Shadow Shot Sunday #81

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #81

“Dream if you can a courtyard
An ocean of violets in bloom
Animals strike curious poses
They feel the heat...”

I'd better stop now. Continuing with the next line would just be weird.

Between me and you, Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
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robin. said…
i'm thinking it's still warm in your part of the world...cute lyrics!!! mr. pelican makes a nice shadow.

happy sss tracy!
I like that song.....and the birdy/beach shot.
Ralph said…
I love the pelican. These birds dive for their meals at such high velocity, dinner in the bill is the reward. After a fine meal, what else is there to do but preen?
Generik said…
Interesting pelican! I saw a flock of them flying very low across San Francisco Bay one day last week, but couldn't get a good shot of them. Here in California, we see brown pelicans, which are a bit different than the one pictured here. I just think they're fascinating birds all the way around.
keiren said…
lol! Cute! You should keep singing! I like that song and haven't heard it for the longest time. Pelicans are such amusing birds!
A Wild Thing said…
We await your next it heating up down there, we got snow on the way, so it's cooling down up here...I had to stop and think on that one...and where am I exactly...


Enjoy the heat Mr. lucky stiff!!!
Patti said…
This pelican looks like he is admiring his own shadow.
Like Ralph, I also thought he was preening.
Or maybe he's sleeping!

Great capture, Tracy. Thanks for hosting this fun meme.

P.S. What are runes? I must check the dictionary.
Patti said…
P.P.S. Thanks for including my photo in the collage this week! Very fun. Rigby is my favorite photo subject.
whizkid said…
curiously posed indeed! :)
Happy Sunday to you too!
Sylvia K said…
I do love this guy, grooming himself in the sunshine! What a great shadow shot, Tracy!

Have a great weekend and thanks as always for the weekend fun!

Unknown said…
Perfect SS of Pete the Pelican primping! Wish I could be on that warm beach with him! Happy new week to you, Tracy!
Sarah said…
He's a handsome chappy! I like the poem-but am afraid I do not know what it is. What is it? It suits the picture very well.
Maelka said…
Nice shot. Pelican is cute and it is little shy, I think ;-D.
wonderful photo of the pelican!
I am so grateful that you do post these collages-I can't get to everyone's sites and this way I get to see some of the ones I missed (which are absolutely amazing).
I am also amazed at how close you were able to get to that pelican to takes his photo! Great capture!!
BLOGitse said…
we want more, we want more - singing! :)
You SS pelican is cute!
Happy Sunday!
ps. it's Finland's 92nd Independence Day on 6.12.! Hooray! Cheers!
jabblog said…
What a handsome bird he is. It must be wonderful to see them in the wild - the best place of all for birds and beasts ;-)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful WHITE pelican shot! Most of our pelicans are grey in color. As always, I love the shadow gallery ... thanks ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
bobbie said…
A wonderful bird. Pelicans are always so interesting.

I agree with Paula. Love the collages you post, for the same reasons. Just can't get to them all every week.
Anonymous said…
Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!
Carletta said…
Wonder if he's singing in his head - 'just me and my shadow' hanging out on the beach...
Nice shot!
Gemma Wiseman said…
He looks as if he could be a guy with personality and strength! Not often are pelicans alone! Amazing how pelicans can twist around with that huge beak and manage to preen themselves! Great shot!
Sam said…
Adore your shadow shot Tracy!! I absolutely love these gentle giants - we've got a lot in and around Sydney.

Yes, I think my theory is right about your collages - they do get better every week - I think at this rate we'll be able to see them from space soon they're so pretty!

Sydney's weather has been behaving itself momentarily this week - nice'n'breezy at 21-ish all week! Ah! So much nicer than 40+!

Thank you for all your super comments on my blog sweetie - it's always a delight to see you've popped in!!

Have a lovely Sunday!
Sam said…
Oh dear! I've done a bit of a boo boo! For some reason I've popped myself in twice in the Mr Linky - number 30 is wrong - it links to your rules for some reason - is there anyway to deleat it? So sorry about that!
Tammy said…
New here! I love seeing shadow pictures from last week!
admin said…
What a handsome pelli!! I'm off to the beach - happy SS :)
Jen said…
Happy SSS.
Now that's a big bird!
Jacqui said…
An absolute prince of a pelican. Great picture and I am envious of your sunshine.xx
Me and my shadow! Great shot!
Diane AZ said…
That is a curious pose; it makes the shadow look like a different species of bird. Neat shot!
Paz said…
LOL! I love this photo.

Paz ;-)
readingsully2 said…
This is a great shot. He looks like he is admiring his shadow. I really love it. :)
Jonny Hamachi said…
Great Great Shot.
I am so excited to see my shadow shot featured! I don't think this week is as good unfortunately. That pelican is gorgeous.
Catherine said…
aaaaah how cute...but in his shadow he looks a trifle decapitataed!! Happy SSS - thanks for the gorgeous collages again..
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
"the heat between me and you"

Yes you're right that was kind of weird. Now I have that Prince song stuck in my head. Which is ok because I like Prince. That pelican looks like he is attempting hari-kiri. Could be that he is not so much a Prince fan. said…
Wow! your SS is so cool! You really did a great job capturing that awesome bird & shadow. Of course your collages are wonderful too. I especially like the B&W one-really nice Tracy.
Square Peg Guy said…
Our pets seem to ignore their shadows. But it almost looks as though the pelican in your SS is enjoying his (or hers). Nice capture! And many great features this week!
It's so ch-ch-chilly we are so glad to see the Mr. Pellican is pleased as punch to be strolling the beach!
Anonymous said…
Lovely photo - but now I've got Prince singing in my head!!
B : ) said…
Silly pelicans - don't you just love them? Great shot. B : )
penny said…
Nice shot and shadow of the pelican, Tracy. Thanks for the weekend of fun.
Sarah said…
That's so funny-I used to love that song but obviously never listened closely enough-I am a tune first lyrics later kind of person! I think Prince actually had something there-really beautiful lines!
What a beautiful shot..I love it!
Beach/birds nothing better..
Happy SSS.
Wear Your Wild said…
Love the bird shadow!
Happy SSS~
Maia T said…
Another beautiful bird and a perfect shadow shot.
Happy Sunday to you too!
Victoria said…
What a cutie!
Wonderful summertime shadow shot!
(we just had our first snowfall)
Happy Sunday, Tracy!
cabin + cub said…
Hap Sunday to you too! ALways a great selection of pics! (My fave is the little kitty that looks like he is sneaky).
Jazzbumpa said…
I don't believe anyone else has ever taken Prince right up to the edge of Greek mythology . . .

Tracy said…
Wonderful photo, with week, Tracy...and accompanied by great lyrics by Prince--they go with the photo! Another fun week of photos...I am in awe of what turns up here each week my everyone! Happy Day, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Gabbi said…
Beautiful shadow collection dear Tracy! I love Vicki's shadowy cat and your adorable pelican especially... such a perfect shadow!
Kitty Stampede said…
This is soo great! I love big ol' sea birds and their webbed feet..;)
have a great week!!!
MonikaRose said…
G'day, fantastic shot, I love shadows of animals, fascinating and adorable. Enjoy your day :)
Deb said…
Been meaning to say how much I enjoy the meme and how you compose the Sundays. Your photos are fabulous, of course.
Square Peg Guy said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

I get the most hits on Sunday, thanks to you!
Unknown said…'s him again...what's that bird name..I cant remember! I really love that combination of those black and white shadows. I am thinking of printing all my fav b&w photos and have a collage wall at home :)
Tks for all those sweet thoughts T, we'll know the results for Danial tomorow but I am pretty confident it will turn out fine. I am still lazy to post but I had to pop over here whenever I open the laptop! love ya..muah2.....

Unknown said…'s a pelican right? the last time i saw one (in my room) it had a shadow of it's beak jutting out from its but hehe :P
wanderlust said…
Lovely photo! For some reason, that shadow looks like a wine bottle to me. Does that mean I drink too much?
Amanda said…
Hehehe... I just read the comment above. The old bottle hidden in the feathers just pretending to be preening trick!

Yes... I drink too much!
XUE said…
And the Pelican said, "I'm getting a beer belly here!". Happy Tuesday night from Tokyo! Long time no chat! said…
Hi Tracy,
Just in case you are interested, I am hosting a giveaway this week!
: )
He is striking a curious pose. He looks like he's really giving himself a good poke. He's really cute. He looks so fluffy. His chest looks more like fur than feathers.
I hope you were getting to cool off in the water when you spoted him. Very nice shot.
I wish there was some heat between you and me...but it seems you've got it all. I'm freezing my arse off up here;D
He is striking a curious pose. He looks like he's really giving himself a good poke. He's really cute. He looks so fluffy. His chest looks more like fur than feathers.
I hope you were getting to cool off in the water when you spoted him. Very nice shot.
I wish there was some heat between you and me...but it seems you've got it all. I'm freezing my arse off up here;D
picciolo said…
I'm loving all the sunshine in the pictures today, I think because we haven't had any here for quite a while!
: )
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Clo by Clau! said…
OMG! 3 cats, love them!

Unknown said…
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