Shadow Shot Sunday #93

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #93

The old-fashioned favourite Wynnum Wading Pool was looking unusually deserted earlier this week.

News Flash! "Brisbane's Hottest Destination for Everything Handmade"

Something that certainly will not be deserted will be the popular BrisStyle Indie Designers Market happening next Saturday 6th March. You'll find there a fantastic range of arts and crafts from the talented BrisStyle Team, so if you live in Brisbane do go check it out. For more info visit the BrisStyle blog. Go team!

Here's a small sampling of some the sweet goodies that will be available at the BIDM

from these fine folk ... 1. Re-read 2. Denim Days 3. Hot Fudge 4. Enticing Icing 5. Kimono Reincarnate 6. Hot Toffee 7. Flight Industries 8. Little Chrissy 9. Wildlight Studios

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
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4. IvyC.
5. Birgitta - Sweden
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10. Quiltworks, MA, USA
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12. Beverley Baird
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24. Carin
25. lazyclick, India
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103. Maria Berg, Sweden

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Birgitta said…
Cool shadows!
robin. said…
the market sounds amazing...could really use something like that to go to-to beat the winter dulldrums.

love seeing all the shadows...thanks for putting them together tracy!! have a wonderful Sunday!!
Dimple said…
At first I thought it had been flooded with rain, but no! The name is capitalized...It looks a wonderful place to wade, or slide, or sit, if you are young or young at heart. Neat.
The slide brings out the kid in me! I like the reflection in the water too.
keiren said…
You nicely caught a shadow and a reflection from the water slide!

That market looks very sweet. Wish I could go!
Tom Hilton said…
Cool shot. That slide looks so incongruous there--like it's in a playground that was flooded.

Won't make it to the market, being half a world away and all, but it sounds great--best of luck to you!
Beverley Baird said…
Great shadow! Can't imagine going swimming now! lol
Take care.
Carletta said…
A wading pool - how awesome!
Lovely shadow capture and a great reflection too.
Love those beads in your market collage!
Catherine said…
love the collages this week - especially the third one - thanks and yes that wading pool does look a little forlorn!! Greetings from Mexico
Sylvia K said…
Oh, I love the reflection even if the does look sad and empty! What a colorful collage!

Have a great weekend, Tracy! Thanks as always for the fun!!!

frayedattheedge said…
A lovely photo - please send me some of the sunshine - we've had evn more snow!!
Carin said…
Thanks for putting my picture in your shadow collage.

That pool looks desserted, guess it must have been too cold! Looks like a fun place to be with sunny, warm weather! Very colourful too!
Ralph said…
Isn't there a child that is ready to slide down into the water? has it cooled down to much in Brisbane to have fun in the water? I am sure that cannot be the reason in a sunny and hot Oz!
Dina said…
Hey, you got a shadow AND a reflection! Would love to take my Sydney grandsons to that wading pool.
The arts and crafts look so sweet.
jabblog said…
What fun! I love slides and what better could there be than sliding into cool water on a hot day?
Patti said…
Interesting collage of goodies.

That wading pool looks like fun. Nice shadow and reflection.
We've got snow on the ground, still. It just keeps on showing up.

Thanks for using my photo today, Tracy! And thanks for hosting.
Martha Z said…
That was my first thought, a flooded playground. What a neat place, I'm surprised to see it empty.
Generik said…
Love that slide. That's a shot I would definitely take. Great color and feel to it.
Maia said…
Lovely shadow shot with the slide and the reflection is so crystal clear too.
Have a nice weekend!
Jen said…
Great shadow shot. I first thought that was snow in the background, but I guess that's because I have snow on the brain and in my yard.
bobbie said…
Love your shot of the wading pool. And the BIDM sounds like a real winner - wish I could visit.
I didn't make it today with a SSS, but I'll enjoy them as usual.
Such an interesting view, as always.

Since I didn't post last week, this week I have TWO shadow shots for everyone. And they are cheerful!
Wonderful shadows and reflections too!
Hugs and blessings,
A Wild Thing said…
OK, now I'm dreaming of wading pools and warm waters and hot sand and margaritas and cold beer and shorts and flip flops and...

Sorry, it's your fault!

Have a great week Tracie!!!
GalleryJuana said…
I know I'd have fun shopping at the bristyle market.

The wading pool is a wonderful idea and the colorful slide makes it inviting.

The photo montages are always interesting to see. I can get a feel for the weather around the world too.
Cassie said…
A little surprised that the shadowy wadding pool is deserted. Isn't it like 300 degrees there?! Thank you for hostessing this blog. I am having such a fun time with it. Happy SSS to you Tracey!
Gemma Wiseman said…
An interesting water shadow from those steps! Quite a haunting scene without the usual happy summer crowd! Beautiful!
Sam said…
That's such a cool looking slide! Brisbane - I must make the trak - it's so pretty and totally different to Sydney! Love the collages - interesting to see them get slightly less snowy - although I heard New York is getting a heap of snow this weekend.

Hey - Tracy - have you herad about the Chile tsunami warning? As I write it's less than five minutes until it hits the east coast! That's you and me hon! I think they said it wasn't going to come inland - but still....I'm a bit protected by the harbour and headlands - hope you're OK too...have a lovely Sunday!! XOXO's
Hot Fudge said…
The sun is shining this morning (of course, it probably won't last), so I am dreaming of sliding down that contraption, although maybe I'll wait for high tide!

Thanks for the market plug Tracy - only 6 sleeps to go.
How neat to have a slide in a wading pool! Great shadows AND reflections caught there.
maryt/theteach said…
My shadows are up! A summer slide left all alone... :(
maryt/theteach said…
Some lovely things at BIDM! :)
Sarah said…
I love to paddle! Hope you enjoyed the market!
Lovely shadows and reflections! Looks very lonely, though.
Chrisy said…
Don't you just want to jump into that pool at Wynnum...I hope you did girl!...and slid down that slippery dip!
weeeee!!!! race you down the slide!
Love seeing all of that Brisbane goodness - what a talented bunch!
We sure love seeing all of these brilliant! Fun stuff!
Have a great weekend Tracy!
That's a beautiful photo of the water slide and the shadow gallery is stunning this week. I'll try to catch a shadow shot today to post later! Happy weekend!
Unknown said…
Great SS of the colorful slide and the contrast in your photo, Tracy! I'm enjoying all your collages. Sorry I've been m.i.a. for a while--traveling to and from--sometimes without wifi. Hope to get back to catching shadows soon, especially with more sunshine this new week. Blessings!
readingsully2 said…
Great selections and I love Juana's. Wow. Superb.

I enjoyed yours too. Your wading pools are quite different from most of ours. Nice job.
I am playing love the collages
Hi Harriet,
I am new to SSS #64 I don't mind at all if you want to use my shot in fact I would be honored if you did. I love you SSS picture I don't swim but I bet it would be fun if I knew how.
Linda said…
Your shadow is extra lovely this week Tracy. I love the reflection too!
Thanks for the link, I can't wait to browse.
: )
Square Peg Guy said…
Thank you for featuring my tree fairy shadow shot from last week!

Your shot of the wading pool struck as strange. Since it was deserted, I had forgotten that you live in the southern hemisphere and thought it was winter for you. Except that the water wasn't frozen. And then I realized the truth. :) And I long for a waterpark experience right about now.

All the best!
MyMaracas said…
That wading pool makes for some lovely shadows. It strikes me as sad somehow, with no kids in it.

Thanks for including me in the collection this week!
BLOGitse said…
Slide, slide...let's play! splits, splats, splots...LOL!
Happy SS Sunday Tracy!

Kranky Granny said…
It has been nice to get some sun here so I could join in all the fun at SSS.

Hope you all have a good week.
Anonymous said…
That deserted wading pool looks very appealing to me. I'd enjoy having the place to myself! Some nice handmade things you've shared. I wish I was crafty!
wanderlust said…
Love those reflections, pretty. Cheers!
Dorte said…
Lovely shot of the wading pool ... have a nice Sunday!
B : ) said…
A wading pool? That is too cool! What a great place to go sunbathing.
That looks awesome! One side you can see the shadow, and one side you can see the reflection!
penny said…
A water slide in the wading pool is a very unique idea, my inner child would love to try it.
Nice Shadow Shot, Tracy.
The market sounds delightful. I hope everyone has a nice time buying and selling the lovely crafts.
Patti said…
P.S. My memory isn't that great any more either. Don't worry.
I think you did mention you had a Linus once. ;-)
Dianne said…
not only are the shadows amazing but so are the reflections
for a moment I thought it was a flooded park!
we have had so many storms here I seem to be in disaster mode
readingsully2 said…
THere is an official shadow shot. Everyone is visiting the wrong one. LOL I think it is the third one down.
Nessa said…
The collages are all beautiful. Your picture makes me think of airplane stairs.

Here Comes the Sun
picciolo said…
what a pretty pool, I'm surpried it was so quiet there!
: )
Serendipity said…
I really like the reflection :)
Great shadow..would make quite a splash slidding on that slide.
Didn't get a shot up..we had quite the storm, 90 mile gust,lost power for 40 hours..just got it back..Then I read about fish falling from the sky in OZ..What is next?
Have a Happy SSS.
allhorsestuff said…
Looks to be a wonderfully- wet- landing for that one!
Nice market pieces too...tempting
allhorsestuff said…
PS...I was so pleased to see i made it to your neat "Shooters" list !
toby said…
Thanks for including me in your gallery! The water in your photo is so still - it really does provide for an impressive reflection. Over here we've had nothing but strong wind and storms... Enjoy!
Álvaro said…
Nice blog. Congratulations. Greetings from Spain.
Sallie Leo said…
Wonderful Shadow shots today! Thanks for keeping this going.
Anonymous said…
I wish I was in Brissy right now;
1. so I could so in that beautiful deserted wading pool and
2. so I could go to the market next Saturday!
I love your shadow shot - so cooling and tranquil.
Tracy said…
It almost seems sad to see that pool so very deserted! But wonderful chance for your shadow-shop unencumbered! Such great shadows this week--a lot of playful moments in shadow. And I LOVE all the treats from that Designers Market...*swoon*... Happy Week, Tracy :o) ((HUGS))
That slide looks like fun! Must've been too early to have 'waders' in that water!
Cute play thingy. It does look very lonely sitting there in the wading pool. Neat shot with both reflections and shadows.

It looks so warm...I would love to be there. Then I could stay and go to the BrisStyle Market too. Ahhh...that sounds very nice.
Unknown said…
Great shot T, with water and shadow too. Too busy over here, no time to blog hop or even go to my own blog...hope you have a fab weekend too :) Hugs....M
Amalou said…
Great to see your SSS participants still thriving! I love your wading pool shadow... Unusually deserted hey? Were you doing your photography in the nude again Tracy? You really must learn to behave! You did well to snap a shadow this week, the sun's been a little shy lately... not like you, teehehehe! (Sorry, my husband's in Perth and my kids are in bed, so I'm spending my time drinking wine and making silly jokes.)

I hope the weather is good for the BIDM tomorrow. I'll be popping in for a bit to say hello to the marketeers and spend money on stuff I really don't 'need'... 'want' is a good enough reason though.