Shadow Shot Sunday #84

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #84

A big star shadow from the huge Christmas tree in King George Square

Zig-zag shadows and fluffy cloud reflections found on the side of a garage workshop in Newstead

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas! Now the next big thing to get excited about is greeting in the new year. So Happy New Year everybody! May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010. xox

Happy Sunday!

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66. jerla - sandiego

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Edit Monday Evening:
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jane said…
Love your shadows - on holidays here in NY and missing seeing shadows!
robin. said…
the star is yummy Tracy...and love the clouds and blue sky...where it looks like it's sky certainly does not look that way!!!

here's to 2010!!! wow...does that sound weird for some reason.

Happy New Year!!!!!
Quilt Works said…
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Happy New Year!
Diane AZ said…
The Christmas star and zigzag shadows are fantastic and I love the cloud reflections also! Enjoy the holidays!
A Wild Thing said…
WOW, I can almost envision snow 'round that tree, what a cool shot!!!

I just about missed ya this mornin', however quick thinkin' and nimble fingers pulled me through again!

Thank you so much for hosting this fun game of shadows and for posting me automatically, as I drive the roads early to da bomb Tracie!

Have a fabulous New Year and i hope we see you in a prosperous year ahead!!!


penny said…
Your shadow shots are wonderful, Tracey. I especially like the shadow of the huge star, nice capture.
Happy New Year to you too, Tracey
and thanks for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday, its a fun meme.
Oh, those are both outstanding shots! I love that large star shadow!Well, I love both shots (don't make me choose!).
I hope you had a great Christmas!
I love the Christmas star shadow. It's So big! And shadows on texture are always so interesting -- the clouds make this one particularly awesome. Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!
Sylvia K said…
These are terrific, Tracy! I always love reflections! And the BIG star is outstanding!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! And a big thanks for hosting Shadow Shot! Most fun ever!

Enjoy your weekend!

Tom Hilton said…
Love the star. Those cloud reflections are pretty cool, too.
Anonymous said…
Super photos - I love the star!!
Generik said…
Both nice shots; really like the star shadow, and the reflection of the clouds is superb!

Happy holidays!
Ralph said…
The Christmas star sits above the reindeer, the season of giving continues. And I hope that Santa got lots of requests in that brillianty red post box...

The corrugated shadows are wonderful, they remind me of the pattern in Charlie Brown's shirt. A nice capture!

Happy New Year to you in the land of Oz!
What a great star shadow, Harriet. And the second photo is intriguing!
storyteller said…
Wonderful shadows you've found to share again and the Shadow Gallery is marvelous. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Hugs and blessings,
My Shadow Shot Mosaic
Hey Harriet. ;-) Here in Finland we have now very long shadows. Weather is very cold. Some places thirty degrees minus. Sun is shining maybe two ours in day and then comes blue twilight. Happy new year for you.
bobbie said…
The star shadow is fabulous!
Gabbi said…
Lovely shadows! My favorites this week are Kathleen's adorable and gorgeous cats, Rose C's beautiful flower and your amazing shadow of a star. Perfect for Christmas!
Nice star shot. It seems weird to see the snow flake ornaments and the reindeer, knowing that the tree is setting in sweltering heat. Seeing visions of Christmas anywhere but here in the snowy north just seems unnatural to me:D

Love the second shot. I love the blue of your sky...and the zig-zaggy shadows are cool.

I am excited to greet the new year! I can't wait to see what 2010brings:D I even like the way it sounds...twenty ten...much better than O nine.

Happy New Year friend!!
Unknown said…
Tracy, what cool SSs you got--love the fence and the HUGE star shadows, and the ziggyzaggies too! Welcome in the New Year safely and all my best to you! Happy 2010! What a good number!
Hot Fudge said…
Well, you had me fooled for a while. I thought you had run off to North America or Europe with your stunning star shot. Then I realised it was that pretty ordinary tree in King George Square. I must say you captured its best feature - its shadow.

Thank you for hosting this fabulous site and wishing you the most wonderful 2010.
Gemma Wiseman said…
The star shadow is ultra huge! Amazing! And such a crisp outline!

And the corrugated iron shadows remind me of two things ~ the ripples of a concertina and the unfolding ripples of a fan! Very clever find!

Wishing you happiness for the New Year!
Chubby Chieque said…
Missing you lots, T!

Am back on the track again and I really happy to see all those wonderful photos.

Till then.

Sam said…
So delighted to see those pussy cats of Kathleen's!! Whata legendary shot that is!!! Awesome!

Absolutely love your garage and clouds shot - it looks like a super real painting! Great stuff Tracy!!

Hope you had a super Chrissy lunch - the weather down here has gone all cold (!!!) and rainy - which I am very pleased about! Stops those nasty fires and it's so fun to be wearing cardigans and slippers in mid-summer!!

Take care! Sam. XXOO
keiren said…
That's one gigantic star shadow! The sun must have been very strong! Wishing you a very happy new year too!
Gerald (SK14) said…
merry christmas harriet even if it is almost over - the sunny snowflake is remarkable.
MonikaRose said…
Fab shadows this week, love the star, just beautiful :) Happy New Year :) Hope your Christmas was joyes :) Thanks for hosting and hope you will continue next year, 2010.
Two winner photos. Hope your Christmas was a very happy one! See you next year!
Great star shaped shadow! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)
Love your shadow of the star, and the zig zag is very interesting!
Carolyn Ford said…
Love that star! Wonderful shadow shot!
MyMaracas said…
Great star shadow! And I love the contrasts and textures in the second one.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
Sallie Leo said…
Nice Shadow Shots this week. Love the Bridge and the Man in the Hat. Happy New Year everyone.
Rinkly Rimes said…
You must save that star photo for your cards next year. It's really impressive.
toby said…
Those are both great shots! 2010 *does* sound absurd - 2000 doesn't really feel that long ago to me...

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

Oh, and thanks for including me in your gallery - always an honor :)
Carin said…
Thanks for adding my photo to your collage!
Love that big starry shadow shot you made. I though about taking such a shot but without a shining sun it's hard. So I dug out a shadow shot from my photo files.

Enjoy your Sunday!
Eden said…
Great Shadow shots.

Thanks for the visit.

Happy New Year!
Patti said…
That's an impressive shadow from the star on the tree!
I'd love to see the entire Christmas tree.

I like the cloud reflections over the garage. Great capture.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. said…
I'd love to be in warm weather sunshine in Australia right now! It would be quite an experience seeing a huge Christmas tree while wearing a pair of shorts.
I love your star shadow Tracy!
Sherrie said…
Like your shadows! I really like that one with the star! Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff
wanderlust said…
I love that star over the little mailbox! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
wanderlust said…
I love that star over the little mailbox! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
Wear Your Wild said…
Love the star shadow!
And I love SSS! Thanks for giving us shadow lovers a place to gather. Happy New Year! xoxo
readingsully2 said…
Nice selection of shadow shots.

I particularly like yours this week. Nice job. :)
allhorsestuff said…
HA! That Star shadow marked the post box for the kids! Great shot!
Thanks again for this fun beautiful time!
Mine is up today~
fredamans said…
Great shadows!

Happy New Year everyone!
Chubskulit Rose said…
lovely collection of shadows.

MY SSS entry, Happy New Year!
EJ said…
Man, these are beautiful shadow shots!

My Season's Shadows. May you have a prosperous new year!
GalleryJuana said…
Your second photo makes me want to be sitting in front of the window just so I could look at that beautiful reflection of the clouds and sky all day.

I am excited about the coming New Year!
Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010 as well!
JunieRose2005 said…
love your shadows!!

I have a simple one this time!

Chrisy said…
Fab as always...hope your Christmas was all you wished for...and yes bring on 2010 I say!
Bren Haas said…
I love your blog.... I will have to join in next Sunday!
Unknown said…
COOL! though I do think Santa's mail box shd be in my front of me house (*wink*), that was a really nice shadow of the star on the first picture, you are always a clever pants in taking all these lovely shadows. SO, goodbye for 2009 and welcome 2010 :P Have a fab time during these holidays..don't you wish they last forever ...muah2!!
Unknown said…
.......oh ya :((( these anon commentors in non English are really irritating...i've got loads of them...
Very cool post, love the big star. Have a happy new year!
Peace, Judi
Golden West said…
Wishing you much health and happiness in the coming year and thanks for hosting such a fun meme.
Gabbi said…
Dear Tracey, just stopping by to wish you a very Happy New Year!♥
First visit- what a lovely idea! H McC xx :)
Unknown said…
ohh... Really very nice gallery and i enjoyed it a lot. All post you have put here very properly. Thanks for sharing it.

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Gina said…
Dear T..finally I made it here to wish you a Happy New Year...(far to late for Christmas lol)..hope you have a wonderful and fun 2010..hoping to get back into the SSing this year :) Gxox
ps loving all the shadows..amazing!
Thanks for choosing my photo as one of the ones displayed! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!! -Aubrey
Anonymous said…