Shadow Shot Sunday #118

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Shadow Gallery

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #118

This big windmill next to the State Library of Qld looks a little out of place...

But hey, it casts a cool shadow across the walkway. The windmill is there to promote an exhibit at the SLQ Gallery called Windwells: Channelling + Divining.

I currently have a nasty flu and I'm struggling to remain upright for long periods of time so it's back to bed for me. I apologise in advance if I'm unable to visit blogs this weekend as I'll be sleeping as much as I can trying to shake this horrid sickness as fast as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Take care xo

Happy Sunday!

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Edit Monday Evening:
Mr Linky is now closed for this week and is having a sleep. Thank you!


☺lani☺ said…
Nice shadows collection! Get well soon!
oh yulk! Hope you get rid of your bad bug soon :)
Love the shadow - yes, it does look out of place, but lovely at the same time!!
robin. said…
oh...distant hugs to you tracy...feel better soon...lots of rest and fluids!! LOVE the windmill shadow!!!
Ralph said…
I like the blend of agrarian (the farm style windmill) with the modern architecture of the Library. They go together so well!
Dina said…
That's a unique shadow, all right!
Would love to see that exhibition.

You get well soon!
Arija said…
The windmill is a great Ozzie icon and i for one love it. Very nice shot of the shadow across the walkway.
Make yourself a hot toddy of strong tea, honey,rum an lemon an stick some Vicks under your nose and sleep it off under a warm and cushy eiderdown. Hope you gt better really quickly!
I am so sorry to hear you area down with the flu-here's to a speedy recovery.
That is a mighty cool windmill shadow on the sidewalk! It seems so out of place-in a good way, though.
Feel better soon!
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Tom Hilton said…
Sorry you're sick...that sounds miserable.

Love that windmill shadow, though.
Gerald (SK14) said…
lovely shadow of the windmill - hope you are well soon.
Sylvia K said…
I'm so sorry you're feeling so rotten!! That's no way to have to spend your weekend! I hope you're up and feeling better soon! I love the windmill! Looks so fun leaving it's shadow in the middle of a sidewalk! Terrific! Get well!

Sarah said…
Sorry to hear you are poorly and hope you feel better soon! I like the windmill shadow. The photo looks like an architect's drawing I think.
anumorchy said…
Hello! I'm new here, hope I made everything OK. Having a bad flu myself.
Hope you feel better soon!
GalleryJuana said…
So sorry to hear you've come down with an awful cold. You're such a trooper to keep this shadow shot sunday going. I hope you're able to get all the rest you need.

Neat windmill shadows and the windmill against the sky is grand.
Anonymous said…
fabulous shadow shot! I'm sorry you have been struck down with the dreaded lurgae. Keep warm, drink lots .... and if all else fails, kill the bugs with copious amounts of wine!! Love, Anne
BLOGitse said…
Tracy, I'm still coughing - my flu is really stubborn! :)
But we needed to escape from Casa for a long weekend to Bilbao, Spain - greetings from this beautiful city full of art!
BLOGitse said…
I pressed enter too quick -
I wanted to say
get well soon!
Take care!
Tracy girl ! make sure you are getting lots of fluid .. it is so easy to become dehydrated FAST .. take it from me I know, then you wind up on the bathroom floor for 48 hours and get carted off to the hospital .. jeez ! Chicken soup with lots of garlic .. ginger ale .. saltine crackers .. SLEEP .. and more SLEEP !!
Get well soon and thank you for including my frog in the college girl : ) Joy
Joanne Olivieri said…
I hope you are feeling better soon. Some great mosaic shadow shots here.
Patti said…
So sorry to read that you have the flu. Get lots of rest, have some chicken soup and plenty of fluids and feel better SOON!

Interesting windmill and I agree it provides a great shadow! Cool shot.

Take care, Tracy ~
Victoria said…
Poor baby. Rest, rest, rest... and drink lots of fluids. And when you are all better, swim across the pond to visit me... I'll take you to see all sorts of windmills!

(Oh, and as always, wonderful, cool shots!)

Now stop reading these comments Tracy, and go to sleep!
allhorsestuff said…
Love the windmill and young man's shadow.
Hope the Illness is but a SHADOW upon your spirit and body today!
Elizabeth said…
What a dramatic shot of the windmill!
EG CameraGirl said…
he windmill does indeed cast a lovely shadow!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the windmill shadow! Almost like a circular step ladder! Great capture!

Take great care of that flu and stay warm!
JayLeigh said…
The windmill shadow looks really cool. Feel better soon!
Dani said…
Hope you'll be fine soon. Great shadow here.

Sending health vibes from Macedonia
Unknown said…
Love those shadows!
admin said…
that is great!!!! I love windmills....I wonder if the passers by noticed it too?!

get well soon XO
Eden said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eden said…
Love the windmill shadow. Great shot.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take care always
Maude Lynn said…
Love the windmill. Feel better soon!
Unknown said…
Great photo's Tracy, hope you are feeling better soon. Rest up!
Catherine said…
oooh - really like that windmill shadow this casts a nice feathery shadow at odds with its metallic structure...
A Wild Thing said…
Are you sure that's not a picture of sorry your sick...take care friend...lot's of mom's chicken soup for what ails ya!

See ya next week...s
Lighthousegal said…
I love your picture, and that windmill does look a bit out of place. Makes a great shadow though.
I hope you feel better real soon.
Kerry said…
Bed sounds exactly where you should be. Hope you feel much better soon.
EJ said…
Get well soon!
annette said…
Hi Tracy :0) I'm sorry to hear you are unwell, rest up and get better soon. It has been a while since I have chased shadows with you, but it is ingrained since back in the beginning, LOL!! Take care. Annette :0)
Chubskulit Rose said…
Great shots Tracy, get well!
Anonymous said…
So glad I've discovered your Shadow's my new favourite place to play!

Lynette said…
lovely Tracy!
nice job on the collages too as always.
& thank you for hosting this meme.
hope you have a great week.
: ) said…
Feel better really soon & don't worry about visiting, I know you are with me in spirit when you read this & that's what counts.
: )
I hope you are gargling with warm salted water. According to a Dr. Oz (a famous TV personality/doctor here in the U.S.) it really keeps the germs from multiplying.
Alexa said…
Try what Lily just suggested—I think it really works!
I love your windmill shadow laid out across the walkway—and I hope you're feeling better very soon.
You better get better SOON! We'll miss you in blogland until you feel like yourself again.

Wish I could go to the exhibit. Sounds fascinating. I knew someone who could dowse for water with a coathanger.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
I have just made my first posting for Shadow Shot Sunday, I hope I have done it correctly. thank you for hosting this interesting and fun site.
wanderlust said…
It does make a cool shadow, like a pinwheel. Feel better!
Best to you! Take care--no more chasing windmills for awhile! Jacqueline
Unknown said…
Your windmill is fantastic. I hope you are feeling better and thanks for continuing the game anyway. That was awfully nice of you.

Take care and God bless!
Angie said…
No better place to be when you are sick, do hope you get better soon. Love the shadow of the windmill, take care.
A great connection between the two! Feel better soon!
Sam said…
Dear Tracy!!! So sorry to hear about the 'flu! It's so debilitating - you just can't do a single thing without feeling utterly wiped out - fingers crossed it exits your body quick smart. Thank you so much for doing this gorgeous post because I know how hard it would've been to do in your state!

This windmill is rad! It looks so country Aus to me and then you say it's next to the library - cool!

Did you manage to struggle out of the house for the big vote?

Hope you feel better soon - sending you my healing thoughts up there all the way from Sydney! XOXO's
get well soon tracy!
Hey Tracy...I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling punk:( I hope you're starting to feel a bit better today.

I love windmills. That certainly is an odd spot to find one. Nice SS.
Nessa said…
Always such beautiful photos to look at.
B : ) said…
Love the windmills! how unique.
Square Peg Guy said…
Sorry that you have the flu. I hope you get back to health right away!

What a terrific shadow -- a windmill!
fredamans said…
Fantastic shadows this week!
Chubby Chieque said…
TY you let me join in your choosen pix this w/end.

I am late but am here now §;-=

So many great shadows that I never think of it.

Have a nice Monday & week ahead.
Anca Pandrea said…
The windmill shadow is beautiful. Hope you get rid of the flu quickly.
Buy Design said…
Sorry you are feeling poorly. I have been told that rubbing Vicks on your feet is a wonderful cure for colds and flu, though I can think of no good reason why it would work.
Really chuffed to see my photo from last week in your collage. Thanks a lot.
Fiona x
JunieRose2005 said…
Love the windmill shadow!

I have an interesting one this time!


PS- Get well soon!!!
E Makes Art said…
Hi! This is my 1st time participating and I'm so excited! I LOVE this idea. I've been taking pictures of shadows for quite a while now, and I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this! I just got back from a trip to Oregon where I took some cool picts of shadows cast across the ground from trees, so I thought this would be a good time to join in the "happy goodness" of SSS! Thank you for doing this!

Sarah said…
Love the windmill. Great shadow. Thanks for adding my pic to the gallery. This is my second week and really loving it. Take care of you and get better soon.
Gabbi said…
Lovely shadows! My favorite this week are both doggie related, DesignoftheHeart's doggie and owner shadow is wonderful, and LakeNorman's pup is the most adorable thing ever! That face...
Cassie said…
Love the windmill!!

Get well wishes coming your way, Tracy!
Christine said…
Hi Tracy,
I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Get lots of rest and get better soon!
I love, love, love windmills and both of your shots are wonderful!
Unknown said…
Love the SSS!!! You are one clever pants chasing this SSS. Happy week ahead T...big hugs and muah2...MK
Unknown said…
Oh..sorry to's sending you tons of positive vibes that you'll be well and good again..Nasty cold! Go away!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Harriet
I've just joined in for the first time.. I found you via Jeanne.. [In One Place]. Thanks so much for hosting..

Love your windmill.. what a fabulous sky!! xx Julie
Julie@beingRUBY said…
ooops.. forgot to say.. hope you feel better soon..
I saw a windmill on the way from Gold coast to brisbane by train. is it the same one?
Anonymous said…
Cool site, I hadn't come across before during my searches!
Continue the fantastic work!