Shadow Shot Sunday #70

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Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. SummerKitchenGirls 2. Dianne 3. JonnyHamachi 4. BevBaird 5. Nadine 6. SweetRepose 7. maryt/theteach 8. ctmott 9. Vicki-MyMaracas

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #70

"What the!?! Why is this weirdo taking photos of my butt?"

This turtle was very kind and patient to allow me to invade his personal space with my camera. I was very grateful for the smile in the first photo! By the last photo (the actual shadow shot btw) he was no longer smiling and it was taken moments before he plopped back into the pond. His patience finally ran out...

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thankyou!


Margaret Gosden said…
Fascinating photographs! The last one reminds me of the Greek Echo image...
A Wild Thing said…
Ya have to wonder what's going on in his mind as this fool stands pointing this thing at him...stupid humans...but fun shots, turtles rock!
Shannon said…
He CUTE!! So, SO cute! and I love his shadowy reflection in the water! HAd to have been posing for ya!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love your turtle! And especially love your story behind each shot! I'm so sure that is a posed smile in the first photo!

Thanks for collaging my shadow shot from last week too! Great collection as always!

Happy weekend!
keiren said…
He is smiling! I've never seen a smiling turtle before. Were you tickling his tummy? Adorable photos! I'm sure he plopped back into the water because he was hot and not because he was annoyed by you :) Lovely shadow galleries as always! Happy weekend!
robin. said…
his smile in the first photo is precious...and why don't people and animals understand when we take 47 pictures from every possible angle? the pictures. have a great weekend!!

GalleryJuana said…
Ha ! Ha! His smile really looks like it turned into a frown.

He has a beautiful shell, and you got a great butt shot!
bobbie said…
I really love turtles. Great shots!
maryt/theteach said…
I love turtles, Harriet! I love this turtle! Mine's up! :)
Sylvia K said…
I love it!! And what a great shot! I love turtles, too, and this is just the very best!
Oh, I just love these shots. Isn't it exciting when you get pictures like this? Wonderful.
Happy SSS.
Victoria said…
Fabulous photos! What a cool little guy Mr. Turtle is!
Dianne said…
a perfect shadow shot of his sweet little head

I love the other 2 shots as well, made me smile
Oh, I would've done the same thing and invaded his space with my camera! Your persistence paid off with the last shot!
Wow. I just noticed that were are at #70. What shall we do to commemorate #100? Only 30 more to go...
Lovely, lovely shots from everyone, as usual. It ALWAYS makes my day and puts a big smile on my face.
jabblog said…
Great subject - great photos. What an obliging chap he was to be sure ;-)
Love it! There is something so wonderful about photographing nature. How lucky that some creatures are willing to let us have our photography fun!
I understand that worms smile also, or at least so said a little girl I knew. Channelling our inner turtle, are we? Fun, and so cute.
what a great subject.. the middle shot is my favorite though!
Tom Hilton said…
Cool...Narcissus the turtle...
Quilt Works said…
Did I do this correctly? I posted my photo to the Mister Linky below... is this the most current one? This is my first time!
Love this meme! Thanks for hosting it. I find myself looking for "shadow shots" all week long! Your turtle is cute. In the first photo I thought he was an iguana.
Ralph said…
This reptile is accommodating, for sure. He only needed to be tolerating for a brief moment, and was. Opportunity doesn't wait long, and you seized it!
sunnymama said…
What a cool turtle! The shadow in the last picture is great. :)
Catherine said…
beautiful collages as usual...thanks and like the critter shadows this week...
Kewl photos of this cooperative turtle and fun commentary too. I always enjoy your review collages. Thanks for sharing and for hosting SSS. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Hugs and blessings,
Bexy said…
Fabulous turtle shots! I love that he worked his way up to your shadow shot.
And thanks for putting my babushkas in your collage last week!
Have a great week!
EG CameraGirl said…
Gotta love a cooperative turtle!
MonikaRose said…
G'day and thank you for including my haunting ceiling light shadow from last week :) Great shot of the turtle, love the first, looks like he is happy and enjoying his life. Have a great day :) and week ahead.
Anonymous said…
Love the turtle images and your comments accompanying them!

Great collages! Such wonderful shadows from all the participants.

Happy Sunday Harriet!
Sam said…
Those raunchy turtle shots...! I don't know what to say! They are very lovely especially the smiling one - bu perhaps they are not suitable for the under 18s among us! Another great set this week Tracy! I've done my SSS. It's one I had before from Adeliade - hope that's OK - I panicked a little with the one I had because I didn't think it was shadowy enough! Have a lovely Sunday Tracy. XXX
Square Peg Guy said…
I like shooting turtles -- they tend to stay still for the camera, unlike cats, who stay still only when asleep. (How I yearn to capture a shadow of a cat!)

Your shadows this day are subtle since they appear in the shade!

Nice features!
Square Peg Guy said…
BTW, it's still Saturday night for me here, and my Shadow Shot for this Sunday is scheduled to post in about one hour and forty minutes, or at 12:02AM GMT -04:00. I'm afraid if I don't do it now, I won't get to it on Sunday.
Gina said…
Amazing shadows from last week and your little turtle is so cute..he looks like an old hand at the posing in the first one :) Gx
Unknown said…
Wonderful collages, thanks to everyone for sharing! And Tracy, that's one photogenic turtle! Great SS! Happy new week to you! said…
I love turtles and you've really captured him so very well Tracy. Wonderful shadows!
Anonymous said…
LOL! I love your turtle shots. Glad he was obliging to you when you were taking his photos.

Maria Berg said…
I love turtles!

If you want me to email my photo to you let me know, I know it is a problem to take the photo from the webbside, I have to do that for Color Carnival.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for doing all this, MB
Alexa said…
I've shot turtles too—but none quite so photogenic as these, Bibi! I guess that's because they're somewhat special to you.
Tracy said…
Turtle butt...that's so funny! But beautiful seeing the turtle so close up...but and all ;o) Another great week of shadows. Must say I love that one in the very first grouping, very first photo to the left of the shells and lots of china...But they are all wonderful! Happy Weekend, Tracy ((HUGS))
DaviMack said…
He looks like a snapping turtle, too: not a good animal to anger with your paparazzi pics!
Janis said…
Great collages as always, I'm loving those spring photos. And what a cute turtle friend you have!
Wear Your Wild said…
I love turtles, so needless to say, I really love these photos! Great shadow shot of him.
Elizabeth said…
What a cool turtle.
Love him!
Love your turtle photos! Even the one of his butt! I do wonder what animals make of us humans!

I haven't joined in SSS for over a month now! I haven't blogged for over a month either! I need to get back into the swing of it all. Too busy looking at blogs to be posting to my own ;P
Chris said…
He was one shell of a guy, for posing for ya! ;)
Anonymous said…
I have been tryong to link in to Shadow Shots but Mr.Linky doesn't work for me.
Is it because I changed to TYPEPAD?
I would love to continue to participate when I can work out how to get back on the list!
Greetings from NY!
Carin said…
Hi Tracy, love your shadow shot. Never saw a turtle face this close. My it's not a very pretty face though I can see the smile in the first picture, brightening up the face! LOL
Have a great week!
C.M. Jackson said…
how lucky are you? This turtle is working the runway if you ask me, he should be in Bryant Park--great shots-c
Chrisy said…
Love his smile...and fabulous curating as usual...
Ali said…
hee hee - he was smiling!! (obviously he wasn't aware of the 'butt-shot' that was following though!!)
how was the wedding? Have a lovely week! :)
myan said…
oh to be blessed with a smile from a turtle!!
i love turtles! you've captured him wonderfully! :)
Sarah said…
He is a very handsome turtle! I love the second shot especially with his beautiful scalloped shell. I had no shadows I am afraid this week-very busy and stressful week! Hopefully I will be back next week!
Sarah :)
Gabbi said…
Lovely shadows!! My favorite this week is JonnyHamachi's Mexican mural and your adorable turtle butt photo :) Seriously, turtles are too darn cute... we had a pet turtle when we were kids. He would wonder the yard is all I can remember now and he always looked at us as if annoyed.

Hope you've had a great week. I love your gallery and put my submission for next week up today (broken computer delay). ♥♥♥♥
Hey T! Love your turtle. He's a little more pre-historic looking than our local turtles:] The little spikes on his neck in the first photo are cool.
Hey T! Love your turtle. He's a little more pre-historic looking than our local turtles:] The little spikes on his neck in the first photo are cool.
aino said…
What a pity, I'm late. Very great shot you have in here.
Mine is here: /blog/2165822/light-and-shadow/
picciolo said…
what a cutie that turtle is!
: )
picciolo said…
what a cutie that turtle is!
: )
Bobbi said…
Oh my goodness. It's been a year since I've visited and look how you've grown. What a crazy big bunch of shadow shooters you have. I'm still lovin' it!
Unknown said…
Can't believe I missed 2 SSS...and hey, that turtle was so gracious to let you take a pic of his butt!! I tried many times to take them but they always dive into the lake...maybe I'll take the one at home..its a fake.