Shadow Shot Sunday #94

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. Dorte 2. Birgitta 3. Carletta 4. Dina 5. QuasiSerendipita 6. MarthaZ 7. Joysweb 8. Generik 9. Nessa

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1. Gemma 2. Ralph 3. maryt-theteach 4. Dianne 5. Pam 6. HotFudge 7. Jabblog 8. Jane 9. SweetRepose

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1. MomijiToMitsukoshi 2. Linda 3. Marcia 4. SarahWallis 5. MargaretGosden 6. Wanderlust 7. Rita 8. Robin 9. PaganSphinx

Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #94

It has been overcast and rather shadowless for the majority of this week so this is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago. This first week of autumn here in Brisbane has actually felt a little bit like autumn with the cooler temps. It was such a scorcher of a summer I feared it was going to continue and completely over-ride the colder seasons. I'm so glad that hasn't been the case! And if anybody catches me moaning about cold weather this winter please cyber-slap me or at least tell me to shoosh up pronto! I realise the piddly winter temps in Brisbane are nothing in comparison to what many of you folk across the pond have had to endure!


If you would like to win this set of my Seagull TtV (Through the Viewfinder) photo prints head on over to this lovely blog to enter. It's easy peasy to enter with only one simple little question asked of entrants.

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
1. Sweet Repose
2. Magical Mystical Teacher
3. Quiltworks, MA, USA
4. Patti V.
5. Guy, Regina, Canada
6. Ralph
8. robin-one still frame
9. IvyC.
10. ldh
11. Dina - Jerusalem
12. Vicki - IN, USA
13. Barbara Finwall
14. David C. -IN
15. Tom Hilton
16. Gerald (Ackworth born)
17. Birgitta - Sweden
19. Elizabeth
20. Anne
21. Summer Kitchen Girls
22. Jill, Northern CA, USA
23. Catherine, Mexico City
24. happilyretired
25. RamblingWoods
26. Beverley Baird
27. Joe Todd-USA
28. Cassie
29. carolynUSA
30. Generik
31. Sunnymama
32. Jen
33. Livet genom kameran
34. Shannara, Sweden
35. Martha Z
36. Gemma@Greyscale,AUS
37. Lindz
38. ctmott
39. foto CHIP
40. Ania
41. Molokai Girl
42. Jacqui - Scotland
43. Faith Hope and...
44. fotoCHIP
45. Rinkly Rimes
46. Carly's Photography
47. Kylie-ChasingPurpleDreams
48. Jonny Hamachi
49. DeBbieDoOs
50. Diane AZ
51. lynda Howells
52. Eden, Australia
53. Margaret Gosden USA
54. High Desert Diva
55. sarah@thimbles
56. Quasi Serendipita
57. me and my camera
58. rsully2sphotography
59. Christine, California USA
60. Icy BC
61. prkl, finland
62. Anita @ Far Above Rubies
63. Long Island Daily Photo,USA
64. BLOGitse
65. Freda Mans
66. Rajesh, India
67. Linda (The insanity of it all)
68. Angela - NZ
69. Megan
70. Angie, West Australia
71. wanderlust
72. alexa in nyc, usa
73. Judith, UK
74. Judith, UK
75. Maggie @Normandy Life
76. Sam - NZ
77. Maria, Sweden
78. Coffeedoff UK
79. Anna
80. Diahn Ott
81. Chicory for Sunday
82. Stine, Canada
83. dianne
84. Sherrie,IN, USA
85. Lisa's RetroStyle
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89. Magical Mystical Teacher #2
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92. Gunsside Norway
93. spunkee
94. Laura
95. Square Peg Guy
96. Nita
97. My Camera's Eye
98. texassky
99. GardenJoy4Me
100. Sara Chapman, Seattle USA

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Guy D said…
Hope everyone is having a great weekend, great shots everyone!

All the best
Regina In Pictures
Patti said…
For some reason that looked like a prehistoric creature to me at first.

I hope you have a lovely autumn! We're praying for Spring to arrive soon.

Thanks for this fun meme, Tracy. I see Ralph's van got in the collage.
Great shadow photos. Thanks for sharing these. I must have missed this before, but I'm going to watch for these now.
robin. said…
it is amazing how we flow from one season to the looking forward to spring. lovely photo ops await. have a great weekend.
Ralph said…
The shadow is lovely, even overcast skies can be bright enough for shadows. The subject looks like the upper jaw, the shadow looks like it is sticking hits tongue out. At least that is what I saw...

Congrats on the cooler temperature. In any climate, people find the weather an issue, and babble on about how bad it is - or hopefully, is not. I'd enjoy a hot day at the beach in March up here!
Dina said…
Hello again and thanks again for collecting so many fun shadows in one place.
Chubby Chieque said…
Am always glad coming in here seeing your growing SS chasers, huh?

Every shots is so cool with it's own character and way and so proffsy!

Job well done, PEPZ!

Happy SS to you dear T...

Keep away from the hail & storm.
MyMaracas said…
Wonderful shadow shot! It leaves lots of room for the viewer's imagination.

Love your seagulls - I'm off to enter!
Tom Hilton said…
I had the same thought as Patti--it looks distinctly saurian. Cool shot!
A Wild Thing said…
Autumn is such a beautiful time of year here in the states, we all love it and by then are usually a bit sick of the summer's heat...HOWEVER...we know what lies me, you don't want to know!!! But it makes the springtime ever so sweet...and it is what it is!!!

Thanks for putting up with our whining all winter long!!!

Birgitta said…
Cool shadow shot!
Thanks for having my photo in the Shadow Gallery :)
Anonymous said…
Love your autumn leaf that looks almost like something a dinosaur would eat!

A very striking image.
Sorry I have been so absent but lots of family visiting and so on.
Greetings from New York.
frayedattheedge said…
I don't begrudge you the cooler weather, as it is finally a bit milder here - there was no frost this morning - although there is still some snow about!!
What a cool leaf shot! Love all the textures going on.... and it is very autumn-y!
March has brought sunshine for us... if it keeps up, we can't complain, well, at least too much, about this winter. Hopefully yours will fly by too!
Karla & Karrie
Anonymous said…
Wonderful textures along with the shadows in your photo this week ... enjoyed the galleries too. Somehow I missed the cat on the toilet at Joysweb last week, but I'll be laughing for a while at that one.
Hugs and blessings,
Sylvia K said…
Funny, but when I first saw your shot for the day my reaction was the same as Patti's -- a prehistoric critter!! Marvelous shot and the precursor of fall! Have a great weekend, Tracy! Thanks as always for the fun!

bobbie said…
Love your shadow shot for this week. And I'm glad your too-hot summer is drawing to an end. I'll be so happy to see one begtin, even though I'm sure I'll soon be complaining about heat instead of cold.
Sorry I haven't a shot this week.
Carolyn Ford said…
Super shadow shot! It certainly saves room for the imagination! Have a great "rest of your weekend," Tracy!
Happy shadow shot sunday!
Cassie said…
Okay Tracey, What is that thing?? Some sort of pod? Definately an interesting shadow shot!

Love the gull shots. You even got one mouthing off for the camera. hehe.

ps-I can't get Mr.Blinky to work. I'll try later.
Generik said…
Nice shadow shot. I was thinking more reptilian than saurian, myself, though I suppose that may be a bit too fine a distinction to make much difference. In any event, happy beginning of autumn!
sunnymama said…
Lovely shadow shot. We are just seeing the first signs of spring arriving here. Hope you have a great weekend. :)
I like the shadow very much.
So simple....
Martha Z said…
Great shadow shot. I spent some time trying to figure what it is, a leaf?
Gemma Wiseman said…
That leaf in macro really looks like some large jawed pre-historic monster! What a great capture! And I have not commented for awhile on your coninued talent collaging our photos! They always look so good together! Thank you so much for spending the time on us! Have a great weekend!
You know, at first I thought it was a snake..had to keep looking at it and thinking you are a brave gal. Very interesting picture/shadow..really pretty.
Happy SSS.
That is the best shot ever!!!! I love it!
I had to re-enter my link as I was told that the first one wasn't working (somehow, an extraneous 'l' got on the end of the link without my seeing it).
So, I don't know if you have the ability to correct the first one or just delete it? I think the second one is OK.
Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Jacqui said…
Great shodw shot - had everyone guessing I think. The turning of the seasons is always an exciting time for me. xx
admin said…
love those cheeky seagulls!!! :) all your images in your shop are delightful! :)
I’m playing along for the first time this week. I love your leaf shot, the light coming through is really nice. I posted a leaf painting last night; the change of seasons around here must be making us all think of leaves!
Diane AZ said…
I like how the shadow reveals more cracks in the leaf than we'd otherwise see. Beautiful image!
Catherine said…
great collages as usual - and love your leaf shadow - almost looks like a snake's head at first glance!!
Those seagulls are seriously cute - will have to go and check out the giveaway!
That leaf photo is great! I just entered the giveaway & hope I win those amazing seagull photos! Enjoy your weekend!
Jen said…
I really like the peaks of light that go thru the cracks in the leaf. Nice shadow shot!
And thanks for hosting this...I really do enjoy it!!
Happy SSS to you !
readingsully2 said…
I love your shadow shot. It is quite beautiful. Good luck to everyone on the give-away too.
Chrisy said…
My favs for this week - the cat on the toilet / the boot with foot word shadowed on it. Great work as always chickie babe. Heading over to that giveaway now....probably have to shove my way in...
Christine said…
Hey Tracy
Your shadow shot had me wondering what it was at first. Then when I really looked closely, all these fantastic parts of it began to show themselves. The light coming through the tears in the leaf makes the shadow a whole different entity. Cool!
Anita Diaz said…
This is just the coolest meme! Thanks for hosting:-) said…
So Autumn over by you means Spring over by me - Yay!
very nice shadow btw.
: )
BLOGitse said…
Your SS is very artistic. Cool shot!
I'm going to have a 'meme break' after this weekend.
We're going to travel next weekend and then we start packing - moving out from Egypt.
This is expat life - in good and bad.
I'll be back in April - when, I don't know yet, but I'll be back.

Enjoy your autumn - we are just about to start to enjoy our spring! It's so funny... :)

Take care,

fredamans said…
Awesome selection as always!
Linda (The insanity of it all) said…
I love your shadow shot it looks cool. I want to thank you for putting my shot in you shadow gallery. I didn't travel far from home this week. I hope that you will have a great week ahead of you.
Lindz said…
such a great shadow pictrues of line and the birds
wanderlust said…
I'm pretty spoiled regarding the weather too, my neighbors in the northeast are covered in snow! Have a lovely weekend!
Anonymous said…
I love your cooling shadow shot. Yes this Summer has been a scorcher, but I can guarantee when the temps don't pass 30 anymore, I for one will be sorry to say goodbye Summer, hello Winter....
Christine said…
Great shot! Love how the light is so sharp through the holes, love it! Happy SSS!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful shadow/light patterns from the leaf! I love those seagulls! I would enter that giveaway if I hadn't bought myself that set already! I found some shadow box frames for them and they look amazing!
Unknown said…
What a fantastic shadow - so crispy!

And I would go register for those prints, but I already own them! And they are even more gorgeous in real life!! :)
Mumsy said…
What a great shot, and captured!
Dianne said…
it looks like a sea creature!
how cool is that
Hey Tracy:D You and I are on the same page this week...I too took a macro nature shot. I love your cracked leaf. It throws a really cool shadow.

Cold is, like most things, I can't fault you for feeling the chill. I'm glad you are getting some relief from your scorching summer heat. I'm ready to bring it on here:)
Me again:) I meant to say also how lucky someone will be to win your prints. As you know I already have a set of them and I LOVE those gulls!!
Debbiedoos said…
I love all your shots and I have to tell you how much you have inspired me to look for shadow shot opportunities! I never paid no mind before, so thanks for opening up a new world of photography!!~
Paz said…
I love Autumn and I love your giveaway. ;-)

Great shadow shots as usual.

Christine said…
Can you delete link #80 I linked up with last week's SSS instead of today's on my blog... sorry for inconvinence & thanks so much :) Happy Sunday!
Tracy said…
Just LOVE your seagull photos, Tracy! And so many fun shadows this week--especially that cat in the toilet in the first grouping--hilarious! Hope all is well with you & you're having a great weekend :o) ((HUGS))
Great shadow of a leaf - so sharp, detailed and
slightly ambiguous at first. Did wonder what it was!
That's the nice surprise about a shape like that.
Gunsside said…
Nice shadow shot, and now my sunny shot is up ;)
B i r g i t t a said…
Please Harriet - remove the number 4706..... in Mr Linky. I wonder why it is there?
Please ASAP.
Best regrds Birgitta - foto CHIP
Unknown said…
Those shadows by all shooters just get better and better :) Love, love and love your leave shadow, simple and yet so amazing! Have a fab week ahead T. Love/M
Square Peg Guy said…
That's an awesome Shadow shot, Harriet! You have a great eye for detail. And I really enjoyed the features!

Glad your days are cooling off. Ours are warming up!
texassky said…
Have a blessed day down under Ms Harriet!

Hi Tracy,

Better late than never, I always say. Usually I sign up much earlier and don't get to see so very many entrants. My goodness! Congrats for a VERY successful meme.
Harriet girl ! Thank you for adding me on with the linky .. I totally forgot that step ;-)
This is a great little meme for my photography side !
Anonymous said…
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Stéphanie said…
Fabulous shots !
Chrisy said…
me again...OMG you've got 100 participants! big congrats!
no didn't have stall on saturday...not really into selling at markets...too much hard work and little return...was good to meet some brisstylers 'in the flesh' tho...
allhorsestuff said…
Neat shot!! Does look like an animal.
I am trying to get this done now...will be busy later..maybe it'll work and maybe not.
My shot is sched for Sunday March 14th
Thanks for the constant vigil for shadows!!
Nessa said…
I love the shadows leaves make. They are always so artistic. It is very cold and windy and rainy here today after a week of nice weather.

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