Shadow Shot Sunday #99

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #99

Some remains from an old wharf at Thompson's Point. The wharf was built in 1865 using local sandstone, and what was crudely referred to at that time as "Kanaka" labour. And a little further along I found this...

A nice old rusty metal shell-encrusted relic resting peacefully in the shadows.

I'm having such fun exploring my new surroundings!

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


Catherine said…
Hey the shadow gallery collages are back - wonderful!! and love your shots too - such interesting textures and tones...
Gerald (SK14) said…
Good to see you exploring your new surroundings. I usually post my shadows on my personal blog but this week I'm doing one on Hyde Daily Photo instead as it is part of a series of puddle-shots.
In Hawaiian, the word, kanaka means 'local'. Is that how that word is used? I'm loving discovering your new surroundings via your images. What a special place you have found!
robin. said…
love the last picture tracy...very yummy colors and textures. enjoy the've given us two wonderful glimpes so far!!! keep them coming!!!
MyMaracas said…
Great finds! I love the textures of both shots. It must be fun to be out and about in a fresh, new place.
Sarah said…
Lovely collages-I love the bright oranges and blues of the first one and the greys of the last. I thought your first shot might be a dinosaur footprint. Why I thought that I have no idea! I like the rusty relic.
Ahhh beach shots. Love the rusty ladder
Ralph said…
The old relic was a tool of work - so it sits peacefully in a shadow and not the sun. A bit cooler, of course!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy, thanks for including me in the montage! Love both your shots, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your new home, regards Anne
Sylvia K said…
Great shots, love the texture! The first thought I had was "what a story these could tell"! Thanks as always, Tracy, for including me in the montage!! Hope you have a great weekend and a great week!

In the first photo, the shadowy indenture seems to take on the the shape of a mermaid! I love finding
encrusted objects - wonderful shots!
Dina said…
We can sense your sense of exploring-excitement in the photos. Have fun finding more new old stuff.
Patti said…
Oooh, thanks for including me and Ralph in the collages. Much appreciated, Tracy!

I love the second photo. The textures on the shell-encrusted relic are cool. Love the warm colors and the shadows too.

I see the mermaid Margaret noticed. Very cool.

Have a great Sunday! Thanks for hosting.
Anonymous said…
Good to see you back on line, sharing Shadow Galleries and exploring your new surroundings! Missed you while in transition.
Hugs and blessings,
Hot Fudge said…
It's great to have the galleries back and thank you so much for including my image. I love your shots for this week, but I'm intrigued - where is Thompson's Point?
A Wild Thing said…
I always loved moving to a new home and state, so much exploring to be done, I'm afraid I'd be living at the beach!

Have a great Sunday Tracie, don't work too hard...ha!
Tom Hilton said…
Very cool shots! Love decaying ruins like that.
Maia said…
The lovely collages are back, they look beautiful.
Lovely shadow shots too, mu favorite is the second one because more contrast of color and light.
Have a nice weekend!
Maia said…
Hi Tracy,
I received a complain from a participant that I am "thinking small" (about shadows I hope).
I think she is right, my shadows are too small.
Please take down my link if you think it is not satisfactory for the meme, I can't do it myself.
Thanks in advance.
BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
We're both back - you moved, we moved and now we're blogging again!
We're still staying in a hotel...

I like shapes on your pics, round and soft...

Happy SSS!

What fun exploring..never know what you can find. Great shadows your treasures made.
Missed last week and happy you are in your new place..wishing you all the best.
Happy SSS.
toby said…
You always find the coolest things to photograph! I really need to come to Australia one day, with extra camera batteries :)
Laura said…
That heart shape is amazing :)
Harriet girl ! I love the beach pictures .. especially the rustic rusty one .. it is beautiful : )
I was tickled pink to see my snail made it into the "mix" thank you !
Joy : )
I really enjoy this meme !
Rinkly Rimes said…
And where, now, are the feet that climbed that ladder? Better not go there!
Gemma Wiseman said…
O it's so good to have you back here! It's exciting exploring your new landscape with you! I did not realise that there were so many islands just offshore of Brisbane in Moreton Bay! What an incredible world!
Love your relics from Thompson's Point! Certainly weathered and interesting!
Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracy --glad you're back!!!!
Loved the water corroded metal and the stones!
Greetings from NY
jabblog said…
Most interesting shadows - I particularly like the second one. Where was the ladder leading? Was it cast aside? So many questions - so few answers.
I love the colour in the rust, such a nice contrast to the shadows.
Sam said…
Love your shots Tracy!!! So good to see you again (so to speak!)! Yipee! How's your new abode? It sounds so glamorous - an island!!! These cool photos are from your new home?

I also love the fact the Northern Hemisphere shots are showing spring flowers - like magnolias - after all those snowy shots! The changing of the seasons is one of life's joys to my mind!

Take care and look forwrad to seeing more shots of your home!XOX's
Cassie said…
Rust casts some of the best shadows!! Welcome back to the swing of things. (I needed this diversion this weekend---thanks!!)
GalleryJuana said…
Those sandstones are amazing to have weathered all those years. And interesting to learn about the history behind that wharf.

Looking forward to seeing more from your explorations!

Have a good Sunday.
admin said…
Nice to have you back!! looking fwd to seeing more of your new surroundings in the weeks to come :)
fredamans said…
Thanks for the showcase Harriet!!!

Lovely shadows cast this week!!!
Square Peg Guy said…
A wharf built from sandstone -- how bizarre! And photogenic!
Carletta said…
Love this 'relics' in the shadows!
The second shot definitely reminds me of a shipwreck. :)

Hope you are enjoying your new home.
Unknown said…
Great shots of old things in the shadows!

~Rainey~ said…
I can see a mermaid too! you always find the most creative shadows Tracy!
Thanks for hosting this great meme.
Dianne said…
when you mentioned an old relic resting in the shadows I wondered where you could have gotten a shot of me!

but these are prettier ;)

welcome back
Thanks for including me in the gallery of images from last week. I'm participating again this week with a photo of my favourite water bird. Have a great day.
penny said…
Exploring is always fun, just look at the wonderful treasures you found. Great shadows too!
Have a delightful Sunday...
Anonymous said…
Your new island home looks so perfect. How beautiful; wandering and exploring. I must look it up on map. I have no idea where it is, there are so many islands on that side of the country!
MOO said…
I really love all of these...thanks so much for sharing!

2 By 2
Spadoman said…
That first one looks surreal. Were these at low tide? Were they covered by water at some time in their lives?
You're back! I missed your return last week as I was away. You sound very happy in your new surrounds. Nice finds this week. Happy exploring!
Tracy said…
Such great wharf finds, a treasure hunt. Wonderful shadows this week. I like that one in the first grouping of the blue vase & the glasses--very fun! Hope all is well with you & you're having a good weekend :o) ((HUGS))
wanderlust said…
Great photos, glad you're back online!
Very unique pieces, Tracy! The light and shade are just awesome..
maryt/theteach said…
Hi, Tracy, glad you're back posting as usual... Happy Shadow Shot Day! :)
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous photos and great finds!
Anonymous said…
Cool place to explore. ;-)

Glad you're settling in nicely.

Anonymous said…
Nice shadow shots! :)
Linda said…
Oh I love your shots it's so much fun exploring new places. It looks like a fun place to live.
What neat shots you have discovered in your new surroundings. I just love to look at your blog. Have a nice day. Linda
Victoria said…
Oooohhh.... you are already discovering half buried treasures... very exciting! (Maybe if you dig a little, you'll find a pirates treasure chest of gold!)

I've been looking at the local pics on your other blog and everything looks so lovely... I am totally enchanted. (And I adore that little Kookaburra bird! I remember singing a kid's song about a Kookaburra, but I never knew what one actually was. Now I do!) xo V
myan said…
oo yay! the gallery is back! i shot some shadows so i am hoping to join the fun soon! :)

and i love the top photo of yours, am i crazy or is the stone shaped a bit like a heart? :p
Sallie Leo said…
Great Shadow Shots as always!
Shell Sherree said…
I love your Shadow Shots, and these relics are beauties. Thanks for stopping in and saying hello ~ I'm sorry it's taken me this long to find you, after seeing your meme countless times at Lily's and Alexa's and numerous other blogs I visit. And I love your TtV photos at Etsy. Gorgeous.
Those are cool shots Tracy! I really like them botn. I love beachcombing. I'm glad to know you are having fun exploring:D
Unknown said…
As usual...all your shots are good but these seems very times, if I stared at it..I would have no idea. Happy week ahead T
picciolo said…
Hey, nice to have you back! Your new home looks and sounds great, I hope you settle in fast
: )
kath said…
Wow, these are fabulous, I stumbled over here from Tracy at Pink Purl ...
Chrisy said…
Stunning as always darlin. The first one with its oranges (that bunny!)...the second with it's more etherial vibe...the third now I can't remember...and your photos fantastic...I could feel that old love to you...
penny said…
Your photos are wonderful, Tracy. Congratulations on your 100th SSS post!
So you moved to the beach, my favorite place to be. Be happy and enjoy it :)