photos! (I didn't have my camera at the markets either! Poo!)

Love your "windmill shadow"! Very interesting lines!

Have a great weekend!
You're always visiting the most interesting the windmill!
Little Mary Moo said…
Great shots again. It looks like you were there on a wonderful sunny day.

The market was amazing! Hope you had as much fun shopping as I did.
Jacqui said…
What a great series of shots. I loved the barn - it's a bit like our garage. Enjoy the blue skies.
just jody said…
wow! nice windmill shadow! thanks for sharing.
Sarah said…
Love the windmill. In the shadow it looks like there is a little bird in the middle. I have just watched 'The Birds' I think it is getting to me!
This looks like a really interesting place to visit. I love the old petrol station!
Ali said…
lovely 'rural' shadow shots Tracy (I'm not sure, can Caboolture be classified as rural?!) anyway, they remind me of out west! Love the blue.

Yes, yesterday was an incredible success! thank you so much for (wo)manning the promo table :)
Happy Sunday!
Chubby Chieque said…
Awesome city... a real vintage place that keep a long history for human kind.


Enjoy your day.
Sara Chapman said…
Starting at the most important thing first, how COULD you forget your camera? You know, it's one of the great, great benefits of those little point and shoots, is they slip into purse or pocket. To me, working with the limitations they impose is better than not having the darn camera with me, but that's just me.

Love the gas station and all your shadows this week, and I agree that the brilliant blue sky makes me happy. Cheers!
sunnymama said…
I love the windmill shadow shot and the windmill! The village looks a fascinating place :)
Rinkly Rimes said…
As usual, I've met my friend Margaret 'in the shadows' again! The world has shrunk very small!

Here's mine
alexa said…
Love the last shot, the blue car goes great with your blue sky!!
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, I celebrate my 10th SSS. Yay. I love the Pioneer Slab House, the oldness and weathered look appeals to me, reminds me of the olden days, I have seen few houses like that...great shadow shots collage you put together...thanks for hosting this meme..happy Sunday :) MonikaRose
Anonymous said…
Loved the windmill and the colors. I posted a swing.
Anonymous said…
Great photos and a great idea - shadow shots. I love the galleries that you've put together - that's a really nice touch.
Rinkly Rimes said…
One look at that windmill and I know where I am!
Chrisy said…
So many talented photographers sharing their work on this's just so uplifting...and speaking of uplifting the windmill shadow is divine... said…
Love the windmill shadow! & great SS altogether & how cool is that to create a village from days gone by. I think historical preservation is the neatest.
We have a similar village here on Long Island & you have just made me think to do a post on it. Thanks Tracy!
Unknown said…
Lovely shadows, as usual! I've missed being here the last couple of weeks!

I love the windmill photos, and I'm so glad that you included the one with that gorgeous blue sky. That's a fabulous color blue, and SO happy!
keiren said…
I love all of your shadows this week! That old gas station is very cool! Happy to hear that the market was a big success!
Teneale said…
Cool shots Tracey! And hope you like your ninja :D . Yesterday's market was so much fun, wasn't it?!

Teneale xo
Sandrine said…
The shadows are great, but must admit I really like the crisp blue sky behind the windmill;)The Market was quite a hit I agree!Obviously some restaurant ran out of food across the road;)))
My brother-in-law has a windmill like that in his yard. Was beautiful. On Long Island, N.Y... had many farms and it was handy.
Great pictures and shadows. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit.
Some of the farms home had gas pumps like that too. Lord, I am feeling mighty old right now.
Sherrie said…
Great photos! Like the old gas station one. Mine is posted. Have a great day!

Tracy said…
Super SSS shots... And yours are fantastic too, Tracy! Love that old looking at all the little details of those old places--fun! Happy Days :o)
Hi Harriet! Thanks so much for the inclusion of my shadow shot from last week in the collages today. I haven't posted any shadows yet but hope to before the day is over! Love your windmill photos and all the rest from the museum!
Anonymous said…
I like the heart shape in your shadow shot. That makes it for me. Happy SSS!
Only just discovered this series so thought I'd join in this week - I think I've added my link to mr linky correctly - just in case my shadow this week is at
Anonymous said…
What a great idea. I enjoyed all the shadow photos.
Love the windmill shadow! It's funny, how windmills are almost more identifiable in their shadows, than they are "in person."

I've a bit of shadow posted up at Wish I Were Baking. Thanks!
Love both the shadow & the picture of the source! While I was reading about your post, I was thinking about the display that we saw at Ellis Island many years ago - it had typewriters, stools, desks, fans...all sorts of things that the building housed many many years ago that the first visitors to the island would have seen - that image has stuck with me for a long time. It is always interesting to see where we have been in our history - thanks for bringing back those memories!!
Oh- congrats on the best market ever - so excited for you guys!!
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
My first shadow shot in a while! Please stop by, say hi, and check out the shadow.

Have a great week.
Looks like a fascinating place. The old gas station is just great. I love that bright blue car lurking in the shadows! Perfect.
We been enjoying your posts every Sunday and decided to join in today. Thank you for the inspiration!
cara said…
Did you see me? I was the one dusting the powdered cinnamon sugar off my camera.

Sometimes protecting the camera takes a back seat!
Your BLUE skies remind me of OUR blue skies! Love the collages as always and your photo series today. Hugs and blessings,
Victoria said…
I have a soft spot for windmills and yours is just lovely! The Historical Village looks like a very cool place to visit and I am so happy that the market was a great success and that you escaped being crowned Miss Doofus! (A title and crown which I have won and wore many a time!)
Krista Meyer said…
Great shadows. Love the windmill.

This will be my first time to enter a shadow shot!
Anonymous said…
I've driven through Caboolture many times and never taken the time to stop and look at their Historical Village. I love that Pioneer Slab House photo. The colour of the sky and grass is so vivid. Blue skies make me happy too :)

There's something else that makes me happy... CUPCAKES! shame on you! no wonder you weren't hungry ;)
That looks like such a fun place to visit:) I love the old car and the gas pumps. Lots of lovely shadows. The windmill one is really great!
Glad to hear you had so much fun at the market. Can't wait to see all your purchases:D
Unknown said…
Great shadows everywhere..I like the windmill, we dont have them here unfortunately. Another exciting collage of SSS, have a fab week ahead :P
Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy. How you produce such a wonderful post week after week amazes me. Sorry I haven't been contributing so regularly of late, but it hasn't stopped me taking a peek every week. It was great to catch up with you at the BrisStyle market on Saturday!
Sam said…
These are amazing Tracy! I love the top one (maybe because it has a pussy cat in it!). The old gas station and car are wonderfully evoquative!!! I love them!
Nikki Dee said…
Thank you so much for including my moon shot in your picks!

I am honoured!