Shadow Shot Sunday #98

Hello! I'm finally back! And what a crazy last couple of weeks it has been. It sure feels good to be back blogging again! Unfortunately I've not had the time to visit blogs yet and I'm way behind in all that has been happening in the blogosphere. So again there is no Shadow Gallery of collages this week but all will be back to normal next Sunday. I noticed quite a few new names participating in Shadow Shot Sunday from the previous weeks during my absence, so thanks to all those newbies for joining in. I'm looking forward to catching up with shadow shooters this weekend. I've missed everyone & it feels like I've been away for ages!

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Some sweet welcoming shadows I spotted on the first morning of waking up in my new home.

And then it was time for coffee on the deck...

This is the view from my front deck. To the front of my house and all along one side of it is council zoned conservation bushland. Residing in that bushland is an amazing abundance of birdlife. This island hosts many rare and threatened species and the area is apparently an internationally recognised migratory bird habitat. I've already made friends with a couple of delightful kookaburras! I don't have water views from my house, or even water glimpses, but the ocean is only a short and pleasant 5 minute walk down the road.

Happy Sunday!

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Oooooh! What a lovely shot-that one with the table, chair and floor! I love the color of the wood tones and of course, the patterns created by the chair back.
Addendum-I love the patterns created by whatever it is! A rail? Welcome back to cyberspace! It must've been torture to be out of the loop for so long, but you sure did a fabulous job of keeping the momentum going on SSS!
Generik said…
Wow, what beautiful shots from the new place! Welcome back... can I come stay with you?
Ralph said…
The vertical blinds leave a wonderful shadow on the elegant wood floor. A fine wake-up view!

The natural views outside your door are stunning. It is nice that you are near the urban core yet surrounded by nature and a short trek to the beach. A wonderful habitat in which you live!
robin. said…
welcome back tracy...looking forward to seeing more of your surroundings!! 5 minute walk to the ocean...pure bliss!!

happy sss.
maryt/theteach said…
Gorgeous wood floors inside; beautiful greenery outside. Good luck Tracy and Happy Holiday! :)
frayedattheedge said…
Welcome back! Can I come and visit please!!Lovely shadows and fabulous view .....
Sylvia K said…
Oh, welcome back, Tracy! And what a beautiful shadow shot for the day! What a beautiful place you have moved to! I'm excited for you and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful shots. Wishing you a very Happy Easter Weekend! Enjoy!

You're living on a island, a five minute walk to water. Sounds like heaven to this desert girl.

Glad you're back online. You've been missed.

Love your wooden table & stools....
Anonymous said…
What a lush view off the deck and the wildlife must be magnificent. Love the sun streaming thru your window too. This is my first time to join in the fun. Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend.
A Wild Thing said…
Girl, you are just the luckiest, not only a new human sanctuary, but the wilds behind...time to drag the ol' didgeridoo out and hum a few tunes, I'd let ya borrow mine, but it's a bit of a walk(swim)...

So glad to have you back...happy Easter friend!!!

With the view that you have you were having second thoughts about moving??? Happy new home!!!

Shadowy Toilet!
Beverley Baird said…
Welcome back! Happy Easter.
What a beautiful spot you have! Surrounded by such awesome vegetation!
Great shadows as well!
Chubby Chieque said…
This is the way of life I am aiming for and that in my priolist §;-)

Beat me, if I don't. So much nature around makes life more easier.

Happy SS on a Blessed Easter Sunday, dowunder.

Hope you're settling in, what a wonderful view to have from your front deck!
Victoria said…
I want to come stay with you! What an amazing place... The peek of your new digs looks lovely and the view... WOW! I am very excited for you and looking forward to seeing more. :o)
xo Vic
Gerald (SK14) said…
Your new home looks gorgeous.
Catherine said…
Welcome Back - we have missed you too - and what an amazing new home - which island is this?? It looks wonderful - love the shadow shot too
Birgitta said…
Welcome back :)
Like your shadow shots very nuch!
Sarah said…
I am so behind! I have missed the last few Sundays as other things got in the way, so I didn't even know you had moved! Congratulations and good luck in your new home! It looks very sweet in the shadow shot. I bet living that close to the bush is fun!
Really a nice photo the first one!!

I laike the composition and obviously the shadows!

Have a lovely weekend

Dina said…
Welcome back.
It sounds and looks like you have a dream house! Enjoy it!
Tracy -- what a beautiful place to live!! Glad you're back on line. And thanks again for this meme.

What a gorgeous place to live. The view is stunning and that floor – it will surely be a great background in many more photos. What a good omen for you to get such a lovely shadow shot on your first morning there – meant to be!
Gemma Wiseman said…
There is such a warmth in the woods glowing in the light of Aurumn sun! Very beautiful! (I am trying to guess the island's name from your little hints along the way!)
Now that I live by the sea with the National Park not far away, I know that I can't return to full on suburbia! I'll feel trapped!

Happiness to you in your new life! You sound refreshed already!
foto CHIP said…
I think you will like it a lot in your new home :)
The shadows are dancing on the beautiful floor :)
myan said…
wow, i love that first shot! the light is gorgeous! and looks like you are living in paradise!
Hot Fudge said…
Hey Tracy - welcome back and I love your new abode. How wonderful to have so much birdlife to welcome in each new day for you. I do hope the Easter Bunny finds his way across the waters and that you have a very happy Easter.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love the shadow on the first one. Glad you're back!
Wow Harriet ! Love the shadow shot girl ! .. and yet another wow to where you live .. that is amazing : ) .. I would love to be so close to the sea too !
Joy : )
My snail insisted that he be the topic of this shot ;-)
bobbie said…
I wish you all the best in your beautiful new home! It looks truly wonderful!
Patti said…
Hi Tracy! I also offer a big "welcome back to the blogosphere." Ralph and I missed you.

Nice shadows on the lovely wooden floor.
Good luck in your new abode.

Looks like you live in a forest. How peaceful that photo is..
Hooray! We are so glad that you are back & all moved in! It was really weird still doing shadow shots without you Tracy!
Lucky you to have a bushland in back of your home...and a 5 minute walk to the poor, poor thing!
Tracy, I missed you a LOT! It just wasn't the same with your pre-written intro, and no collages. How disturbing to be offline so long. But I see you are now in a fabulous place, complete with enviable shadows to greet you. Great, great floor, by the way! And the bird-filled wildland adjacent is a real blessing. Many happy years in your new home.
The light shining across the floor looks so nice and warm and cozy...ahhh, home at last:) I love that table and the colors of the floor wood look so rich. Very nice.
The view from your deck looks lovely too. How wonderful to be half surrounded by conservation land! I'll enjoy seeing all your wildlife photos.
I'm so glad you're back. I missed you.
Square Peg Guy said…
Good luck in your new home!

I love the warmth of the tones of the sunlit floor.

Your description of the locale sounds like paradise! Wow!

Welcome back!
fredamans said…
Happy Easter! said…
Welcome back Tracy! Your new home looks sooo lovely. & such lovely shadows too. I can see by the nature surrounding you, you will have much to be inspired by too.
: )
Unknown said…
Congratulations on your move, Tracy--it sounds just beautiful! Love your table shadow shot and the richness of your floor!
Christine said…
Welcome back, Harriet! I love, love, love your shadow shot. Your new home must be warm and sweet like honey. At least that's the feeling I get from your photo. And the bush! Oh, to be lucky enough to have conversations with kookaburras! The only thing I know about them is the song we used to sing as children: "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, eating all the gumdrops he can see ..." I know those probably aren't the right words, but it's what I remember. You must live in a magical place. :)
Alexa said…
So glad you're back online, Tracy. And your new home in the bush—wow! what a great place!
wanderlust said…
Nice clean lines and surfaces in the first photo. What an amazing view you have in front of your house!
wanderlust said…
Nice clean lines and surfaces in the first photo. What an amazing view you have in front of your house!
Cassie said…
Glad you're all settled in Tracy! Welcome back. Love your hardwood floor & the way the shadow crosses over it. And that view!! WOW!

Happy Easter & SSS to you.
Welcome Back!!!!! and what a view - you lucky lucky person!!!!

thanks so much for the opportunity to share our images!!!
have a great easter
Gena @ Thinking Aloud
Maia said…
Welcome back and Happy Easter!
Nice shadow shot in the first one and you have an amazing view from your deck, lucky you.
I hope you share more photos from this beautiful place.
Angie said…
Such nice shots, it must feel good to be back!
Linda said…
I'm joining for the first time today. Hope you can stop by and visit.
It's wonderful to have the sun shining in our homes first thing in the morning. You know it is going to be a good day. I would love to see the birdlife you have in Australia.
Have a great day.
Patti said…
Hi Tracy!
Thanks for the nice comment, but I bought those tulips in the pot. I didn't grow them. I plan to plant them though.

Have a great week.
So glad to know things are getting in order, Tracy!

Beautiful shadow photos, but your table is what my eyes drawn to..It's gorgeous too!

Happy Easter to you and your family..
What a great move you have made! I wonder how you came to find such an ideal place, not to mention that
it is hard to imagine Australia owning to such wildlife islands as this. Love your shadow shot making your home so warmly inviting, though hopefully not too warm!
WOW!!! AWESOME!!! What a fab place to live..and Great shadows! Welcome back, and WElcome Home!!! ;-)
GalleryJuana said…
Wow! Beautiful place to have your house. Love the wood flooring too. I can see why you chose to move house to this small island.

Glad the move went well and that you're settling in.

I look forward to seeing more of your new surroundings in future shadow shot sunday pics.
Diane AZ said…
How fun it must be to discover shadows in your new place. I would love to explore and look for birds in that bushland. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Welcome back! You're living on an island? That is totally awesome and totally enviable. Love your shadows too, by the way.
Found your blog while you were gone. I love theidea of shadows- you have opened my eyes.
allhorsestuff said…
Oou nice table shadow! Enjoy your new place... Happiest of Easters tom you!
I can just imagine laying on the floor in that sunny spot with a good book. It looks so warm.
The view from your front yard is incredible, I would love to wake up to that every morning, and the wildlife must be amazing too.
Lucky you! Happy Easter.
Hey Tracy -- thanks for visiting my shadow shots and again, thanks for doing the meme. On second look, I love your new home even more!! Happy for you that you're all moved in.
Happy new home for you
and happy new SSS for me :)
Tracy said…
Hi, Tracy! Great to see you back here... LOVE all the wood and shadows! Hope the move and settling into your new home has been going well. :o) ((HUGS))
Tizzalicious said…
Wow, what a fantastic view!
Maude Lynn said…
What a gorgeous view!
Unknown said…
Love the first shadow but I love the floorboards even more!!! Wooden floorboards are super expensive here....Happy week ahead T.
readingsully2 said…
Hi Tracy.

I am awarding you THe Sunshine Award. If you would like the accept it, please go to my blog and follow the rules.:)
What a lovely spot you are in..Seeing all the beauty around you..what fun..Best of luck to you and may you enjoy your wonderful home..xoxoRosebud.