Shadow Shot Sunday #68

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #68

The above two photos were taken at the Lyell Deer Farm a couple of weeks ago. Forgot I had these! And here are some more animal shadow shots taken at Alma Park Zoo during a visit earlier in the week...

I can't remember what type of lizard this one is. I generally like lizards but this guy looked a bit mean!

Today it is Father's Day here in Australia. I believe it's also Father's Day today in New Zealand, Fiji and in Papau New Guinea. So a great big happy Father's Day to all the dads celebrating their special day today!

Here's a song by Aussie folk-rock band Weddings Parties Anything called Father's Day.

I chose this song because my dad likes it. My dad doesn't visit my blog but it's the thought that counts!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday evening:
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Tom Hilton said…
That is the most adorable lizard!

And happy upside-down Father's Day to all of you folks across the Equator! ;-)
Anonymous said…
That lizard doesn't look very friendly. Looks like he just swallowed an egg and it got stuck in his neck! I like the big roos from the zoo! Catchy song this week. Catchy band name too! Happy Sunday :)
I'm not a lizard person...I have even trouble thinking about them... but the kangaroos are beautiful!!
Wow cool shadows! That is a neat subject!
jabblog said…
Beautiful shots - animals are fabulous subjects! I rather like the lizard but my preference is for furry mammals ;-)
Sylvia K said…
What marvelous shadow shots! Love them all -- even the lizard -- as long as I don't have to pet him!

Thanks as always for such a fun meme!

Silly me! I didn't know Father's Day in other parts of the world existed and that they would be on a different day other that the one we have! I always learn something new from you!
Your shadow shots go with the one from last week of the horse!
Love those animals.
Sarah said…
I love these-especially the kangaroos. What a weird and wonderful creature it is. My other cat Lily reminds me of a kangaroo whereas Tiger is more of a sloth. The lizard looks slightly peeved! He has lovely patterns so really he should look really happy!
Sarah said…
I love these-especially the kangaroos. What a weird and wonderful creature it is. My other cat Lily reminds me of a kangaroo whereas Tiger is more of a sloth. The lizard looks slightly peeved! He has lovely patterns so really he should look really happy!
Margaret Gosden said…
So, a kangaroo at last! I have never seen one at rest before. Will they let you pet them, I wonder? Your photographs are wonderful, considering they were probably moving around a lot.
prettyfirefly said…
A Blessed Sunday to you all!
My entry is up at
prettyfirefly said…
We are planning to visit the local zoo next weekend. I'm sure my lil' Reese would love it.
GalleryJuana said…
The lizard sure has a thick neck. The last zoo I visited was San Diego zoo. That zoo tries to give the animals a large and natural environment, so it was a pleasant visit.

The kangaroos look happy to be in the shade.

Happy Father's Day to everyone on that side of the world!

The photo montages are a real pleasure to see.
I do adore the second where the deer appears to be examining its own shadow.
Unknown said…
You captured the deer kissing its shadow! I'm not a lizard-lover, but this guy is definitely posing nicely. Tracy, your shadows are ALWAYS interesting! Happy Father's Day to you all!
That second deer looks like it's kissing its shadow. That's how I feel about shadows, sometimes, but I can't seem to reach . . . Nice group! Happy Father's Day! At least your dad is on this earth, even if he doesn't look at your blog.
Celeste Maia said…
Another group of stunning photographs. And I particularly liked your photos of those wonderful animals we dont get to see here in Europe. Very good collection of photos, it is a pleasure to see them.
I also want to thank you for your lovely comment.
And to wish your Father a Happy Father's Day! I enjoyed the song too.
robin. said…
cool animal shadows!!! happy father's day to our aussie families. happy sss tracy!!!
robin. said…
cool animal shadows!!! happy father's day to our aussie families. happy sss tracy!!!
What wonderful shots. I love deers.
The lizard is interesting, but he kind of scares me. ha, ha..
Happy SSS.
Chubby Chieque said…
Another wonderful collage and you have the most cutest contribution I seen tonight (early morning) there.

Say hello to your dearie hubby & give a big hug for his day!

Gemma Wiseman said…
Your animal photos are wonderful! Kangaroos always seem to know how best to last in the shade! The deer cast really fascinating shadows especially! And now that overgrown lizard! He is plain creepy but a great shot of all his skin textures!

Happy weekend!
Carletta said…
I haven't posted here for awhile so it's nice to be back.
I love the shadows of the animals!
Catherine said…
The deer shadows are really quite sharp and crisp...
Hildegarde said…
In fact your shadow shot collages would make an unique collection of cards.
Generik said…
Like the lizard and the kangaroos. Happy Father's Day, and Happy SSS!

One of my closest friends is boarding a plane this evening to head down under for the next couple weeks. Treat him nice, please!
Gabbi said…
Lovely shadow shots!!! So honored to be included this week :) My faves this time are Heartstrings and Hobbies little girl in the orange tutu and VickiS-FL's little girl with balloons and of course your darling dear. Cute was very much in the air this last weekend wasn't it?

Such an amazing project. Thank you for making this dear Tracy.
myan said…
i keep forgetting that your sunday is my saturday!! lol!
i love these!
and those shots of the critters are precious!! great captures!!
oh and happy father's day to you! :)
MonikaRose said…
Hello Tracy, great shots this week, love the kangaroos and the lizard is sexy ;). I have not been to the zoo in ages, waiting for warmer weather. Happy Fathers Day to your family :) Have a fabulous Sunday :) cya MonikaRose
A Wild Thing said…
And we'll soon be celebrating Labor odd to be so connected, yet so far away...thanks for the trip to the zoo...ahhhh to be a child again...

Happy Father's day boys!
keiren said…
Fantastic shadow gallery this week and your shot of the mean looking lizard is great! I like that WPA song too! Your dad has good taste in music :)
The deer farm reminds me that we would take our kids, when they turned 1 to the deer farm here...they always loved it - now...a kangaroo farm...that would be more fun now wouldn't it?!!
EG CameraGirl said…
Cool animal shots and shadows. Fathers' Day eh? How interesting that you celebrate it now...but makes sense since it's spring in Australia.
Unknown said…
Great shots - love the animal shadows! Thanks for hosting this every week - even if I don't make it every week! It's such a great meme!
Unknown said…
Great shots - love the animal shadows! Thanks for hosting this every week - even if I don't make it every week! It's such a great meme!
Kranky Granny said…
Great shadows all. Looks like a fun place to take the kiddies for an outing.

Love the video. Will have to remember that for our next fathers day. said…
Wonderful shadows from the farm and zoo Tracy! Collages are beautiful once again as well. I can see your participants are getting more and more creative with their lovely shadows.
Thanks for hosting yet another fabulous shadow shot Sunday.
; )
Chrisy said…
Beautiful deer dear!
Alexa said…
The deer are so sweet and the lizard looks like a real cool dude. Happy Father's Day to all you dads in that other hemisphere. My shadow is up too.
CJ said…
I loved all of you animal shots. The lizard does look a bit mean. I think he might be some type of iguana,

I unknowingly ate iguana when I lived in Brazil. I was invited for dinner and had a wonderful meal, I was told the Portuguese name of what we were eating and when I got home to my English-Portuguese dictionary, found out we had eaten iguana. It was quite good, but I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it if I had known what I was eating.

My Shadow Shot is HERE.
Anonymous said…
I think that "Lizard" is actually a Komodo Dragon... but not sure :)
Great shadow shots, as always!
Bexy said…
Oh I haven't been to Alma Park zoo in forever!
Sweet shots, I posted my first Shadow Shot Sunday today! Hooray!
blueditty said…
Great stuff! I love finding interesting blogs!
Hey! I must say, I was wondering where in the world you might be, looking at the animals - and then I read the text. :)

I think that the lizard is either a Goana or a Monitor Lizard.

Shadows from Glasgow, up at Wish I Were Baking
Martha said…
Love your shadow shots this week - and as always the gallery is awesome! I sure miss playing along.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend! :-)
what lovely animal shadows! Another lovely collage too!
JunieRose2005 said…
Some cool shadows here!!

I have mine up this time!

Hey Harriet said…
DaviMack - That's it! It's a Monitor Lizard! Thank you! It was bugging me that I couldn't remember :)
Sandrine said…
yep he just looked like it was monitoring the camera shoot !!!;)Cool furry shadows;)
Linda said…
Love the detail that can be read from the deer shadows -- they are so sharp and clear! That lizard IS a pretty one. GLAD he is captive, though...
Those lyell deer shadows are so sharp! That lizard does look mean. Backing away slowly...nice lizzy... good lizzy...please don't eat me lizzy...

Happy Sunday! According to your blog clcok, Sunday is almost over for you!
clcok = clock. Oh deer! I mean oh dear! ;)
Anonymous said…
Fun shadow shots!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in your region.

Elizabeth said…
Such splendid animals!
Hope you are well and cheerful?
September is a delicious month here
I wonder what your weather is like in Oz?
Dorte said…
Oh, those deer shadows are just lovely!

Happy Father's Day to you.
storyteller said…
Wonderful 'critter' shadows this week! Makes me want to visit a zoo with my camera, but (alas) I'm currently preoccupied watching US Open TENNIS on television ... hence I'm later than usual, but I've just published a shadow mosaic at Sacred Ruminations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Unknown said…
Thanks for the cool animal shots, and for including me in the gallery. I feel as though I am in good company. My entry for this week is more mysterious.
luvmyboys said…
Great pictures and Happy Father's Day!

I especially love the one of the smirking lizard!
Hey, I like your Dad's taste in music:} Tell him I said happy belated Father's Day!

I love your little deer. They seem to be a smaller version of our deer here. The roos look cute and cuddly too...but I guess they'd probably rather kick my butt wouldn't they?! The lizard looks a little shifty eyed to me.

I'm missing playing in the shadows, but getting lots done:)
Gabbi said…
PS. Dear Tracy, just wanted to tell you that my shadow submission is now up for next week! Thank you again... such a fun project♥
Square Peg Guy said…
Weren't you (or the animals) behind a fence at this zoo? These pictures seem so close! The lizard looks so cool, as if he'd be playing tenor saxophone at the club later.

Thanks for featuring my window sill shot from last week!
Victoria said…
That little baby dear is beyond cute. The lizard's probably just in a bad mood because he isn't so cute nor does he have a pouch like those cool kangaroos do, (or are they wallabies? I can never tell the difference.) Anyway I love the animal pictures and Happy Fathers day to your Dad!
Sam said…
Can you believe I totally forgot Father's Day? I feel very bad about it!! If only I'd looked at your beautiful blog befiore I went out that morning!!

I love the second from the top set best today - and yours are gorgoues too - so cute those young animals!!

Must get my act together and do it for next week! We'll see!! Have a lovely week Tracy!! XX
Gypsy Lala said…
Thank you for hosting lovely Shadow shot Sunday.
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! What fun shadows this week...especially your own from the deer farm. I would love to go to a place like that...aren't they beautiful! And in the shadow groupings I just love Sarah Wallis's photo of her cat on the doormat-too cute! But they are all wonderful! Happy week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Chris said…
I love the shot of the monitor lizard. The position of his arm and the look on his face looks like a businessman posing for a picture at his desk. A bit smug. Great shot. Sorry I missed SSS this week. Had a guest in from out of town.
SquirrelQueen said…
I love all the photos, very nice and SSS is a great idea. Maybe next week I will give it a shot!

Have a wonderful week,
Unknown said…
I thought I left a comment earlier..2 weeks no work, and my brain is not working so well :P

Well, am back to office now...the longest break I have taken so far ...and no holiday! But, everything is good now. Wonderful animal shadows, I love the Kangaroo best!

Hope you are having a good week ahead T...hugs/M
Gina said…
Love your animal shadows this week..esp the deer ones..looks like a great place to visit..I've just got back from Melbourne and found some interesting shadows lurking there, so will share on Sunday. Hope your Dad had a happy Father's Day Gx
drollgirl said…
love these shots. i really do. it is so smart to start with a theme -- it just seems to lend focus and then creativity just flows. yAY!