Shadow Shot Sunday #62

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #62

Run shadow run! You're not fast enough to escape this obsessed shadow shooter! Ha! Gotcha!

This set of shadows I found while strolling around Kangaroo Point last week. The steel sculptures that decorate the Kangaroo Point Boardwalk were originally part of Expo 88. The cliffs at Kangaroo Point are a major attraction for Brisbane's abseilers and rock climbers. Also being a popular destination for tourists.
[and for the occasional oddball chasing shadows]

Happy Sunday!

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A Wild Thing said…
Girl, you just get the best shots...I love following you around on your adventures...happy Sunday...are you sure it's winter there???
Unknown said…
Tracy, you find the coolest locations to grab shadow shots! That guy needs to keep climbing, and the next guy will never stop running--great fotos--love the colors and textures!
GalleryJuana said…
The rock climbing guy looks as still as the metal sculptures!

That ocean looks a beautiful blue!
Yeesh... how far up is the rock climber? Great "catches" as always!
Karla & Karrie
robin. said…
Tracy~love the captured shadow of the rock climber. i echo the above posts...thanks for taking us with you on your's always a wonderful shadow outing.
bobbie said…
Terrific selection of shadow shots today! Love the guy on the rocks!
Sylvia K said…
These are fabulous!! You do indeed get the best ones ever! Like Bobbie, I love the guy on the rocks, too!
Happy SSS!
Anonymous said…
That guy climbing the cliff is very brave! Crazy Aussies! If I ever attempted rock climbing I'd be wearing lots of safety gear!!! A great set of shadows this week Harriet! Each visit here makes me want to jump on a plane headed for Australia. It looks like such a beautiful and fun country!
I just want you to know that participating in Shadow Shot Sunday is the highlight of my week. I can hardly wait between Sundays to post! Thank you for hosting this wonder-filled meme!
jabblog said…
I like the silhouettes - lovely crisp sharp shadows - but I particularly like the climber . . . though maybe it's not his shadow I'm concentrating on . . . ;-)
Wow, I like that rock climbing shot. That is great..I like the others too. The sculptures are wonderful and what a neat place to visit and get shadow shots.
Happy SSS.
Anonymous said…
Yes - the climber gets my vote too - nothing to do with his low-slung shorts!! Seriously, a fabulous selection of photos.
Chubby Chieque said…
As usual an unbeatable shots! You always got the perfect shots although you're in the winter time.

Ah! envying you, dear T! Am still waiting for your email... u know what I mean.

xoxo lots
Anonymous said…
Very cool shadow shots. I like that rock climber (and the photo). ;-)

Happy Shadow Shot Sunday,

myan said…
these are all so fabulous!

i really love the 2nd to last shot! great composition! :)
Sarah said…
Brilliant shadows! I love them all and I like your comment about how they can't escape! So true-watch out shadows, here we come!
Chris said…
I love these. It's like you have capture life in action, except it wasn't real life. Nice spin:)
Maria Berg said…
I love the red running ones with the shadows, MB
Gemma Wiseman said…
Great idea to keep elements of a past Expo as tourist attractions! And those energetic red figures are wonderful for changing shadow shapes! Intriguing photos!

Hope your weekend is warming up! Ours in Melbourne may warm up, but then again may not! Nature's still thinking about it!
MyMaracas said…
Those sculpture shadows are fabulous! They do indeed seem to be trying to evade your lense.

There certainly are a lot of fun things to see in your part of the world.
The public art down there is just amazing. You Aussies really know how to do it right!
Great shadow shots, as usual!
Well, while yours is running, mine is DANCIN'!
You make us want to be there right now!!
Jacqui said…
Topless climbing !- I thought it was winter there. Fab shots - love those figures.
Rinkly Rimes said…
Love the red cut-outs. It's years since I holidayed in Brisbane. You make a visit seem very attractive.
Anonymous said…
what fun shots!! love the last one :)
Gabbi said…
Such wonderful shadows photos, my favorites are yours of course (Kangaroo Point sounds like a fun just from the name!), Faith Hope's baby with shadow and Girlchef's cat behind the curtain... reminds me of my George! :D

(ps. Hope you don't mind but I've passed some awards on to you today!)
Catherine said…
Another wonderful selection of shots and collages..thanks and greetings from London...
annette said…
Great shots T! mmm how often do you visit thre to check out the scenery, oops i mean shadows ;0)The first is my favourite today, the angle and the white against the blue, blue sky and lovely strong shadows. Enjoy your Sunday :0)
Sara Chapman said…
Gotta love the guy and his lower dimples, subtly shadowed. Oh yeah, and the sculpture guys as well. Yum! Many are giving short shrift to the first one, so let me properly admire the deep blue sky and cool shadow pattern. Wonderful.
Margaret Gosden said…
What strong shadows! All your photographs reflect, I like to think, the quality of light that you have in Australia which seems to be very clean and bright - like Long Island, NYC!
MonikaRose said…
Hello, great shots there, love the last one. I went gliding yesterday, fabulous day, got to go very high, 55000 feet above the clouds..see ya..have fab day..MonikaRose :)
MonikaRose said…
sorry 5500, not 55000 ;)
Generik said…
I like the juxtaposition of the guy and the sculpture. Nice coupling.
Martha said…
Hey, that's my boy up there! It's always so much fun seeing our shots show up in your selection! I have to thank you again for the idea for my Color Carnival meme. I don't always do it this way like you do but I do when I can, and everyone loves it!

I love your shots this week! Really cool! :-)
Unknown said…
Superb, as always! I love the red sculptures and their shadows - really wonderful!

I just love Sundays!
Little Mary Moo said…
Lovely post again. I love that part of Brisbane. It has been such great weather for shadows.
Alexa said…
Love your collection of shadows. The sculptures' are the sharpest, but the climber's is the hottest!
Dorte said…
Those sculptures are just great - love your shadow collections!
Chrisy said…
...great shots...particularly loved the first you're the person seen lurking around the kp cliffs photographing half naked guys....
I think the climber is especially interesting but I also like the sculpture shadows very much too.
I love the Steel Runner Sculpture shot. The shadow looks more real than the steel runner!

And the precision of the lattice work shot is mesmerizing...

Great shots!
whizkid said…
oooh. the rock climber looks cool! fantastic shadows, you obsessed shadow shooter ;)
Celeste Maia said…
What is the difference between photography and painting? Some of the photographs you showed are like paintings. Absolutely beautiful, transmitting now only the visual image, but going beyond, the way a painting does.
I really enjoyed this entry, thank you Harriet.
Teneale said…
Great shots Tracey ! You didn't have to climb up with that climber to take the shot did you ? lol.

xo Teneale
Red Revival said…
OMGoodness Tracy great shots!!
"Caution: slow, riderless bicycles chasing people." Love it!

Ali said…
The Expo shadows look great (hee, hee, he couldn't run fast enough for you!) - isn't Kangaroo Point a lovely spot?! 'Specially on a glorious winter day. Lovely shots, as usual, Tracy!
Happy Sunday :)
Anonymous said…
That's the coolest caution sign I've ever seen! Poor climbing guy, what a time to get an itch. I love your athletic people shadows. Lucky you captured their shadows before they exercised themselves into nonexistence. I was too busy scrubbing mouldy curtains today to SSS. Shame, mouldy curtain shadows might have been interesting.
Sandrine said…
Love coming and watching the shadows going past ;)I wonder if this climbing guy knew you were after his shadow!!!;)
Elizabeth said…
These were wonderful!
and almost amusing.
I think this meme goes from strength to strength....
Sherrie said…
I like your shadows! They are very nice and bright! Have a great day!!

Nifty review collages and WONDERFUL shadows you've captured and shared for this week ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Wonderful photos! I took loads of shadow photos yesterday and today i discovered Shadow Shot Sunday! Lovely serendipity!
Neato sculptures along the boardwalk speedy shadow shooter! I like best your first photo. I think it may be because of the lovely blue sky! That piggy in the third collage is very cool :) Happy Sunday Harriet! said…
Tracy, I'm sorry I spazzed out accidentally linking the wrong shadow shot so now there are two Long Island Daily Photo links! I think I might have done this last week too...Sorry! My brain is fried lately, please forgive me for the trouble (so embarrassed).
You take the best shadow shots Tracy. I loved seeing Kangaroo Point and those really neat sculptures with shadows, very cool!
again, sooo sorry!
Wow, those shots are gorgeous!
wow those cut outs make awesome shadows and the climber makes me miss my son:)- I am up today
Bree said…
Especially in love with the rock-climbing photo, it makes me want to go climb a mountain!
Wear Your Wild said…
Totally fab shadow shots! I love the rock climber.
sunnymama said…
Great shadow shots! I love the rock climbing one and the running shadow :)
Sam said…
I love yours Tracy - that last one is particularly great with that great looking bridge in the background - so totally different to Sydney I can't tell you! Fantastic! I love the collaboratuve garden/ park one too! Have a lovely week!
Shannon said…
love those red people shadows! They are AWESOME!!! AND...
your caption under the last picture literally CRACKED me up!
It also put a smile on my face to see my picture from last week in your collage.. they are always so WELL done! :)
Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy - I'm still in Sydney, but I had to let you know how much I love this week's shadows, I must walk around Brizzy with my eyes closed!
Unknown said…
Hey, it looks quite sunny sign of early winter anywhere. I love them all but I wonder how does one see the first sign, assuming it is high up. Now that guy look super fit woohoo :D
Sarah said…
It was The Shining!
"Run shadow run!" You're so funny:) great collection of SSs. I like the climber dude one. Looks like a nice place to be.
Sarah said…
Back again! I have an award for you on my blog to say thanks for being my friend! No pressure though!
Sarah :)
EG CameraGirl said…
You found great shadows to photograph at Kangaroo Point. I especially like the shadows of the running people sculptures!
Tracy said…
Another sensational SSS... love the many dynamic & active shadows this week! Happy week, Tracy :o) ((HUGS))
lyptis said…
WOW, so many comments!:)

Lovely shots, that little pig is sooo cute!:)