Shadow Shot Sunday #117

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Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #117

These shadows were found on a walk around Perulpa Island the other day. The indigenous meaning for Perulpa is island off the island, and this tiny island is connected to a larger island (Macleay Island) via a causeway. I'm guessing that those wooden posts have been placed at the entrance of this bush walking track to stop cars from entering. Some nice views to Stradbroke Island from Perulpa.

Happy Sunday!

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Cassie said…
Oh wow! I especially like the fern ShadowShot. It's so much fun to get to travel with you on your hunt for shadows. Have a great day!
robin. said…
the soft shadows of the fern on the rock...very inviting. i so love the textures and colors that rocks/stone brings to a photo.

enjoy your week ahead.
Tom Hilton said…
I really like both of these. The shadow of the fern is so lovely, and I really like the perspective in the second one.
As always, stellar shots! I especially like the frond shadow on the tree trunk. Nice contrasts! Thanks for the links to Stradbroke Island! I took a 'fantasy' trip! Makes want to come visit the area (Brisbane and the like) even more. All I need is a landfall of gobs of money! But, it is on my lifetime target list. For sure.
OOO--love those plant shadows!! And the linear shadows of the posts. Great captures! Thanks for showcasing my photo too! Happy SSS
Dina said…
Beautiful leaf "prints."
I'd be wanting to use the log, or at least its shadow, as a balance beam.
☺lani☺ said…
Great shadow shots! Happy Sunday!
Ralph said…
The large posts are necessary, to keep the vehicles from spoiling such a lovely 'island of the island'. Plus, the logs leave wonderful shadows!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Love the shadow of the palm tree. Have a great weekend Tracy!
fredamans said…
Beautiful shadows cast by all. Thank you for showcasing my anchored shadows! Will link up later.
frayedattheedge said…
Hi Tracy - I love both of your shadow shots. We've not had much sun this week - I got up for my walk yesterday, looked out the window and promptly went back to bed!! Regards, Anne
angie said…
the shadows of leaves on wood is always so mesmerizing -- wonderful photo!
Patti said…
The delicate ferns leave equally delicate shadows.. very calming photo.

And I also like the perspective of the log fence in the second photo.

Have a great week, Tracy! Thanks for hosting as always.
happilyretired said…
Nifty photos this week ... luv the perspective on the last one and always enjoy the 'gallery' because I've not had much time for visiting lately.
Hugs and blessings,
GalleryJuana said…
That is an interesting name for the island. It looks like a great place to take a long walk.

Tricky perspectives on the last photo. I like how you took that shot. I'm still working on how to take photos with that kind of mixed angles.

And thank you for including my shadow shot from last week in your shadow gallery.
Loved the log angle shots. Also, the 'dali on vulture' street art shots that I missed last week.
Annie Jeffries said…
Marvelous. I especially like the fern shadows.
Sylvia K said…
Love both of your marvelous shadow shots, Tracy, as always. The fern is delightful! Love the colors! Hope you have a great weekend!

BLOGitse said…
Hi Tracy!
I have terrible flu. Been in bed the whole day and got up just to enter my link! :) Crazy!
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow to visit other players...
My Twisted Raod said…
SSS... once again, fun stuff!
Love that palm branch on the trunk of the tree as well....but we really love your perspective of the posts below :) Have a great weekend Tracy!!
Victoria said…
Great shots! Looks like such lovely terrain, and so different then anything in my day to day. I love the idea of islands connecting to more islands... as if one could just hop from one to the other, all the way across the ocean!
Chubby Chieque said…
Hi Tracy!

Thanks God, I make to participate your meme this week, after a long break.

Oh... I am missing this game but unfortunately, too much to do last summer holidays in The Philippines.

Now, am back!

See U--- see me!
Tracy girl is it getting warmer over there yet ? I think we are beginning to change a little here .. and I am so READY for Autumn and you are Spring ? LOL
Love the shadows .. I have a little fern type that could be "Mini-Me" to yours : ) .. glad they keep cars away from what must be a gorgeous little island in paradise .. wish I could see it too !
Joy : )
Catherine said…
I especially like the angle and boldness of that second shot - great collages - it is good to be back!!
Mary said…
Love these! Especially the fern shadow! Thanks for hosting :-)
Gabbi said…
Lovely collection... I'm smitten on Anna's shadowy cat!
Anonymous said…
Great shots Tracy I really love the ferny/palm shadow
Gemma Wiseman said…
Gorgeous fern shadow! Very defined! And I am amazed how you can reach another island via a causeway! You seem to be enjoying exploring island life!

Have a great weekend!
LaAlicia said…
the birdie mobile shadow was really sweet.
Renee said…
Oh love the shadow of the palm leaf! Great pattern!
Serendipity said…
I love the rich colours in the second shot
Gunsside said…
Great collection of shadows, lovely colors :)
Have a nice week.
Unknown said…
Lovely shot's this week Tracy, I really like the last one.
Eden said…
Hi, Tracy!

Fantastic shadows and my favourite is the palm leaf.

Have a great Sunday!
Sam said…
Love, love the ferny shots on the gum from the island off the island! What a great name! I clicked on that link for Stradbroke Island - talk about paradise. Also very much enjoying your photos of your environs - the weeds/ flowers on Wednesday were particularly pretty. When I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) in the '70s they had lantarna clipped into pretty round balls in pots in the entrance? My family couldn't believe it as it's such a weed here in Aus! I guess it just depends on your perspective! Anyway, it looks pretty lovely here in your shot.

I think I might get a T-shirt with "I <3 Shadow Shot" on it! What do you think?

Have a lovely Sunday and week to come sweetie. XO's
Unknown said…
love the shadow of the fern. Looks like a magical place.
admin said…
lucky you having all that sunshine!! it's cold & rainy here in Melbourne. Great shadows :)
Unknown said…
Yes, I am now addicted to shadow shot hunting! Love your photos, especially the delicate leaves. They make fantastic shadows. Have a wonderful week end!
Kerry said…
This is my first time linking to SSS...loving seeing all these amazing photos.
I think that's a funny name for an island..."island off the island". Too many places could be called that. Macleay island is an island off the island too...or can't one call Oz an island since it is so big...still seems like an island to me.

What am I going on about anyway...they can call it whatever they want. That Stradbroke island looks really pretty...great beach photos on that link.

Your SSs are lovely by the way. I really like the ferns or palms. The one with the logs looks so bright and clear and sunny and warm! I hope it's warm:)
Rinkly Rimes said…
Can't locate Mr Linky so......

I love the praying mantis!!
wanderlust said…
Great shadows, lovely photos. Gabba Gabba Hey!
Tete said…
I did my first SSS post and am on the linky.
I will have to figure out time difference between you and me.
I love this meme.
RNSANE said…
Beautiful pictures and shadows. Somehow, I can't find the link to add my photo!
Maggie said…
The fern shadow shot is wonderful, it's hard to see where the fern ends and the shadow begins.
Mr Linky is still sulking, I'll come back later to check again.
B : ) said…
Nice shots! Mr. Linky is having an emergency! Here's my link:
Sarah said…
Love the palmy fronds and their shadow. The island off an island sounds like a good place to visit!
fredamans said…
I've lost my patience trying to get Linky to work. Here is my link, if you can add.
Photography said…
I love your shots - we played along again :-)
Buy Design said…
What super photos here. I'm visiting for the first time having seen the theme on Kylie's blog Chasing Purple Dreams. Hope you like my shadows.
Beth Niquette said…
What lovely Shadow shots! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!
DougVernX said…
Looking forward to these posts.
Gloria said…
Wonderful photos, love the perspective of the logs and so glad they are there to keep the cars out...must be a lovely island to see!
This is my first week for shadows and I love what I'm seeing so I'm sure to be back with more...hope you like my photos too. Smile today. :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. First time here. Looking forward to Sundays!
Christine said…
You have so many wonderful places where you take walks, Tracy. I'm envious. All those great shadows just waiting for the click of your camera! :)
Sarah said…
Love this post. This is my first Shadow Shot Sunday. Just left my link on Mr Linky. Thanks
A Wild Thing said…
Computer issues all frustrating, but I'm back on now enjoying everyone's shadows...better late than never aye...!

Oh to have such lush greenery in the winter months...lucky girl...see ya next week!!!
Angelle said…
Hey Harriet! (I like saying that.) Thanks for a great perspective on the world.
Maki said…
Hi, I am Christine's friend.
I love taking pictures too. I would like to join you. If you don't mind may I join?
Maki said…
Thank you for your commented to me.
I am going to try next Sunday. ^^
Unknown said…
Hello T, love, love and love the 2nd shadow shot, that';s super cool! Hope you have a fab week ahead...:O)
Anonymous said…
I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! I've always been fascinated by shadows...I'm definitely coming to play on Sunday...:)